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1- Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the United Nations. We are the C.A.T league.

Our goal is to prevent child abuse from occurring to the best of our ability and we seek
your assistance to solve this issue.
2- But first what is child abuse? Child abuse is the physical or emotional harm towards a
child, that can be caused by anyone such as parents, relatives, or even strangers online.
3- There are two main types of abuse: emotional and physical. In emotional abuse,
victims can be verbally scolded or yelled at. In physical abuse, victims are often violently
hit, punched or kicked.
4- As the CAT League, we are dedicated to this issue because not only does abuse take its toll on
the victims physical health, but it can also result in death and emotional impairment. By being
abused, millions of children are being put at a much higher risk for depression, illicit drug use,
alcoholism, and more.
5- Online networks and social media are also a common spot for child abuse to take
place. Online strangers often take advantage of young children, putting them into
dangerous situations whether it is threats or physically meeting up with them.
6- Each year, 40 million innocent children worldwide are being inflicted by this issue.
Child abuse is a worldwide common issue that takes place regardless of what race,
area, or condition a child lives in. No matter what country you live in, child abuse is an
issue that needs to be solved.
7- Child abuse sends its victims down a bad path early on in life. Many of the effects that
result from it will play a major role in the victims adulthood. For example, alcoholism is a
serious health issue that will affect their everyday life and ability to work.
8- 30%-40% of victims grow up to be abusers themselves. To help prevent this issue
from future generations, we need to stop this cycle from reoccurring.
9- Approximately 5 victims die each day due to child abuse. That is 5 too many.These
numbers accumulate resulting in over 1,800 deaths yearly. Child abuse is clearly a huge
issue that needs to be resolved.
10- Over 70% of victims who die due to abuse are under two years old. Most of these
children can barely string a sentence together so they cannot possibly stand up for
themselves in these situations. These victims need someone to delegate or advocate for
11- Everyday, school administrators, relatives, or even strangers can come in contact
with a victim. By looking out for the signs of abuse, you could potentially save a victim
from the unhealthy situations they are living in.
12- Victims might not realize they are being abused since the perpetrator in about 34%
of the cases are parents. Keep in mind that many of these children being abused are still
very young. This can make it hard for them to distinguish right from wrong.
13- Victims may also be hesitant to talk about the experiences they have been through.
The child may be nervous or not willing to open up at first. They also might be scared of
getting in trouble by you, or their abuser if they find out.
14- Because of this, it has been suggested that while talking to a victim to be supportive
gentle, and caring. Realize that these children are going through something traumatic
and help them through the experience.
15- Some ways to tell if a child is being abused is to look for signs such as: depression,
lack of confidence, unexplained injuries and absences from school. Not all of these signs
are visible to the eye making them hard to read. This is why we suggest that everyone
keep an eye out.
16- When you sense that a child is being abused, there are multiple organizations out
there that can help. Contact a police department, Hotline Services such as
(1-800-4-A-CHILD). This will help put the child into the right hands that will get them the
help they need.
17- After contacting the police, cases are sent to Child Protective Services and
Protective Custody where the child is temporarily taken away and the case is
investigated by officials.
18- In cases where the abuse is severe leading to parental rights. In this situation, the
case is taken to court where all of the parents right with the child are taken away. The
child is then often sent to Child Welfare Services or a foster home.
19- Child Welfare services work with children and families that were subject to abuse.
The job of this organization is to find a permanent home for the child. Until then children
are taken care of and receive therapy in foster homes.
20- Child abuse is a massive issue that needs to be solved NOW. The youth that are
being affected are the future of your nation. The CAT league hopes to receive funding
from the UN which will help pay for therapy sessions for victims, and programs that
inform young children when to say no, and what is right from wrong.
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