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Dear Mrs.

Lilia Campoya, 2017-2018

I am a proud graduate from The University of Texas at El Paso. I earned my Bachelors

Degree in Education and I am certified to teach and work with diverse groups of students. After

looking into the Socorro Independent School District website, I found that you are currently

looking for someone to fill in a first grade teacher position in your elementary school. Let me tell

you, I am the perfect candidate for this position and here are my reasons.

As a miner yourself, you know that the University of Texas at El Paso is one of the best

universities in and around our city. I had the best learning experience within my courses and I

had the opportunity to have field experiences as well. I am capable of working with monolingual

and bilingual students as well as with special education students. From my observations and field

experience I learned strategies to help understand the leaning processes of students. I have also

been substituting for teachers for the past year within your district. I have had the pleasure to

substitute for just about all grade levels in your school. Being raised in El Paso and substituting

in this district has made me culturally responsive and I have learned to accept and pay

importance to the diversity of all cultures. I understand that many students are categorized as

special education students due to their lack of understanding in the English language, or as we

know them (ELLs). I have absolutely no problem with this since I learned strategies in my

Bilingual Education classes. These strategies include: utilizing the students background

knowledge, creating visuals like bulletin boards around the classroom for the students to see,

encourage vocabulary and language development, metacognition and authentic assessment, and

most importantly modeling. I am also capable of working with other professionals such as

Special Education teachers and aides in order to help students in my classroom respond

coherently to the activities and lessons presented to them. RtI is the greatest approach I have to
follow due to the fact that they demonstrate a childs level of reading, monitors their progress

and we get to know their area of difficulty. I am also aware of the importance of parent

involvement in their childs homework, activities, assignments and all school procedures in order

for the child to improve and do their best. My academic and behavioral goals are set high enough

for students to challenge themselves but not to the point of frustrating them. I believe in the

capability they all have of achieving these and their own goals.

Thus, these are reasons of why you should consider me as your first grade teacher. My

classroom setting will be filled with positivity, encouragement, challenges, diversity and

acceptance for all. You will be surprised with how much I will help your students and believe

me, your second grade teachers will appreciate it as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter please feel free to email me at:

Thank You,

Ms. Evelyn Enriquez