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H Voters’ Guide

H Primary Election 2010

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
H Introduction
The Voters’ Guide was prepared by the League
Primary Elections in Maryland
Maryland is a closed primary state. Voters
registered as Democrats may only vote for

of Women Voters. The League of Women Voters Democratic candidates. Voters registered as
is a nonpartisan organization that works to Republicans may vote only for Republicans. Other
promote political responsibility through the active recognized parties in Maryland choose their

participation of citizens in their government. The candidates by other methods. Therefore, third
League does not support or oppose any political party (or unaffiliated) candidates will not appear
party or candidate. This guide has been produced on the primary ballots and are not included in
for the benefit of individual voters throughout this guide. Maryland prohibits write-in candidates
Baltimore County. Material from this guide may in the primary election. Candidates for Judge of
not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of the League of the Circuit Court 3rd Judicial Circuit of Maryland will appear on both the
Women Voters. Democratic and Republican ballots.
The Voters’ Guide has been designed and published with the kind Early Voting: Friday. September 3; Saturday, September 4; Monday,
collaboration of Patuxent Publishing Company as a service to the public. The September 6; Tuesday, September 7; Wednesday, September 8; Thursday,
Guide is a special supplement to Patuxent’s Baltimore County newspapers. Look September 9. Voting hours are 10 a.m. through 8 p.m.
for it in the Arbutus Times, the Catonsville Times, the Owings Mills Times, A limited number of polling places is available to allow the citizens the
the Towson Times and the Jeffersonian. It is also available free of charge to all opportunity to vote early. The voter may select the Early Polling Place that is
Baltimore County Public Libraries and through the Baltimore County Schools the most convenient. By opening these polling sites, the goal is to increase the
where the Patuxent Publishing Company does not publish a local newspaper. number of voters in all elections.
Voters are encouraged to examine our new online Voters’ Guide which will early voting Sites:
provide a sample ballot with all the data about the candidates. The ballot will Bloomsbury Community Center Honeygo Run Community Center
be tailored for the specific voting district of the voter when the appropriate zip 106 Bloomsbury Ave. 9033 Honeygo Blvd.
code is entered. Other websites that are very helpful are the Catonsville, MD 21228 Perry Hall. MD 21128
state and local Board of Elections. State of Maryland Board of Elections can be North Point Library Randallstown Community Center
found at The Baltimore County Board of Elections 1716 Merritt Blvd. 3505 Resource Drive
can be found at Baltimore, MD 21222 Randallstown, MD 21133
All candidates were asked to respond to a nonpartisan questionnaire.
Candidates running for a particular office were asked the identical questions. Towson University
Their responses appear as submitted to the LWV, without editing. If their Administration Building
responses exceeded 300 characters, their answers end abruptly. The League 7720 York Road
assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions. The LWV appreciates the Towson, MD 21252
candidates who responded and Patuxent Publishing Company for making the
guide possible. Regular Voting
If a candidate is running unopposed, responses are not included due to the
length of the guide. However, the voter may check the candidate’s website or the
Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
website of the League of Women Voters for more information
about positions on the issues. Responses from all candidates will be included in
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
the General Election guide. You may take the Voters’ Guide into the polling place with you.

September 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Early Voting for Primary Election: Polls open at 10 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
September 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail or fax
September 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Primary Election Day; Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
September 27 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Voter Registration re-opens
October 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Close of Voter Registration
October 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Early Voting for General Election
October 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail or fax
November 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . General Election Day; Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 
 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
STATE OF MARYLAND Mathematics. 6 years US Marine Corp, served in Majority Whip. Now, Anthony is the highest
Korean conflict. Retired civil service. Naval Aviation ranking elected official in the nation ever to have
OFFICES Logistics, Pax NAS, Computer Analyst GM 17. served a tour of duty in Iraq.
ENERGY: To increase the use of nuclear power and ENERGY: To move forward, we must conserve our
Governor/Lt. Governor wind power generation and decrease petroleum fuel existing resources while investing in alternative energy.
usage. We could try to start getting our Maryland That’s why I set a goal for energy savings of 15% by
Vote for one pair petroleum fuels from other American States. 2015, implemented a tax exemption for residential
The Governor is the chief executive officer of EDUCATION: I would be open to new ideas and solar installations and asked the federal government
the state of Maryland and appoints the heads of new strategies. The State could allocate resources by to remove barriers to off-shore wind production.
statewide departments and judges to the state courts. the individual Counties criteria. We can gain school EDUCATION: Education is key to moving us
The Governor also makes other appointments as funding by the reforms for the Child Support and forward and that’s why my administration has
provided by the Maryland Constitution or by law Custody laws and by releasing such non-violent fully funded Thornton, investing $5.7 billion this
and proposes the annual operating and capital prisoners throughout Maryland. year alone and a record $1.3 billion for school
budgets to the legislature. The Governor may veto ECONOMY: Maryland economy is already construction. We need to build on this progress with
legislation passed by the legislature. stimulated a plenty, and the latest reports show smart investments and reforms to keep our schools
SALARY: $150,000. Baltimore as the #15 in ranking of American cities ranked #1 in the nation.
TERM: Four years, limit of two consecutive terms. which is well placed for our largest city. So we could ECONOMY: Our focus is on creating, saving
HOW ELECTED: Elected statewide as a team with create new legislation requiring employers to hire and maintaining jobs. With strategic tax cuts for
the Lt. Governor. more and to lay off less as that is the bottom line. small businesses, public-private partnerships and
The Lieutenant Governor assists the Governor investments in the new economy, we will emerge
Ralph Jaffe / Freda Jaffe from the national recession faster than most states.
and is elected jointly on a ballot with the QUALIFICATIONS: I’m a political science teacher
gubernatorial candidate. The Lieutenant Governor But we must continue to move forward by investing
involved in a movement to end corruption in to create jobs.
fills the office of Governor in case of death, Maryland politics and replace it with ETHICS.
resignation, or disability and carries out specific Ethical politicians shouldn’t deal with corrupt
duties assigned by the Governor. lobbyists and shouldn’t accept campaign Republicans
SALARY: $125,000. contributions because they’re disguised bribes. I’ll
Candidates for Governor were asked the serve free, one term only.
Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. / Mary Kane
Campaign Website:
following questions: RUNNING MATE’S QUALIFICATIONS: My running
QUALIFICATIONS: I led Maryland out of a
mate has been a teacher and library media specialist
QUALIFICATIONS: What are your since 1966. Her ethics and principles are the same as
recession and a budget deficit once and I will do it
qualifications for the office of Governor? again. I have 3 simple priorities: more jobs, lower
taxes, and less spending. As a state lawmaker, U.S.
RUNNING MATE’S QUALIFICATIONS: ENERGY: We must encourage our corporations to
Congressman, and Governor, I have always believed
What are your running mate’s qualifications explore new energy resources throughout the U.S.
in being honest with the citizens I serve.
This means more government cooperation and less
for the office of Lt. Governor? government interference. We have to stop being
ENERGY: How should Maryland address is a working mother, a small business advocate, and
prisoners of the Middle East dictatorships and
a former prosecutor. As the daughter of immigrants,
its future energy needs? become energy independent.
she has a unique understanding of the unlimited
EDUCATION: The best thing that government can
EDUCATION: How should state do (whether it’s federal, state, local) is let parents
possibilities available to families if government
government work with local governments serves the interests of the people.
or guardians assume major responsibility for their
ENERGY: I have three goals. First, ensure that
to solve the crisis in funding for public children’s education. The less interference from
energy supplies are affordable and reliable. Second,
K-12 education? government, the better off we’ll be. What we need is
diversify energy supplies so that we are less dependent
moral leadership, not government interference.
ECONOMY: What measures to stimulate ECONOMY: The General Assembly should butt
on foreign oil. Third, enact policies that encourage
Maryland’s economy would you propose? local energy companies to create jobs, including in
out and go on vacation for the next 3 years. Let
our wind, solar, and nuclear energy sectors.
private enterprise take its natural course.
EDUCATION: As Governor, I increased public
Democrats Martin O’Malley / school funds by a record $1.4 billion. As a result,
high school AP scores were 2nd best in the U.S.
J. P. Cusick / Michael W. Lang Jr. Anthony G. Brown and the achievement gap continued to close among
Campaign Website: Campaign Website:
African-American and Hispanic students, and
QUALIFICATIONS: No one else has the fortitude QUALIFICATIONS: Martin O’Malley is a fearless,
students living in poverty. I will continue fully
and determination nor the understanding of the intelligent public servant who always puts people
funding public schools.
Child Support and Custody law reform issues as I before politics. As Governor, Martin O’Malley has
ECONOMY: I will treat small businesses as a
will bring to the office of Governor which makes me a proven record of delivering results for our small
source of new jobs, not a source of new taxes. I
as the best candidate for the job. The reforms need businesses and families. And with him in office, we
will repeal my opponent’s 20% sales tax hike, which
to be done right and I am the best one to do it. will Move Maryland forward.
hurts low and middle income families. I will improve
Maryland’s business climate, which currently ranks
President and Valedictorian Great Mills High School, Brown has a distinguished career in public service.
45th in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation.
MD. University of Maryland 3 masters degrees in After serving our country as an army Colonel, he
Computer Science, Psychology and in Advanced was elected to the state house and served as House Republican candidates continue on following page

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 
Brian Murphy | Mike Ryman
Campaign Website:
Republicans Attorney General
No response William Henry Campbell Vote for one
Campaign Website:
DUTIES: The Attorney General represents the
Comptroller QUALIFICATIONS: Two decades of successful
senior financial executive experience in public and State of Maryland in all legal proceedings. The
private entities that were experiencing financial Attorney General serves as legal counsel to the
Vote for one
distress. I was the Assistant Secretary & Chief Governor, the legislature, and all State departments,
The Comptroller is the general fiscal officer of boards and most commissions.
the state, responsible for collecting, managing and Financial Officer (CFO) for the U.S. Department
of Veterans Affairs, CFO for the U.S. Coast Guard, SALARY: $125,000.
planning for revenue to support the state budget. The TERM: Four years, no term limit.
Comptroller collects and administers the following and CFO for Amtrak
IMPROVEMENTS: We have done an inadequate HOW ELECTED: Elected statewide.
taxes: income tax (both personal and corporate),
retail sales and use taxes; motor vehicle fuel tax, road job of enforcing our tax laws and regulations for Candidates for Attorney General were
tax on motor carriers; state tobacco tax, Maryland many years. I am skeptical that the $240 million (M) asked the following questions:
MITS project to enhance revenue collection and
estate tax and excise taxes on beer, wine and liquor.
enforcement is being adequately managed. I have
The Comptroller serves on the Board of Public Works qualifications for the office of Governor?
along with the Governor and the state Treasurer, who successfully implemented similar large, complex
is appointed by the General Assembly. software solutions. IMPROVEMENTS: What improvements
SALARY: $125,000. Armand F. Girard would you recommend for the Maryland
TERM: Four years, no term limit. QUALIFICATIONS: Income tax payer - 50 years. judicial system?
HOW ELECTED: Elected statewide. Property tax payer - 40 years.
Candidates for Comptroller were asked IMPROVEMENTS: Over 2 years ago voters decided
to have slots for education. The MD Democratic
the following questions:
monopoly has refused to do the will of the people. Douglas F. Gansler
I proposed to implement their will and provide Campaign Website:
qualifications for the office of Governor? revenues for education. QUALIFICATIONS: For nearly two decades, I have
IMPROVEMENTS: What improvements Brendan Madigan
fought crime and gang violence, safeguarded our
would you recommend for the Maryland children from Internet predators, targeted corporate
Campaign Website: corruption, prosecuted polluters, and protected
revenue system? QUALIFICATIONS: As a young person, I am deeply Maryland consumers. MD Attorney General, 2006-
concerned about the burden that my generation Present; State’s Attorney, 1998-2006; Assistant U.S.
Democrat will carry due to the tax-and-spend mentality of
those in Annapolis. I am not part of the Annapolis
Attorney 1992-1998.
Unopposed in the Primary
Peter Franchot establishment. I am not a career bureaucrat. I
Campaign Website: am not a career politician. I am passionate about
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve kept my promise to be making Maryland better. Republican
an independent, fiscal watchdog and to make my IMPROVEMENTS: By expanding and enhancing
the transparency of the State’s financial dealings, I No Candidates
office a model for efficiency. I reward those who pay
their fair share and collect from those who cheat. will ensure that the citizens of Maryland are fully
I’ve used my position to oppose wasteful spending informed, and thus are able to hold our elected
and have promoted fairness towards women and officials accountable for the State’s financial
minority-owned businesses. situation.
Unopposed in Primary

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 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
UNITED STATES Democrats reduces global warming. Energy independence is
important for our national security and future job
CONGRESS Christopher J. Garner creation. I absolutely oppose drilling off coast.
IMMIGRATION: I believe that comprehensive
U.S. Senator Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: 35 years of problem solving immigration reform must protect our borders,
Vote for one in industry and government. To include Business protect American jobs and not penalize those who
Management, Pollution Control, Energy have played by the rules. It is important that we
Senators share the responsibility with Management, Production Management, Process adopt a sensible approach to dealing with the illegal
Representatives for enactment of the nation’s laws Control. See Website for a more complete Bio and immigrants who are currently in the country.
as provided for in the U.S. Constitution. They may candidate information.
also conduct investigations on issues of national BUDGET: A Rebalancing of the United States
Theresa C. Scaldaferri
importance. The Senate is charged with ratifying QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a U.S. citizen
economic structure by reducing government,
treaties established by the President and confirms living under American laws for over 60 years. I am
reducing taxes, controling illegal and legal
Presidential appointments of Cabinet members, concerned we are not leading our country in the
immigration, and the reindustrialization of the
federal judges and foreign ambassadors. right direction nor helping the public as we should. I
United States brought on by unfettered imports and
SALARY: $174,000. feel confident my work experience will help.
the lost of technology due to the lost of industry.
TERM: Six years. BUDGET: No outsourcing of social security, IRS,
FOSSIL FUELS: Reduction of national population
HOW ELECTED: The Senate consists of 100 or our country’s security. Have an independent study
increase due to immigration. Increase in the use of
members, two from each state. They are elected by on waste spending in the Federal budget. Provide a
solar, nuclear, tidal, and wind power. Concentration
the states at large and serve for 6 years. One-third vehicle in which we may receive a small percentage
on the developement of Fusion Power sources.
of the Senate is up for election every two years. A of taxes for all off shore havens. We need a true
IMMIGRATION: See website for complete detailed
Senator must be at least 30 years of age and must picture of the budget before we proceed.
have been a citizen of the United States for at least 9 FOSSIL FUELS: Energy turns a turbine that turns
years. A. Billy Bob Jaworski a generator to produce power. It is essential we use
Candidates for U.S. Senate and House of No response natural continuous power, such as the sun, water,
wind, and nuclear power, to help the environment.
Representatives were asked the following Barbara A. Mikulski The Federal level should have already been using
questions: Campaign Website: some natural resources in its agencies.
QUALIFICATIONS: What are your QUALIFICATIONS: I have proudly served the people IMMIGRATION: The Statue of Liberty says it all.
of Maryland in the U.S. Senate since 1986. I meet Anyone has an opportunity to come to the U.S., but
qualifications for this office? the day to day needs of my constituents and the long they should enter legally. Federal laws are already
BUDGET: What methods would you term needs of the nation; a leader in health care, in place for immigration. Each state has the right to
support to address the federal budget promoting innovation, creating opportunity and tighten and enforce those laws. Those wishing to stay
deficit? bringing jobs in Maryland. I am seeking re-election. should become U.S. citizens.
BUDGET: Tough choices must be made. The
FOSSIL FUELS: What should be done at bipartisan debt commission is developing proposals Blaine Taylor
the federal level to reduce our use of and to balance the budget. In the mean time, I have QUALIFICATIONS: Common sense, decisive,
dependence on fossil fuels? supported efforts to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in courage. Congressional press secretary, 1991-92.
the federal budget. I have supported the Pay as You Press secretary for US Presidential primary, MD
IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, Go Law, which requires new spending to be offset by House of Delegates and State Senate, and Baltimore
do you support in regard to immigration spending County Executive campaigns, all WON.
policy? FOSSIL FUELS: It is essential that we decrease our BUDGET: Cut Defense. End ALL foreign aid to
reliance on fossil fuels. I support a sensible energy Israel. Tax the rich to pay their FAIR share, national
plan that promotes alternative energy efficiency and flat rate tax. End ALL the wars. Ban Federal
Reserve Bank.

Vote in the Primary Election H

H Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
H Tuesday, September 14, 2010
H or, you may vote early (see page 1 for details) H
League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 
FOSSIL FUELS: Outlaw them all, plus the internal productivity, justice, peace. Protect families, United States, and who shall not, when elected,
combustion engine. Build electric, solar, and water- environment. Anti-poverty: education, humanitarian be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall
fueled cars, all mass transit modes, especially trains. aid to refugees, displaced population. Prevent be chosen.” I have met or exceeded all of these
IMMIGRATION: Seal off borders with US Armed diseases. Eliminate “official misconduct- fraud- qualifications.
Forces, permanently stationed. Shoot violators as crime- networks” unjust operation, victimize... BUDGET: Simplify and generally reduce taxes.
they enter. Deport all living violators here. Sink on Open Constitutionality debate examining each
sight or turn back all such vessels.
Republicans existing agency and their stated missions. Based on
outcome, bring forward legislation, where necessary,
Sanquetta Taylor Joseph Alexander to defund, repeal, prepare amendment or redefine
Campaign Website: missions based on
No response
QUALIFICATIONS: I have a diverse backgroud defined process.
which includes ten years in health care, a Barry Steve Asbury FOSSIL FUELS: Remove federal impediments for
combination of twelve years in banking, finance QUALIFICATIONS: Degrees in Philosophy and developing and leveraging Nuclear power. Expand
and public relations and currently I am a criminal Business Administration, 30 years small business and improve the national electric power grid.
intelligence analyst in addition to having owned a experience, 38 years writing and journalistic Research existing Patents at PTO for potential fossil-
business. I have the necessary skills and experience to experience, 26 years non profit executive director, 20 free fuel design solutions; identify the holder then
combat current issues. years President Taxpayers of the United States, Inc. assist them in “promoting the progress of science”
BUDGET: A tax reform bill that is in line with the BUDGET: We’re not going to be able to borrow with Grants.
current census count and that meets a sustainable more money from China to pay for things much IMMIGRATION: “To establish an uniform Rule
economy over time. Also I would look at the social longer. We need to use the STIMULUS money of Naturalization.” To enforce laws currently on
welfare system to ensure that any/all fraud practices for unemployment benefits and good permanent the books, against Employers and Illegal Aliens;
were addressed and prosecuted at the highest level. jobs and not wait to release the money right before to protect borders; to open debate - correct skills
Tackle both the social security and medicare issues. election like President Obama has planned. and duration needed to satisfy needs. To propose
FOSSIL FUELS: Investing in more friendly FOSSIL FUELS: Fossil fuels are likely to be depleted legislation to prohibit illegal alien benefits; define
environmental practices via wind energy in 150 years or so and, to be ready, we must begin anchor babies.
transformation and using solar energy in a more cost now. We don’t need fundamental transformation,
efficient / effective manner. but do need financial encouragement for business Samuel R. Graham Sr.
IMMIGRATION: I support securing the boarders to develop. We have 150 years to do something and No response
in the same way we secure our prison systems. I our choices are something and change with no good
support heavy fines on corporations and businesses answers.
John B. Kimble
that hire illegal immigrants. One must understand Campaign Website:
IMMIGRATION: Immigrants need to know that we
that anything illegal erodes the system that protects QUALIFICATIONS: Member, National Rifle
are conscientiously looking for a way to say yes. If
us as a people. I support immigration but not Association, American Civil Liberties Union,
you want to be an American so your children will
“illegal” anything. Southern Poverty Law Center Leadership Council,
have an opportunity to legally be President, want to
Defenders of Wildlife, American Association
become a citizen, get a Social Security number, and
Lih Young help us pay the bills, we need you.
for Justice, The Sierra Club. I have successfully
Campaign Website: challenged our government for redress of numerous
mdyounglih Neil H. Cohen civil rights violations against citizens
QUALIFICATIONS: Reformer, advocate, activist, Campaign Website: BUDGET: We have to raise taxes on the rich and
TV programs producer/host/speaker. Ph.D. econ. QUALIFICATIONS: I am a successful dentist for taxes on money sent out of the US so that people
expertise, commitment; public interest. Promote 32 years. This demands that I be a good listener, who are here illegally will still put money into the
freedom, justice, peace, accountability, cost- observe, recognize problems and solve them. As a tax base for social services, etc. We also have to
effectiveness; fair election, legislation. Identified/ small business owner I experience and I must resolve cut waste and stop giving the country away in-the
testified/ petitioned often on “socio-political- all the issues that face business owners plus the wrongful propaganda which has driven the US to
election- media- budget pr regulations specific to health care. ruination.
BUDGET: Eliminate abuse, waste, official BUDGET: Require a review of all agencies as to FOSSIL FUELS: We must remove corn from use as
misconduct, Murder-fraud- crime- injustice their functional effectiveness. Increase the retirement a source of ethanol as it has caused food prices to
networks”. Restore the essence of “capitalism”: age to 70 for Social Security. Reduce or eliminate skyrocket worldwide and the cost of fuel has also
fairness, good principle, concepts, merits, most subsidies. skyrocketed because of the improper use of food as
justification, productivity, priorities, cost-benefit, FOSSIL FUELS: Subsidize the accelerated fuel. We must make more efficient engines and use
social needs, budget constraints, etc. Rigorous development of alternative fuels. Eliminate the oil alternatives like methane which are plentiful for our
review by academically very ... and gas subsidies to allow the real cost of oil to be future uses
FOSSIL FUELS: End: dependence/subsidies for seen by the consumer. IMMIGRATION: We should send all illegals
fossil fuels, nuclear energy, offshore oil drilling, IMMIGRATION: In the short term, implement home if they commit crimes and we must provide
spills. Improve regulation/oversight on energy existing law to the fullest. for Americans first. American propaganda has
related activities. Implement the Clean Air Act. destroyed the American way of life for American
Protect public health, environment. Curb carbon Stephens Dempsey born citizens and this must be changed immediately
pollution. Invest in clean renewable energy, efficiency Campaign Website: to avoid having the US become a Third World
technology, infra... QUALIFICATIONS: “No person shall be a Senator Nation. We cannot feed all the world.
IMMIGRATION: Support: Comprehensive who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty
immigration reform. Promote humanity, Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the

