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Topic Proposal
To: RWS 1301
From: Hector Becerril
Date: 10/13/2017
Re: Topic Proposal Revision.

Animal overpopulation is a very important topic yet it is never talked about.

Animal overpopulation is a problem that is present around the globe. The animal
population in the world is exponentially growing faster than the homes and shelters for
animals. One of the worst problems of animal overpopulation is that animals are
struggling to find a place in a shelter or a home with a loving family to stay at. The
animals that struggle to find a home are usually euthanized. Many animals reproducing at
a very fast pace and its making the problem bigger and bigger.
Mechanical engineering is a very broad subject dealing with brain-storming,
problem-solving skills, and the design of components. Mechanical engineering is the
study that involves mechanics, physics, design and manufacturing of mechanical systems.
Mechanical is an engineering that takes a huge part in the automobile industry, but since
it is such a broad branch of engineering it can deal with the design of a computer to the
design of a big airplane.
The questions that helped start this research were Does the cat overpopulation in
UTEP have an impact on the university?, Is cat overpopulation for the campus? and
How can engineering contribute in animal overpopulation?. These questions are very
good for finding sources because they have the characteristics of good research questions,
they are not too broad, they dont have an easy answer to find, and when the answer is
found we will know a lot more than we knew.
The topic animal overpopulation and the subject Mechanical Engineering. At
first, I thought that mechanical engineering was a very hard subject to relate to the animal
overpopulation. After doing some research about both subjects, I came to the conclusion
that the Problem-solving skills and the teamwork of an engineer could be very helpful in
trying to find new ideas and ways of overcoming the problem of animal overpopulation.
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