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Company Overview

Walton HIL (Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.) is the pioneer of Refrigerator, Freezer, Air
Conditioner and Motorcycle Manufacturing Technology in Bangladesh. R. B. Group (Mother
Company) is the countrys top business Group in electrical and electronics, Motorcycle,
Electricity generating equipment and other household electrical & electronics appliances using the
brand name WALTON.


The company has been running its business with a great reputation since 1977.
Establishment of Walton HIL to Manufacture Refrigerator & Freezer, Air Conditioner
and Motorcycle etc. in Bangladesh is a milestone in the path of success and reputation of
the brand WALTON. Walton HIL has introduced first advanced research and
manufacturing technologies and equipment for household & commercial Refrigerator &
Freezer, Motorcycle and Air Conditioner etc. in Bangladesh. Walton HIL is furnished
with strong Research & Development (R&D) Division comprising of a large team of
dedicated highly skilled engineers & technical personnel from home and abroad. It is
fully equipped industrial set-up with annual production capacity of 1.2 million
Refrigerator & Freezers, 0.15 million Motorcycle and 0.3 million Air Conditioners, 1.0
Million Televisions (CRT, LCD & LED). The Industry has its own Mold & Die making
section, high precision molds & dies are made by the help of the state-of-the-art VMC,
CNC Wire-Cut, EDM etc. machines. The company has three Poly Urethane Foaming
Plants, three Thermoforming (Vacuum forming)Units, highly equipped Metal Forming
Units with Powder Coating, Nickel-Chrome Plant & Die-Casting Section, Robot operated
Injection Plastic Molding Plant, Highly equipped Test Lab, Printing & Packaging Section
etc. Walton HIL always emphasizes on supreme priority in achieving customer
Management of Walton:

R.B. Group of Companies Ltd, a leading electrical, electronics and automobile manufacturing and
marketing company in Bangladesh, will export Walton brand refrigerators and motorcycles to
technology-developed country Malaysia. The local company recently signed an agreement in this
regard with a famous Malaysian company- Aget Group- at its office at Menara Safun Tower in
Kuala Lumpur. Under the agreement, at the primary stage the Malaysian company will import one
lakh refrigerators and 50,000 motorcycles every year. This has already created huge enthusiasm at
home and some countries abroad. Through its marketing channels, Aget Group will sell the
imported Walton brand refrigerators and motorcycles to Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam,
Myanmar and other countries. Walton Adviser Mizanur Rahman and founder and Chairman of
Aget Group Dr. Sultan Abdul Kadir signed the agreement on behalf of their respective sides.
Walton Director (Finance) Abul Basar Howladar, Managing Director of Seven C Resources
Matiur Rahman, Managing Director of Deen Metal Industries Ahmed Ali and General Manager of
Aget Group Engineer King Lee were also present at the signing ceremony. At the signing
ceremony, Dr. Sultan Abdul Kadir expressed his interest to invest in Bangladesh saying that
Bangladesh can be prosperous because of her plenty of natural resources and cheap manpower.
He also pointed out that through the agreement the relationship between the two countries would
increase in future and Bangladesh would get an opportunity to expand its market in the ASEAN
region. Walton Adviser Mijanur Rhaman said: Walton refrigerators are being exported to South
Africa, Australia and some other European countries. Walton now eyes ASEAN countries for
doing good business. A RB Group official said, The recent economic meltdown gives Walton a
competitive edge as its production cost is relatively cheaper because of lower wages. Many
manufacturing plants in developed countries were shut down following the global meltdown.
These countries are now looking for import from developing countries, he said. Headquartered in
Kuala Lumpur, Aget Group is one of the world leaders in power production, infrastructure
development, housing, flyover construction, steel industry and finance sector. It has largely
investment in Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. The company has also showed
its interest to invest in different sectors in Bangladesh under the arrangement of RB Group of
Introduction to Human Resources

Human resources (HR) are one of the most important assets of your business. The individuals
who make up your organization go a long way toward driving its success, whether they are
employees, managers, consultants or others. HR refers to the recruitment and management of
personnel, in compliance with the law. Thus, the practice of HR requires knowledge of the laws
that affect your workplace - at the federal, state and local levels. In addition to legal compliance,
HR covers the art of managing your business internally. This challenge includes:

Workforce Planning and Building Your Business

Compensation and Benefits Packages
Support and Training
Company Brand and Environment
Job Analysis and Job Description
Job Postings
The Interview Process
Employee Orientation/ Onboarding
Motivating Employees
Dealing with Stress
Performance Reviews
Health and Wellness Programs
Employee Assistance Programs

Academic Qualification HR Manager of Walton


1. Associates Degree or higher from an accredited educational institution.

2. Minimum of three (3) years successful experience in Human Resources.

3. Thorough knowledge of office practices and procedures.

4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Knowledge of laws, rules, regulations and codes governing the management of Florida public
school human resources. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with
departmental personnel, supervisors and the general public. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Skills in problem-solving, human interaction and the ability to handle sensitive personnel issues.
Ability to work independently and make competent decisions on matters affecting area of
responsibility. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.