 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Gregory L. Kump tax, and constitutional matters. I bring the and create jobs.
QUALIFICATIONS: My story begins with the perspective of an entrepreneur and defender of the FOSSIL FUELS: We need to continue to develop
marine uniform. I served proudly in some of constitution. more energy sources and find innovative ways to use
the roughest times in the marine corp, with 2/6 BUDGET: Sound fiscal policy is based on lower less energy. We should continue to invest in wind,
battalion, 1/8 battallion, and special ops recon taxes, limited government, and strong national solar, clean coal, biofuels, nuclear energy, as well
battalion 1st and 2nd battalion recon. I have the security. Lower taxes produce private sector jobs as oil and natural gas. This will reduce dependence
abilty: to read the situation, in a timely fashion to that generate tax revenues and reduce safety net on Middle Eastern oil and create thousands of jobs
put maryland #1by marylanders spending. Limiting the scope of federal government here at home.
BUDGET: The federal budget came from the auto to its constitutional job description will cut federal IMMIGRATION: Safeguarding the homeland is
industrys, insurance companys, and the housing spending. the federal government’s greatest responsibility and
market. I will ask you did the goverment ever bail FOSSIL FUELS: Energy independence is a national complacency is the Nation’s greatest threat. I will
you out when owing money, or being late on any pay security matter. Nuclear power is an essential fight to ensure our Nation remains safe, free and
My job is to track the money! step towards energy independence that does not prosperous. We must secure our borders. We must
FOSSIL FUELS: As everone knows the oil companys involve fossil fuels. Expanded use of solar, wind, enforce existing immigration laws: no rewarding
have been in charge of fuel since the first car. I belive and biomass technologies should be encouraged illegal behavior.
in education in colleges around maryland need to be by reducing the layers of red tape and taxes on
more involved , in solar power, wind power, nuclear entrepreneurs.
IMMIGRATION: Enforce the law, secure the
power, new types of lighting like l.e.d. lighting, is a
start, other ideals, lower cost to marylanders!! boarder, and prosecute employers who hire illegal REPRESENTATIVES
IMMIGRATION: If your are a illegal in america, aliens. Instead of suing Arizona, the Justice Dept
Representatives share responsibility with Senators
who enters the u.s.a regaurdless of race, gender, to should put a stop to states and cities which flaunt
for enactment of the nation’s laws as provided for
me it a serious crime and would be with out a debt a the law and devalue citizenship. I oppose amnesty
in the U.S. Constitution. They may also conduct
felony. this would be enforced by homeland security/ and support the 287G program for local law
investigations on issues of national importance.
state to state laws. This is a issue that threathens all enforcement.
Laws that require payment of taxes are initiated in
america, from drugs in your town, to terriorst!!
Eddie Vendetti the House of Representatives. Representatives have
Daniel W. McAndrew Campaign Website: the responsibility for determining whether a public
Campaign Website: QUALIFICATIONS: I am deeply concerned about official should be tried if accused of a crime.
QUALIFICATIONS: I am 58, married for 33 years. the unborn in America. It is a scientific, biological SALARY: $174,000.
A Maryland resident since 1974, my career as an fact that human life begins at conception. Therefore, TERM: Two years, no term limit.
electrical engineer is both technical and managerial. abortion is murder of the innocent. I am firmly HOW ELECTED: The United States is divided into
In design, support, forecasting, budgeting complex committed to ending legalized abortion in America. 435 Congressional districts that are reapportioned
systems for defense. I bring my experiences and love Please vote for me. after each decennial census. Maryland has eight
of country & Constitution for Maryland’s benefit. BUDGET: Stop spending money we don’t have. districts, of which five are located within Baltimore
BUDGET: It’s necessary to completely stop Reduce the size of the government. Stop paying County. All seats in the House of Representatives
frivolous spending. Equally important is to defund farmers not to farm. Reconsider government run are up for election in every even-numbered year. A
& repeal recent bills passed – healthcare, financial health care. Representative must be at least 25 years of age and
reform, etc. Freeze pay for Congress, Executive, FOSSIL FUELS: Create incentives that increase must have been a citizen for at least 7 years.
Judicial and DOD personnel. Slow Congress research and development on reusable sources. Candidates for U.S. Senate and House of
legislation attempts. Eliminate earmarks. Reduce/ Increase nuclear energy capabilities. Representatives were asked the following
eliminate agencies. IMMIGRATION: Provide a path to citizenship
FOSSIL FUELS: Provide business incentives for for undocumented immigrants who do not have a questions:
R&D of alternative energy. Allow domestic oil criminal record. They must pay fines and back taxes. QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
exploration in federally-protected areas. Strengthen It should be mandatory for them to learn English. qualifications for this office?
fuel efficiency standards on all gas & diesel-powered They must also wait their turn in line for processing.
BUDGET: What methods would you
engines, including cars, trucks and sport utility
vehicles. Eric Wargotz support to address the federal budget
IMMIGRATION: Federal immigration policy Campaign Website: deficit?
QUALIFICATIONS: As a commissioner and a
needs to address stringent requirements yet
doctor, I have learned that listening and being FOSSIL FUELS: What should be done at
perform background checks best as possible, the federal level to reduce our use of and
but shorten existing timeframes to accept legal accountable is of paramount importance. As an
immigrants willing to be Americans. Enforce elected official I kept the promises I made. I am the dependence on fossil fuels?
federal immigration laws by state and local police in only U.S. Senate candidate who has actually cut IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any,
addition to federal agencies. taxes, cut the budget, cut government, and increased
accountability and transparency. do you support in regard to immigration
Jim Rutledge BUDGET: Government waste, abuse, incompetence, policy?
Campaign Website: and fraud are threatening our future. I will work
QUALIFICATIONS: I am an attorney with 25 years to institute fiscal discipline, vote against deficit
of broad experience representing small businesses, spending and bailouts and against pork-barrel
individuals, health providers, farmers, and schools. earmarks. I support a balanced budget amendment
I have handled federal and state business, property, and increased accountability. We must lower taxes

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 
FOSSIL FUELS: We need to increase production of Citizen. I am an accountant and small business
FIRST CONGRESSIONAL American-made energy in an environmentally sound owner, and have a desire to bring that expertise to
DISTRICT manner and promote new, clean and renewable the budgeting process.
sources of energy. Encourage greater efficiency and BUDGET: First, I support the “pay-as-you-go”
Vote for one conservation by extending tax incentives for energy provisions, and would vote to enforce them on ALL
efficiency and rewarding development of greater spending legislation. I would support a balanced
Democrat conservation techniques and new energy sources.
IMMIGRATION: I will work to fix our broken
budget EACH year. I will propose or support
tax cuts that target increased total revenues and
Frank M. Kratovil Jr. immigration system through legislation which spending cuts wherever possible.
Campaign Website: would secure our borders, create an employment FOSSIL FUELS: I support research and development
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve seen why Washington is verification system that is fast and reliable, design a incentives from the Federal Budget that create or
broken. Too many care more about politics than temporary worker program that meets the current improve economically efficient methods of non-
about common sense solutions. To fix Washington, and future demand for workers. polluting forms of electricity production, but not the
we need more independent leaders. I’m proud to be imposition of penalties or fees on polluting methods.
one of the most independent members of Congress.
Andy Harris IMMIGRATION: I support enforcement of existing
Campaign Website: immigration laws, and funding of existing methods
I’ve opposed $6 trillion in wasteful spending and
No response of border security. After these measures have been
fought to crack down on Wall Street. I’ll always put
the 1st district first. implemented, then I propose beginning a reasoned
Unopposed in Primary   SECOND CONGRESSIONAL debate about logical solutions to the population of
undocumented immigrants.
Republicans Vote for one
C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger
Campaign Website:
Rob Fisher QUALIFICATIONS: For more than 20 years
Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a small business owner, not Democrats I have served in public office. I was a County
Councilman in Baltimore County and then County
a career politician. I understand how to create jobs, Raymond Atkins Executive. I have never forgotten my roots. Now as
balance a budget and make tough fiscal decisions. No response a Congressman, I believe in top-notch constituent
BUDGET: Our country is bankrupt, yet Congress service and cast votes that improve the lives of
is intent on ballooning the deficit even higher while Christopher C. Boardman Maryland families.  
proposing massive tax increases to pay for health QUALIFICATIONS: I am well informed with wide BUDGET: I submitted a balanced budget for eight
care and climate bills the majority of Americans job experience and years of activism in local & consecutive years as Baltimore County Executive.
don’t want. As your representative, I pledge to vote national politics. I am a R.N. who has worked in I support “pay-go” which requires tax cuts or new
against any bill that increases the deficit without real hospital but am now working in corrections. Widely spending to be funded by cuts to other programs.
and immediate benefits to Maryland taxpayers. It... published author in books, magazines & newspapers. We must cut waste and ensure government work that
Am not tied to special interests or involved in can be done in-house is not outsourced.
Congressional earmarks. FOSSIL FUELS: Domestic renewable energy sources
BUDGET: We need to scale back military spending,
BALTIMORE starting with ending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq;
will reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuels
COUNTY and hostile nations. Funding for research and
then close military bases abroad that are not needed. development as well as tax credits for energy-efficient
CONGRESSIONAL We can still keep America secure. Some of the appliances for homeowners and businesses will help
6 DISTRICTS savings need to be reinvested in American economy
and infrastructure, the rest to retire national debt.
save money and reduce our carbon footprint.
IMMIGRATION: I do not support illegal
FOSSIL FUELS: Raise the CAFE levels for car immigration. In Congress, I introduced legislation to
mileage, invest in better mass transit, tax credits for hire 10,000 new border patrol agents. I support the
energy-efficient cars. Improve energy conservation government verification system known as e-Verify,
in buildings. Support solar, wind, geothermal and
1 water convection power. Restrict drilling for oil
cracking down on companies who knowingly hire
illegal workers and deporting felons who are here

2 1 without stringent environmental safeguards. illegally.

83 IMMIGRATION: Establish a pathway for illegal
immigrants to earn citizenship. Negotiate/
2 renegotiate with Mexican government to restructure Republicans
our relations to allow for better investment in
3 Marcelo Cardarelli

40 2 Mexico. Improve working conditions and pay on

both sides of border, make it easier for immigrants Campaign Website:

to become guest workers. QUALIFICATIONS: I am a physician with 30 years

of experience, Director of pediatric heart surgery
7 695
Jeff Morris at University of Maryland and have a Masters in
Campaign Website: Public Health from Johns Hopkins University with a
3 895 QUALIFICATIONS: I am a resident of Pasadena,
within the boundaries of District 2. I am a US
focus on healthcare policy. I am capable of analyzing
a situation and making difficult decisions based on

 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
BUDGET: A Balanced Budget Amendment. buzzword in Washington, but the problem is that the earned citizenship for those law abiding and hard
Spending should be sustainable and within the scope technology does not currently exist for the U.S. to working already here.
of our Constitutional obligations. Revising down rely solely on “Green” energy. I support an energy
our Federal Budget line-by-line to reduce waste, policy that utilizes all available sources of energy, Ryan Ludick
fraud and abuse particularly in the two largest areas which includes fossil fuels, nuclear, and “Green”. Campaign Website:
of expenditures, healthcare and defense. IMMIGRATION: We already have immigration QUALIFICATIONS: I am a resident of Maryland’s
FOSSIL FUELS: In the medium-long term, we need laws on the books, but the Federal government has 3rd who has lost faith and trust in our current
to stimulate the private sector to create the new chosen to ignore those laws in favor of political representative. The policies so many of our current
businesses that will develop the energy technologies expediency. They would rather grant amnesty to representative campaigned they would change have
of the future. I am personally against subsidies and illegal aliens than to enforce existing laws. We need been moved to the back burner for political safety, I
would rather propose tax incentives for those willing to enforce our current laws and prosecute those who am willing to risk it all for what is right.
to take the risk of investing in this area.  violate our laws. BUDGET: Saying your going to cut taxes is a great
IMMIGRATION: Secure the borders. Discourage way to get elected, especially when the folks whose
the hiring of illegal workers. Befriend pro-market Francis Treadwell taxes get cut are the one’s who contribute the most
democracies south of the border. Illegal immigration QUALIFICATIONS: Not has high as people would to campaigns, but right now is not the time. We need
is an economic problem, not a political one. expect or deserve but I am a resident of Maryland to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, reinstate the
and willing to serve. I do not reside in Congressional estate tax, & cut spending across the government.
Josh Dowlut District 02 I live in Congressional District 06. FOSSIL FUELS: People want to live greener lives
Campaign Website: BUDGET: I would support across the board and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels
QUALIFICATIONS: As a small business owner I spending and budget cuts. A National Lottery starts at home. We need to build more nuclear
understand how exempting small businesses from to be used only for the purpose of reducing and power stations, ensure that building codes for new
the payroll tax is the absolute best way to create eliminating the national debt. construction embrace the latest in technologies, and
jobs. It functions as a 10% surcharge on labor that FOSSIL FUELS: It should look for other sources of provide tax incentives for families that reduce their
employers pay and directly reduces the ability to energy and have them in place before throwing fossil consumption.
hire. fuels out the window. A lot of jobs depend on fossil IMMIGRATION: As a nation we need to make some
BUDGET: Here’s our dilemma: we could flat out fuel use lets not totally get rid of them before we are changes to how we approach this issue. For those
eliminate everything outside of transfer programs, ready. that are already here, paying taxes, and have had
defense and interest on the debt, and we’d still be IMMIGRATION: It should be streamlined, so it is children we need to give a clear path to legal status.
looking at a deficit of about $600 billion a year. easy to understand. In addition we need to fine those companies that hire
Unless we want much higher taxes, the sacred cows and in most cases exploit immigrants.
must be cut.
FOSSIL FUELS: I’ll tell you what should not be
done: raising the utility bills of Americans ala cap DISTRICT No response
and trade. I’d favor investment in building wind John Rea
farms and solar thermal which are nearing price Vote for one
No response  
competiveness with fossil fuels.
IMMIGRATION: Beacons of light don’t build walls
or criminalize not having your papers on you. Those
Democrats John Sarbanes
Campaign Website:
are behaviors consistent of eastern Europe, the John Kibler QUALIFICATIONS: I place an emphasis on
Middle East and South Africa. Campaign Website: constituent service, hard work, and listening
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a local small businessman carefully to the people I serve in the Congress to
Jimmy Mathis and not a politician, I feel our career elected have deliver real solutions to the challenges facing our
No response been tainted by big money special interests and have Nation. I am privileged to represent the 3rd District
Troy Stouffer forgotten ‘we the people’. I have no strings to anyone in the Congress and will do so with honesty and
Campaign Website: or anything. I owe no favors. integrity.  
QUALIFICATIONS: I have never held public office. BUDGET: First, I favor reducing Congressional BUDGET: As the economy begins to recover,
I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and currently work salaries and perks to 1999 levels to save taxpayers we must take a serious look at all elements of
in the private sector repairing medical equipment. I $1Billion. Second, I favor reducing foreign aid spending and tax revenue in order to return to fiscal
believe that we cannot expect the career politicians like $7.5B to Pakistan by 80% so that money is responsibility. Our budget policies should reflect our
who created our country’s problems to fix them, used for American jobs and training to compete in nation’s values— ensuring opportunity, promoting
especially when they won’t admit what caused the global markets. Finally, introduce a flat tax and cut innovation, and sharing the costs of government
problems. spending. equitably.  
BUDGET: Our Federal Government has grown FOSSIL FUELS: Incentivize US manufacturers to FOSSIL FUELS: By reducing our dependence on
beyond that which is fiscally sustainable. The become world leaders in wind, solar and battery fossil fuels, we can address economic, security, and
solution to our country’s financial trouble is the technologies. Tax imported alternate energy junk environmental priorities at once. Just as growth in IT
same solution that works in our own homes. We that unfairly competes against American labor. was behind the economic boom of the 1990’s, clean
need to make a budget and then live by that budget. Protect manufacturers from liability suits and reduce energy technology and green jobs will spur growth
We need to stop spending more money than we DOT standards on autos that have high mpg or use and offer long-term strength to the American
collect in taxes. green technologies.  economy.  
FOSSIL FUELS: “Green” energy has become the IMMIGRATION: Not many changes are needed; IMMIGRATION: I support immigration reform
enforce laws already passed. I would consider an that includes improved border security and law

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 
enforcement; a focus on punishing employers who books. They should also punish the cities and states America’s Future, HR 4529. It provides health
knowingly hire illegal workers; and a practical that provide a sanctuary for illegals.  and retirement security, lifts the debt burden and
approach to undocumented workers currently in the promotes job creation.
country. It must improve our security and maintain Jim Wilhelm FOSSIL FUELS: I advocate policies to support a
our national values. No response transition from dependence upon finite fossil fuels,
particularly imported oil, to domestic renewable
Republicans SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL resources. To accomplish this, we need to provide
incentives for conservation and energy efficiency and
Greg Bartosz DISTRICT we need to be careful that biofuels do not reduce
Campaign Website: Vote for one
food supplies. 
QUALIFICATIONS: I’m NOT a Politician IMMIGRATION: We all should be proud that
- I’m Respectfully Requesting to be your “Citizen America is the most welcoming nation in the
Representative” Extensive background – Military- Democrats world but we need to enforce our existing laws and
Government-Private Sector. I HAVE A PLAN to adequately protect our boarders. I am opposed to
J. Casey Clark amnesty. Also, I am a member of the Congressional
correct our course on my website! My Motivation is No response
Correct – OUR Children and OUR future – NOT Immigration Reform Caucus which seeks solutions
just mine! Andrew Duck to illegal immigration.  
BUDGET: DRASTICALLY CUT Taxes AND QUALIFICATIONS: I was in the Army for 20 years,
Federal Spending NOW! Constitutionally Mandate
Dennis B. Janda
serving in Bosnia and Iraq. I am a licensed Financial Campaign Website:
that the budget be BALANCED each year Consultant. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public QUALIFICATIONS: U.S. Citizen, 61 years old,
WITHOUT raising taxes! STOP borrowing and Administration and have done graduate study in Resident of 6th Maryland District
spending money we DON’T HAVE and handing the Economics. I have education and experience in BUDGET: Vote against all new spending, eliminate
bill to our children and grandchildren! Please see both economics and military affairs, our two most Dept of Education, Stop military involvement
25% Plan on website.  important issues. in Iraq and Afghanistan, Eliminate earmarks,
FOSSIL FUELS: Another part of my 25% Plan BUDGET: We must reduce spending and increase Introduce job creation legislation, Secure U.S.
details how I’d establish Energy Independence revenues. Based on my experience in the Pentagon, borders and Enforce all immigration.
NOW!! This is an Economic issue as well as a I would focus on reforming the Defense Acquisition FOSSIL FUELS: Encourage tax cuts for new and
National Security Issue!! Our Representatives are Process, which is extremely inefficient. I support cost-efficient environmental technology. Promote
governing our Country according to “who we owe” rolling back the tax cuts for persons earning over cost savings tax cuts for energy efficient products
AND “where we get our energy from”!! This is a $200,000. We can balance our budget; we did it 10 and adaptors.
recipe for DISASTER!!  years ago. IMMIGRATION: Enforce all immigration laws,
IMMIGRATION: My immigration plan is also too FOSSIL FUELS: We need a portfolio of alternative Security U.S. borders, Vote against any amnesty
long to list here. Please review www.gregbartosz2010. energy options. I support research to improve legislation, Fine employers hiring illegal immigrants
com to see my plans on how I would enforce options for wind, solar, geothermal, and bio-fuels; and means test social welfare programs.
our laws, secure our borders and deal with the and increased conservation. I support geo-thermal
immigrants who are living in our Country illegally.  heating and cooling for federal buildings. The Sixth Joseph T. Krysztoforski
District should be a leader in bio-fuels research, as Campaign Website:
Thomas Defibaugh Sr. we have the technology and the farmland. QUALIFICATIONS: I am dynamic leader with a long
No response IMMIGRATION: Rather than change the law, we list of accomplishments including company startups,
Thomas E. “Pinkston” Harris should enforce the existing law. Policies which are growing businesses and job creation with 30+ years’
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve never held a political office. not enforced are useless. We should enforce the law experience in technology, education, banking,
My Conservatism is pure. To borrow a phrase I’m which fines employers for hiring undocumented finance and healthcare. I’ll bring to Congress my
“unbought and unbossed.” I was a successful and workers. Unless we shut off the magnet which experience across multiple disciplines and return
award winning entrepreneur before teaching. In my is attracting illegal immigrants, we will not be us to the constitutional principles that made our
MBA studies at Johns Hopkins I studied Economics.  successful dealing with this problem. country great.
BUDGET: I would continue the Bush tax cuts. I go BUDGET: The debt is approaching $13.5 trillion
even further by giving everyone a two year income
tax holiday. No one would have to pay income taxes
Republicans and we are dependent on foreign sources to fund the
government. I will lead the way with legislation to
for two years. The more money people have. The Roscoe G. Bartlett balance the budget, pay down of the debt, eliminate
more they spend. Campaign Website: unnecessary departments, cut back earmarks and
FOSSIL FUELS: The most logical alternative to fossil QUALIFICATIONS: I have brought to Congress move to a zero based budget, no automatic budget
fuels is nuclear energy. It’s clean, creates no pollution a unique perspective as a scientist, farmer, increases.
and it’s abundant. Countries like France and Italy entrepreneur and teacher. I have never forgotten my FOSSIL FUELS: Only greater diversification of our
get over 80% of their energy from nuclear energy. role as a citizen legislator and I believe that I have fuel choices, bio-diesel, cellulosic ethanol, solar,
Most of our Naval ships are in fact micro-nuclear accurately represented the views of the citizens of wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, natural gas and
power plants.  Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.   nuclear, will provide lasting energy security. I will
IMMIGRATION: First of all I would like express BUDGET: Long term entitlement reform must lead the way and introduce legislation to establish
my support for the Arizona Law. The Federal be addressed that is why I am a cosponsor (one of a partnership with industry to drive the research,
government should enforce the rules already on the 12) of the only bill before Congress that addresses development and deployment of alternative and
comprehensive entitlement reform, Road Map for renewable energy sources

