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Kala Bailey

Joseph Campbell
The Hero with a Thousand Faces
The Heros Journey Chart

Movie: Wonder Woman (2017)

Call to Adventure: How In the beginning of the movie, a man names Steve
does the character Trevor crashes a plane in water of the island
receive the call to Themyscira. Princess Diana watches the crash
adventure? and reacts by helping him get out of the plane and
bring him to shore. Once Steve gets to shore he
tells the ladies of the island that there is war
outside of the Themyscira that will destroy the
earth. Diana then decides to leave the island and
help end all war.
Refusal of the Call: Diana immediately decides she wants to help
Does the character Steve end all wars, but her mother, the queen of
accept the call Themyscira does not want people to know about
immediately? Diana and the rest of the amazons. Then Diana
prepares to leave during the middle of the night
without her mother knowing until she boards the
boat to leave. By the time Diana boards the boat
her mother supports her in helping Steve end all
Answering the Call: Steve tells Diana and the amazons that innocent
What motivates the people will die if they let the war continue on.
character to accept the Diana did not like hearing innocent people are
call? dying and her doing nothing about it, so she
decides to help end the wars.
Supernatural Aid
Guide/Mentor: Is there The person that helps Diana prepare for fights
a specific character who was her aunt Antiope. Antiope tells Diana that
helps the hero Ares (a mean god) might come to their island and
understand the life destroy the Amazons so they need to be prepared
situation or provides the for his arrival.
hero with special
Talisman: Is there a In the movie the item that has special significance
particular item that has to Diana is the God sword. The god sword is the
special significance to only sword that can kill a god like Ares.
the hero?
Companions: Who is The person that followed Diana (Wonder women)
with the hero on his throughout the journey was Steve Trevor. He was
journey? How do these always there for her in the movie. He helped fight
companions help the against the enemies, he protected her, and he was
hero face the always there for her.
Crossing the In the beginning of story when Diana sees Steves
Threshold: At what plane crash and saves him, he tells her about war
point in the story does outside of her world. She then decides to leave
the hero leave the her family and friends back at the island to help
familiar world and move end war and stop innocent people from dying. The
into a new, unfamiliar minute she leaves the dome of the Themyscira the
circumstance? world turns into a dull and ugly world.
Threshold Guardians: Yes, before Diana decides to leave her home she
Are there characters that talks to the Queen of the Themyscira, which is her
try to prevent the hero mother. Dianas mother did not want her to leave
from crossing over into because she knew that Ares would find out about
the unfamiliar territory or her and want to hurt or kill her and come after her
circumstance? family on the island.
Initiation / Road of The specific challenges that Diana (Wonder
Trials: What specific Women) faces throughout the movie is when she
challenges does the leaves her home and comes in contact with the
hero face? Germans and how normal people act. Diana
wasnt quite sure how to act and dress when she
first got to Germany. Also another challenge
Diana faces is she is convinced that if she just
kills Ares, evil will turn into happiness and war
will end forever. When she realized who Ares was
and how strong he was, she knew there would be
a challenge in killing him.
Brother Battle: Does In the end of the movie, Steve realizes that he
the hero battle physically loves Diana (Wonder Women) so he makes a big
or mentally with move to help her out risking his life. When Diana
someone who is a realizes what Steve has done to save her she sort
relative or close friend? of loses her track of thought and mindset of why
she came to earth. Then she becomes sad
because she had feelings for him like he had
feelings for her.
Meeting with the No, in the movie Wonder Women does not meet a
Goddess: Does the character with special beauty and power. The
hero meet with a person she meets and ends up falling in love with
character with special was Steve Trevor, who was just a normal human
beauty and power? that help fight in the war.
Abduction: Is the In Wonder Women no one was kidnapped.
character kidnapped, or Wonder Woman chose to follow Steve Trevor into
is someone close to the the dangerous world.
hero kidnapped?
Night or Sea Journey: Wonder Women travels from the Themyscira to
Where do the heros Germany where the war is located.
