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Jah. 23, 1934.

D w MARSH Er AL 1,944,444
Filed July l, 1931

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5 6 `STEP

Patented Jan. 23, 1934

arg1 SED STA rss PATENT ferries

1,944,444 '
Daniel W. Marsh and Benjamin H. Marsh,>
` Oakland,l0a1if. y

Application July 1,1931. serial No. 548,160A

7 claims. (c1. 23-125)
This invention relates -to the oxidation of me pump 14 and pipe 15 to thel oxidizing tank A' for
tallic copper immersed in a dilute solution of further concentration. `
sulphuric acid, the reaction taking place in a The process may be carried out in the above
pressure tank or vessel into which is introduced described apparatus as follows:
5 air or air and steam, preferably in a finely di oxidizing tank Av is charged with metallic (6b
vided condition, thereby converting the metallic copper and a suitable amount of dilute sulphuric
copper to copper sulphate in solution. This acid oi desired concentration is introduced
process will rapidly convert any kind of metallic through pipe 16 and valve 17. Steam is then
copper such as copper sheets, strips or wire etc. admitted through valves 6 and 7 or the solution
into copper sulphate to any desired degree of is otherwise heated in any suitable manner until C65
concentration. rilhe copper sulphate solution the desired temperature is obtained, preferably
thus formed may then be run into a crystallizing in the neighborhood of 90 degrees to 100 degrees
tank or used for producing copper carbonate or centigrade. In order to maintain the desired
other compounds of copper. pressure within the tank A, a relief valve 9 is
An apparatus suitable for the operation of the so adjusted that it will allow the escape oi excess
process is shown in the accompanying drawing. air or steam when such pressure is attained.
This pressure tank or Vessel is so constructed as Air under pressure, supplied from an air tank or
to resist corrosion and to withstand whatever compressor or blower is introduced through
pressure is to be used in the operation or^ the valves 5 and 7 together with the steam. The
20 process. For this purpose, tank A may be formed solution is maintained at 90 degrees to 100 de 75
of wood, lead lined and suitably supported or grees centigrade and the pressure which is
mounted and reinforced to withstand the re maintained Within the oxidizing tank A during
quired pressure or it may be of iron or steel conthis reaction is above atmospheric pressure,
struction lined with lead or other resistant ma preferably in the neighborhood of 25 to 30 pounds
25 terial. Oxidizing tank A is provided with a man per `square inch. A certain amount of air is
hole or removable cover 2 at its top` to permit continually escaping through relief valve 9 and
charging the vessel with metallic copper, and the more rapidly the air is forced through the
with an outlet or discharge pipe 3 provided with liquid, the more rapid Will be the conversion of
valve 4 for discharging the contents after oxida the metallic copper to copper sulphate in solu
30. tion is complete. Means are provided for sup tion. 85
plying compressed air and for supplying steam. When the reaction is complete, the steam is dis
The steam supplied is regulated by valve 5 and continued and the copper sulphate solution is
the compressed air by valve 6. It is preferable forced through lter 11 and into crystallizing
to introduce both air and steam together tank 13 Where it is allowed to cool and crystallize.
CIO Ul through valve 7 to the bottom of the tank. 'Ihe uncrystallized portion is returned to tank A 90
Character 8 indicates a perforated lead plate through pump 14 and pipe 15 for further con
suitably supported through which the current of centration.
air and steam pass in a finely divided state to `While We have shown one form of apparatus
circulate through the solution part of which suitable for carrying out our process, various
40` escapes through relief valve 9 at the top of the other forms of apparatus may be employed for g5
tank. The air is introduced at a pressure of this purpose, the essential feature or" our process
about 25 or 30 pounds per square inch. 'Ihe being the conversion of metallic copper to copper
steam so supplied may be at about the same
sulphate solution While in a closed reaction vessel
by introducing an oxidizing agent such as air or
. pressure as the air and at a temperature cor
air and steam, the conversion or reaction taking .100
' responding to such pressure 0r it may be super place under pressure greater than atmospheric
heated if desired but in any case the amount pressure and at an elevated temperature.
of steam admitted is only suicient to heat the Having thus described our invention, what we
liquid to the desired temperature. Pressure con claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
50 j trol in the tank or Vessel is regulated by relief 1. The process which consists of heating a 105
Valve 9 with pressure gauge 10 for indicating the dilute solution of sulphuric acid in a closed re
pressure. From pressure or oxidizing tank A, action vessel containing metallic copper im
discharge pipe 3 may lead to iilter 11 and mersed therein, passing air into the vessel and
through pipe 12 to crystallizing tank 13. The through said solution while maintaining Within
uncrystallized solution is returned through the reaction vessel, a pressure above atmospheric 110
2 . 1,944,444
pressure andan elevated temperature so as to 5. The process which comprises subjecting
convert metallic copper into copper sulphate solu metallic copper to the oxidizing action of air and
tion. steam While immersed in a solution of copper
2. The process which comprises passing air sulphate within a closed reaction vessel wherein
through a hot solution of dilute sulphuric acid the pressure is greater than atmospheric pres 80
containing metallic copper immersed therein, sure.
passing air into the vessel, under a pressure 6. The method of producing copper sulphate in
greater than atmospheric while heating the solu solution by immersing metallic copper in a dilute
tion to an elevated temperature. solution of sulphuric acid while in a closed vessel
10 3. The method of producing copper sulphate in and passing air and steam into the vessel under a 85
solution by immersing metallic copper in a dilute pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.
solution of sulphuric acid while in a closed vessel, '7. In a process of dissolving metallic copper in
passing air and steam into the vessel under a pres sulphuric acid which comprises suspending metal
sure greater than atmospheric pressure and at an lic copper in dilute sulphuric acid, and acting
15 elevated temperature and allowing the solution upon said reaction mixture with an oxygen con 90
to run into crystallizing tank,V cool and crystallize. taining gas, Vthe step of maintaining the reaction
4. The process which comprises subjecting mixture at super-atmospheric pressure and at an
metallic copper to the oxidizing action of air and elevated temperature.
steam while immersed in a hoi' solution of dilute
20 sulphuric acid within a closed reaction vessel DANIEL W. MARSH. 95
wherein the pressure is greater than atmospheric BENJAMIN H. MARSH.

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