10 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
IMMIGRATION: We must enforce current BUDGET: We should reinstate the more progressive in the insurance industry working with businesses. I
immigration laws and promote the melting pot tax structure of the 1990s and remain true to the understand how small business functions and know
philosophy, one people, one language, one nation. “pay-go” budget discipline re-established by the how to make businesses thrive. I understand how
I’ll introduce legislation levying strict penalties on current Democratic leadership. insurances work. I also know how to make benefit
illegal aliens, penalizing employers hiring illegal FOSSIL FUELS: Implement the goals of: (1) creating programs affordable and effective.
aliens, securing borders and mandating, under 5 million green jobs (2) conserving 20% of our BUDGET: The cost of benefits and social
penalty of law, that the attorney general enforces the energy by 2015; (3) freezing pollution levels now, insurances is crippling state and federal budgets. I
Immigration and Nationality Act.  cutting them at least 25% below 1990 levels by 2020 seek changes that reduce cost, but do not undermine
and 80% by 2050; (4) limiting new coal plants; & (5) the objective. Installation of a tort reform coupled
Steve Taylor investing in renewable energy. with the use of HSA’s programs will reduce the cost
No response IMMIGRATION: I support comprehensive of health care dramatically. Reduce cost by reducing
Seth Edward Wilson immigration reform to better secure our boarders, benefits.
Campaign Website: protect workers against abuse, limit the downward FOSSIL FUELS: To create massive layoffs in the Gulf
QUALIFICATIONS: I share the conservative values pressure on wages and unify families. We must act in exchange for safety guarantees isn’t a feasible
held by the citizens of Frederick County. Like you, both realistically and humanely toward the millions option. We have to find a way to keep the people of
I am a citizen who is concerned about a federal of undocumented workers and their families who the Gulf region employed. We immediately need a
government that is increasingly out of control, currently are within the U.S. rigid inspection and upgrade program to insure safe
operation of all off shore drilling, NOW!
administered by unaccountable bureaucrats and Charles U. Smith IMMIGRATION: Over the past 24 years, 20 million
being expanded by career politicians answering to No response
entrenched special interest groups.  illegal immigrants have come to the U.S. It is
BUDGET: Focusing on the federal budget deficit impossible to gather 20 million people and send
or the national debt is an error. They are symptoms Republicans   them back. At the same time we keep the immigrant
of the real problem, which is the level of spending community from paying income tax by not initiating
Ray Bly some type of immigration reform. Close the border.
by the federal government and the consequent No response
disruption of free market forces and misallocation
of resources that it represents. We must reduce Frank Mirabile Jr. MARYLAND
federal spending.  Campaign Website:
FOSSIL FUELS: The federal government should QUALIFICATIONS: I am a US citizen born and GENERAL ASSEMBLY
encourage the development and use of all existing raised in Catonsville Maryland now residing State Senators share responsibility with Delegates
domestic energy supplies including fossil fuels in Howard County. I hold a BS in Landscape for enactment of the State’s laws as provided for in
and nuclear energy by reducing or eliminating Architecture. Being a private sector small business the Constitution of the State of Maryland.
government barriers to lower energy costs. Cap and owner for 20 years I have created many jobs in the SALARY: $43,500.
Trade is a terrible idea. The EPA should be defunded private sector adding generous revenues to the tax TERM: Four years, no term limit.
if it usurps the authority of Congress. base. HOW ELECTED: The State of Maryland is divided
IMMIGRATION: I support the active enforcement BUDGET: We must cut government spending, into 47 legislative districts that are redrawn every ten
of existing immigration laws and applaud Sheriff transition out of mandated entitlements and pass years after each census. Each district elects one State
Jenkins for participating in the 287(g) program. The policy that will fuel private sector growth, generate Senator. Some districts are further divided into three
response of the Obama administration and his leftist personal wealth and promote social independence. sub-districts (A, B, C). Each sub-district elects one
conspirators in Congress to the problems caused by The present push for more entitlements creates social member to the House of Delegates, and each district
lax border security in Arizona and elsewhere has dependency beholden to government control. Such elects three delegates in all, for a state total of 141
been disgraceful.  policy is detrimental to personal empowerment and Delegates.
burdens economic growth. Candidates for State Senate and House
FOSSIL FUELS: The ultimate goal is sustainable
SEVENTH CONGRESSIONAL energy solutions. I’m against Cap and Trade and of Delegates were asked the following
DISTRICT any resultant carbon tax. We must put Americans to questions: 
work extracting our own natural resources thereby QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
Vote for one growing our economy to financial solvency and
encouraging the private sector to develop clean
qualifications for this office?
PRIORITIES: What are your legislative
Democrats energy technology without Government hindrance
or subsidies. priorities?
Elijah Cummings IMMIGRATION: If you enter our country without TRANSPORTATION: What are your
Campaign Website: following our rules of immigration then you are
QUALIFICATIONS: Howard University (Phi Beta subject to the full extent of our laws. That being said transportation priorities and how should
Kappa) 1973. University of Maryland Law School immigration is one of the most valued assets of our they be funded?
(JD 1976). Maryland General Assembly (14 years Nation. Our policies should protect the sanctity of BUSINESS TAXES: Do you support
Speaker Pro Tem). U.S. House of Representatives citizenship and promote a nation welcoming many. any changes in Maryland’s business tax
(1996 - ) versight, Joint Economic & Transportation
Committees (Chair, Coast Guard Subcommittee).
Michael J. Vallerie structure? If so, what changes would you
Campaign Website: endorse?
Task Force on Health Care Reform. Past Chair,
QUALIFICATIONS: I’m a candidate with experience
Congressional Black Caucus.
as business owner and employer. I’ve spent 13 years

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 11
stimulate economic growth and attract new business Fund dollars. I will continue to oppose such action.
State Senate District 05 to Maryland. BUSINESS TAXES: Lowering the 8.75% corporate
TRANSPORTATION: Higher Priorities for Highway tax and other taxes that burden business expansion
Vote for one
Improvements: Rural communities need greater and chase jobs away. Maryland is one of the five
communication and consultation with state highway bottom ranked states for business unfriendliness.
Democrat officials to resolve problems with roadway and Part of the problem is that most legislators lack
interchange improvements. Statewide, great fare-box business sense and financial literacy.
C. Scott Stone recovery is needed for mass transit so that a higher
Campaign Website: percentage of gas tax revenues can be devoted to Chris Luciano
QUALIFICATIONS: I represented the citizens highway construction projects. Campaign Website:
of Carroll County for 14 years on the Board of BUSINESS TAXES: High Taxes Cause Job Losses: QUALIFICATIONS: I am a successful businessman
Education. I have 15 years active participation with Under O’Malley’s tax increases, Maryland with years of leadership experience and financial
community service organizations. I have 6 years of plummeted from 24th best to 45th worst of business- know how. I am an organization builder, former Cub
small business-owner experience and more than 40 friendly states. The legislature should: 1) reduce Master, Eagle Scout, Board of Director on Towson
years professional experience in private industry, the corporate taxes and personal income tax rates on Chamber and Ravens Roost #109. I have raised a lot
public sector, and higher education. working families; 2) eliminate surcharge on high- of money for charitable causes and I really do know
Unopposed in Primary income earners; and 3) re-couple state estate tax to what it takes to create jobs, write a paycheck, as well
federal exemptions. as work within a budget.
Republicans Dale Lusher
PRIORITIES: Start with lowering the sales tax,
followed by the lowering of the corporate tax then
Joseph M. Getty No response   get property taxes in line with today’s true values.
Campaign Website: Second, protect Marylander’s from Illegal Aliens.
QUALIFICATIONS: Maryland House of Delegates, House of Delegates Term limits and pension reform for elected officials
are ready to be addressed. Finally, reduce spending
1995-2003; Governor’s Policy Director for Gov.
Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., 2003-2007; Counsel to the District 05B and slow the growth of government.
Maryland Senate Republican Caucus 2007-2010; TRANSPORTATION: We should lower the gas tax.
Carroll County Republican Central Committee, Vote for one Marylanders (and ALL Americans) Love their cars
1985-1995. and their freedom. Mostly, most Marylanders are
PRIORITIES: State Budget Crisis: Governor Democrats commuters. We should lower the gas tax to relieve
more tax burdens on Marylanders.
O’Malley’s four years of misguided fiscal policy
created a monumental budget crisis. Legislators must Pete Definbaugh BUSINESS TAXES: We need to reduce the corporate
restrain state spending sufficiently to not exceed QUALIFICATIONS: 3 years as President of the tax rate to bring business back to Maryland. Stop
state revenues, provide tax relief for working families Overlea Community Association; 5 Years as the introduction of more “regulation” on small
and pass business-friendly measures to grow jobs, President of the Overlea Citizens on Patrol; Work business and help promote business in Maryland.
on Baltimore County Task force: Speed Humps, The corporate filing tax is another way which
Neighborhood revitalization Maryland sends its message of “unfriendly”.
Unopposed in Primary
Campaign Website:
COUNTY Republicans QUALIFICATIONS: MBA- Finance and Economics.
5B LEGISLATIVE Wade Kach Twenty years in financial services, including a
Senior VP with a major Maryland Bank, Municipal
DISTRICTS Campaign Website:
Finance, Financial Advisor & Portfolio Manager,
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been humbled to serve
Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist. Eight years

Northern Baltimore County for over 30 years,

as a small business owner and business consultant.
sponsoring laws to empower homeowners and
Served in the US Army as a commissioned officer
taxpayers, preserve agricultural land and open space,
during Vietnam War.
while teaming with communities to improve traffic
PRIORITIES: I am a conservative constitutionalist
7 and road safety.
and favor smaller government. Reduce burdensome
11 83
PRIORITIES: Lower taxes and cut government
spending by rolling back tax increases, improve regulation to stimulate business development and

42 8
incentives for business location in Maryland,
expand charter schools, charging communities to
attract new business. Reduce the size of government;
cut government expenditures; cut taxes. Balance the
budget and eliminate structural deficits. Stop illegal
take control of education, preserve open space
immigration in MD. Reduce medical insurance
and farmland from unfettered development, halt
mandates to foster competition.
wasteful spending in capital budget projects.
TRANSPORTATION: No new light rail systems,
TRANSPORTATION: Keeping roads safe and in

6 good repair. Ongoing redesign and reconstruction until a better way is found. The existing system
is underutilized, slow, inefficient, expensive and
alteration of traffic bottleneck areas is urgently
wasteful. Service is lousy. Meanwhile, highways are
12A needed. Funding should come from the

overcrowded and bridges are unsafe. Improvements

Transportation Trust Fund. The Governor should be
to the highways system will cost $40 billion. This
prohibited from siphoning off and borrowing Trust

12 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
must be funded through spending cuts in other
House of Delegates Jake Mohorovic
areas.   QUALIFICATIONS: From 1995 to 2003 served in
BUSINESS TAXES: Maryland’s business taxes are District 06 the Maryland House of Delegates representing
among the highest in the nation, and this is one of Dundalk, Edgemere, Rosedale, Fort Howard and
the main reasons it’s so hard to attract and keep Vote for no more than three Millers Island. From 2006 to 2010, elected Member
business in the state. I favor closing loopholes, but of the Baltimore County Democratic State Central
“Combined Tax Filing” will be a loser for Maryland.
The better answer is to cut spending so the tax rate
Democrats Committee for Baltimore County for the 6th
Legislative District.
can be reduced. Again, smaller government, less Cassandra Brown-Umoh PRIORITIES: Health care improvements in the care
spending, lower taxes. Campaign Website: of residents living in assisted living, nursing homes
QUALIFICATIONS: Cassandra Brown Umoh is a and continuing care communities. Stop increasing
State Senate District 06 native of Baltimore County, Maryland Legislative cost of electricity. I am a fiscal conservative.
District 6. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Eliminate the Office of the Lt. Governor whose
Vote for one Managerial Leadership. Cassandra’s public service only constitutional duty is to replace the incumbent
includes Outreach & Education, Public Health Governor.
Democrats Policy and Advocating for Seniors.
PRIORITIES: Cassandra’s platform includes
Transportation provides “mobility bus services” for
Jordan Hadfield Education, Public Health & Safety, and Seniors handicapped individuals. While the services have
No response Citizens. She is prepared and focused to be a voice improved, I would like to work with the agency to
in Annapolis for all Marylanders. Cassandra’s improve scheduling of the buses especially for the
Norman R. Stone Jr. commitment to serve the public is an honor. She will patient’s appointments for doctor visits.
QUALIFICATIONS: As a veteran legislator, I also advocate for Women, Children and Families. BUSINESS TAXES: The Maryland Department of
understand my constituents and their priorities, and TRANSPORTATION: My views on transportation Business and Economic Development needs to be
I know how to get results for them in Annapolis. My include better ways to save our environment. This the leader and bring to the Md. General Assembly
experience is critical as we emerge from the deepest includes research and development. Keeping our a legislative agenda to continue to make Maryland
recession since the Great Depression, and as we environment clean and safe for future generations. more business friendly. Each company that locates in
continue to solve difficult problems with our state BUSINESS TAXES: Maryland has business taxes and Maryland means employment opportunities for each
budget. regulations that drive businesses to other States. I of Maryland’s citizens.
PRIORITIES: My top priority is protecting children advocate offering incentives that will keep existing
from violence and abuse. I helped pass tough companies in Maryland and offer incentives for new John Olszewski Jr.
measures to protect kids from sexual predators, companies to do business in Maryland. Campaign Website:
including Megan’s Law and Jessica’s Law. I am QUALIFICATIONS: I have done this job, and done
committed to keeping the tax burden on working Todd Crandell it well. In just a few short years in office, I have
class families low. Finally, I support fully funding No response established myself as an energetic, enthusiastic,
public education. and effective representative for my district and the
Don Mason citizens of Maryland. I work hard everyday to be a
TRANSPORTATION: Eastern Baltimore County’s No response
aging infrastructure suffered in this year’s harsh representative my constituents can be proud of.
winter. We must repair and maintain our existing Joseph “Sonny” Minnick PRIORITIES: One of my highest legislative priorities
roads, including resurfacing major thoroughfares QUALIFICATIONS: I am a life-long resident of is giving our children the best possible education
and filling potholes. The best way to pay for these the district. I have raised a family, and continue (endorsed by Balto. Co. and state teachers). Others
projects is by protecting our Transportation Trust to operate a family business that has been in the include a clean environment and Bay (endorsed by
Fund. district for more than 60 years. Finally, I have almost the League of Conservation Voters), and public
BUSINESS TAXES: In 2007 I voted against raising 20 years of experience in the Maryland House of safety (supported by Balto. Co. firefighters and
the corporate income tax and the sales tax because Delegates. police)
I am concerned about the impact of these taxes on PRIORITIES: My immediate priority is the economy. TRANSPORTATION: My transportation priorities
our business climate. Our economy will grow when We cannot recover until people find jobs. Without are ensuring that our existing infrastructure is safe
local businesses start hiring. One of the best ways job creation the State will continue its budget woes. while pursuing more efficient and rider-friendly mass
to stimulate hiring is by keeping our business taxes TRANSPORTATION: At present we have a wide transportation. These priorities should be funded
reasonable. variety of mass transit options that are not fully with some federal, state, and local support, with
utilized. The question becomes how we entice considerable support coming from ridership fares.
BUSINESS TAXES: I believe that we need to do all
Republican more people to use mass transit. I would favor the
development of a full marketing plan to attract that we can to foster the growth of business in the
state of Maryland, and especially small businesses.
Bruce D. Kahl wider use.
We can do that by providing tax incentives for
QUALIFICATIONS: Retired Military Officer 28 BUSINESS TAXES: We must understand that each
regulation that is placed on business is a tax. We locating here, hiring our residents, and by avoiding
years.  Currently Teacher in Baltimore County.
must also realize that the cost of these regulations excessive taxes on the business community.
Resident of District 6 for 56 years. Legislative
Liaison for National Guard Association for 12 years. & taxes are passed on to consumers as the “cost Raymond J. Smith
Unopposed in Primary of doing business”. We need to create jobs in Md’s No response
small business community. I favor a reduction in tax
rate for business. Democratic candidates continue on following page

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 13
Mike Weir Jr.
Campaign Website: State Senate District 07 Republicans
QUALIFICATIONS: I am completing my eighth Vote for one J. B. Jennings
year in the House of Delegates where I serve on QUALIFICATIONS: Maryland House of Delegates
the Environmental Matters Committee. I have 2003-2010: Environmental Matters, Ways and
been an active member and officer in community Democrats Means, and Judiciary Committees; Deputy
organizations, managed political campaigns, was a Minority Whip. Owner: The Mill of Hereford,
partner in a masonry business and retired as Captain Rebecca Weir Nelson Inc. Staff Assistant to Congressman Robert L.
in the Balto. Co. Fire Depart. Campaign Website:
Erhlich. Maryland Air National Guard. Volunteer
PRIORITIES: Providing the best education possible QUALIFICATIONS: Mayor/Gov. Scheafer’s
for our children, creating jobs by improving photographer, 3 Governors, UMAB,FCC., As
PRIORITIES: Reduce and balance the State’s
Maryland’s business climate, providing access murder witness changed policy law to protect
budget. Lower the tax burden on citizens and
to quality healthcare to state residents, helping citizens info from criminals no longer on charging
businesses. Work to make Maryland more attractive
Seniors maintain the quality of life they deserve, doc./Saved 88 miles of Neighborhoods from eminent
to businesses and help create jobs. Continue to make
and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay for future domain/supreme court case white only bi-laws/closed
Farming a viable industry in this state.
generations to enjoy. down illegal bailbond in Essex & Edgewood
TRANSPORTATION: I support more public PRIORITIES: Overhauling antiquated laws! Citizens
Transportation Fund is a huge problem facing this
transportation projects such as the red and with nonviolent VOP charges are held for 45 days,
state. The state maintains roughly 18,000 miles of
purple lines as well as a commitment to properly without a bail review; losing jobs, cars, homes
roadway. It repaves roughly 900 miles a year which
maintaining roads and bridges throughout while violent killers are allowed to go free. Military
keeps it on a 20 year cycle. When the fund is raided
Maryland. The Transportation Trust Fund should families BRAC are preyed on & detained without
it lengthens this cycle and causes rougher roads and
utilize public/private partnerships and the Fund valuable rights! Funeral & tow truck license are
delays new projects....
should ONLY be used for Transportation Projects. unattainable
BUSINESS TAXES: The State’s business tax structure
BUSINESS TAXES: Businesses are hurting in TRANSPORTATION: Fund light rail extend past
is in dire need of change if we are to recruit new
Maryland and we must explore changes to their midnight/operate MARC on weekends/ Have MTA
business to this State. We can’t make any changes
tax structure to encourage a healthier business Adm ride routes before mapping them out for
until we get the State’s budget in balance and
climate and job creation. The infamous “Delaware Citizens and Tourist. Do not let Gov. cars cross
reduced to allow for these changes. When budget is
Loophole” must be closed to level the playing field State lines for personnel use. Civil workers should
in check, I support lowering sales tax back to 5% &
so that all businesses operating in the state pay their live in the Districts that support them.
corporate taxes.
fair share of taxes. BUSINESS TAXES: Yes, need to change sale taxes
back to 5%. The increase hurt working families & Alfred W. Redmer Jr.
businesses. Campaign Website:
Republicans Jim Stavropoulos Jr. QUALIFICATIONS: A life-long resident of the
Carlton William Clendaniel area. Served 13 yrs House of Del, last two as House
QUALIFICATIONS: Community activist for many
No response Republican Leader. In ‘03 appointed by Gov Ehrlich
years, former VP of Hawthorne Civic Association,
as Maryland’s Insurance Commissioner. Since then
great working relationship with local, state elected
Bob Long officials & members of private sector. Balto. Co
I have been in private life running a business. I have
Campaign Website: the background, experience and energy to get results.
Good Neighbor Award 2205, Balto. Co. Executive
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a business owner, PRIORITIES: Control government spending.
Citation from Co. Executive Jim Smith, US
real estate broker, builder, church consultant for over Increase economic development & jobs in Balto.
Congress Special Award from Dutch Ruppersberger.
25 years. I have taken on a lot of hard tasks and Co. and Harford Co. Reduce taxes. Avoid negative
PRIORITIES: I believe in the workingman
completed them successfully. I don’t take no for an impact of national health care bill. Improve
and women, a strong economy, and a cleaner
answer and I am a problem solver. relationship between government & business
PRIORITIES: Jobs, economy, illegal immigration, community. Reduce partisan bickering in Annapolis,
TRANSPORTATION: Continue the funding of
environment, education, and to lower taxes. focus on solving problems & ...
BRAC (Base Closure and Realignment) at Aberdeen
TRANSPORTATION: We need to utilize our mass TRANSPORTATION: Focus on targeted needs such
Proving Grounds. When completed in 2011, it
transit, make it more efficient and user friendly. It as BRAC. Take advantage of economic development
is estimated that there will be 10,000 personnel
should be funded through the State and Federal opportunities with MARC stations, Martin’s
transferred to APG and 40,000 jobs created. This
Taxes and user participation. Airport and the Port. Improve service & reliability
program is very important to the Harford County
BUSINESS TAXES: We need to lower business taxes of existing mass transit. Priorities can be funded
and make Maryland a more friendly state and to if we stop raiding existing “dedicated” funds, find
BUSINESS TAXES: Yes. Additional tax credits
help create more jobs. efficiencies. 
are necessary for small businesses to help them to
BUSINESS TAXES: Business taxes need to be
Ric Metzgar survive. Currently the large mega stores are eating
reduced. We have put MD at a disadvantage and
No response many up of them. The small businessmen and
jobs are leaving our state. We need to roll back the
women helped build our communities.
sales tax, reduce the corporation tax and revisit the
unemployment insurance tax. Our increased tax
burden is taking dollars that otherwise could go for
employee payroll.

14 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Kristina A. Sargent Laine O.C. Clark
House of Delegates Campaign Website: QUALIFICATIONS: The people should be
District 07 QUALIFICATIONS: Currently, I work at the represented by ‘one of their own’. I have worked in
Baltimore County Workforce Development center Maryland for over 25 years and I have been in the
Vote for no more than three assisting Unemployment Insurance recipients with middle class all of this time. I have seen the hardships
job placement training. I also have served in the we have endured, and I believe I can change our state
Democrats Maryland Army National Guard since 2006, and am
a community and college activist.
so they don’t keep repeating themselves.
PRIORITIES: I want to create more long term jobs
Jeff Beard PRIORITIES: Reducing unemployment in in Maryland, help with improving the quality of
Campaign Website: Maryland, eliminate wasteful spending, tax payer education, and bring our State out of this Recession.
QUALIFICATIONS: As vice-president and a member accountability, funding for public education, TRANSPORTATION: Transportation services
of the Bargaining Committee of UAW Local 239, Supporting the Base Realignment and Closure are headed in the right direction using electricity
I’ve worked very hard at building the working (BRAC) transition in Harford County, Consumer instead of fuel. We need to further expand on this
relationship between Union and Management at the Protect Laws, and the environment to include the change. But we need to expand more in Mass Transit
Allison Transmission plant in White Marsh. I’ve also Chesapeake Bay and local farms. Transportation; it will bring in more revenue, and
assisted with negotiations that led to 200 new jobs at TRANSPORTATION: I support the Base provide more jobs.
the Allison plant. Realignment and Closure (BRAC) transition in BUSINESS TAXES: I would reduce taxes on the
PRIORITIES: My priorties will focus on creating Harford County, and I will continue to support middle and lower class incomes and tax the upper
new jobs that enable families to earn a comfortable the growing infrastructure not only to assist in the class and powerful companies more.
living. I believe in improving our educational system increase of people moving from out of state, but the
for students and educators. I’m also driven toward thousands of jobs BRAC is bring to Maryland. John Cromwell
utilizing the wisdom and experience of our senior BUSINESS TAXES: I think that small businesses Campaign Website:
citizens. should get additional tax credits during these tough QUALIFICATIONS: A life long commitment to
TRANSPORTATION: I believe we should have more economic times to allow them to survive. This will community service. 17+ years Volunteer Firefighter
hybrid transportation in service, as funding affords. allow local businesses to continue to serve and live in 20+ years Baltimore County Fire Department
BUSINESS TAXES: Yes, Maryland still needs to their community. 21+ years Maryland Air National Guard Board of
become more business friendly. I will accomplish this St. Stephens Home and School Member of VFW,
American Legion, Essex Elks
by advocating a more “tax friendly” environment for
Republicans PRIORITIES: Make Maryland and affordable place
to live, work and retire.
Brian Bennett
David “SKI” Mioduszewski No response
TRANSPORTATION: Have reliable, convenient and
No response affordable mass transit (not parts)  Stop spending
Jim Berndt money to widen 695 and 95. Place this money into
James Ward Morrow No response the plan to build the above.
QUALIFICATIONS: Attorney for 20 years, 10 as BUSINESS TAXES: Have business in Maryland
a Baltimore prosecutor, 10 as Counsel to unions Marilyn Booker compete on an even fiscal footing in this region.
representing teachers, Balt. Co. Correctional officers, Campaign Website: Accomplishing this we keep and attract business to
nurses, and 911 operators; Federal fire fighters, QUALIFICATIONS: I am a citizen of the St of MD. Maryland which brings jobs.
police officers, doctors, nurses, Dept. of Defense and I have over 30 years experience in healthcare and an
DHS employees as well as employees of SSA and advanced degree in Business. I am well-educated and Rick Impallaria
CMS. highly motivated. I am disgusted with the current QUALIFICATIONS: I have eight years’ experience in
PRIORITIES: In addition to the ones below: I will situation in our state and feel compelled to serve to protecting my constituents’ interests.
fight against layoffs of education and public safety bring some sanity to Annapolis. PRIORITIES: Reduce taxes. Job creation by the
employees and to protect their pensions, while taking PRIORITIES: Addressing the impending public private sector. Reduce government regulation.
the lead to on creating more jobs in Maryland that health crisis due to lack of primary care. Developing TRANSPORTATION: Update roads directly related
are green and clean. I believe government and the a more business-friendly environment in our state. to BRAC. Funding by filing a federal lawsuit against
private sector must work together to get us on track. Shrinking the size of government and returning to the State of Maryland for misappropriating BRAC
TRANSPORTATION: I ride the MARC train to work sound fiscal policies in Annapolis. funds to jurisdictions not affected by BRAC. BRAC
each day and believe O’Malley is on the right track. TRANSPORTATION: We require safe, efficient mass = Base Realignment and Closing
Along with the GBC and the Greater Wash. Board transportation. Most reports indicate that highly BUSINESS TAXES: Across-the-board reduction in
of Trade, I agree we need to expand and improve our efficient, consumer friendly systems are self-funding. business taxes so the private sector can use its own
rail system as a large part of a comprehensive transit e.g. The Portland, OR, bus hub, the Francisco money to create jobs. Also, make a more business-
system. We may need to incentivize with tax credits BART system, the London Transit system do not friendly environment in Maryland to attract out-of-
for riders. require outside funding, they are self-sustaining. state business to Maryland.
BUSINESS TAXES: No one wants to increase taxes, BUSINESS TAXES: We must return the corporate
but no one wants to layoff police or teachers either. income tax rate to a more competitive 7% and
Pat McDonough
So we need to carefully review if there are unfair QUALIFICATIONS: Member General Assembly:
decrease the state sales tax to 5%. We are not
loopholes that can be closed so that everyone pays Health and Government Operations Comm. &
competitive at these current rates. We are driving
a fair share. We may need to index some fees to Joint Comm. on Veterans Affairs. Talk Show
businesses from our state and with them, jobs.
inflation, which could also avoid a tax increase. Host, WCBM radio commentator, producer Rally
for America Fox TV, Public Affairs analyst Fox

