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of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

MSc programme

Make waves in As a famous scientist (Loren Eiseley) said Programme

several decades ago: If there is magic on The MSc track Water Management focuses
the world of water this planet, it is contained in water. Without on the understanding of natural surface and
water, life on Earth would be impossible. At groundwater currents and the management,
the same time, water can be life control and utilisation of water currents for
Diploma Master of Science Civil threatening. Just think about the destructive society. This comprises both surface and
Engineering Track: Water force of rivers that burst their banks or the groundwater, precipitation and, for example,
Management polluted drinking water wells that take the wastewater. Furthermore, Water
lives of two hundred children every hour Management does not only investigate the
Credits 120 ECTS, 24 months
worldwide. Water is our friend and our foe. quantity of water, but also focuses on the
Starts in September That is why it is crucial to understand this quality of surface and groundwater. If you
natural element and deal with it the best are interested in the behaviour of water,
Language English
and most ingenious way we can. For how we can control water flows (using the
example, did you know that groundwater newest technologies and applications), how
can take as long as a human lifetime to we can use wastewater to provide energy,
% 40% move just one kilometre? Or that water or how we can improve the production of
International regulates the temperature on earth? And drinking water, this track will suit you
students that no less than ten per cent of the Dutch perfectly!
demand for electricity can be won from
water? The track Water Management
teaches you how this can be achieved and
helps you to develop the next
groundbreaking innovations in the field of
Curriculum Water Management

Geohydrology teaches you how to The focus is on urban design methods,

Six specialisation profiles have been develop innovative and powerful tools for instruments and guidelines and on
defined for MSc Water Management. The the modelling of groundwater systems. sustainable urbanism in general, in order
specialisation profiles are related to the Conceptual models are tested by to gather knowledge on how to develop
preference of the student for a certain formulating and implementing future-proof plans.
specialisation and thesis subject. The mathematical models, and performing
department will give adequate guidance calculations. If the computations cannot Drinking Water Engineering teaches
with regards to this process during an confirm the perceived flow pattern or the technological backgrounds of the
intake discussion. The composition of the effect, then it probably does not exist. treatment processes applied for the
package of specialisation courses is production of drinking water. The
subject to approval by the relevant Water Resources Management treatment processes are demonstrated
professor. conducts research on irrigation systems, with laboratory experiments. Study goals:
polders, urban areas and entire river Knowledge of technological basics and
Hydrology focuses on the science that basins. Our aim is to support water the design parameters of drinking water
encompasses the occurrence, management practices by increasing treatment processes.
distribution, movement and properties of understanding of water management
the waters of the Earth and their processes, providing know-how and Wastewater Treatment deals with the
relationship with the environment within expertise, and offering an independent background and application of various
each phase of the water cycle (a view. wastewater treatment technologies. Both
continuous process by which water is high-tech and low-tech systems are
purified by evaporation and transported Urban Drainage and Water discussed, and which of these are
from the earth's surface to the Management concentrates on urban applicable to industrialised or developing
atmosphere and back to the land and tasks and (recently) built urban plans for countries. Anaerobic treatment systems
oceans). inner city interventions, for restructure that focus on resource recovery are
and transformation of locations at former discussed extensively. Modern
harbour and industrial sites and for new technologies for (extensive) nutrient
locations. removal/recovery are dealt with, as well
as membrane techniques for wastewater

