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A. Prepositional verbs and tense revision
1. Stop worrying __________ your exam - everything ___________________ (be) fine!
2. I _____________________ (wait) __________ Judy for 30 minutes. I'm going home.
3. Stop talking and concentrate __________ your work.
4. Don't forget to pay __________ the newspaper.
5. Last nights, he _____________________ (explain) the computer program ________ me.
6. I don't know what we _____________________ (do) at the weekend. It depends
__________ the weather.
7. She _____________________ (arrive uncertain) __________ Beijing at 3pm.
8. I _____________________ (like) to listen __________ the radio when I wake up.
9. He borrowed 20 __________ his brother.
10. Who does this coat belong __________?
11. It was so hot I ____________________ (concentrate possibility) __________ my book.
12. Mothers always _____________________ (worry) __________ their children.
13. Please explain the meaning of this word __________ your classmates.
14. I _____________________ (look forward) __________ spring.
15. That car belongs __________ my father.
16. When she arrived __________ the pub, it _____________________ (be) already closed.

B. Lets talk about charities!

C. Offers, suggestions and requests

How about Lets - Ill Could - Shall Why dont you - a good idea No worries

Mark: You look troubled! ____________ I help you with your homework?
Johanna: Yes, thats __________________ . Thats kind of you!
M: _________________, I enjoy helping others!
J: _____________________ explain these difficult equations to me?
M: Yes, ________________ do that! Its easy for me! _________________ starting the
exercise from the beginning?
J: _______________ do that, I dont really know where to look!
M: The first thing you need to do is isolate the x factor.
J: ________________ you show me how to do that?

D. Further practice with comparatives

1. Its too noisy here. Can we go to a _______________ (quiet) place?

2. The hotel was _______________ (big) than that in which we stayed last year.
3. Your work is _______________ (good) than mine.
4. The accident could have been _______________ (bad) than it was.
5. I was _______________ (nervous) in my exam yesterday than Mark.
6. Id like to have a _______________ (fast) car. The one I have now is really old.
7. Last week it was really hot. Today is _______________ (cold) than then.
8. We have an _______________ (old) brother who lives in Miami.
9. Her illness is _______________ (bad) than what the doctors expected.
10. I like warm weather. If the weather is _______________ (cold), I will get sick.
11. This dress is _______________ (expensive) than that one.
12. He is _______________ (tall) than Arthur.
13. This road goes _______________ (far) than the motorway.
14. Was the TV programme _______________ (good) than the film?
15. She is not _______________ (evil) as people say she is.
16. This is much _______________ (difficult) than we expected.
17. She is a bit _______________ (mature) than I thought a 14 y.o would be.
18. They are way _______________ (nice) than I thought!
19. The _______________ you practise, the _______________.
20. English is not as _______________ (difficult) as I initially thought!