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 15
Morning News, President Rally Corp Media &
Communication Network. Member of many
Republicans business investment, and improves the environment.
As the economy improves, we need to retain funding
community organizations. Dee Hodges in the existing Transportation Trust Fund and seek
PRIORITIES: Fiscal responsibilities, no new taxes, Campaign Website: partnerships with the private sector for additional
Arizona-style legislation, English as MD’s official QUALIFICATIONS: MS Finance, UB, retired funds.
language, quality education programs, restoration banker, Chairman, Maryland Taxpayers BUSINESS TAXES: I would consider a change to
of capital punishment, more anti-gang legislation, Association, testified against 2007 Special Session “combined reporting” so to ensure tax fairness.
mandatory sentencing for drug dealers, zero parole tax increases and excessive spending for 15 years, Combine reporting treats a parent corporation and
for violent criminals, improved elder care policies for supported Taxpayer Bill of Rights to limit spending its subsidiaries as one single corporation for tax
seniors. to inflation plus population growth. Fiscal issues purposes. Without it we are vulnerable to a variety
TRANSPORTATION: No gas tax hikes. Examine volunteer in Sauerbrey campaigns. of corporate tax shelters that shift profits to avoid
ways to reduce tax payer subsidies to public PRIORITIES: Jobs are our greatest priority. Get paying taxes.
transportation. there by becoming business friendly, cutting taxes
BUSINESS TAXES: Yes. Reduce estate taxes, cut and limiting government. Repeal 2007 Special
Cal Bowman
corporate tax for small business for business, reduce Campaign Website:
Session tax increases. Make Maryland a place, again,
the unemployment taxes. Provide tax reduction QUALIFICATIONS: My wife Kaiti and I live in
where our children, no matter their skills, can likely
incentives to employers who provide health care the Villa Cresta community of Parkville, where I
find a job; and where business wants to locate.
insurance. Reduce sales tax to 5%. Reduce workers am the president of the Villa Cresta Community
TRANSPORTATION: Interstates have increased our
compensation costs. Association. I am the father of a growing baby boy,
living standards by getting product to market and
Grayson. I grew up in a disabled family, both of my
Kathy Szeliga people to jobs. Modernize MARC train system.
parents were deaf and through this I learned the
Campaign Website: Leave gas tax for funding transportation projects,
power of communication
QUALIFICATIONS: Annapolis needs more small not to fund new state programs or balance the
PRIORITIES: Ensuring everyone in Maryland has a
business owners who understand how the laws and budget. Evaluate metro bus system for greater
job and that our economy is growing. Maintaining
regulations passed by the General Assembly affect efficiency.
a safe and secure community by supporting law
Maryland’s economy and citizens. I also have a BUSINESS TAXES: The people pay business taxes
enforcement and firefighters. Ensuring that our
degree from Towson University in education and will in higher prices. Reduce or repeal the taxes. Cut
schools remain the best in the nation and funding
work to keep Maryland schools America’s best. licensing fees. Repeal unnecessary, bureaucratic
PRIORITIES: 1. Fiscal Responsibility-reducing taxes regulations. Become competitive to attract
TRANSPORTATION: We should place incentivizes
and eliminating government waste. 2. Improving headquarters like Northrup Grumman. Increased
for development of environmentally responsible
transparency - in government and the budget. jobs and prosperity will bring in higher tax revenues
transit. The State should continue to seek transit
3.Improving the business climate - business creates to government.
support from the federal government and through
jobs and we must become more business friendly
by electing people who own, understand and will
Benjamin Lawless other revenue streams that do not place an added
No response burden on middle class tax payers or small
support business. businesses.
TRANSPORTATION: Maryland’s gasoline tax is BUSINESS TAXES: I support policies that support
23.5 cents/ gallon. This money is supposed to be House of delegates the growth of the businesses that provide jobs and
dedicated largely to roads but has been used for
Maryland’s general fund. I will not support a gas tax
District 08 economic opportunity for the citizens of District 8.
increase and would like this dedicated tax money to Vote for no more than three Eric Bromwell
be spent on road repair and construction. Campaign Website:
BUSINESS TAXES: I support reducing taxes on QUALIFICATIONS: I have served in the Maryland
businesses and individuals in Maryland. Democrats House of Delegates for the past 8 years. As I
promised 8 years ago, I feel I have done a great
Roger Zajdel Ruth Baisden job of remaining accessible to my constituents. I
No response Campaign Website:
communicate regularly with thousands of District
QUALIFICATIONS: Experience includes: leading
8 residents, so that people always know what I am
community advocacy groups and serving 10 years
State Senate District 08 as president of the Greater Parkville Community
doing and why.
PRIORITIES: To provide quality education to all
Vote for one Council. During this time, I lobbied for cost effective
students in the State, to protect our environment and
solutions that address issues, spearheaded legislation
to help create jobs and stimulate our economy.
Democrats that protects neighborhoods, and testified at budget
TRANSPORTATION: We will always need road/
bridge/tunnel projects in Maryland. I will again
Katherine Klausmeier PRIORITIES: My highest priorities: to secure new
sponsor legislation to place 2000-2500 Video Lottery
Campaign Website: jobs and strengthen the local economy; provide
Terminals at BWI Airport. Located within the
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been privileged to serve budgets that are fiscally responsible and sensitive
security perimeter, the revenue from these machines
citizens of 8th District in House of Delegates and to seniors living on a fixed income; continue our
must be used for transportation as is required by
Senate of Maryland with enthusiasm and energy. commitment to education and improving our
federal law. No new taxes
I am a life-long resident of the district, and I’ve schools; protect the environment; and keep our
BUSINESS TAXES: We need to change our tax
worked closely with multiple civic organizations and neighborhoods safe.
structure to make Maryland more business-friendly.
PTAs, helping them resolve issues regularly. TRANSPORTATION: I support transit systems that:
I would endorse any legislation that eased the tax
Unopposed in primary connect to places where people want to go, promotes

16 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
burden on businesses, including a repeal of the community by lowering taxes. Give tax credits to
expansion of unemployment benefits to part-time start new businesses in Maryland, which in turn will State Senate District 10
employees. spur hiring.
Vote for one
Rani Merryman
Republicans Campaign Website: Democrats
QUALIFICATIONS: As per Art. III, Sec. 9 of the
Joseph C. Boteler III MD State Constitution, I have been a resident of Stephanie Boston
Campaign Website:
District 8 for longer than 1 year and I am over No response
QUALIFICATIONS: Member of the House,
the age of 21. As per article 37 of the Maryland
consistently voted against tax increases and growing
Declaration of Rights, I believe in the existence of Delores G. Kelley
government. Rank 4th most business friendly Campaign Website:
(John Shaw award) 4th most conservative delegate. QUALIFICATIONS: In 20 years, over 90 Bills for
PRIORITIES: 1. Ensuring fiscally sound state
Own Print Solutions. Member Optimist Club, MD which I was lead sponsor were signed into law.
spending priorities; and 2. Reducing personal and
Taxpayers, Parkville-Carney and Overlea-Fullerton Also my leadership on Legislative Committee
business taxes but raising the taxable base; and, 3.
Business Assocs., Carney Improvement Assoc. of Interstate Insurance Product Regulation
Eliminating state regulations that duplicate local
PRIORITIES: Foster strong business climate to Commission, on Maryland Sentencing Commission,
rules or that stifle private sector competition.
help private sector create jobs by reducing taxes, on Education Commission of the States, and as
TRANSPORTATION: 1. Lower tax burdens on
streamlining and eliminating onerous regulations. Chair of Executive Nominations Committee.
businesses, who create jobs, so Marylanders don’t
Support Fiscal Responsibility by mandating long PRIORITIES: Restitution for victims of identity
need to make lengthy commutes to work; and, 2.
term budget planning. Education innovation such as theft; reduction of unwarranted disparities in
Outsource maintenance & operations of mass transit
Virtual Schools which will reduce costs and improve public school resources and achievement; enhanced
to private utilities. Proposed changes do not require
learning. protections of seniors, vulnerable children, and
additional funding & #2 should result in a net
TRANSPORTATION: Long record of support for persons with disabilities; better consumer protection;
savings to the State.
transportation improvements (lead sponsor of four and a more effective and fair criminal justice system.
BUSINESS TAXES: 1. Corporate tax loopholes
8th District Streetscape projects). Will not support TRANSPORTATION: With so many unmet human
& credits replaced by a broader reduction of
increase in gas tax. Transportation Trust Fund needs needs, and with so many health outcomes at stake,
overall corporate tax rates; and 2. State property
to be used only for worthy transit projects not new Maryland should shift priorities away from highway
tax rates should be lowered; preferential
state programs. Evaluate metro bus system for cost construction to a comprehensive system of mass
property tax assessments eliminated; and, 3. The
efficiencies. transit.
requirement to provide part-time unemployment
BUSINESS TAXES: Support tax and fiscal policies BUSINESS TAXES: Maryland should join states
benefits(HB310,2009) repealed.
that create a healthy business climate. Eliminate requiring combined reporting in fairness to all other
unnecessary and burdensome regulations, cut Norma M. Secoura Maryland tax payers. Also, we should implement
licensing fees, reduce taxes. Reasonable regulations Campaign Website: the Linowes Commission report, to better reflect our
and lower taxes will result in more revenue to QUALIFICATIONS: Comphrehensive foundation growing service economy, with less reliance upon our
government for core services. & understanding of business & economic matters. shrinking manufacturing sector.
Extensive volunteer work experience in a variety
John Cluster of civic groups. Legislative Liaison (2003-2006), Pat Kelly
Campaign Website: QUALIFICATIONS: I serve on the State Central
Government and Community Relations, Baltimore
QUALIFICATIONS: As a former member of the Comm (Sec Balto. Co.); President of MD State
Metro area, MTA-MDOT. Legislation, constituent
House from 03-07 I gained valuable experience. Courts Employees/AFSCME; 40 yrs Civil Rights
service, community outreach.
Prior to that I was a small business owner, Activist/Community Organizer; 27 yrs in public
PRIORITIES: Jobs & Long Term Economic Stability.
president of the local business association and I service and volunteer for charitable organizations;
Revitalizing business districts and neighborhoods.
am a retired Sergeant from the Baltimore County Bd member: Prisoners Aid Assoc/MD and Coalition
Environment. Reform, streamline state agencies with
Police Department. I have been very active in my of Black Trade Unionists/Balto. Chapter
“user-friendly” policies & procedures.
community and the schools. PRIORITIES: Transit oriented development, veterans
TRANSPORTATION: Repair, upgrade road
PRIORITIES: First and foremost is to lower taxes to and seniors, workplace regulation, preserving
and bridge infrastructure & underlying utilities.
help spur job growth and jump start the economy. open space and farm businesses, taxes and fiscal
Maintain/Increase Transit options. Increase freight
Second is to help the business community get back responsibility, education, jobs and economic
lines. Recommend wall around Transportation Trust
on its feet. As a former police officer I am a strong development, affordable health care , public safety,
Fund. Fuel Tax indexed to inflation.
supporter of public safety. Finally, to reduce the size Civil liability reform are my legislative priorities.
BUSINESS TAXES: Business taxes should be
of government. TRANSPORTATION: Increasing transit ridership;
structured to be reasonable, fair, and across the
TRANSPORTATION: We need to upgrade the bus the TOD plans with 14 designated transit stations
broadest sector of industries, services, or other
system in Maryland but at the same time we need to sites outlined by the Governor is my transportation
entities in Maryland.
eliminate the bus routes that are not cost effective. priority. Resources from MDOT and other State
We need to do a top to bottom evaluation of the agencies can be used to fund the transit oriented
public transportation system and stream line it to development plan to increase ridership.
make it more efficient. By doing these things it will BUSINESS TAXES: I would endorse the elimination
pay for itself. of tax policies designed for development incentives,
BUSINESS TAXES: Reduce the cost to do business in and guidelines to address tax avoidance.
Maryland. Reduce the burden on the small business

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 17
Republican means of transportation that reduces the sole
reliance of the automobile, such as the Metro, light
to Maryland to do business should pay the same
business tax as corporations already doing business
No Candidate rail systems bike paths and pedestrian walkway here. Maryland have a good business base. Even
improvements. Funding should come from Federal, though the economy is not as vibrant as the past we
State, County as well as Private funds. still must remain optomistic that it will bounce back.
House of Delegates BUSINESS TAXES: I want to review the final report
District 10 of the Maryland Business Tax Reform Commission
that will be submitted to the Governor and General
Vote for no more than three Assembly by December 15, 2010. Jeanne L. Turnock
QUALIFICATIONS: Retired Federal Government
Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Democrats Campaign Website:
employee involved in preparing legislation
at the Federal level, preparing comments for
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a nurse for over 50
Emmett C. Burns years. I care about the real issues that citizens face
Congressional hearings, and meetings with Federal
QUALIFICATIONS: 4 Terms, Ph.D., Years of legislators. I am a real estate broker-owner. When
and have a track record of results as a legislator. I
Experience as Educator, Civil Rights Professional, the legislature is in session, I review legislation for
have worked diligently in the Maryland Legislature
Minister the MD Assoc.of Realtors...
for 16 years advocating for healthcare, jobs, public
PRIORITIES: Public safety, Education and the Unopposed in the Primary
safety, education and economic development.
PRIORITIES: My priorities continue to be
TRANSPORTATION: Light rail, more car pooling;
funding by payer usage and general fund
advocating for quality and accessible healthcare, State Senate District 11
creating incentives to bring job opportunities and
BUSINESS TAXES: Out of state corporations pay Vote for one 
economic development to Maryland, providing
their share of taxes. 
public safety to citizens, improving the public
Barry Chapmam educational system, and protecting the environment. 
TRANSPORTATION: I serve an area where we
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a paralegal/contract
monitor by profession, business consultant, have a disjointed system of transportation that Bobby A. Zirkin
entrepreneur, political strategist, etc. makes traveling between the County and City very No response
PRIORITIES: My priorities are bailing out people difficult. The light rail, bus routes, and subway do Unopposed
by passing legislation to non-profit organizations not connect and increased coordination is needed
that have a demonstrative record or not of
helping people. Increased funding is necessary to
to improve the accessibility for riders to the public
transportation system.
provide public safety and a safety net during this BUSINESS TAXES: Not at this time. Legislature just No Candidate
unprecedented economic downturn.  recently increased the rate for unemployment trust
fund. As a business owner I know that the increase
TRANSPORTATION: Passing legislation that would
give tax credits to MD owned business and residents was substantial and affected my bottom line. In House of Delegates
that would increase ridership for transportation. The this time of economic crisis I would not make any District 11
fees could go to the general fund and tax relief is further changes.
provided to Marylanders. Vote for no more than three
BUSINESS TAXES: Yes, I do, however I support
Frederick Ware-Newsome
legislation that would increase revenue for the state
and portion out 25% of the revenue to non-profit
Campaign Website: www.citizensforfredware- Democrats
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve been a community servant Jon S. Cardin
groups, specifically charged with the responsibility
in public service for over 25 years. I worked for the Campaign Website:
of aggressively changing the lives of our residents.
Department of Social Services where I have a hands- QUALIFICATIONS: See my website for my full bio. I
Adrienne A. Jones on experience dealing with residence problems and have served 8 years and stand by my record.
Campaign Website: www.AdrienneJones.US a daily basis and I have a great compassion and PRIORITIES: Environment. Transarency in and
QUALIFICATIONS: Lifelong Baltimore County concern for the citizens of Maryland. access to the election process. Education.
resident. Received a Bachelor of Arts Degree PRIORITIES: Jobs we need to create more jobs TRANSPORTATION: Mass Transit. Increase in gas
in Psychology from UMBC in 1976. Member, and businesses to help offset the downturn in the tax.
House of Delegates since 1997, Speaker Pro economy. We need to lower the cost of living in BUSINESS TAXES: I think there should be a
Tem since 2003. Member, House Appropriation Maryland. Namely by addressing companies that commission set up to re-evaluate the entire tax
Committee and Chair of the House Capital Budget have us paying abnormal fees for products and structure of Maryland.
Subcommittee. I put people over politics. services. Finally promote community involvement
PRIORITIES: Education - Improvements in both between leaders and citizens. Regg Hatcher
the production of quality students and Educators, TRANSPORTATION: The transportation priority No response
k-12 and physical condition of the school buildings. that is relevant to Marylanders is the Marc Train
Job creation- Through the Capital Budget, support which provides services to and from Washington, Dan K. Morhaim
projects that will enable real job development. DC. The system should be maintained and kept up Campaign Website:
Economic Development - Partner with County for the safety of our citizens that travel back and QUALIFICATIONS: I am the only physician in
Government in getting... forth every day. the House of Delegates (1994-2010). I built a
TRANSPORTATION: I am in support of alternative BUSINESS TAXES: Yes, I feel businesses coming medical group and currently serve as faculty at

18 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Hopkins School of Public Health and University BUSINESS TAXES: I would support the elimination PRIORITIES: My top priority is to solve the
of Maryland. I have a record of legislative of tax breaks that do not support economic economic crisis that exists in Maryland. 1. Job
accomplishments. For details please see www. development or the middle class. Creation by making it easier for small businesses to “Legislative Summaries.” operate and hire people. 2. Lowering business taxes,
PRIORITIES: These reflect constituents concerns:
education, public safety, health, economic
Republican estate taxes, and personal taxes to make us more
competitive in the region. 3. Government Budgetary
development, and environmental protection. William D. Badore Control
Achieving progress in these requires focus, building No response TRANSPORTATION: I believe in increasing public
consensus, careful analysis, and attention to detail. transportation and making it self-sufficient so that
I’ve enacted low-cost/no-cost innovative strategies Carol C. Byrd taxpayers do not have to fund their day-to-day
that work. QUALIFICATIONS: Baltimore Co. Republican operations. Our local roads are a disgrace and our
TRANSPORTATION: I regularly ride the Metro so Central Committee member 2006-present. highway system does not work. I know people that
I know public transit needs to be user-friendly, safe, Co-founder of Central Maryland Life Issues have a 2 to 3 hour commute and I believe that it is a
affordable, and expanded. I support the Baltimore Conference. Resident of Baltimore Co. 1955- disgrace.
Regional Plan, safe bike/pedestrian walkways, and present, graduated from Woodlawn Senior 1968, BUSINESS TAXES: I support lowering business taxes
energy-efficient cars. Transportation should support Towson College 1972, taught in Howard Co. in order to attract and retain businesses so that they
economic stability and job growth, including BWI public schools. Married 38 yrs., am a concerned can hire people, thereby increasing our tax base. In
and the Port. grandmother. recent years, we have been increasing taxes and that
BUSINESS TAXES: All tax structures need careful PRIORITIES: No response had the effect of closing businesses as they moved to
review and periodic reworking. However, changes TRANSPORTATION: No response other states in the area.
must be done to support business, promote jobs, be BUSINESS TAXES: No response
fair to in-state businesses (to protect them from out- Gregory Prush
of-state competition), and to focus on our strengths,
J. Michael Collins Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: I have owned two successful QUALIFICATIONS: No response
like biotechnology, one key to Maryland’s economic
businesses and currently own a real estate Brokerage. PRIORITIES: Fighting for the best interests of my
I have created budgets and know how to control constituents is my number one priority. More often
Dana Stein going into deficits. than not, elected officials go to Annapolis with their
Campaign Website: PRIORITIES: Jobs are a neccesity to move forward, own legislative priorities, as opposed to fighting
QUALIFICATIONS: I successfully sponsored bills then tax control and finally give parents a choice in for their citizenry. How about looking out for the
during the 2006-10 term that dealt with clean education. people who elected you? That is my platform.
energy, financial literacy, consumer protection, TRANSPORTATION: Any transportation projects TRANSPORTATION: No response
smart growth and other topics. I am an attorney should allow people to go anywhere not end at a BUSINESS TAXES: I fully support Bob Ehrlich’s
and executive director of Civic Works, a non-profit destination certain. plan for improving our economy. As opposed to
that engages young adults in service and training BUSINESS TAXES: Business taxes need to be seeing small business as just a source of tax revenue
projects. lowered and allow the business to grow. for the state, I see a Maryland in which small
PRIORITIES: 1. Full funding of the Thornton Act. business owners are a source of new jobs for recent
2. Continued support for energy efficiency and
Alberto Joseph Halphen graduates and the unemployed. We must welcome
Campaign Website:
renewable energy efforts. 3. Review of the State’s tax new businesses.
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a small business owner
breaks to remove breaks that are wasteful.
TRANSPORTATION: I support expansion of
and practicing attorney. I am very familiar with Steven J. Smith
current Maryland laws and the out of control No response
mass transit, especially the building of the Red
government spending that we have had in the past
Line, and maintenance of our highway and bridge
few years. I want to get the state healthier with a
infrastructure. Funding sources include federal
more robust economy that attracts and supports
grants and dedicated funds from the State’s
local businesses.
transportation fund. 

