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Why do we need zoos? 'Ted Talk'

There are various schools of thought surrounding zoos and their purpose. Skeptics argue that it’s unethical to remove wild animals from their natural habitat to be put on display, but proponents of zoos stress that they serve a critical scientific purpose. Dr. Gabriella Mastromonaco explains that zoos play a vital role in preserving endangered species. Complete the Tasks as you listen using a number or a word.

Vancouver Island Marmot

By 2003 only

population has now grown from

animals were left in the wild. In less than 15 years the wild


because of zoo intervention.

Black-footed Ferrets They struggle with loss of prey, declared extinct in the wild in the late taken to Toronto zoo. Over 20 years reintroduced into the wild.

and loss of and the remaining wild ferrets have been

They were


Stable wood Bison

A subspecies of bison whose numbers have declined to

threatened by disease from repopulate their natural habitat technology.

They are Toronro zoo is helping to

s through development of

Human Activity Californian Condors almost disappear due to the use of


threatens the Madagascar Lemurs and poaching for rhino

Statistics There are less than _ mountain gorillas,

sinatra rhinos and according to the International Union of Conservation of Nature, species are at risk of extinction.

siberian tigers,

What suggestions does the speaker mention that we can all do to help?

If you are anti-zoo, has your opinion of Zoos changed?