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Problem 1:

Today, Betty added her age and her sisters age and obtained 10 as the sum. What would the sum of their
ages be after one year?
After a year, both of them will be 1 year older. Thus the sum of their ages must be 2 years more. That
is 12 years.
Problem 2:
A dragon has three heads. Every time a hero cuts off one head, tree new heads emerge. The hero cuts one
head off, and then cuts off one more head. How many heads does the dragon have now?
On the first cut, the Dragon has 5 heads. On the second cut, the dragon will have 7heads.
Problem 3:
In one kangaroo family, there is a custom to name their babies by names, which consist of two letters of the
word KANGAROO such that the first letter is a consonant and the second letter is a vowel. How many different
baby names can be composed?
The first letter must be either K,N,G,R. The next letter must either be A or O. Thus there are 42=8 ways to
name a baby Kangaroo.
Problem 4:
Laura, Iggy, Val and Kate want to be in one photo together. Kate and Laura are best friends and they want to
stand next to each other. Iggy wants to stand next to Laura because he likes her. In how many possible ways
can they arrange for the photo?
Let Laura = L, Iggy=I, Val=V, Kate =K
Given the conditions above, the possible arrangements are ILKV, VILK, VKLI and KLIV. 4possible
Problem 5:
Sophie draws butterflies: a blue one, then a green, then a red, then a black, then a yellow, a blue, a green, a
red, a black, and so on. What color is the 17th butterfly?
Observe that there is a pattern in Blue,green,red,black,yellow. The color of Butterflies repeats every 5 draws.
Following the pattern. 17=53+2. Thus the color must be the same as the second draw. The answer is Green.
Problem 6:
Tomas found an old book in the attic. When he opened it, there was page 24 on the left side, and page 55 in
the right. How many sheets of paper are missing between these two pages?
Every page has two page numbers. Front and back. The missing pages are 54-25+1=30. We need to divide
that by 2 to get the number of pages. Hence the answer is 15 pages.
Problem 7:
Lea owns 1 white, 2 black and 3 brown pigs. If all of these pigs could talk, how many of them could truthfully
say I am the same color as one or more of the other pigs?
The pigs that can only say it are those pigs who has more than 1 colors. Black and Brown Pigs has more than
one color. Thus the answer is 5 Pigs.
Problem 8:
What is the tens digit of the largest four-digit even number which uses each of the digits 5,7,8, and 9 exactly
Before we can answer the question we need to know first the largest 4-digit even number that can be formed
using the given digits. Since there is only 1 even digit 8. The ones digit must be 8. To maximize the number,
the first digit must be 9,followed by 7 and 5. Thus the largest number here is 9758. 5 is the tens digit.
1. What is the place value of 9 in 289,365?
2. What is the difference where 38,621 is subtracted form 91,300?
3. What is the remainder when 546 is divided by 3?
4. Express 121/4 as a fraction in mixed form.
5. What is of 20?
6. How many lengths are there in 1/2?
7. What is the largest 3-digit number divisible by 3?
8. Simplify: 100x100 99x99
9. Mark has a rope with length 30m.He divide it to 3 equal parts angle give one part to Dane.
How long is the length of the rope left to mark?
10. What is the average of the following numbers. {10,15,25,15}?
11. What is the greatest common factor of 9 and 12?
12. What is the area of square with side 5cm?
13. How many minutes are there in 2.5 hours?
14. It is 14 minutes before 3pm.What time it is?
15. Reduce 21/27 to lowest term.
16. 9800 is how many hundreds?
17. What is N in 21 + N = 54?
18. Write in figure: Two thousand, ninety five.
19. Elsa wants to by a t-shirt for 97.00 but she has no money. She borrowed 50.00 from Sven
and another 50.00 from Anna. If she bought the shirt, how much change did she get?
20. What is the product of 60 and 40?
1. Write 2 x 1000 + 3 x 100 + 9 in standard form.
2. Write LXXXIV in Hindu-Arabic.
3. You have 1,400.The amount is equal to how many 100-bills?
4. What number has three hundreds, five tens and six ones?
5. What number is missing in 39+ ( ) =97?
6. In 3,078, the 0 means there are no______.
7. In 856=800+50+6=800+40+N?
8. What number is 125 less than 756?
9. What is the smallest 4-digit number that you can make with 0,2,5,8?
10. What is the last letter in the English alphabet?
11. Mother has 60 cookies for Jane and her 11 friends. If mother gives them an equal number of
cookies, how many cookies did each receive?
12. Our dining table is 15 dm long and 9 dm wide. What its perimeter?
13. The area of the top of our table in #12 is how many square decimeters?
14. Father paid 7 100-bills, three 50-bill and 7 P5-coins for our electric bill. How much is our
electric bill?
15. If you skip count by saying 7 on the first skip, then 12,17,22,27,32, , what number will you
say on the 20th skip?
16. What is N in the pattern 5, 6, 8, 11, N, 20, 26.,
17. Mother bought 2 dozen eggs. She used 18 for dessert and 4 for omelets. How many eggs
18. Ned sold 125 tickets for their play. Jude sold 25 more tickets more than Ned. How many tickets
did the two sold together?
19. Eighteen boxes of books came from the library. There are 25 books in each box. How many
books came from the library?
20. Kate has 5 red roses, 6 white roses and 7 yellow roses. What fraction of the roses is white?
21. My ones digit is 3 more than my tens digit and my hundreds is 1 less than my tens. What
number I am if the sum of my digits is 17?
22. Father bought 48 balloons for Nicks birthday. If 14 are red, 18 are green and the rest are blue,
how many balloons are blue?
23. There are 23 boys and 22 girls in a class. During a strong rain, 5 boys and 3 girls were absent.
How many were present?
24. If 56+37=43+N, what is N?
25. Lina is 12 years old. Her uncle is three times her age. After 3 years, what will be the age her