The League of Women Voters

H invites you to view their online Voters’ Guide
for the Primary Election on September 14..
League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 19
to increase. Investing in improving mass transit without tax increases and immigration reform.
State Senate District 12 systems is critical. Furthermore, we need to protect our home values,
Vote for one
BUSINESS TAXES: I have supported changes in our individual freedoms and the well being of our
MD’s business tax structure that create jobs and families in these difficult times.
encourage MD business (particularly small & TRANSPORTATION: We need to address our
Democrats independent businesses) to grow. I support and transportation needs on a variety of fronts by:
have supported legislation to put Marylanders Upgrading rail systems, improving arrival and
Edward J. Kasemeyer back to work, stabilize our economy, & prepare our departure times, establishing reliable coach bus
No response workforce for the demands of the 21st c. services between Baltimore and Washington,
Unopposed repairing our roads and bridges and by improving

Republicans Republicans bicycle/ pedestrian safety. We must cut wasteful

spending and create public-private partnerships.
David “Augie” Aughenbaugh BUSINESS TAXES: The business tax structure in
Rick Martel Campaign Website: Maryland should be fair, so that businesses can keep
No response QUALIFICATIONS: I meet all qualifications of the more of what they earn and as a result hire more
Unopposed MD State Board of Elections. (At least 21 years people.
old, lived in the district for at least 6 mos). Like
Brian A. Matulonis
House of Delegates many I am tired of witnessing the dominant party
QUALIFICATIONS: A lifetime Maryland resident,
in Annapolis running roughshod on the citizens of
District 12A Maryland. I am not a typical politician, I am not a
Mr. Brain Matulonis earned a BS, Public Safety
and MS, Public Safety from the Johns Hopkins
Vote for no more than two lawyer, politically connected or a community leader,
University in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Matulonis
just a “Concerned Citizen”.
is a 23 year law enforcement veteran and currently
PRIORITIES: My legislative priorities can be
Democrat summed up by the following statement: “Balance” -
holds a command position with the Warrant Task
Force Division.
“Effective legislation will occur when legislators can
Steven J. DeBoy Sr. negotiate and consider all the voices of the people
PRIORITIES: 1. Public Safety 2. Education 3.
Campaign Website: Infrastructure Improvements 
they are representing and are not dominated by a
QUALIFICATIONS: I am completing my second 4 TRANSPORTATION: I support improving our
single party’s agenda” - Spending and Tax reforms
year term in the Maryland House of Delegates. I roads, bridges and public transportation services.  
(reduction)- Illegal immigration - Protection of
have over 32 years of law enforcement experience. BUSINESS TAXES: I will support tax legislation
Individual Liberties
PRIORITIES: Maintain quality public and aimed at keeping Maryland businesses viable.
TRANSPORTATION: Maryland’s Transportation
secondary education, public safety and jobs 
TRANSPORTATION: Highway maintenance as well
Dept. has over the past two budget years found Albert L. Nalley
themselves providing nearly 700 million to ‘balance’ No response
as improvements for rail transportation. Unsure the General Fund from their “TRUST Fund”.
what funding source to use. Will obviously need Prior to considering any additional funding for
federal financial assistance for Red and Purple Lines transportation, I believe we should find a way to State Senate District 42
if they are to be constructed.  ensure that the agency’s funds are protected from
BUSINESS TAXES: I would like to see the business Vote for one
this kind of practice in the future.
tax structure simplified to make the system more fair BUSINESS TAXES: Maryland, in my opinion, has
and friendly and less burdensome for business.  missed an opportunity to create an expansion of the Democrats
James E. Malone Jr. business climate beyond the growth of the public
Jim Brochin
Campaign Website: sector. I support policies in the form of tax cuts
that will allow private industry to expand, creating QUALIFICATIONS: As a businessman and a former
QUALIFICATIONS: I am currently Vice-Chairman educator, I have a well-rounded perspective on
of Environmental Matters Committee and an enthusiastic recovery of jobs. I emphatically
OPPOSE any consideration to increase taxes. I how to focus funding on priorities that encompass
Chairman of the Subcommittee on Motor Vehicles public safety, public education, and protecting the
& Transportation in the House of Delegates. I live enthusiastically support ‘tax cuts’.
and have been involved in my community my entire Joseph D. “Joe” Hooe Unopposed
life, celebrating in July, 35 years as a member of the Campaign Website:
Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department.
PRIORITIES: My number one priority is constituent
QUALIFICATIONS: A lifetime Maryland resident
and community activist, Mr. Joseph Hooe earned a
service, addressing your concerns promptly and
effectively. Legislatively, my priorities are job
BS, Business and Management from Johns Hopkins Kevin Carney
University in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Hooe is a Campaign Website:
creation and stabilizing the economy; providing small business owner, husband and dad, volunteer QUALIFICATIONS: I am a small business owner
my constituents with the opportunity for a quality firefighter and Maryland State Inspector. Mr. Hooe that has created hundreds of jobs in my career,
education; and improving public safety. is a past trustee of the Lansdowne Improvement know how to balance a budget and make payroll
TRANSPORTATION: As Chairman of the Motor Association. - the most important issue facing Marylanders is
Vehicles & Transportation subcommittee, I have PRIORITIES: Our state needs to get back to the the economy; I have the qualifications to get our
worked hard to make roads safer-strengthening teen basics: Job creation, fiscal responsibility and economy back on the right track. Juris Doctorate
driver laws, banning texting and curbing cell phone improved budget management, revenue generation and a B.S. in Business Admis.
use while driving. State highway funds are beginning

20 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
PRIORITIES: Cut state spending and promote Oz Bengur David Kosak
economic growth. Campaign Website: Campaign Website:
TRANSPORTATION: Restoring Baltimore County’s QUALIFICATIONS: I have 30 years experience QUALIFICATIONS: As a community leader with
funding for transportation is a top priority. financing public projects and businesses. I have also the Greater Towson Council of Community
BUSINESS TAXES: Yes, I believe we need to cut the started and run a business that employs hundreds. Associations, I work with residents, officials
personal income and corporate income taxes as well Creating jobs is not just a campaign slogan. I’ve and business owners regularly. Recognizing the
as institute a payroll holiday. done it. My public service has included working opportunity to better address issues through politics,
with troubled kids and serving as a board member I joined the Central Baltimore County Democratic
Walter T. Kuebler of non-profits. Club where I am now a board member.
QUALIFICATIONS: A willingness and sincere desire PRIORITIES: 1. Growing the state’s economy; PRIORITIES: My three priorities are Economic
to serve the public interest by connecting with creating jobs with incentives for startup companies Growth, Responsible Spending and Quality of Life.
people 2. Maintaining the commitment to education State government needs to focus on: getting people
PRIORITIES: bring federal revenue back to the funding 3. Building and renovating schools back to work; being a better steward of its budget
states not just for “projects and pork” but for daily with green technology 4. Funding Bay cleanup (proactive rather than reactive); and helping sustain
operating expenses build a rail system (elevated) 5. Investing in water & wastewater facility and promote our way of life (communities and
serving greater Baltimore connect I-80 through the improvements 6. Addressing the deficit environment).
city (on an elevated tressle) and I-83 with 95 south; TRANSPORTATION: Good transport systems are TRANSPORTATION: I will advocate for increased
convert the public school year to trimesters critical to economic development and quality of options, more efficient methods, and cleaner and
TRANSPORTATION: Public elevated rail system (see life. I support: 1. Maintaining bridges, roads and safer public transportation. We cannot continue
question previous) Federally funded. highways so they are safe 2. Expanding rapid transit to simply build new roads or widen preexisting
BUSINESS TAXES: Don’t know much about it in Baltimore and DC suburbs 3. Improving MARC ones. Instead, we must expand our public transit
service Funding: Increased gas tax and federal networks. Better sidewalks and bike lanes are
House of Delegates transit funds equally part of the solution.
BUSINESS TAXES: We need to examine whether BUSINESS TAXES: Combined reporting is one
District 42 business taxes can be revised to achieve the goal important change needed in Maryland’s business tax
Vote for no more than three of long term economic growth without harming structure. Multi-state and multi-national businesses
the state’s short term revenue picture. I would also should not get away with avoiding corporate income
want to examine the issue of “combined reporting” tax in Maryland because they defer it to another
Democrats for companies that pay taxes in states other than location. This is a loophole that needs to be closed.
Lori Albin Stephen W. Lafferty
Campaign Website: Art Buist Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: My experience working in Campaign Website: QUALIFICATIONS: I have been an effective
Annapolis taught me to navigate the legislative QUALIFICATIONS: Nearly 40 years of working member of the House since 2007, serving on the
process and gave me a first-hand look at the way with my community and community associations. Environmental Matters Committee. For many years,
our system works. This familiarity, coupled with 25 years as a radio journalist reporting on State I have been an active leader on neighborhood, land
a working knowledge of the budget and other government and issues of importance to the use, seniors, housing and environmental issues. I
important legislation, will allow me to become Baltimore Area. 19 years as a practicing attorney have worked to revitalize neighborhoods and as a
immediately be an effective legislator. helping people deal with all manner of problems in lawyer and teacher.
PRIORITIES: My priorities are to fund Maryland’s their lives. PRIORITIES: Finding additional incentives and
education system to ensure that our schools remain PRIORITIES: I want to be a new voice in Annapolis. ways to increase jobs and help small businesses,
number one in the country; help entrepreneurs start, I am free to take a fresh look at things, because I am particularly in the district.  Reducing environmental
maintain, and grow small businesses; and promote not an incumbent. Priorities include: job creation, degradation from pollutants going into the state’s
government transparency and accountability in budget, tax and regulation simplification, also waters, increasing recycling and supporting
Annapolis, especially with respect to the budget services for seniors, efficiency in State spending, and alternative energy. Developing more tools to
process. animal welfare. strengthen
TRANSPORTATION: We must support programs TRANSPORTATION: Take a balanced approach TRANSPORTATION: Expanding transit connectivity
that provide public transportation alternatives to to transportation funding. This is particularly and availability is critical. We need to slow traffic,
driving. Transportation plans should be linked to true in the 42nd District where metro areas need and support bicycles and pedestrians. My legislation
our plans for smart growth, creating communities better access to public transit, and other areas need last year should help set better funding priorities.
that lessen the need for commuting long distances better upkeep and design of roadways. Stop raiding Funding for transportation needs will be addressed
by encouraging small, local business growth in each the Transportation Trust fund; use it only for its by a new Commission. We cannot rely on gas tax.
community. intended propose. BUSINESS TAXES: It is time to adopt combined
BUSINESS TAXES: It is reported that half of the BUSINESS TAXES: I support enactment of an reporting for multi-state corporations. We should
largest corporations in Maryland no longer pay any “investment tax credit” to encourage capital also consider whether in-state corporations
Maryland income tax. We should require combined investment in equipment to expand both small should have a different tax structure and whether
reporting, which requires a corporation to have a and large businesses, creating more jobs here. I corporations with different incomes should have a
single set of books and report to the Comptroller support a form of “combined reporting” to ensure different tax obligation.
all its profits, regardless of where the profits are that national corporations pay their fair share for
deposited. revenues earned in Maryland.

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 21
Republicans science from Mount St. Mary’s; married for 24
years; three children; elected to House of Delegates
Susan Aumann in 2002 - present; chief deputy minority whip; OFFICES
Campaign Website: member of Judiciary Committee.
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve served almost eight years PRIORITIES: Create well-paying jobs; make gov’t COUNTY EXECUTIVE
in the legislature, working on the Appropriations live within its means; balanced budgets with no tax
Committee and a variety of other subcommittees. increases; make MD more business-friendly; funding The County Executive is the chief administrative
In this work, I have advocated for my constituents for education must be directed to the classroom officer of Baltimore County. The County Executive
and the community. I’ve been a liaison between and to improving student achievement; continue provides direction to all county departments and
our neighborhoods and the General Assembly to successful efforts to crack down on sex offenders proposes plans, programs, budget, policies and
improve communication lines. and gangs. legislation to the County Council.
PRIORITIES: My legislative priorities continue to TRANSPORTATION: A balanced transportation SALARY: $150,000.
be fiscal responsibility, while ensuring government network that relieves congestion and focuses on TERM: Four years with a term limit of two terms.
efficiently and effectively providing quality meeting motorist and commuter needs; pursue HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide.
education, public safety and business development. feasibility of the Towson Shuttle to serve seniors, Candidates for County Executive were
TRANSPORTATION: It is critical to ensure safe students, workers and shoppers in an affordable asked the following questions:
roads and the better flow of traffic. State and local way; funding these initiatives can be done within
existing resources; no new taxes. QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
agencies need to work together to provide quality
road improvements which are completed as quickly BUSINESS TAXES: Our corporate tax rate is 8.25%, qualifications for this office?
as possible. Funding of the trust fund should not be much higher than Virginia’s rate of 6%, placing PRIORITIES: What would be your two
further compromised by using this money for other Maryland at a competitive disadvantage.  We highest priorities as County Executive?
purposes. must reduce this rate to attract and retain jobs,
BUSINESS TAXES: Business tax credits should be knowing that companies pass higher taxes along to Why do you choose these as your
enhanced to create more employment. Jobs are best consumers in the form of higher prices.  priorities?
established by the private sector and taxes inhibit
Jack Gordon EMPLOYMENT: Were do you see sources
job growth. of new jobs in the county?
QUALIFICATIONS: A Vietnam veteran, orthopaedic
John C. Fiastro Jr. surgeon, and business man, I understand first EDUCATION: The 2010 General
Campaign Website: hand the problems the people in my community Assembly considered proposals to modify
QUALIFICATIONS: The small business community are facing today. I have experience in fixing this by
is underrepresented in Annapolis. With 14 years creating jobs, helping fund education as a member our current system of selecting members
of experience in small business, I will provide a of the board of the Essex Community College, and of the school board. How do you think
unique perspective as to what businesses need today providing medical care for them board members should be selected? Please
to be profitable and to create jobs. I also served PRIORITIES: I want to use my experience in the
medical field to craft and pass creative solutions
explain your answer.
as a Legislative Aide during the 2005 and 2006
like tort reform and interstate competition to allow Vote for one.
Legislative Session.
PRIORITIES: My number one priority is to the people in the 42nd district to receive quality
encourage job creation in the State of Maryland. healthcare. My next priority is to create jobs and put
the 200,000 Marylanders out of jobs back to work!
We should lower the prohibitive costs associated
with hiring and keeping people on payrolls. We TRANSPORTATION: A big priority in our Joseph Bartenfelder
should lower the corporate tax burden on businesses community is the Towson Bypass. Completing the Campaign Website:
encouraging them to come to Maryland, and once bypass will allow traffic to circumvent the heart of QUALIFICATIONS: 1992 Elected to Md. House of
here, to stay and grow. Towson and to turn a one hour ride into 15 minutes Delegates; Served 3 terms. Chair. House Delegation.
TRANSPORTATION: I support the implementations again. Also, the lessened congestion downtown will Judiciary Comm.; Appropriations Comm.; Juvenile
of the proposed Towson Circulator/Shuttle. This be good for business in around the circle. Services Task Force; Pension Sub-Comm; Ed. &
service will alleviate pressures on the roads around BUSINESS TAXES: Repealing the increased sales Human Resources. Elected to County Council 1994;
Towson. The Transportation Trust Fund should not tax by the O’Malley administration back to Chaired Council 4 times. Only person to chair both.
be raided annually for the state’s operating budget 5% which will stimulate consumer shopping in PRIORITIES: #1-Providing equal, fair education
so we can pay for basic infrastructure improvements Maryland; reduce business taxes; and subsidize the for all students across Baltimore County. Giving
and maintenance. movie industry to have it come back to film in our students opportunity to learn skill and trade.
BUSINESS TAXES: Marylanders suffer from heavy gorgeous state. Baltimore County is fiscally sound, however, we
tax burdens. In this recession, job creators need need to exercise wise judgement in our spending.
the flexibility that lower taxes would provide them.
Nicholas Charles Pepersack State contemplating sending cost of teacher
No response pensions to local jurisdictions.
It would allow them to hold on to employees and
perhaps even add new ones. I would support lower EMPLOYMENT: Rt. 43 corridor- land of
taxes on employees and job creators. opportunity for attracting BRAC related business.
NW section of County needs destination/
William J. Frank entertainment center; Arts/Cultural area could play
QUALIFICATIONS: Lifelong Marylander; active major role in this. County Economic Development
in community activities for 25 years; master’s in Office must be proactive in recruiting new business
management from Johns Hopkins; B.A., political as well as preventing departures.

22 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
EDUCATION: Citizens throughout County feel PRIORITIES: Kevin will keep our communities safe Candidates for County Council were
there is a disconnect between the Bd. and regular and ensure we have quality schools. As a former asked the following questions:
parent. Real or perceived, it does exist. Changes prosecutor, he crafted the novel shopping center
have been discussed; a 100% elected board could security camera law; he knows how to keep our QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
make it too political. Rational alternative, if county safe. Endorsed by the Teachers, Kevin will qualifications for this office?
anything; institute a hybrid; Bd. with 1/2 elected and ensure that our students have the needed skills to be PRIORITIES: What would be your two
1/2 appointed. competitive.
DEVELOPMENT: Opportunity for new development EMPLOYMENT: Kevin will improve economic
highest priorities as a County Council
exists in areas where re-development necessary. development by promoting growth of job- member? Why do you choose these
Around the beltway; older commercial corridors in producing businesses. Use of creative tax incentives priorities?
need of activity. New senior housing would benefit will also attract new companies. Businesses will TRANSPORTATION: How would you
older residents; give area business a ‘walkability’. also be attracted by a strategy that promotes
URDL expansion is not needed and would place implementation of technical training provided by provide county residents with more transit
financial burden on the County. County educational institutions. opportunities to areas within the county as
Ron Harvey
EDUCATION: Since County government provides well as to areas throughout the Baltimore
73% of the education budget, it should have a metropolitan region?
Campaign Website: greater say in school board appointments, presently
QUALIFICATIONS: I am aware of the inner appointed solely by the Governor. Kevin would LAW ENFORCEMENT: Speed cameras
workings of Baltimore County government through ensure that appointments are made only after are now in place in some Baltimore
28 years experience in the executive branch of consultation with school community stakeholder
Baltimore County government in the office human County school zones. What is your
groups and a council review.
resources. I served three full terms as chairperson DEVELOPMENT: Redevelopment of our traditional
position on expanding their use?
of the Supervisory, Management, and Confidential commercial corridors is vital to spurring new
Employees. economic growth in the County. Kevin believes County Council
PRIORITIES: Good government. Make government government should proactively encourage more
as transparent as possible to the citizenry. Restore investment in our venerable communities through
District 1
checks & balances. Restore primacy of the tax credits and capital investments. Vote for one
merit system. Attempt to hire the best qualified
individuals for every position in county government.
De-politicize county government. Conservative Republican Democrats
management of financial resources.
EMPLOYMENT: County must take full advantage
Kenneth C. Holt Brian S. Bailey
Campaign Website: Campaign Website:
of opportunities presented by Brac; it must foster a
QUALIFICATIONS: Former Member, Maryland QUALIFICATIONS: I am a lifelong 1st District
business friendly environment for current employers
General Assembly, Member, Committee on resident who is Chairman of the Balto. County
& to attract new businesses, particularly for small
Appropriations. Past President, Baltimore County Democratic Party, Co-chair of the Southwest Area
businesses; it must work cooperatively with state
Police Foundation Past Member, Baltimore County Educational Advisory Council to Balto. County
government & other local jurisdictions to attract
Human Relations Commission Past Member, Public Schools, board member of the Southwest
larger employers.
Baltimore County Master Plan Advisory Committee Leadership Team and member of the Catonsville
EDUCATION: Board members should be selected
Investment Executive Farmer Chamber of Commerce, Lansdowne Improvement
by a combination of state, local government and
Unopposed in Primary Association.
citizen involvement. The board needs to provide
oversight and require accountability on behalf PRIORITIES: Ensuring government accountability
of the community while allowing the stability the County Council & delivering quality education. It isn’t acceptable
education professionals need to do their job. when government fails to live up to the standards
Members of the Council pass legislation, adopt expected by its citizens. It must adequately prepare
DEVELOPMENT: Due to dynamics of election
the budget, set the county tax rate and exercise future generations for college and/or the workforce.
process, interests of developers have overwhelmed
planning, zoning and subdivision responsibilities. Government can work responsibly & demand
the voices of other interested parties. The county’s
The Council makes appointments to the offices, accountability.
role is to ensure that all interested parties have
committees and commissions that are directly TRANSPORTATION: Southwest Balto. County
appropriate input into all processes and outcomes
responsible to the legislative branch. is well positioned and easily accessible to all
regarding development. The development should
ANNUAL SALARY: $54,000 for council members major highway routes as well as mass public
take place in dev. areas.
and $60,000 for council president. transportation. I will work to expand the eligibility
Kevin Kamenetz TERM: Four years with no term limits. for public/private partnerships such as CountyRide
Campaign Website: HOW ELECTED: The county is divided into seven and MTA Mobility and work to promote
QUALIFICATIONS: Kevin has served on the council districts. Each district is represented by one communities centered around transit systems.
County Council for 16 years, including four terms council member who must reside in that district and LAW ENFORCEMENT: I support expanding the use
as Council Chairman. For 12 years Kevin served who is elected by only those citizens who reside in of speed cameras in and around our public schools.
on the Democratic State Central Committee, where that specific district. To ensure public safety we must continue to lessen
he was Baltimore County Chair. He maintains his the number of crashes and accidents near schools.
law practice in Towson and served as an Assistant Studies have proven that speed cameras reduce
State’s Attorney for Baltimore.

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 23
crashes and deaths and educate those who violate
the speed limit.
and educational partners on many of Catonsville’s
cherished traditions. As a small business owner,
Rebecca P. Dongarra
executive director of the Catonsville Chamber, and Steve Whisler
now, marketing consultant, I will bring leadership Campaign Website:
Campaign Website: experience to the county. QUALIFICATIONS: Active in the community for
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a small business owner PRIORITIES: 1. Community safety; 2. Education many years, I’ve led the area’s largest community
of 16 years & CFO for Dionysus’ Kitchen catering of our children. Why: Safety is fundamental to a group and the Coalition for the Preservation of SW
company. I worked 4 years in property management community’s sense of well-being and possibility. And Baltimore County. I’m the only candidate that has
emphasizing Fair Housing Practices and I have the education of the next generation is a central focus managed million dollar budgets, ...
been a unionized member when working in of most families. Together safety and education are at Unopposed in Primary
manufacturing for 3 years. I have a wide breadth of the center of other key elements of community.
knowledge to assist constituents. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation change is a
PRIORITIES: Closing the educational performance combination of integrated regional rail, bus, car- County Council
gaps is top of the list. Our educational system is there
to provide citizens the tools they need to succeed
pooling strategies. It’s longer term and requires District 2
a regional planning and funding effort. More
and we can not let them down. Tied closely to this immediate: zip car spaces in our urban cores, buses, Vote for one
is ensuring we have a sustainable budget in place to incentives for car-pooling, large, secure central
support our programs and services in the county.
TRANSPORTATION: I will support citizens ideas
parking lot hubs, pedestrian aids.
LAW ENFORCEMENT: While there are unresolved
for planning & input. I would support adding bike
lanes on the roadways that demonstrate the width to
concerns about due process, speed cameras reduce Vicki Almond
speeding and increase community and pedestrian Campaign Website:
support such an addition. I would support the state’s safety while freeing officers for other duties. I QUALIFICATIONS: My 25 years of service in
MTA redline for district 1. I would support installing support their expanded use, provided they are public schools, working with our police and fire
sidewalks, cross walks and curbs on roads for safety. selectively placed in problem areas and there is a departments, leading community groups, in state
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I am definitely in support of concurrent effort to clarify.... government, and in Baltimore County Democratic
speed cameras to change people’s behavior for safety
politics has provided me with the experience and
purposes and see it as a real way to collect revenue Tom Quirk expertise to provide our citizens with responsible
when someone breaks the law. School zones and Campaign Website:
and ethical leadership.
neighborhoods need the added safety precaution QUALIFICATIONS: As a financial planner I am
PRIORITIES: A future site for a new middle school
put into place. Cameras can be there 24 hours a day uniquely qualified to provide the leadership we
and the acquisition of the remaining Rosewood
unlike our police. need during challenging times. This, coupled with
property by Stevenson University are two issues of
my experience as President of my community and
Gregory J. Morgan advocacy on economic development issues mean
importance to our area. Our current middle schools
Campaign Website: are overcrowded and we are in need of green space.
that I can evaluate matters from diverse perspectives
QUALIFICATIONS: For 20 years I have lived with TRANSPORTATION: Public transportation is a
and make tough choices.
my family and worked with community, business complex issue. I believe that Baltimore County will
PRIORITIES: I was compelled to run by the recent
have to work closely with our state representatives to
recession which has left families and governments
improve current transportation choices and also to
BALTIMORE on tenuous ground. As such, my priorities are to
provide additional transportation opportunities.
protect the integrity of our budget and the County’s
COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT: Expanded use of speed
AAA bond rating while ensuring the quality of core
cameras on our County roads would allow our
COUNCILMANIC public services such as schools and public safety.
police officers to focus on community safety and less
DISTRICTS TRANSPORTATION: I believe we need to make
on traffic monitoring.
3 investments in our infrastructure that will encourage
the use of regional public transit between residential Sherrie Becker
and employment centers and encourage local Campaign Website:
alternatives to vehicular traffic. Job growth and QUALIFICATIONS: I have eight years of dealing
development should be centered around areas with with County Government. It is important to have
existing infrastructure. experienced leadership in a Council that will have
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I support speed cameras 4-5 new Council people. I have a clear vision for job
in school zones. Expanding their use should be creation and economic development which will be
evaluated on a street by street basis based on necessary to counter a decrease in the budget.

