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The mineral resources sector plays a vital role in Indonesian economy. According to Pwc
(2012), mining contributes approximately five percent of the total Indonesian Gross Domestic
Product (GDP). Aceh is a province in Indonesia that has the potential of mineral resources, and
this resources are demanding expert in this particular field. Syiah Kuala University as the centre
of education in Aceh offers degree in mining engineering to solve this problem. I was one of the
first graduates from mining engineering in Syiah Kuala University, and I have reponsibility to
develop the department and become an expert in mining engineering.

Im applying master program in mining engineering. I am interested in mineral resources

management and process since I was a high school student. Aceh has many potential natural
resources such as mineral resources, coal resources, oil and gass resources but human resources
and infrastructure are tragically being a paradox. And the worst, only a few people of Aceh who
take part as employee in mining industry. My bachelor study in mining engineering has prepared
me with a strong grounding in study of mining engineering which can contribute in developing
myself swiftly to reach my future goal in the masters program. I have visited some of mining
industry in Aceh such as PT. Lafarge Cement Indonesia in Aceh Besar and PT. MIFA
Bersaudara in Aceh Barat to see how they run the industry and how they applied engineering in
industry. I have done my research in PT. Bara Energy Lestari, coal mining industry in Nagan
Raya and made me more interested in mining engineering. Besides that I also concern in illegal
gold mining in Aceh. The gold miners apply traditional methode and use mercury to process the
gold ore. As we know mercury can damage the environment, I decided to continue my research
to make illegal gold mining more safe to environment. I used coal as an adsorbent to mercury in
gold mining waste for my undergraduate thesis.

Studying in Australia rather than any other country became my dream since I graduated
from bachelor degree and I am so glad to get a chance to gain more precious and well-rounded
education with Australian Awards Scholarship. I believe, according to www.topuniversities.com
plenty of Australian Universities were ranked higher than other countries. That is the fact that
studying in Australia has to be my choice for my Master Degree. I found that Australia has the
world's largest reserves of several key mineral commodities (Australia's Identified Mineral
Resources 2001) with the minerals industry contributing approximately $40 billion annually to
the Australian economy (Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Heritage 2000). The
industry directly employs more than 80,000 people in the minerals, oil and gas industries and
contributes more than 300,000 indirect jobs in the manufacture of downstream products
(Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Heritage 2000). Therefore, I believe pursuing
master of mining engineering in Australia would be a wise choice for enriching my knowledge. I
have done some research on universities in Australia that offer a masters program in mining
engineering. I made up my mind that University of New South Wales and University of
Aidelaide are the best universities among other universities in Australia in terms of mining
coursework program. Those universities provide some units in mine management, while others
put more emphasis on mine exploration. As one of my future goals is to become an expert in
mine management and mine planning for small scale industry.

UNSW is one of the top 20 Universities and University of Adelaide is ranked 35 in the
world for mineral and engineering subject by QS world university ranking. Therefore, the
education quality of both of them are undoubtedly good. In addition, UNSW and University of
Adelaide offers specialization in Mine Management and Mine Planning. I eagerly want to master
mine management because it is a key to be prepared for mining in small scale industry with good
mining in practice and sustainability of our nature absolutely. This could only happen if I
become one of the mining post graduate student of UNSW or University of Adelaide. After all, I
am confident that the graduates of mining in both universities are professionally educated.