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An elephant's brain is ________ a whale's brain.

a. more big than bigger than the bigger than d.the biggest

Monkeys are ____________ learners than elephants.

Faster very fast more faster more fast

I am _________________ my brother.
tall tan taller more taller that taller than

Tom thinks that his car is ___________________ than my car.

Expensiver more expensiver most expensive more expensive

This examination is ______________ than the other examination.

more easy difficult more difficult more easier

David is ___________________ than Ed. Ed is arrogant.

more modest arrogant modest most modest

My town is _______________ this city.

more peaceful peacefuller tan peaceful tan more peaceful than

Santander is ____________ Sevilla.

a.- wetter than b.- more wet tan c.- the wettest
Juan is _____________ Mary.
a.- more happy thanb.- happier than c.- happyier than
The sun is _____________ the moon.
a.- hoter thanb.- more hot thanc.- hotter than
Im ______________ in this class.
a.- the shortestb.- the shorterc.- the shorttest
He went to bed _____________ she did.
a.- early thanb.- earlier than c.- more early than
Luisa s work is _______________ mine. a.- gooder tan b.- better tan c.- the best
Dogs are ____________ cats.
a.- the friendliest b.- more friendly thanc.- friendlier than
My English homework was _____________ yours. a.- worst thanb.- worse thanc.- badder than
Please give me ______________ boxes.
a.- the smallests b.- the smaller c.- the smallest
_______________ tourist destination in the world is Paris.
a.- the more popularb.- the most popularc.- the popular
I think English is ________________ Latin.
a.- more interesting thanb.- the most interestingc.- interestinger than
______________ thing in my wardrobe is my Jacket.
a.- the more expensiveb.- the most expensivec.- more expensive than
Your eyes are _____________ my eyes.
a.- more blue tan b.- bluer than c.- bluest than
________________ football team in Europe is Real Madrid.
a.- the more successfulb.- the most successfulc.-more successful than
The North is _______________ South.
a.- the richest b.- richer than c.- richer that
Mr Isla is _____________ youngest teacher in the school
a- thanb.- morec.- the
Peter has more free time than I. He is _______________.
a.- busier thanb.- as busy as c.- not as busy as
An elephant's brain is ________ a whale's brain.
A) more big thanB) bigger thanC) the bigger thanD) the biggest

Monkeys are ____________ learners than elephants.

A) fasterB) very fastC) more fasterD) more fast

I am _________________ my brother.
A) tall thanB) tallerC) more taller thanD) taller than

This examination is ______________ than the other examination.

A) more easyB) difficultC) more difficultD) more easier

David is ___________________ than Ed. Ed is arrogant.

more modestB) arrogantC) modestD) most modest
My town is _______________ this city.
A) more peacefulB) peacefuller thanC) peaceful thanD) more peaceful than
The test says that Mark is more _____________ Becky.
A) taller thanB) creative thanC) happier thanD) faster than

Some students are more ____________ than others.

A) clevererB) successfulC) braverD) slower

a. Wheres the most cheap place to eat?b. Wheres the more cheap place to eat?c. Wheres the cheapest place to eat?
Mount Everest is .................... mountain in the world.
a. the most high b. highest c. the highest d. the higher

My sister is older ................. me.

a. -est b. of c. that d. then

Becky is ...................... than Tanya.

a. much intelligent b. more intelligent c. intelligenter

English is ................... than Chinese.

a. ease b. more easy c. easier

Children ________eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth.

Which whowhere whose
Here is the newspaper ______ is in my room.
Which where who whose
The book _______ you gave me is great.
That who whose when
This is the town __________ I was born.
I sent all the letters _______ you gave me.
The boy __________ father is a doctor often visits me.
My uncle ________ is a teacher has got three children.
a. do usually you have b.have you usually c.are you usually having d. do you usually have

She _____________ six days a week.

usually Works usually work is usually works is working usually

Charley _____________ telling silly jokes.

is always always is has always had always
When it ___________ hot tommorow, the fans will turn on automatically.

is going to get will get gets is gets

Tina and Cindy .................... (read) a newspaper.A.-was read B- was reading C.-were readed D.-were reading