Worldwide, water problems are increasing. The demand for

water is rising, the worlds population is growing and we are
faced by challenges such as climate change and pollution. In
Delft, you will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills that
you need to address these challenges. You will first get an
overview of the field and then you will get plenty of freedom to
focus on what youre really interested in: drinking water,
irrigation, groundwater, et cetera. There is a lot of choice, and
the level is high. According to the Stockholm International
Water Institute and Elsevier, Delft ranks number 1 in the
Netherlands and number 4 worldwide in the field of water
management. You will have ample opportunities to go abroad
for longer or shorter periods, and if you wish you can follow
some or all of the courses online. And last but not least, there is
a very active student association.
A New Perspective on Continental
Moisture Recycling Ruud van der
Ent What particularly appeals to me
From Pollutant to Fuel - Marij Zwart about the programme is the relevance of
Treatment of Cooling Tower the themes that you address. Just watch
Blowdown Water Raluca Olaru any news bulletin and youll see the
Bridging the Information Gap challenges facing the world as a result of
between Scientists and Decision flooding, drought and rising water levels.
Makers in the Eastern Nile Marlies Students who feel the urge to produce
Barendrecht solutions for these issues are at the right
Implementation of the Greater New place in the Water Management
Orleans Urban Water Plan programme. During the first weeks, you
Annabel Visschedijk are immediately challenged to develop a
water system for Africa or a solution that
will improve the water quality in the
Climate change; the desire for a more Rhine. Hands-on and stimulating! Thats
sustainable world; the United Nations what characterises the programme. You
sounding the alarm bells to warn us get a lot of practical training and you also
about the future scarcity of water; the have the freedom to decide in which
development of new techniques that direction you wish to specialise. But
allow us to manage water more whatever you choose, you immediately
ingeniously. Needless to say, there is no see the theory in practice when you walk
shortage of jobs in the field of water and or cycle along the canals of Delft at the
our students have no trouble finding jobs end of the day. A world opens up for you,
whatsoever. Consultancy organisations; also in terms of different cultures. The
governmental institutions; utility programme has a strong international
companies; water research institutes; character. By interacting with other
NGOs or water boards: the demand for cultures, you learn new ways to generate
new expertise is high and will remain solutions. And that is exactly what we
high. need to produce groundbreaking
solutions for our global water problems.

Entrance requirements for Mathematics - or an IELTS (academic version) with an
and English (some exceptions) apply for overall Band score of at least 6.5 and a
both the bridging minor and the bridging minimum of 6.0 for each section.
programme. - or proof that you have passed
If you hold a Dutch BSc degree that is the University of Cambridge 'Certificate
closely related to the Masters See www.hbodoorstroom.tudelft.nl for of Proficiency in English' or
programme, you can be admitted directly. detailed information. Applications through the University of Cambridge 'Certificate
However, if your undergraduate Studielink: www.tudelft.studielink.nl. in Advanced English' with a minimum
programme is not closely related to the grade B.
Masters programme you will be required
to take additional courses in what is For international students, the application
called a bridging programme. This may period starts October 1 and closes on
To be considered for admission to an
be a standard programme or it may be April 1. To start up an MSc application,
MSc programme you will need to meet
tailored to your specific situation. please complete the online application
TU Delfts general admission
requirements. and pay the refundable application fee of
To see which Masters programmes are 100. Then you will receive an email with
open to you on completion of your the link to upload the required
1. A University Bachelors degree (or
Bachelors degree at a Dutch university, documents.
proof that you have nearly completed a
go to www.doorstroommatrix.nl.
Bachelors programme) in a main subject
Applications through Studielink: For more information about the
closely related to the MSc programme to
www.tudelft.studielink.nl. application procedure and studying at TU
which you are applying, with good grades
on the key courses. Delft in general, go to
An HBO Bachelors degree does not
2. A BSc Cumulative Grade Point
qualify you for direct admission to a TU Introduction week
Average (CGPA) of at least 75% of the
Delft Masters programme. You will first All international students will be
scale maximum.
need to complete a supplementary welcomed with the award winning
programme in order to bring your introduction programme. The introduction
knowledge to the required level. You can 3. Proof of English language proficiency. consists of a variety of workshops and
do this during your HBO programme by projects, during which you will get to
completing a bridging minor, or by means - A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign know other international students, visit
of a bridging programme after completing Language) with an overall Band score of the highlights of Delft and learn the ins
your HBO diploma. at least 90 and a minimum score of 21 and outs of the TU Delft campus. After
for each section. Please note that we this very interesting and fun week, you
only accept the TOEFL internet-based will be introduced to the CEG faculty. You
test. will receive helpful information about the
Dutch education system and meet the
fellow students from your programme
during a variety of social and educational

Further information for international

Please visit the webpage for all details, applicants
complete requirements, deadlines and International Office CEG
contact information: E

Dr. Erik Mostert CEG Faculty

Master's Coordinator Water Management Stevinweg 1
T +31 15 2787800 2628 CN Delft

Karel Karsen
Academic Counsellor
T +31 (0)15 278 33 37

November 2015