travels take him?
Dragon Battle: Does Towards the end of the movie, Wonder Women
the hero battle some comes in contact with Ares (the mean god) who
kind of monster? Does looks like a normal human. But he then uses his
the hero have to face power to destroy her and makes a scary costume
some inner demon? out of scrap metal. Diana struggles to find the true
warrior she is.
Ritual Death or No Wonder Women does not suffer from injuries
Dismemberment: Is the or does not die in the movie. In the end of movie
hero injured and thought Steve Trevor gets on a plane that is filled with
to be dead? Does the explosives and decides to drive the plane as far
hero mistakenly believe away from Diana and all of the innocent people.
someone close to him is Then shoots the explosives causing him and the
dead? Does the hero plane to explode, therefore he died.
suffer an injury in which
he loses a limb or use of
some other body part?
Sacred Marriage: Does Throughout the movie, there is an emotional bond
the hero have a special between Diana and Steve Trevor to where if he
emotional bond (it could Steve had lived, him and Diana would have gotten
literally be a marriage) married.
with another character?
Atonement (at one In the movie Diana does not know who her father
with) with or is until the end. Ares is talking to her in a building
Recognition by the and tells her she is a powerful god because he is
Father: Is the hero her father. After that Diana still wants to still
reunited with his father destroy him and end all wars. So Diana and Ares
in some way? do reunited but on bad terms.
Entering the Belly of Yes, the fear in the movie is Ares. Diana (Wonder
the Whale: Is there Women) goal is to destroy Ares and end all wars.
some point in the story Also Diana fighting Acres is the climax in the
where the hero must movie.
face his deepest fear or
the darkest evil in the
Apotheosis Yes, multiple times Wonder Woman is worshipped
(Deification): Is there a as a god because she saves millions of lives. In
point in the story where the middle of the story while Diana is fighting the
the hero is held up as an Germans, she kills all the Germans in the a little
ideal or where the hero city, saving the city. Then people who live in the
is worshipped as a god? city come running out to thank her for killing the
Ultimate Boon / Magic No, Wonder Women does not find a magic potion
Elixir: Does the hero or a key to help solve her problems, but she does
find some special find out she has magical powers when she is an
solution to the problem adult by just doing daily activities like combat
he is attempting to practice or trying to jump building to building. Her
resolve? This might be a powers late come in hand later in the movie and
magic potion or a key to help her defend Ares.
The Return
Refusal of the Return: In the Themyscira, the rule is once you leave the
Does the hero initially island and go out of the boundaries you cannot
refuse to return to the come back. When Diana decided to leave the
homeland or the place island to go help end all wars and destroy Ares,
that he began the she knew that she would not be returning back to
journey? her homeland.
Magic Flight / Pursuit: No, the story does not have Diana being chased
Is there some point or her trying to escape from someone. Her goals
(generally toward the in the movie are for her end all wars and kill Ares.
end) where the hero is
being chased or is
otherwise trying to
escape something?
Rescue from Without: No, the movie did not make the audience feel like
Is there so point in the Diana is going to die. Diana pretty much saves
movie, when all seems anyone who is in trouble. Diana (Wonder Women)
hopeless, when it looks is the hero in the movie.
like the hero is going to
die, then suddenly he is
rescued unexpectedly?
Crossing the Return No, once Diana leaves the Themyscira she is not
Threshold: Is there allowed to return home. Her mom did not want
some point where the Ares to follow Diana back home and destroy her
hero clearly returns family and homeland.
Master of Two Worlds: Yes, before Diana leaves her homeland, the movie
Does it appear that the made it out to be her combat training was
hero has conquered life completed and she would be prepared for
in both the familiar and anything that may come her way. Then at the end
unfamiliar worlds? of the movie she kills Ares and all evil disappears
so therefore her job is done for both worlds.
Freedom to Live: Since Yes, in the movie once Diana (Wonder Women)
the hero typically begins finally kills Ares all evil is out of the world. There
the journey to resolve a would be no more wars to come on earth because
problem, does it appear Ares is dead.
the problem is at last
resolved so that all can
live freely?