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Celebrating the

Marriage of
The couples new address:
1234 Main Street Patricia Doyle
Cleveland, OH 98052 &
John Tippett
Program design by:
Aidan Delaney &
Kelly Focht
Celebrating the Marriage of
Patricia Doyle
John Tippett The wedding party

Saturday, June 16, 2001


Maid of honor Carol Philips
Seating of the family
Bridesmaids Samantha Smith
Solo Listen to Me John Fredericksen Katie Jordan
Julia Moseley
Lighting of the candles Kevin Verboort Wendy Wheeler
Cynthia Randall
Best man John Tippet
Groomsmen Jeremy Los
Greeting Jose Lugo
John Peoples
Reading John Wood Brad Sutton

Vows Reader Tad Orman

Exchange of rings Vocalist Florian Voss

Pronouncement of marriage Organist Belinda Newman

Solo In the Spring Adam Barr Musicians Kim Ralls

Susan Metters
Presentation of the couple John Rodman
Tom Youtsey
Harpist Paul West