4 83
5 95
quantifiable trends in vehicular speed, proximity
to town centers and recreational facilities where
PRIORITIES: Education and Economic
Development/Jobs – Education is the future of our

pedestrians activity is prevalent or accident rates are workforce and our County. We need to encourage
high. the growth of business and the creation of jobs by
getting banks to lend money to small businesses and
7 balance the budget cuts with job growth.
1 95 295
TRANSPORTATION: Transportation needs to go
across the County in addition to the established
mass transit routes of north and south to ease

24 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
congestion on our major highways and give
commuters an alternative means of transportation.
like to see “connector” bus lines around and along
our commercial corridors.
We can do this with commuter buses that have LAW ENFORCEMENT: I am not convinced that Jim Christina
routes east and west. safety is the real issue behind these cameras and I Campaign Website:
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I don’t think that we need do not think that revenue should be generated by QUALIFICATIONS: In my professional life, I
to spend the money to do this. They are a great government oversight of our every move. I support have held multiple leadership positions including
protection for our children in school zones but greater use of traffic calming devices, particularly in President of the Maryland Podiatric Medical
an occasional speed trap can serve as a speeding our neighborhoods. Association and President of the Maryland State
deterrent on most of our roads. I think that this is Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. These
not the time to incur and expense to do this. Alan P. Zukerberg positions require interacting with state and federal
Campaign Website:
legislators and committee work.
Albert M. Harris QUALIFICATIONS: Activist, attorney, homeowner
PRIORITIES: 1. Dealing with the budgetary issues
QUALIFICATIONS: I am not a politician, I am a assoc. coalition(s) pres., chair, Master Plan Comm,
that will result because of deficits at the state and
bussinessman who believes the future success of member County Committees on Comprehensive
federal level. 2. Working on a zoning process that
the county should not be in the hand of politicians Zoning Map Process and Renaissance; help organize
insures resident input and considerations while
who look out for themselves first, their contributors, opposition to Druid Ridge Cemetery upzoning.
allowing appropriate development of businesses. I
second, and the county and their constituents a sad Advocate for more transparency in government.
choose these two items as they impact all citizens.
third. The county should be run like a business. PRIORITIES: Education: All schools in the district
TRANSPORTATION: There needs to be a thorough
PRIORITIES: Fiscal: I believe the major problems must be equal & of the highest quality, thus,
review of the transit options for the Baltimore
of the county will be financial and a bussiness eliminating competition among communities to
metropolitan region and then choices should be
mentality is needed to solve this problem. change districts. Safety: Government must function
made that provide the most economic and efficient
Constituent support: All county residence should to assure that its people are safe from both foreign
transit opportunities. We cannot waste funds on
have equal access to the governmment, not just and domestic threats and violence.
transportation choices that are inefficient and
donors to the campaigns. TRANSPORTATION: Local “jitney” type buses
financially draining.
TRANSPORTATION: This is two general questions. running in and around commercial areas. Get federal,
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I think speed cameras
Transportation should be made availble to the state and local officials onboard for a rapid transit
around areas such as schools, libraries, parks, etc.
heaviest populated areas of the county. Special line on the existing Beltway with local transit to take
where they can slow traffic and improve safety where
needs persons must be considered. persons along the “spokes” intersecting the Beltway.
children may be active are an excellent idea. The
LAW ENFORCEMENT: This is a cost issues. The LAW ENFORCEMENT: If speed cameras results are
use of speed cameras simply as a revenue source is
areas where the roads are most dangerous and substantially positive in making school zones safer,
ineffective and does nothing to improve safety.
should take prioroity. then consideration should be given to use them in
Theodore Levin
other unsafe school zones. George H. Harman
QUALIFICATIONS: 16 years-community leadership
Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: Elected five consecutive times to Republican – CZMP and Master Plan involvement; 4 years-
president; Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon
the Maryland House of Delegates representing the
same geographic area as the second council district.
Jon M. Herbst Coordinating Coun.; 5 years-president Hanover
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a licensed Maryland Road Assoc.; 35 years-state government service;
PRIORITIES: No response.
attorney for approximately 7 years. I practice 2 years–Baltimore City school teacher; 12 years-
TRANSPORTATION: Provide local, low cost shuttle
business and real estate law in Towson and I have Recreation Council coach.
bus service connecting communities with one
seen first-hand the effect this recession has had on PRIORITIES: Require enhanced community input
another and business and shopping areas.
small businesses across the County. in Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP)
Unopposed in Primary applications. Tighten fiscal discipline by the county.
Timmy Ruppersberger CZMP is the single most important function of the
Campaign Website: County Council County Council - wealth is transferred and burdens
are placed on the county. Spending must be limited.
QUALIFICATIONS: As a bond lawyer, I advised
local governments in financings for capital projects, District 3 TRANSPORTATION: As long as the County remains
equipment and economic development and wedded almost exclusively to the spoke system of
revitalization projects. I serve on the Baltimore Vote for one public transportation with Baltimore as the only
County Public Schools Education Foundation and destination, the County will not be able to develop
U of Maryland Alumni Association boards and Democrat to its full economic potential. A 50+-year vision
for intra-County public transportation must be
served on County Planning Board.
PRIORITIES: Education - Children are our future Ben Sutley developed.
and must be contributing citizens with the job skills Campaign Website: LAW ENFORCEMENT: Speed cameras are having
needed by our employers. Economic development QUALIFICATIONS: A life-long resident of the 3rd some beneficial effects in the current areas of use
- it creates jobs, which gives families financial district with 3 children in the local public schools, where safety is paramount. Expansion, however,
security, which increases revenues, which gives us I hold two post-graduate degrees with successful must be thoughtfully considered to avoid camera use
funds for community amenities which stabilize our completion of Law School. Professionally, I am where they are not warranted.
community. a former teacher, current practicing attorney, and
co-founder of the health related business IWS, www. Republican candidates continue on following page
TRANSPORTATION: This is an issue to be
addressed at the State level. At a minimum I would
Unopposed in the Primary

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 25
Todd Huff LAW ENFORCEMENT: I would have to listen to and surrounding counties.
Campaign Website: what the people who elect me say. It is wrong that LAW ENFORCEMENT: I am against expansion of
QUALIFICATIONS: Lifetime involvement in this was passed in the first place without the Council speed cameras. They are only a revenue source for
small business, past Pres. of Towson Chamber of listening to their people. If it is to be passed, then governments. Our citizens are well aware of school
Commerce, President of my home owners group they need to fess up and tell us that it is all about traffic and the safety of our children.
(D.V.I.A.) past board member of C.A.B.A Credit generating revenue, and not all about safety.
Union, past Trustee of Towson Elks, member of Antonia Fowler
Towson Junior Chamber of Commerce, member of Glen A. Thomas QUALIFICATIONS: Registered Nurse, County
Hereford Business Zone, lifetime 4-H member. Campaign Website: Resident, Mother, active constituent. I am
PRIORITIES: I would like to see Vo-tech in schools QUALIFICATIONS: Active in County for 20+ advocating for Education, Health/Safety, Green
to give our children a more diversifide education years, President Greater Jacksonville Assn, past Space.
that will allow them more opportunities and choices President of 2 Republican Clubs. Nominee for PRIORITIES: Education, health/safety
to succeed in the work force. This would also help County Council in 1998 and a candidate in 2002. TRANSPORTATION: Improve the existing transit
fill positions in industries in much need of skilled Community liaison with MDE and DEPRM facilities - the Light Rail, the Metro, buses and
workers. More business to help with unemployment. regarding 2006 gasoline spill in Jacksonville. Helped routes.
TRANSPORTATION: We have a very well run transit write Jacksonville Community Plan. LAW ENFORCEMENT: While I do not like the idea
system through the State MTA. I have been involved PRIORITIES: Support land preservation and of “big brother” watching us, speed cameras are
with shuttle bus ideas and will keep an open mind to protect remaining rural spaces in 3rd Dist. Second, an effective deterrent. Drivers cannot always be
new ideas. keep CZMP transparent and strengthen zoning counted on to obey the posted speed limits, nor to
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I have payed close attention laws to limit variances & exceptions. These are slow down for adverse weather or work conditions.
to the impact the cameras are having in the opportunities to protect our farms, open land, In areas where safety is key, I would support speed
communties where they are already in place. The natural resources, private wells and watersheds for cameras.
cameras are not meeting thier purpose. I would future generations.
TRANSPORTATION: The first way to provide Kristy Herring
like to see the money spent on this program go to Campaign Website:
hiring more police officers to make our schools and greater transit opportunities in the County is to
assure safe, reliable travel on existing transit services, QUALIFICATIONS: I am an educator, community
roadways safer for everyone. advocate and humanitarian. I’ve worked in the
DEVELOPMENT: This issue is very near and to my and to better integrate those services for ease of use.
Circulator routes should add flexibility for travel public school system for 8 years. I have overseen
heart. With the limited space I can not answer this
into Baltimore for Light Rail, Metro and MARC sustainable development projects in Mexico and
to the fullest attention that it deserves, so please
passengers. South Africa. I’ve mobilized youth and adults to
refer to my website to see my views on this issue. I
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I do not support expansion participate community development programs. I
believe in land conservation and property rights.
of speed cameras beyond the intended school zones. have a B.S.; Master’s Degree in Education
T. Bryan McIntire There are better means to enforce speed laws which PRIORITIES: My two highest priorities are
QUALIFICATIONS: The Johns Hopkins University give more control and flexibility to our fine Police reinvesting in the community & maintaining open
B.A.; University of Baltimore, L.L.B.; Serving officers. space. Many communities are marred by dilapidated
4th term as 3rd District Councilman; Master strip malls and lack of new businesses. Communities
in Chancery (Judicial appointment 24 years); also face constant threat of the Urban and Rural
Maryland National Guard (Major, ret.); Former County Council Demarcation Line being moved resulting in the
4H Trustee; Chair, Reservoir Watershed Protection District 4 reduction of open space.
Committee; Alter. Delegate to Assn. of Counties. TRANSPORTATION: We need a transportation
PRIORITIES: Maintain sound fiscal policy; be Vote for one system that directly connects the eastern and the
creative in encouraging job growth, environmental western parts of the county. However, I would rally
TRANSPORTATION: Encourage east/west means of Democrats for a system that would respect the existing URDL,
does not compromise the charm and quietness
travel. Jack Becker of our neighborhoods and preserves Baltimore
LAW ENFORCEMENT: Not enough information is QUALIFICATIONS: Taught political science and County’s environmental landscape.
available at this time to make a rational judgment. sociology at high school and college levels. Owner LAW ENFORCEMENT: We need to employ traffic
of TV/Video business for 30 years. Member of State calming measures. Additional speed cameras
Jeff Srnec will help drivers decrease their speeds which will
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been a resident of Central Committee from 1978-1982. Member of
neighborhood association: Sunnybrook Farms Area ultimately reduce the number of accidents in a
Baltimore County for most of my life. I am sick and county that had over 1700 accidents from 2005-
tired of our elected officials not listeneing to us. Community Association. Lived in Baltimore County
for 50 years. 2007.
PRIORITIES: Runaway spending and higher taxes
without budget cuts. A total disconnect of our PRIORITIES: Education and job opportunities. Our Julian Earl Jones Jr.
representatives from their representers. I have my children are our future. Attract the best teachers Campaign Website:
own personal opinions on certain issues, but my with proper salaries and strive to replace old QUALIFICATIONS: I have a proven history of
opinion is only one vote among my neighbors. buildings with proper technology. Attract business leadership and accomplishments. I have a very
Representatives are supposed to represent the people by offering subsidies so our citizens can get good strong desire to make our community a better
and vote how they say. paying jobs. place. I am a PTA president and I am committed to
TRANSPORTATION: I don’t have all the answers. TRANSPORTATION: Expand the light rail by ensuring that our children receive the best education
The citizens, as a whole, do. I want them to give me receiving federal stimulus funds. This can be possible.
their ideas. developed on a regional basis with Baltimore City

26 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
PRIORITIES: Education & Economic development. are, is essential to providing job opportunities for TRANSPORTATION: The County Council does
It is extremely important that we provide an residents & to access essential services. I support the not have jurisdiction over many transit issues. But
excellent education for our children. Today some construction of the Red Line that will commence in I would favor more East-West lines throughout the
of the schools are failing our children. Economic Woodlawn & advocate for “feeder lines to make the 5th District. I would also be interested in creative
development is also very important to our 4th District accessible. solutions, such as the city’s shuttle bus system. We
community. It’s clear that the Liberty Rd. corridor is LAW ENFORCEMENT: I support the expansion must fight to keep the cost of public transportation
in need of serious attention. of speed cameras on County roads as they serve down.
TRANSPORTATION:  I would seek ways to expand as documentation for police actions. Additionally, LAW ENFORCEMENT: If speed cameras are
the current MTA system. I would also reduce the there is a major Gang problem in Baltimore County expanded, I’d only vote for them for school zones
wait time and expand the services of the senior ride that must be addressed. and possibly residential areas that have speeding
programs. I would also institute ride share programs problems. I am not in favor of speed cameras merely
to reduce traffic on our congested roads. Kenneth N. Oliver as a means of revenue enhancement.
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I am emphatically against QUALIFICATIONS: Currently in my second term on
speed cameras. I see them as revenue generators. the Baltimore County Council. I have served on the Gordon Harden
Baltimore County Planning Board and chaired it for Campaign Website:
Leronia A. Josey 3 years, served on Board of Directors of Northwest QUALIFICATIONS: For 13 years, I served as a
Campaign Website: LeroniaJosey.Com Hospital and the Baltimore County Leadership leader on the County Planning Board, working
QUALIFICATIONS: my passion, record of Program. with community leaders, business owners and
excellence, background, including experiences in city PRIORITIES: 1.Revitalization of older communities government representatives. I helped craft 13 Capital
and regional planning, service on numerous boards 2. Economic Development in Western Baltimore. Budgets, the NeighborSpace Program, the 2001
and commissions, a collaborative, transparent The county needs to support public or quasi- Comprehensive Master Plan, 4 CZMP cycles, and
leadership style, desire to tackle challenges facing public redevelopment authority with the power to numerous community programs.
the district; my faith, and belief that together we can acquire and redevelop property. Vacant properties PRIORITIES: Maintaining the County’s AAA
bring about improvements. in commercial districts result in loss of both tax Bond rating through budgets based on conservative
PRIORITIES: Working to improve the quality of revenue and jobs. revenue estimates is essential to our County’s future.
public education, and eliminating achievement and TRANSPORTATION: I am looking forward to the The redevelopment of tracts of unused property
resource gaps/disparities in schools serving minority, RED LINE system coming to Baltimore County. like vacant car dealerships or shopping centers is
poor and special needs student populations. LAW ENFORCEMENT: The council has not gotten something that can contribute the continued health
Attracting businesses and jobs to the district the result on the current effectiveness of the of our communities
enhances county revenue and lowers taxes of locations in place now. If they are what I think they TRANSPORTATION: Regional mass transit is
residents. are going to be than we should expand them, it’s a too expensive. Using Towson University’s shuttle
TRANSPORTATION: Confer with stakeholders, the safety issue not income. as a model, I’d promote a local shuttle system
10th and 11th legislative delegations, and county available to all residents. This would be a major
officials to come up with a workable plan which
includes community routing, to keep westside
Republicans step in making our neighborhoods places where the
residents could live, work & play.
county residents from travelling through downtown No Candidate LAW ENFORCEMENT: If using this technology
Baltimore City to reach jobs or colleges on the would allow our Police Department to more
eastside of the county. effectively allocate their resources for more
LAW ENFORCEMENT: Their use should be County Council productive tasks, I would support the expanded use
expanded from school zones to designated county District 5 of the cameras.
roads. Traffic is a problem with speeding, and, in
some dense areas, cross walks placed too far apart. Vote for one Bill Paulshock
I support revisiting areas to safely cross major QUALIFICATIONS: I am a small business owner
who believes in putting others first. I operate a
thoroughfares; and view speed cameras a good tool
to help law enforcement.
Democrats business, employing people and helping members of
Mike Ertel this community. I have the common sense and small
Penny McCrimmon Campaign Website: business experience. I am a good listener. I will be a
QUALIFICATIONS: I am running because I have QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve spent the past two decades voice for everyone in the 5th district.
been a community and political activist for more serving the 5th District. • President – Greater PRIORITIES: Education and Economy
than thirty years. I have extensive legislative, Towson Council of Community Associations Development: Baltimore County has some of the
economic development experience in addition to • Chair - Optimist Club Oratorical program, which greatest teachers in the country. I will work with the
political acumen. I have worked and advocated for mentors youth in Loch Raven Village. • Coach Board of Education and TABCO to retain the best
this District for more than thirty years. - Parkville and Towson Rec Councils. See more: teachers for our children. I will work hard to help
PRIORITIES: My two highest priorities are make our economy better, promoting small business
education and economic development. I have PRIORITIES: 1. Keep our neighborhoods stable and creating jobs.
previously been an educational consultant and by pushing hard to improve schools, re-develop TRANSPORTATION: I will work together with
activist. I am one of the foremost authorities on areas for the 21st Century, and enforce zoning and Baltimore County agencies and community
economic development in the State of Maryland nuisance crime laws. 2. Make our District more members to balance our community’s economic
having written the State’s small business legislation. attractive to homebuyers and businesses through growth and strong infrastructure, taking into
TRANSPORTATION: The availability of low taxes and great amenities. See more: TellErtel. account other transportation opportunities that
transportation, to outlying areas, where the jobs com/core-beliefs meet the needs of our citizens, such as the Senior

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 27
Ride, that is now available in the County.
LAW ENFORCEMENT: Speed cameras are here
Todd Schuler
Campaign Website:
for the safety of our citizens. I am repeatedly QUALIFICATIONS: I have served for four years Ryan Nawrocki
asked what I will do to help control the speeds in on the House Judiciary Committee, working in the QUALIFICATIONS: Valued memeber of the
our neighborhoods. We need to develop movable areas of public safety and justice and answering Ehrich administration at the Maryland Aviation
cameras that can be routinely positioned in different constituent calls. I have spent my career as a lawyer Administration including Martin State Airport.
location through the county, especially in schools in Essex. I have proudly worked with the Elmwood Lifetime resident of Eastern Baltimore County with
and work zones. Improvement Association and other community active roles in various community organizations
groups. including the Knights of Columbus and PHIA.
Republican PRIORITIES: Education and Public Safety. These
issues, more than any other two, are the most
Spokersperson for LifeBridge Health.
PRIORITIES: 1) End the county council golden
David Marks responsible for creating and sustaining quality parachute pensions. Current council members are
Campaign Website: communities. eligible for 100% of their salary for a 45-day a year
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve worked for 15 years to TRANSPORTATION: The key to a quality job. 2) Tax relief for Baltimore County’s working
improve Baltimore County’s communities: getting transportation system is cooperation between families and small businesses. Property taxes have
a new library built in Perry Hall, preserving Loch jurisdictions. Baltimore County must work with the increased while property values have declined.
Raven Elementary School, and starting the planning City and the surrounding counties, as well as the TRANSPORTATION: Improving transit comes with
process for the Towson Shuttle. I’ll bring badly- State to create a comprehensive, cross-jurisdictional improved cooridination with the state. We need to
needed expertise in transportation and planning to vision for transportation. examine our regional needs. Additionally, we need
the County Council. LAW ENFORCEMENT: I voted against the bill that to work together to end traffick gridlock that slows
Unopposed in Primary implemented the speed cameras. I would like to see down commuters, including our buses.
how the program works before expanding it. I will LAW ENFORCEMENT: I oppose speed cameras and
work to expand the speed bump program and work support increasing law enforcement presence on our
County Council to have more police officers dealing with speed in streets. A speed camera in a school zone can’t catch
District 6 our neighborhoods. a child sexual predator, a police officer can. I want
to increase the number of officers on the street, not
Vote for one Stephen L. Verch the number of cameras sending money to the state’s
Campaign Website: coffers.
Democrats QUALIFICATIONS: Never ran for public office
before: lifelong resident of the 6th District; Andy Peet
Cathy Bevins legislative staffer for 10 General Assembly sessions; Campaign Website:
Campaign Website: 10 years of constituent service experience; chairman, com
QUALIFICATIONS: During the last six years, I have County Rec and Parks Board, Kenwood High; QUALIFICATIONS: Education - MBA, APC
served as County Executive Jim Smith’s Constituent Towson State-B.A.; University of Baltimore Law Heavy involvement in the community; Business
Services Rep. This has provided me with extensive School-J.D. Consultant 1984-2007; Coach, Mathematics and
governmental knowledge at all levels. I have been PRIORITIES: 1)Reforming the Council with Computer Science Teacher at Towson High School
active in my community and served in the PTA for term limits (to prevent members from generating 2007-present. Married with 5 children. I consider
22 years and as a volunteer in my children’s’ schools. large political campaign war chests, discouraging myself a leader in the green industry in the county.
PRIORITIES: My two highest priorities are jobs and challengers & replacing lucrative County Council A willingness to listen and to help.
education. By focusing on helping small, medium pensions with portable 401k plan: see video: http::// PRIORITIES: 1) Education and 2) Economy & Jobs
and large companies create jobs, Baltimore County 2)Limit government Please visit my web site:
will prosper in the future. Our education system spending; no new taxes. for additional information.
is highly regarded nationally; however, we can TRANSPORTATION: I support car pooling for TRANSPORTATION: First we would need to
continue to improve to prepare our young people for workers, & “CountyRide” for seniors, disabled understand what additional transportation segments
success. citizens, and rural residents. Unfortunately, the poor are needed and why. Then we can determine the best
TRANSPORTATION: A comprehensive transit quality of state-operated, local and regional mass way to fulfill these needs in the most service oriented
system is very important to all citizens. We must transit service has discouraged ridership. I favor and cost effective method. This is not just a county
work to provide high quality, affordable transit a state audit of the MARC train & local bus lines concern, but a regional and state concern as well.
in all forms for Baltimore County to remain during hard times... LAW ENFORCEMENT: Speed cameras were installed
successful and competitive. Being mindful of budget LAW ENFORCEMENT: Traffic safety in both school to reduce the speed on public roads especially
constraints, we must invest wisely to improve our and non-school zones is very important. I support a around schools. I believe we should try any and all
region’s system. one-year review of the safety and cost-effectiveness avenues to protect our children while they are going
LAW ENFORCEMENT: Speed cameras will prove of speed cameras to determine whether this program to school and returning to home each day. We can
to be helpful in school zones. Deploying additional should be continued, and/or expanded. I support also use speed humps to reduce speed in these areas.
speed cameras in other school zones is appropriate. installation of speed bumps where requested by
Expanded deployment of speed cameras in non- residents.
school zones should be studied to determine
effectiveness in decreasing accident rates where
excessive speed has been a factor.

