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Adrian Nunez

7435 Wilcox
El Paso, TX 79915

Principal Kyle Quadros

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy
7 Fatima Dr
Cumberland, RI 02864

Dear Principle Quadros,

I am writing to you in the hopes of you considering me to be part of your team as an elementary

teacher at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy to help bring young scholars in your school

to the path of college. I believe my experience that makes me a great addition to your school is

my background in working with special education needs and students with diverse cultural

backgrounds. I believe and echo your thoughts that all scholars are able to be successful in

college and the world beyond, and will do everything I can to bring out their potential.

As your school is full of diverse students with different backgrounds, I feel that I am a perfect

choice to teach them as I understand the difficulties they may encounter and I am well equipped

to meet their needs. I have experience with working with special education students and have

experience in inclusion classrooms, observing and talking to other teachers about the needs and

challenges they face. With my first hand knowledge I acquired in classes and from my teachers I

understand what I can and need to do in order to for all my students to succeed, as I am prepared

to meet any needs of my students and learn what I can to help to reach their potential. I am

willing and able to do all that I can for my students, and understand the importance of
communication between me, other educators and parents as we all share the same goal of helping

the students succeed..

At Blackstone I embrace your devotion to your students and the diversity of scholars you have

attending, and I feel that I can relate and understand to your students. I as an educator wish to

establish an environment of respect between me and the students, and part of what leads to that is

by respecting each other and their rich culture. I wish for all my students to embrace their culture

as it is rich and makes them part of who they are. I understand the challenges they may face as

my students may be ESL, but I have first hand experience and know what I can do to help them

feel confident and succeed.

By reading my letter and resume you will see that I am someone that has the experience and

knowledge and wishes to see all my students succeed in their life and move onto college, and

that I will do anything it takes to help them realize that goal. I hope to speak to you soon as I

believe I will make a great team member in your school.


Adrian Nunez