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Bhupal Gautam

Reflection paper

PSY 1100

When I first started this course, I was totally innocent about psychology. I had no

idea about how and why human development occurs throughout the different stages of

life. I used to think psychology is only the study of our implicit thinking and behaviors.

But now, I have realized that it is a study of whole human behavior from conception to

death. As I slowly learned in the course about different stages of human life, based on

their age, thinking, health, and surrounding; it became more and more clear about many

psychological aspects of human life.

Every one of us is somewhat different than others and have certain physical,

mental and social limits. Our logical thinking and intelligence defines many things what

we develop in our life. Some have better logical functioning of the brain, and are able to

learn and judge different conditions quickly. Some are deep thinkers, who might be able

to have a better reflection of life and matters related to society and relations. We also

have the social barrier to consider. The society has a big role in the development of a

child, which eventually affects the adult behavior. I have gained all of these information

regarding human behaviors with the help of this course.

Currently, I have been studying some requirement courses for nursing. Among

them, I studied human physiology in last semester. Human physiology is the science of

the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of normal humans or human

tissues or organs. In psychology 1100, we studied brain, its different parts, functions,
and connections with another part of the body. We further studied about neurons, its

synapses, neurotransmitter, action potentials, little bit about endocrine physiology,

hypothalamus-pituitary system, its role in different stages of life and so on. These all

subject matters are deeply connected with human physiology. As we move through the

course, I have realized that psychology is a part of human biology more or less.

Therefore, modern medical science depends up on the huge number of psychologists.

After studying biology, and psychology 1100, I have consolidated my understanding that

without understanding of human psychology, most of the field of knowledge like

education, medical science etc. will be incomplete.

During this course, I interacted and observed different people, to analyze and

compare their situation with the psychosocial stages and development of life. I now

have some understanding of why children behave in a certain way, why people turn out

to be the way they are, why people in relation marry or get divorced, how friendship and

communal behavior is maintained, and why wisdom comes along with age. It is not only

a random thing that we all tend to do, but a systematic and logical pattern that defines

our entire life.