28 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Public Educ. of Lawyers; Lifetime Balto. Co.
County Council Clerk of the Resident.
District 7 Circuit Court ACCOMPLISH: I will use my judicial and
management experience and knowledge of
Vote for one Vote for one technology to modernize and improve the Clerk’s
The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for office.
Democrats the daily operation of the office, performing such Suzanne Mensh
functions as filing, docketing, and maintaining No response
Charles “Buzz” Beeler various legal records, recoding real estate documents,
Campaign Website: and collecting of related fees, commissions and Kevin Rex Mooring
QUALIFICATIONS: I am new to the political arena; taxes. No response
however I’m not new to the role of government. ANNUAL SALARY: $98,500.
I spent 39 years in the Baltimore County Police
Department. In the latter years of my career I
TERM: Four years with no term limits.
HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide.
worked the administrative side & interacted with Dolores Groppe
Candidates for the Clerk of the Circuit
many other county agencies. I was responsible for QUALIFICATIONS: I worked at the Circuit Court
the DUI program along... Court were asked the following questions:
for Balto. City as Special Project Coordinator;
PRIORITIES: My first priority is to address the QUALIFICATIONS: What are your I worked directly with the Clerk by reviewing
finical crisis & budget deficit currently facing qualifications for this office? departmental operations. I looked at departments
Baltimore County. I am fiscally conservative and & evaluated what changes were needed to improve
will work to reduce the property tax rates. Lavish ACCOMPLISH: What do you plan to
efficiency. I focused on improving customer service
spending & promises have victimized us by my accomplish if you are elected to this office? & communication,B.S. TU...
opponent supporting lavish pensions. In some cases ACCOMPLISH: My slogan is, “A New Day with
employees are...
TRANSPORTATION: In the area of transportation I
Democrats Groppe.” I’ll be a hands-on Clerk whose sole focus
is to improve Court operations, especially customer
would work with the MTA to expand, where needed. Rick Arnold service, to the benefit of all residents as well as
I would also make full use of Baltimore County’s QUALIFICATIONS: I have over 30 years’ experience employees. My door will be always open. I’m NOT a
county ride. This aids our seniors and disabled in the Clerk’s office, more than any other candidate. politician looking at my next political step.
greatly adding to their quality of life. I was appointed Clerk by the Judges of the Circuit
LAW ENFORCEMENT: In the area of transportation Court on June 1 after an extensive interview process Charles F. Pepersack
I would work with the MTA to expand, where involving 15 other applicants. Previously, I served for QUALIFICATIONS: As Clerk of the Court, I will
needed. I would also make full use of Baltimore 24 years as supervisor of a major department. dedicate myself to the office & the people in that
County’s county ride. This aids our seniors and ACCOMPLISH: Implementation of new integrated office and make a significant, positive contribution
disabled greatly adding to their quality of life. case management system, which will feature to it. I have held many positions of responsibility in
electronic filing as one of its components. This the private sector including 9 years owning a small
John “Johnny O” Olszewski Sr. system will be utilized statewide within the next year. business. I am proud of my many accomplishments
QUALIFICATIONS: I have served as councilman for Continued commitment to high-quality customer to date.
the 7th councilmanic district in Baltimore County service and assistance to the bench, the legal ACCOMPLISH: I will ensure that the dedicated
for the past 12 years. community, and the public. employees in the Clerk’s office are proud of their
PRIORITIES: Public safety and education-- Public jobs & recognized for their dedicated County service.
safety because I want to continue the record Tony L. Chambers I will expect those employees to be held accountable
numbers of decreased crime in the county so that QUALIFICATIONS: Life-long Baltimore County for what they do. I will push for the latest technology
we can continue to improve the quality of life in resident; Operations Lieutenant for Sheriff’s Office; and increase the visibility of the Clerk’s Office.
our communities and education so that our children 25 years in Law Enforcement; Member of Fraternity
will be able to compete for jobs in today’s tough of Police (F.O.P.); Member of Sheriff’s Association; Richard J. Reinhardt II
economic climate. Served four years in U. S. Air Force (Veteran); Campaign Website:
TRANSPORTATION: I believe that we should Pres/CEO of Concierge Security Consultants LLC; QUALIFICATIONS: I have worked within the
expand the Red Line on the Metro system to include Former Dir. of Sec., Judiciary since 2000, including as a judicial law
stops in Dundalk down Dundalk Avenue. ACCOMPLISH: The foundation of my decision clerk in the Balto. County Circuit Court. I work in
LAW ENFORCEMENT: I support them --not as a to pursue this elected position is to strengthen the the Maryland Legislature as a Legislative Director
revenue generator but a safety tool to protect our Clerk’s Office with the use of technology, security, and Administrator. I hold two degrees, including a
children in the school zones. Anyone who is going and professional services. I am encouraged that my Juris Doctor. I was a finalist to be considered as the
over 12 miles an hour in a school zone that could experience, work ethics and common sense ideas can interim Clerk.
harm or cause a fatality to children should be be successfully integrated within the Clerk of the ACCOMPLISH: I intend to bring a new direction
ticketed. If you don’t want a ticket, then obey the Court. in leadership that will be pro-active in identifying
law and the speed limit. and correcting problems of mismanagement, while
Julie Ensor modernizing an out-dated judicial system and
Campaign Website:
Republicans QUALIFICATIONS: 12 Judge of Orphans’ Court;
its facilities to provide for efficient services and
information to residents.
Corp Mgr at PHH; 22 yrs Info Technology; Magna
No Candidate Cum Laude Grad TU; MD Inst for Continuing

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 29
Baltimore County Register of Wills Candidates for Judge of Orphans’ Court
were asked the following questions:
State’s Attorney Vote for one QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
Vote for one The Register appoints personal representatives qualifications for this office?
to administer decedents’ estates, oversees the ACCOMPLISH: What do you plan to
The State’s Attorney prosecutes felony,
proceedings, determines and collects inheritance
misdemeanor and juvenile cases in Baltimore
taxes and probate fees/court costs and serves as the accomplish if you are elected to this office?
County and assists victims and witnesses.
Clerk to the Orphans’ Court.
ANNUAL SALARY: $203,990.
TERM: Four years with no term limits.
TERM: Four years with no term limits.
HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide. Colleen A. Cavanaugh
HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide.
The candidates for State’s Attorney were Candidates for Register of Wills were Campaign Website:
asked the following question: QUALIFICATIONS: I have served as an Orphans’
asked the following question: Court judge since 2006. I was appointed Chief Judge
QUALIFICATIONS: What are your QUALIFICATIONS: What are your in 2007 and served in that capacity for 2 years. I
qualifications for this office? qualifications for this office? am an attorney with over 17 years of experience
in estates & trusts, family law, guardianship and
Democrat Democrat appellate matters. I am also a trained mediator.
ACCOMPLISH: To continue the good work
Scott Shellenberger Grace G. Connolly performed by my colleagues and myself for the past
Campaign Website: four years. Our court has the highest volume of
QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve served as Register of Wills
p/10021/header.xml cases in the State, however, paperwork is reviewed
for 12 years. Prior to that, 12 years on the Orphans’
QUALIFICATIONS: I have been the State’s Attorney within 24 hours of receipt and cases are scheduled
Court, 8 as Chief Judge. Elected by my peers to be
for Baltimore County since January of 2007. In that promptly. We strive to make the court efficient and
President of the National College of Probate Judges
role, I supervise 59 lawyers who prosecute every user friendly.
and currently President of the MD Register of Wills
criminal case that occurs in Baltimore County.
Assn. My experience clearly makes me the best William R. “Bill” Evans
For 25 years I have been a trial lawyer successfully
candidate. QUALIFICATIONS: Practicing attorney for 37 years;
protecting the rights of victims in complex cases.
Unopposed in Primary Former member of Baltimore County Board of
Unopposed in the Primary
Appeals; Orphans’ Court Judge since 2006; Chief
Republican Republican Judge- Orphans’ Court for Baltimore County since
Stephen “Steve” E. Bailey Lindsey Ann Thomas ACCOMPLISH: I would like to continue to expedite
Campaign Website: the judicial hearing, court rulings, expand our
Campaign Website:
QUALIFICATIONS: I have served in various mediation programs and continue to provide fair
QUALIFICATIONS: I graduated with honors from
leadership roles, all of which have contributed to my and judicial service to the citizens of Baltimore
the Univ. of Balt. Law School. I have practiced law
understanding of how to bring people together to County.
for 23 years. For 19 years I served as a prosecutor
work effectively, mediate conflict, and find solutions
in the State’s Attorney’s Office, the last 5 years as
to work-related problems. These skills will ensure Tony Fusco
Deputy State’s Attorney for Sandy O’Connor. I Campaign Website:
that the office is effective in serving the county.
created a Family Violence Unit to protect abused QUALIFICATIONS: For 24 years I’ve helped
Unopposed in Primary
women & children. individuals establish their investment objectives,
Unopposed in the Primary plan for a secure retirement, and leave a legacy to
Judge of the Orphans’ their families and charities. With this financial estate
Court Baltimore County planning experience and special understanding of
family dynamics, I bring a fresh perspective to the
Vote for no more than three Court.
The judge of this court supervises the ACCOMPLISH: I will make fair and just decisions
Democracy is NOT administration of estates. There is concurrent concerning the assets for which people have
a spectator sport. jurisdiction with the Circuit Court over worked so hard to achieve using my education,
understanding, and experience.

guardianships of minors. The judge conducts
on Tuesday, hearings involving probate and guardianship Theresa A. Lawler
September 14th! disputes, reviews and acts upon administration Campaign Website:
accounts and requests for payments from estates (or QUALIFICATIONS: 32 years of relevant legal
guardianships). experience: 12 years as Orphans’ Court Judge (Chief
ANNUAL SALARY: $39,000. Judge: 1999 to 2006) and 20 years as an estates and
TERM: Four years with no term limits. trusts attorney; I’m past president of Md. Assoc.
HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide. Judges of Orphans’ Courts, Chair of Conference of
Orphans’ Court Judges and member Natl. College
of Probate Judges.

30 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
ACCOMPLISH: Have improved court’s efficiency Candidates for Sheriff were asked the Judge of the Circuit
(computer technology and “on-line” legal research); following questions:
implemented mediation (saves time, money and
QUALIFICATIONS: What are your Court 3rd Judicial
family relationships); developed training for new and
“CLE” for all OC judges. If elected, plan to expand qualifications for this office? Circuit of Maryland,
educational programs for public and continue to ACCOMPLISH: What do you plan to Baltimore County
improve service.
accomplish if you are elected to this office? Vote for no more than four
Republicans Democrat Judges preside in the Circuit Court, which is a
trial court of general jurisdiction covering major
Fred Fleischmann R. Jay Fisher civil cases and more serious criminal matters. Circuit
QUALIFICATIONS: The office of Judge of the Courts also may decide appeals from the District
Campaign Website:
Orphan’s Court gives voters the impression that Court and certain administrative agencies.
QUALIFICATIONS: Balto. County resident-Univ
an extensive legal background is needed. I believe SALARY: $140,352 annual base
of Balto Graduate-Elected Balto County Sheriff
this position is more of a fiscal nature handling TERM: Fifteen years, no term limit. Mandatory
in 2002-Nat’l Sheriffs’ Institute Graduate-33 yrs
decedent’s assets. As a CPA with over 30 years of retirement age of 70 years.
professional law enforcement experience with Balto
accounting experience, I feel addresses this office’s HOW ELECTED: When there is a vacancy, the
Police Dept including service as their Warrant
qualifications. Governor appoints a qualified person to fill the
Apprehension Task Force Unit’s Operational
ACCOMPLISH: If elected to this office, I will office. Each newly appointed Circuit Court judge
Commander-Commendations & Awards.
bring fiscal accountability to the handling of an then must stand for office at the first election that
Unopposed in Primary
individual’s estate and to trustees responsible occurs at least one year after the vacancy happened.
for minor’s inheritance. A major item I hope to One or more other qualified members of the bar
accomplish is to reduce the legal and administrative Republicans may also run to fill the vacancy. All candidates run
cost for handling estates, especially when minors are on both the Democratic and Republican primary
involved. Raymond C. Boccelli ballots. The winners of each primary advance to the
Campaign Website:
general election.
Jane Roger ~boccelliforsheriff/index.htm
No response QUALIFICATIONS: I retired from the U.S. Army Candidates of Judge of 3rd Circuit Court
following twenty years of active duty as a Major. were asked the following questions:
Ivan J. Shutinya I currently have fifteen years law enforcement
Campaign Website: QUALIFICATIONS: What are your
experience. My master’s degrees in Management/
QUALIFICATIONS: I am an attorney from Phoenix, Human Relations and Homeland Security allow qualifications for this office?
Maryland. I received my Juris Doctor from the for an integrated approach to leadership and safety JUDICIAL SYSTEM NEEDS: What is
University of Maryland School of Law in December management.
2006, and was admitted to the Maryland Bar in June
the area of greatest need in the Maryland
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I will achieve a professional judicial system?
2007. I have served as an Attorney for Lawyers Trust organization that is maintained by a highly trained
Title Company in White Marsh, Maryland. and competent force that is technologically LEGAL NEEDS: What can be done to
ACCOMPLISH: While Orphans Court Judges are equipped, commensurably paid, and professional. provide individuals with wider and better
not required to be lawyers, my legal degree will be an I will ensure a safe and secure environment for
asset to the position. I am familiar with both Estates access to legal help and the legal system?
all concerned and work with other agencies for
and Trust Elder Law, as well as the overall judicial maximum effectiveness. Jan M. Alexander
process. I will bring passion, bipartisanship, a desire Campaign Website:
for equality, and experience to the position. Richard F. Parron QUALIFICATIONS: Judge, Circuit Court 2010.
QUALIFICATIONS: 10 years as a Baltimore County Judge, District Court 2002. Adjunct Prof. Univ. Of
Baltimore County Police Officer- having attained the rank of Corporal,
20 years as a Criminal Investigator with the State
Balto. Law School. Prosecutor, Balto. City 14 yrs.
Health Claims Arbiter. Fugett & Hitchcock, PA. JD
Sheriff Police Public Defender, and 23 years in business- full Univ. of MD Law School. BA Morgan State Univ.
and part-time. HAC Judicial Counsel, Shrine of the Sacred Heart,
Vote for one ACCOMPLISHMENTS: If elected, I intend to bring OMEGA. Wife, 2 children.
The Sheriff provides service to the Baltimore a business attitude and organizational skills to the JUDICIAL SYSTEM NEEDS: The judicial system
County Circuit Court, provides assistance and office. I am motivated to bring real change, and I needs to become more ecologically conscious. I
support to the citizens and cooperates with all law owe no favors to any special interests. suggest an urgency to move to paperless filings and
enforcement agencies in maintaining order. records. As society becomes increasingly computer/
ANNUAL SALARY: $85,000. internet dependent, we need to answer the challenge
TERM: Four years with no term limits. of ecological responsibility by reducing paper usage
HOW ELECTED: Elected countywide. and waste production.
LEGAL NEEDS: There is an increased need for
legal assistance for those who need it most, but can
least afford it. A difficult economic climate has seen
an escalation of foreclosure, bankruptcy and debt

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 31
related issues. The legal community is encouraged to of this in another jurisdiction and wrote the final for indigent litigants through consideration of
volunteer its services to assist those in need. order. Courthouses were not built to house the legal costs; providing them with information about
volume of paper filed daily. eFiling works, saving resources in the legal community, such as bar
Sherrie Bailey costs in space, paper and waste issues; courts, associations that have referral programs. MD has
Campaign Website: lawyers and the public prefer it. voluntary “suggested” pro bono hours per annum
QUALIFICATIONS: JD Univ. of Notre Dame; BA LEGAL NEEDS: Continued access to the courts through the Ct of Appeals.
St Mary’s College of Md; Circuit Court Judge 1 yr;
Prosecutor 22 yrs (Chief-District Court Unit 5 yrs);
Public Defender 2 yrs; extensive trial experience;
Civic-Trustee & Alumni President, St Mary’s College
of Maryland, Wellwood PTA, COP, Personal-
Married 24 yrs, 4 sons.
the general public, regarding specific legal matters
DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 05B – Vote for Two CHAIRMAN – Vote for One
and the availability of free or low cost legal services,
* Savas J. Karas * Tony Campbell * Chris Cavey
is greatly needed. Additional substance abuse and
DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 06 – Vote for Five DELEGATES – Vote for Four in each District
mental health treatment services are needed, both
* Marilyn M. Baldwin * Michael S. Mioduszewski DISTRICT 1
within and outside of the correctional system.
* Jordan Bethea * Michael S. Mioduszewski Jr * Steve Chan * Hillary Foster Pennington
LEGAL NEEDS: The Maryland Access to Justice * Gloria B. Murphy * Leslie A. Tinker
* Annette M. Brewer * Jake Mohorovic
Commission, DISTRICT 2
* Stephanie Chambers * Ed Pedrick
html, is working to develop initiatives to assist * Zachary Benjamin Cohen * Mark H. Olanoff
* Ed Crizer * Spike Schnitzker
self-represented litigants. Online forms, educational * Jon M.Herbst * Georgie Trudil
* Ricardo J. Cruz * Sandra Skordalos
materials, self-help clinics, and referrals to low cost DISTRICT 3
* Janice B. Evans * Sammi Michelle Turner
providers would help address access issues in the * George H. Harman * Michael J. Pappas
* Scott Holupka * Eric Washington
legal system. * Fran Harris * Regina Sztajer
* Phillip ’Phil Phest’ Mills * Janet B. Wood * Ann Miller
T. Scott Beckman DISTRICT/CIRCUIT #07 – Vote for Four DISTRICT 4
No response * Wayne Brooks * James Ward Morrow * Carol C. Byrd * Alfred Mendelsohn
* Dorothy E. Foos * Ahson Jameel Rehman * J. Michael Collins
Ann Brobst * Vince Gardina * Greg A. Schnitzker
Campaign Website: * David ’SKI’ Mioduszewski * Jack R. Sturgill Jr.
* Chris Defeo * Gene Nenortas
QUALIFICATIONS: Appointed Dec. 2009. DISTRICT/CIRCUIT# 08 – Vote for Five * Tom Henry * Jane Roger
Prosecutor, Balt Co State’s Atty’s Office. Hundreds * Sandy Caslin * Joseph Michael Ruscito Jr. * Coach Krehnbrink * Kathleen A. Smero
of prosecutions, specializing in homicide. Civic: * Michael Day Sr. * Jeffrey William Smith
Child Fatality Review, Gilman Parents Assn, Parents * Margaret A. Forte * Theresa White
* Wayne E. Definbaugh * Richard F. Parron
* Krista Klausmeier
Assn of Bryn Mawr, Church of Redeemer, Business * Fred Fleischmann * Robert R. Thibodeau
DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 10 – Vote for Five
Law Prof.- Towson Univ. Penn State (BA honors) * Benjamin Brooks * Mary Jones
Univ. MD Law School (JD honors) * Barry Chapman * Delores G. Kelley * Paul M. Blitz * Bruce D. Kahl
JUDICIAL SYSTEM NEEDS: The area of greatest * Harold G. Gordon * Pat Kelly * Carlton William Clendaniel * John T. Long
need is balancing the needs of increasing numbers of * Rainier Harvey * Nichelle R. McGirt * Steve Dishon * Matthew Ryan Newman
indigent litigants with the necessity of maintaining * Adrienne A. Jones * Angela J. Scott * Justin A. Jones * ’Woody’ Herman Wood
financially viable system. People need and deserve DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 11 – Vote for Five
to have access to the judicial system. But, when * Jack Becker * Noel Levy
individuals attempt self-representation, they are * Sheldon D. Caplan * Ted Levy
greatly disadvantaged. * Linda Dorsey-Walker * Penny McCrimmon
LEGAL NEEDS: All attorneys should be encouraged * Antonia Fowler * Shelley Morhaim
to volunteer some portion of their time to pro bono * Edwin F. Hale Jr. * Adam James Roa
* Hasan Jalisi * Brenda Savoy
service to poverty level citizens. An unrepresented * Julian Earl Jones Jr. * Alan P. Zukerberg
litigant is at a gross disadvantage, and strains the DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 12A – Vote for Four
efficiency of the court system. * Douglas A. Brinkley * Mike Mastracci
* Margaret M. Henn * Paula W. Wolf
John J. Nagle III
DISTRICT/CIRCUIT # 42 – Vote for Five
QUALIFICATIONS: Judge, Circuit Ct 2010; fmr Pres
* Margie Brassil * Waseem Pharoan
BodieNagle law firm; 28 yrs trial exp all law areas; * Ed Crawford * Scott Sokol
voted a Top MD Atty 07,08,10;Pres Balto Co Bar * Margaret Z. ’Meg’ Ferguson * John Ward
Assn;State Board of Law Examiners(15); Judicial * Bill Hill
Commission Balto Co (8); JD Univ of Balto‘ 80;
BA Holy Cross ‘76; involved in many civic and
community organizations
pleadings in cases. I was one of the prime architects

32 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Baltimore County Polling Places














