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Learning Barriers

Latchkey Children -parents work, young children come home to empty house and are home alone
-sometimes babysitter or nanny is present
-children often fall back on school work because parents do not help
-children have more responsibilities in the house

Poverty -parents extremely low income

-families struggle with living expenses especially with smaller children
-parents struggle to feed themselves and children
-children fall behind in classroom because they worry when they will eat next

Abuse and neglect -parents usually were abused themselves or have mental illness
-to identify, children will seem to have trust issues with others, seem distant, or
over friendly
-burns, raping, incest, verbal abuse, etc. are all types of the abuse
-neglecting children, not taking care of them
-after effects on child are ADHD, misbehavior in classroom/ around others
-75% of deaths from abuse are of children under 4 years old

Teen pregnancy -delays or prevents goals

-60-70% of teen parents drop out of high school
-prevents or distracts education because a child is raising a child

Eating disorders -triggered by the media

-illness that should be treated with great care, person doesnt just eat too much or
not enough
-being focused on eating or weight rather than school work can be a distraction
from school

Death, Dying, and -distracted about grieving and the person who has passed rather than anything
Grief else
-while going through the stages of grieving, most likely will not focus on school
-good distractions are used to help cope with the death

Depression -people have lack of sleep, sadness/guilt, no motivation, etc.

-suicide is often committed because of regret/guilt, revenge, no motivation
-schoolwise, children lack motivation/participation, grades slip, they cannot see
the better side of whats ahead
-solutions to help may be talking about it, medication, getting help with peers

Substance abuse -underage drinking causes many deaths, crimes, damage

-can cause severe addictions in later life
-alcohol and drugs impairs judgement
-children neglect school work and become rebellious

Sleep Deprivation -teens lack sleep which causes stress and hurts school work
-26% of students sleep less than 6.5 house every night
-only 15% sleep more than 8.5 hours every night
-students should get at least 9 hours of sleep
-lack of sleep takes place of alertness, memory, and understanding

Bullying -children have no motivation because they lack self esteem

-students who bully have a lower self esteem and feel empowered
-1/7 students have reported being bullied in the US
-distractions in the classroom come from other students and cause person being
bullied to stuggle