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Anchor 1 (Deo): For todays top stories: (2secs)

Anchor 2 (Charlize): Termite Gang carries out heist on Quezon City Bank (4secs)
Anchor 1 (Deo): Mandalay Bay Hotel undergoes thorough investigation (4secs)
Anchor 2(Charlize): Solar Power shines bright in Pangasinan (3secs)
Anchor (Deo): Know the latest updates on the ongoing DSPC 2017, LIVE! (6secs)


Correspondent 3(Von Mendoza): Live from the MGTV News Center, this is


Anchor 2(Charlize): Good afternoon Philippines. We are here to deliver the latest
updates of the hour. (5secs)

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Anchor 2(Charlize) Lead-in:

Quezon City Banks suffers from high profile theft, performed by the
notorious Termite Gang. For more updates, heres Ariane Clores. (8secs)
Correspondent 1(Ariane Clores):
Between September 30 and October 2, a group of robbers, nicknamed the
Termite Gang by the police, were able to steal millions of pesos in cash and
other valuables at a Chinabank branch in Quezon City. According to Allan dela
Cruz, the head of the theft and robbery unit of the Quezon City Police District,
the Termite Gang was able to commit the crime by digging a tunnel from the
drainage canals. There are no leads as of now, as there was no surveillance
footage. Dela Cruz states that they are not ruling out an inside job, as the robbers
(knew the layout of the bank and how to disarm the security systems. Further
investigations are currently ongoing to find the perpetrators. (36secs)

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Anchor 1(Deo) Lead-in:

In the wake of the aftermath of the tragic Las Vegas Shooting, police
investigation leads to the uncovering of new evidence. For more information, heres
Issa Bigcas. (4secs)

Correspondent 2 (Issa Bigcas):

As of the latest report, 58 persons were killed and 489 were injured at the Las
Vegas Terrorist Attack. Mandalay Bay staff did not call the police when shots
were fired at their security guard and it wasn;t until Stephen Paddock has already
started firing on the crowd that the police were alerted. Mandalay Bay
maintenance engineer (41secs)

Anchor 1(Deo): The stories and live updates of the DSPC 2017, that and more
when NEWS UP TO DATE returns. Stay Tuned. (7secs)




Anchor (Charlize) Lead-in:

Pangasinan to experience a rise in the use of solar power. For more of the details,
heres Ariane Clores. (15secs)

Correspondent 1 (Ariane Clores) :

As of June 30, the Department of Energy had awarded 9 solar power projects in
Pangasinan to different firms. These solar power projects are located all over
Pangasinan. These places include Manaoag, Labrador, Mapadan, Sta. Barbara, Burgos,
Dasol, and San Carlos City. Another solar power farm will soon be built near the San
Roque Dam hydroelectric plant. The San Manuel town council have already approved
the project last year. This would not have been possible without Hector Lim, a
representative of Pilipinas Newton Energy Corp., who endorsed this project. The
70-MW solar power plant is planned to be built by the Pilipinas Einstein Energy
Corp., in Barangay Sto. Domingo. (39secs)

Anchor (Deo) Lead-in:

Students from the various schools of Dagupan City battle it out in this years
DSPC 2017. Live from Lyceum Northwestern University, heres Von Mendoza. Von,
whats (27secs)

Correspondent 3 (Von Mendoza) :

The Division Schools Press Conference is one of the much awaited events of the
year by schools all over the city. It invites the participation from both public and
private schools showcasing the different talents of the students in the field of Campus
Journalism. The event is being held for 3 days where students shall be competing
head to head with each other with their skills in writing, photography and even in
broadcasting news. The victors shall be representing the City at the Regional Level
this December. As of now, the contest proper is ongoing all over the campus. This is
Von Mendoza for News Up to Date (35secs)

(Deo) : Thank you, Von. And those are the latest updates of the hour.
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