01-01* 10 7 4 Woodlawn HS, Caf 03-11* 11 3 2 Woodholme ES - GYM 09-08* 42 1 3 St Thomas Episcopal Ch-Classrm 12-08* 6 2 7 Ateaze Sr Ctr – Multi Purp Rm
01-02* 10 7 1 Chadwick ES, GYM 03-12* 11 3 2 Garrison Fire Sta – Engine Bay 09-09* 42 1 3 Loch Raven HS - Caf 12-09* 6 2 7 Dundalk Ch/Brethren - Basement
01-03* 10 7 1 Woodbridge ES - GYM 03-13* 11 3 2 Fort Garrison ES - Caf 09-10* 42 2 5 Cromwell Valley Elem - Caf 12-10* 6 2 7 Dundalk MS - Auditorium Lobby
01-04* 10 7 1 Woodbridge ES - Caf 03-14* 11 3 2 Woodholme ES-Rec Council Rm 09-11* 42 2 5 Towson Area Br Lib – Mtg Rm 12-11* 6 2 7 Dundalk MS - Caf
01-05* 10 7 1 Johnnycake ES, Multi-Purp 04-01* 11 3 4 Owings Mills HS – Multi Room 09-12* 42 3 5 Towson HS - Caf 12-12* 6 2 7 Logan ES - Caf
01-06* 10 7 1 Edmondson Heights ES, GYM 04-02* 11 3 2 Timber Grove ES - Caf 09-13* 42 3 5 Stoneleigh ES - GYM 12-13* 6 2 7 Fleming Comm Ctr - GYM
01-07* 10 7 1 Westowne ES - Caf 04-03* 11 3 2 Har Sinai Cong – Social Hall 09-14* 42 2 5 Stoneleigh ES - Caf 13-01* 12A 3 1 Maiden Choice School - GYM
01-08* 10 7 1 Westowne ES - GYM 04-04* 11 3 2 Glyndon ES - Caf 09-15* 42 2 5 Loch Raven Academy - Caf 13-02* 12A 3 1 Arbutus Fire Hall
01-09* 12A 7 1 Banneker Comm Ctr, GYM 04-05* 11 3 2 Glyndon ES -GYM 09-16* 42 2 5 Pleasant Plains ES - GYM 13-03* 12A 3 1 Arbutus MS - Caf
01-10* 12A 7 1 Hillcrest ES - Caf 04-06* 11 3 2 Reisterstown ES - GYM 09-17* 42 2 5 Immac Heart of Mary Hall - GYM 13-04* 12A 3 1 Relay ES - GYM
01-11* 12A 7 1 St. Paul Luth Ch, Fellowship Hall 04-07* 11 2 4 Franklin MS - Annex Cafe 09-18* 42 2 5 Oakleigh ES - Caf 13-05* 12A 3 1 Halethorpe ES - GYM
01-12* 12A 7 1 Catonsville MS, Caf 04-08* 11 3 3 Chatsworth School - Caf 09-19* 42 3 5 Loch Raven Comm Ctr - GYM 13-06* 12A 3 1 Lansdowne MS
01-13* 12A 7 1 Hillcrest ES - GYM 04-09* 5B 6 3 Boring Vol Fire Dept. – Engine Bay 09-20* 8 2 5 Halstead Academy - Caf 13-07* 12A 3 1 Baltimore Highlands ES - Cafe
01-14* 12A 7 1 Catonsville HS, GYM 04-10* 11 2 3 Franklin ES - GYM 09-21* 8 3 5 Villa Cresta ES - GYM 13-08* 12A 3 1 English Consul Vol Fire Dept - Hall
01-15* 10 7 1 Western School of Tech, GYM 04-11* 11 2 3 Butler Vol. Fire Company - Hall 09-22* 8 3 6 Parkville HS - Caf 13-09* 12A 3 1 Riverview ES - Caf
01-16* 12A 7 1 Charlestown Ret Comm,ConfCntr 04-12* 11 3 4 Cedarmere ES - Caf 09-23* 8 2 5 Harford Hills ES - GYM 14-01* 8 3 6 Parkville MS – Audi. Lobby
01-17* 10 7 1 Dogwood ES-GYM 04-13* 11 2 2 Chestnut Ridge V F Co – Mtg Rm 09-24* 8 2 3 Pine Grove ES - Caf 14-02* 8 3 6 Fullerton Fire Sta – Engine Bay
02-01* 10 7 4 Powhatan ES - GYM 04-14* 11 3 2 Christ The King Luth Ch – Fellow H 09-25* 8 2 5 Pine Grove MS - Commons 14-03* 7 2 6 Living Water EvanLuth Ch–Mtg Rm
02-02* 10 7 4 Powhatan ES - Caf 05-01* 5B 6 3 Fifth District ES - GYM 09-26* 42 2 5 St Margaret’s Epis Ch – Par Hall 14-04* 8 2 6 Boumi Temple –A – Club Room
02-03* 10 7 4 Featherbed Ln Elem/Pri Sch 06-01* 5B 6 3 Prettyboy ES - Caf 09-27* 42 2 3 Loch Raven HS - Lobby 14-05* 8 2 6 Boumi Temple-B - Basement
02-04* 10 7 4 Woodmoor ES, Multi-Purp 06-02* 5B 6 3 Gunpowder Baptist Ch 09-28* 8 2 5 Halstead Academy – GYM 14-06* 8 3 6 Fullerton ES- GYM
02-05* 10 7 4 Hebbville ES, Multi-Purp 07-01* 5B 6 3 Seventh District ES - GYM 09-29 42 3 5 Towson Univ Univ Union 14-07* 8 3 6 Overlea HS - Lobby
02-06* 10 7 4 Milford Mill Academy - GYM 07-02* 5B 6 3 Amer Legion-Post #256–Soc H 10-01* 5B 6 3 St. James Episcopal Ch Par Hse 14-08* 8 2 6 McCormick ES - Caf
02-07* 10 2 2 Old Court MS - Caf 07-03* 5B 6 3 Hereford HS - Auditorium 10-02* 7 1 3 Jacksonville ES – Activity Room
14-09* 8 2 6 Shady Spring ES - GYM
02-08* 11 2 2 Winand ES, Caf 08-01* 5B 6 3 Sparks ES, - Caf 10-03* 5B 1 3 Jacksonville ES - GYM
14-10* 8 2 7 Red House Run ES - GYM
02-09* 10 7 4 Scotts Branch ES, - Caf 08-02* 5B 1 3 Oregon Ridge Lodge Hall – Seq H 10-04* 7 1 3 Jacksonville ES - Caf
14-11* 8 2 7 VFW #6506 Post – Small Hall
02-10* 10 2 4 Winfield ES - GYM 08-03* 7 1 3 Warren ES - Caf 10-05* 7 1 3 Carroll Manor ES - Caf
14-12* 8 3 6 Parkville Senior Ctr - GYM
02-11* 10 7 4 Comm Supp Svc/Deaf - Common 08-04* 7 2 3 Warren ES - GYM 11-01* 7 1 3 Long Green Vol Fire Co–Lwr Hall
14-13* 7 2 6 Amer Turners of Baltoe – Main H
02-12* 10 2 4 Liberty Sr Ctr, Multi-Purp Rm 08-05* 42 2 3 Dulaney HS – Auditorium Lobby 11-02* 7 1 3 St. Johns the Evangelist - Hall
14-14* 8 3 6 Fullerton ES – Caf
02-13* 10 2 4 Church Lane Elem Tech - Multi 08-06* 42 2 3 Padonia International ES - GYM 11-03* 7 1 3 Kingsville ES - GYM
15-01* 6 2 7 Colgate ES - Caf
02-14* 11 2 4 Randallstown HS - Lobby 08-07* 7 2 3 Cockeysville MS - Caf 11-04* 7 2 5 White Marsh V F Co – Eng Bay
02-15* 11 2 4 New Town Elem - Caf 08-08* 11 2 2 Chestnut Ridge Bap Ch – Soc H 15-02* 6 2 7 Rosedale Sr Ctr – Multi Purpose
11-05* 7 1 5 Chapel Hill ES – Multi Rm
02-16* 11 2 4 Church Lane Elem Tech - Caf 08-09* 11 2 2 Mays Chapel UM Ch-Worship Ct 11-06* 8 1 5 Gunpowder ES - Caf 15-03* 7 2 7 Orems ES – Multi Purpose
02-17* 10 2 4 Randallstown HS - Caf 08-10* 11 2 3 Pinewood ES - Caf 11-07* 8 1 5 Seven Oaks ES - GYM 15-04* 7 2 6 Middle River MS - Caf
02-18* 10 7 4 Hernwood ES - Caf 08-11* 42 2 3 Padonia International ES - Cafe 11-08* 8 2 5 Cub Hill Bible Presb Ch - Hall 15-05* 7 2 6 Martin Blvd ES - GYM
02-19* 11 7 4 Granite Pres Ch – Social Hall 08-12* 42 2 3 Pot Spring ES - Caf 11-09* 8 2 6 Carney ES - GYM 15-06* 7 2 6 Oliver Beach ES - GYM
02-20* 11 2 4 Deer Park Mid Mag Sch-Caf 08-13* 42 2 3 Timonium ES - GYM 11-10* 8 2 5 Perry Hall MS - Caf 15-07* 7 2 6 Chase ES - GYM
02-21* 11 2 4 Wards Chapel Meth Ch–Fellow H 08-14* 42 2 3 Lutherville ES - Auditorium 11-11* 8 2 6 Perry Hall ES - GYM 15-08* 7 2 6 Seneca ES, GYM
02-22* 11 7 4 Hernwood ES – Rec Room 08-15* 42 2 3 Ridgely MS - Caf 11-12* 8 1 5 Perry Hall HS - Caf 15-09* 7 2 6 Middle River Vol Fire Dept Hall
02-23* 10 3 2 Old Court MS - Library 08-16* 42 2 3 Lutherville ES - Caf 11-13* 8 2 6 Joppa View ES - GYM 15-10* 7 2 6 Hawthorne ES - GYM
02-24* 10 2 4 Deer Park Mid Mag Sch - GYM 08-17* 42 3 2 Riderwood ES - GYM 11-14* 8 1 5 Joppa View ES - Caf 15-11* 7 2 7 Middlesex ES - GYM
02-25* 11 3 2 North Oaks Ret Comm. – Wilson 08-18* 42 2 2 Trinity Assembly of God–Soc Hall 11-15* 8 2 6 Oak Crest Village – Crestview 15-12* 6 2 7 Essex Co-Op – Comm Ctr
02-26* 11 3 4 New Town ES - GYM 08-19* 11 1 2 Grace English Evan Luth Ch-Hall 11-16* 8 2 6 Carney ES - Caf 15-13* 6 2 7 Eastern Tech HS - Caf
02-27* 11 2 4 Deer Park ES - GYM 08-20* 11 1 3 Pinewood ES - GYM 11-17* 8 1 5 Gunpowder ES - GYM 15-14* 6 2 7 Essex ES - GYM
02-28* 10 2 4 Milford Mill Academy - Caf 08-21* 5B 1 2 St. Marys Orthodox Ch - Hall 11-18* 8 1 5 Seven Oaks ES - Caf 15-15* 6 2 7 Sussex ES - GYM
02-29* 11 3 4 New Town HS - Caf 08-22* 5B 6 3 Broadmead – Rec Room 11-19* 8 2 5 Perry Hall HS - Library 15-16* 6 2 7 Deep Creek ES – Multi Purpose
03-01* 10 7 4 Augsburg Luth Home – Rec Rm 08-23* 5B 2 2 Ch of The Resurrection-Parish H 11-20* 7 1 5 Kingsville Vol Fire Hall 15-17* 6 2 7 Deep Creek MS - Lobby
03-02* 11 3 2 Milbrook ES - GYM 08-24* 5B 1 2 Korean Pres Ch - 1st Floor 11-21* 8 2 6 Carney ES - Library 15-18* 6 2 6 Middleborough ES - GYM
03-03* 10 7 2 Sudbrook Magnet MS - Caf 08-25* 5B 6 3 Sparks ES – GYM 11-22* 7 1 5 Chapel Hill ES - Caf 15-19* 6 2 6 Chesapeake HS - Caf
03-04* 11 3 2 Bedford ES - GYM 09-01* 42 3 2 Brooklandville Fire Dept–Eng Bay 12-01* 6 2 7 Eastwood Ctr – Multi Purp Rm 15-20* 6 2 7 Battle Grove ES - GYM
03-05* 11 3 2 Pikesville Armory – Drill Floor 09-02* 42 3 2 Ridge Ruxton Sch–Multi Purp Rm 12-02* 6 2 7 Berkshire ES - GYM 15-21* 6 2 7 Edgemere ES - GYM
03-06* 11 3 2 Pikesville MS - Caf 09-03* 42 3 5 Rodgers Forge ES - Caf 12-03* 6 2 7 Norwood ES - GYM 15-22* 6 2 7 Chesapeake Terrace ES - Caf
03-07* 42 3 2 Pikesville HS - Caf 09-04* 42 3 5 Dumbarton MS - Lobby 12-04* 6 2 7 General John Stricker MS - Cafe 15-23* 6 2 6 Sandalwood ES - Caf
03-08* 42 3 2 Summit Park ES - Caf 09-05* 42 3 5 Towson Pres. Ch – Thompson H 12-05* 6 2 7 Patapsco HS - Caf 15-24* 7 2 6 Knights of Columbus Hall
03-09* 42 3 2 Summit Park ES - GYM 09-06* 42 2 5 Towson Ruhl Armory – Drill Floor 12-06* 6 2 7 Sandy Plains ES - Caf 15-25* 7 2 6 Gunpowder VFW 10067 – Hall
03-10* 11 3 2 Fort Garrison ES - Multi Room 09-07* 42 2 3 Hampton ES – Multi Purpose Rm 12-07* 6 2 7 Grange ES – Multi Purpose 15-26* 7 2 6 Seneca ES – Caf

Attention: All Voters – Other Sources of Information:

For more information about the candidate please visit the campaign website that we have cited. The LWV also has its website that has
additional information. The address is:
The Board of Elections websites: State Board:
County Board of Elections:

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 33
2010 Gubernatorial Primary Election ~ Baltimore County, Maryland
This checklist may be marked, clipped and conveniently taken with you into the voting booth. (You may also take the entire Voters’ Guide into the booth.)
J.P. Cusick/ . . . .* Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr./ . . . . . . * J. Casey Clark . . . . . . . . . . . * Roscoe G. Bartlett . . . . . . . . . * Jeff Beard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Brian Bennett. . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Michael W. Lang, Jr. Mary Kane Andrew Duck . . . . . . . . . . . * Dennis B. Janda. . . . . . . . . . . * David “SKI” Mioduszewski . * Jim Berndt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Ralph Jaffe/ . . . . . . . . . . * Brian Murphy/ . . . . . . . . . . . * Joseph T. Krysztoforski. . . . . . * James Ward Morrow . . . . . . * Marilyn Booker. . . . . . . . . . . . *
Freda Jaffe Mike Ryman Steve Taylor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Kristina A. Sargent . . . . . . . * Laine O.C. Clark. . . . . . . . . . . *
Martin O’Malley/ . . . . . .* Seth Edward Wilson. . . . . . . . * John Cromwell. . . . . . . . . . . . *
Anthony G. Brown Rick Impallaria. . . . . . . . . . . . *
U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 7 Pat McDonough. . . . . . . . . . . *
COMPTROLLER Kathy Szeliga. . . . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Elijah Cummings . . . . . . . . . * Ray Bly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Roger Zajdel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Peter Franchot . . . . . . . . . . * William Henry Campbell. . . . . * Charles U. Smith . . . . . . . . . * Frank Mirabile Jr.. . . . . . . . . . * STATE SENATE DISTRICT 8
Armand F. Girard . . . . . . . . . * Michael J. Vallerie . . . . . . . . . *
Brendan Madigan . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE
STATE SENATE DISTRICT 5 Katherine Klausmeier . . . . . * Dee Hodges. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Benjamin Lawless. . . . . . . . . *
C. Scott Stone . . . . . . . . . . . * Joseph M. Getty. . . . . . . . . . . * HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 8
Douglas F. Gansler . . . . . . . * None
Dale Lusher. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN THREE
HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 5B Ruth Baisden . . . . . . . . . . . * Joseph C. Boteler III. . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Cal Bowman . . . . . . . . . . . . * John Cluster. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Christopher J. Garner . . . . . * Joseph Alexander. . . . . . . . . . * Eric Bromwell . . . . . . . . . . . * Rani Merryman . . . . . . . . . . . *
Pete Definbaugh . . . . . . . . . * Wade Kach. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Norma M. Secoura. . . . . . . . . *
A. Billy Bob Jaworski . . . . . * Barry Steve Asbury. . . . . . . . . *
Chris Luciano. . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Barbara A. Mikulski . . . . . . . * Neil H. Cohen. . . . . . . . . . . . . * STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10
Tom Morgan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Theresa C. Scaldaferri . . . . . * Stephens Dempsey . . . . . . . . *
Blaine Taylor . . . . . . . . . . . . * Samuel R. Graham Sr. . . . . . . * STATE SENATE DISTRICT 6 VOTE FOR ONE
Sanquetta Taylor . . . . . . . . . * John B. Kimble. . . . . . . . . . . . * Stephanie Boston . . . . . . . . * None
Lih Young . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Gregory L. Kump . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE
Delores G. Kelley . . . . . . . . . *
Daniel W. McAndrew . . . . . . . * Jordan Hadfield . . . . . . . . . * Bruce D. Kahl. . . . . . . . . . . . . * Pat Kelly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Jim Rutledge. . . . . . . . . . . . . * Norman R. Stone Jr. . . . . . . *
Eddie Vendetti . . . . . . . . . . . . * HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 10
Eric Wargotz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN THREE
U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES district 1 Emmett C. Burns . . . . . . . . . * Jeanne L. Turnock. . . . . . . . . *
Cassandra Brown-Umoh . . . * Carlton William Clendaniel. . . * Barry Chapman . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Todd Crandell . . . . . . . . . . . * Bob Long. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Adrienne A. Jones . . . . . . . . *
Frank M. Kratovil Jr. . . . . . . * Rob Fisher. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Don Mason . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Ric Metzgar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Shirley Nathan-Pulliam . . . . *
Andy Harris . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Joseph “Sonny” Minnick . . . * Frederick Ware-Newsome . . *
Jake Mohorovic . . . . . . . . . *
Raymond J. Smith . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE
Mike Weir Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Raymond Atkins . . . . . . . . . * Marcelo Cardarelli. . . . . . . . . * Bobby A. Zirkin . . . . . . . . . . * None
Christopher C. Boardman . . * Josh Dowlut. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * STATE SENATE DISTRICT 7
Jeff Morris . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jimmy Mathis . . . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger . . * Troy Stouffer . . . . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN THREE
Rebecca Weir Nelson . . . . . * J. B. Jennings . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Francis Treadwell. . . . . . . . . . * Jon S. Cardin . . . . . . . . . . . * William D. Badore. . . . . . . . . . *
Jim Stavropoulos Jr. . . . . . . * Alfred W. Redmer Jr.. . . . . . . . *
Regg Hatcher . . . . . . . . . . . * Carol C. Byrd. . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Dan K. Morhaim . . . . . . . . . * J. Michael Collins. . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Dana Stein . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Alberto Joseph Halphen. . . . . *
John Kibler . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Greg Bartosz . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Gregory Prush . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Ryan Ludick . . . . . . . . . . . . * Thomas Defibaugh Sr.. . . . . . * Steven J. Smith. . . . . . . . . . . *
Michael Miller . . . . . . . . . . . * Thomas E. “Pinkston” Harris *
John Rea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jim Wilhelm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
John Sarbanes . . . . . . . . . . *

34 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Voter Check List, continued
Edward J. Kasemeyer . . . . . * Rick Martel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jack Becker . . . . . . . . . . . . * None Scott Shellenberger . . . . . . * Stephen “Steve” E. Bailey. . . *
HOUSE OF DELEGATES DISTRICT 12A Antonia Fowler . . . . . . . . . . * REGISTER OF WILLS
Kristy Herring . . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN TWO Julian Earl Jones Jr. . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE
Steven J. DeBoy Sr . . . . . . . * David “Augie” Aughenbaugh * Leronia A. Josey . . . . . . . . . * Grace G. Connolly . . . . . . . . * Lindsey Ann Thomas . . . . . . . *
James E. Malone Jr. . . . . . . * Joseph D. “Joe” Hooe . . . . . . * Penny McCrimmon . . . . . . . *
Brian A. Matulonis . . . . . . . . . * Kenneth N. Oliver . . . . . . . . * JUDGE OF THE ORPHANS’ COURT
Albert L. Nalley. . . . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN THREE
STATE SENATE DISTRICT 42 Colleen A. Cavanaugh . . . . . * Fred Fleischmann. . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE William R. ‘Bill’ Evans . . . . . * Jane Roger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Mike Ertel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * David Marks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Tony Fusco . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Ivan J. Shutinya. . . . . . . . . . . *
Jim Brochin . . . . . . . . . . . . * Kevin Carney. . . . . . . . . . . . . * Gordon Harden . . . . . . . . . . * Theresa A. Lawler . . . . . . . . *
Walter T. Kuebler . . . . . . . . . . * Bill Paulshock . . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN THREE VOTE FOR ONE R. Jay Fisher . . . . . . . . . . . . * Raymond C. Boccelli . . . . . . . *
Lori Albin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Susan Aumann. . . . . . . . . . . . * Cathy Bevins . . . . . . . . . . . . * Ryan Nawrocki. . . . . . . . . . . . * Richard F. Parron. . . . . . . . . . *
Oz Bengur . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * John C. Fiastro Jr. . . . . . . . . . * Todd Schuler . . . . . . . . . . . . * Andy Peet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Stephen L. Verch . . . . . . . . . * JUDGE OF THE CIRCUIT COURT 3RD JUDICIAL
Art Buist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * William J. Frank. . . . . . . . . . . *
David Kosak . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jack Gordon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Stephen W. Lafferty . . . . . . . * Nicholas Charles Pepersack. . * VOTE FOR NO MORE THAN FOUR
VOTE FOR ONE Jan M. Alexander . . . . . . . . *
Charles “Buzz” Beeler . . . . . * None Sherrie Bailey . . . . . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE John “Johnny O” Olszewski Sr. . * T. Scott Beckman . . . . . . . . *
Joseph Bartenfelder . . . . . . * Kenneth C. Holt . . . . . . . . . . . * Ann Brobst . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Ron Harvey . . . . . . . . . . . . . * John J. Nagle III . . . . . . . . . *
Kevin Kamenetz . . . . . . . . . * VOTE FOR ONE

COUNTY COUNCIL, 1ST DISTRICT Rick Arnold . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Dolores Groppe . . . . . . . . . . . *

Tony L. Chambers . . . . . . . . * Charles F. Pepersack . . . . . . . *
VOTE FOR ONE Julie Ensor . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Richard J. Reinhardt II . . . . . . *
Brian S. Bailey . . . . . . . . . . * Steve Whisler. . . . . . . . . . . . . * Suzanne Mensh . . . . . . . . . *
Rebecca P. Dongarra . . . . . . * Kevin Rex Mooring . . . . . . . *
Gregory J. Morgan . . . . . . . *
Tom Quirk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Dear Voter:
Please make a tax deductible contribution to help support the LWV provide
Vicki Almond . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jon M. Herbst . . . . . . . . . . . . *
Sherrie Becker . . . . . . . . . . * services such as this Voters’ Guide.
Albert M. Harris . . . . . . . . . . * Make a check out to Jessa Goldberg Fund LWVBCo and
Theodore Levin . . . . . . . . . . * Mail to: League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
Timmy Ruppersberger . . . . *
Alan P. Zukerberg . . . . . . . . * 6600 York Road, Suite 211
Baltimore, MD 21212
Ben Sutley . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Jim Christina. . . . . . . . . . . . . * Name: _ _______________________________________
George H. Harman. . . . . . . . . *
Todd Huff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Address: _______________________________________
T. Bryan McIntire . . . . . . . . . . *
Jeff Srnec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * City, State, Zip:__________________________________
Glen A. Thomas . . . . . . . . . . . * Thank you.

League of Women Voters of Baltimore County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 35

Advertising: 410.332.6051 • Circulation: 410.332.6120

Editorial: 410.730.3990 • Classifieds: 410.884.4600

36 Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Baltimore County