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The World History Honors Syllabus
2010-2011 Syllabus
Classroom Expectations: Respect

Students are expected to arrive on time, prepared, and ready to work. All students are required to act with
integrity, responsibility, and to display quality work ethic. Behavioral issues will be dealt with through a Four-
Step system as follows…

1) Verbal warning- “This is your first warning”

2) Verbal warning and seat change.
3) Removal from class to desk in hallway and morning detention.
4) Removal from class, referral, and call home.

This is a flexible system. Certain behaviors, such as physical violence, will result in immediate removal from
class. Act appropriately and class will go smoothly.

Homework: Discipline

Homework is assigned via Mr. McCoy’s webpage. Make sure to check daily. Generally, homework is assigned
from the textbook and through reading articles at least one week in advance, though not always. There may be
as many as 4-5 homework assignments per week, but some weeks may not have any assignments due.

All students will be taught how to take notes on homework reading assignments. Students are expected to
bring their notes to class on the day the assignment is due. On this day, one of three things will happen upon
arrival to class…

1) Collection of homework notes to be checked for completion (40% of the time) for 20 points
2) A multiple choice quiz will be given (60% of the time) for between 20-30 points

Tests and Extended Assignments:

Tests will be given every unit. On average, a test will be approximately 100 points worth of multiple choice
questions. Review packets will be given in advance, usually posted on the HW website. Time will also be
allowed in class for the completion of the review packets.


All grades are based on a point total. Add up the total points possible and divide by the total points earned for
your final grade. Snapgrades will be used and is updated regularly.

Missing and Late Work:

When a student misses class, he or she is expected to make up all assignments missed, regardless of an excused
or unexcused absence. Late work will lose 50% of the final grade on the assignment. All missing work must be
completed 1 day before the unit test. Assignments that are not complete will become 0s. Exceptional
circumstances will be addressed as needed. Work without a name will be thrown away.

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