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Requirements for welders Recruitment(while testing)

1. MMG QA/QC Head Office selected resume welders only allowed for testing
(selected resume should be signed by corporate QA/QC office designee )
2. QC inspector shall collect the testing WPS from head office QA/QC.( For
piping GTAW process (WPS #P01-001) , combination process GTAW+
SMAW (WPS# P01-002) & For structural welding SMAW process WPS#
3. QC inspector shall verify/check the consumables before start welding (for
CS welding GTAW process# ER70S-2 & SMAW process # E7018.
4. QC inspector shall verify the following WPS for SS welding, GTAW process
(WPS P08-001) & SS combination process GTAW +SMAW (P08-020)
5. For the SS welding shall be used the Carbon steel pipe test coupon and
consumable shall be used ER308L/ER316L (filler wire) &E308L/E316Land QC
inspector shall verify the consumables before welding.
6. Before start welding QC inspector should be verify/check the welding
machine condition (cable & earth clamp), gas purification (Argon),
electrodes, filler wires, backing& holding ovens.
7. For the traceability of Test coupon, welder identification (Passport
Number), WPS Number and date should be properly hard
stamped/punched or written by permanent marker and signed by QC
8. All the pipe welders should be tested in 6G position only. And structural
welders should be tested by 3G&4G position.
9. Before start welding (test) the WPS should be posted in the wall /bulletin
board within the test conducted location/area
10.After completion of root welding, QC inspector should be conduct the
visual inspection, the welder is continued for further welding if he can pass
the root visual inspection.
11.If any welder failed the visual inspection after completion of root welding,
those are rejected/ disqualified. (And the test coupon shall be re beveled,
re fit up & re used for other welder).
12.If found excess penetration in the root welding, he will be disqualified
13.Root grinding and back welding should not accept.
14.During welding QC inspector shall verify the welders body language, initial
Arc, steady ness, manipulation of electrodes & inter pass cleaning (more
grinding not allowed).
15. During filling of weld metals in the SMAW process QC inspector shall be
verify the weld metal deposition, cleaning process and final weld visual
appearance ( without ripples).
16.Before conducting the Radiographic test, the coupon should be required
the proper, identification & traceability as mentioned in the point number
#4 and witnessed By QC inspector.
17.RT film should be interpreted by MMG QC inspector.
18.RT shall be performed as per the ASME sec IX ,clause QW191.1
19.RT acceptance criteria as per the code ASME Sec IX, clause QW191.2
20.Welder s certified as per the MMG QC procedure QCD-3-005, WPS selected
as per the MMG QCD -3-004.
21.After completion of welding , the weld joint should be free of visual
defects(crack, spatter, undercut, arc strike ,slag, excess weld metal and
surface porosity)
22. Visual inspection accepted joints only allowed for Radiographic test.
23.Original RT reports should be submitted to MMG Inspector along with
original film
24.MMG QC inspector shall be prepared the qualified welders list based on
their qualification & grade as per the QC procedure QCD-3-005.
25.Whoever they passed their test coupon by Radiographic Test, those only
selected and company (MMG) provide the payment to the agencies.

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