1. The product of 9 and another number is 135. What is the other number?
2. If you add 15 to my number and then multiply the sum by 2, you get 66. What is my number?
3. Nineteen more than the difference of 233 and 169 is what number?
4. What is the remainder when 784 is divided by 17?
5. Liza works part-time at a canteen for 5 hours a day for 6 days a week. At 45 an hour, how
much does she earn a week?
6. The sum of two numbers is 27 and their difference is 7. What is the bigger number?
7. Your class needs 250 to buy your school a clock. You have collected 186; how much more
do you need to collect?
8. Allan and Alex together have 76 marbles. If Allan has 12 more marbles than Alex, how many
marbles has Allan?
9. Which of the following fractions is nearest to 2? {17/7, 18/7, 15/7, 16/7}
10. A hiking group began climbing at 4:30 a.m. and reached the top of the mountain at 11:30 a.m.
How long did the climb take?
11. If March 1 is a Monday, what day is March 21?
12. Joe gathered 348 eggs. He put 12 of them in each box. How many boxes he needs?
13. Mother bought 3 1/3 dozen apples. She served of them to Teds friends. How many apples
14. Lyn made 84 Sampaguita garlands. Rose made 2/3 as many garlands. How many garlands
did the two girls together?
15. Ines is making 6 handkerchiefs. Each side is 25 cm long. How much lace does she need to put
around all the handkerchiefs?
16. In a box, for every 3 oranges, there are 5 apples. If there are 15 oranges, how many apples
are there?
17. Joe has a string 12 meters long. He cut it into 2 pieces. If one piece is 2 meters longer than the
other, how long is the longer piece?
18. Nita changed of a 200-bill into 10-coin and the other half to 5.00-coin. How many coins
did she get?
19. A farmer can walk 5 kilometers an hour. How many kilometers can he walk in 2 hours?
20. Lito picked 34 Guavas; Pete picked 14 more than Lito. How many Guavas did Pete pick?
21. A vendor has 96 fruits to sell. One-third of the fruits are papayas, are melons and the rest
are pineapples. How many pineapples he has to sell?
22. Nina is waiting in line to buy movie tickets. She is 14th in line and there are 12 behind her. How
many people are there?
23. Luz has 42 stamps. Letty has 15 less than twice as many. How many stamps do the two girls
24. Lita bought two books for 454. One book cost 42 more than the other. What is the cost of
the more expensive book?
25. Lyn went to a store and spent half of her money. She went to a second store and spent
another of money she still has. Then she had exactly 25.50 left. How much money she had at

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