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Alchemists need substances, blacksmiths need ore, minters need precious metals, jewelers need gems, and furnace
ovens need coal. And adventurers, of course, need a wide variety of mines to explore and exploit. This one page ref-
erence sheet provides you with the basics of setting up a random mine. You supply the dice.

Roll: Random Mine Type: Dense Val: Density Value:

1 to 2 Agate Medium Some mined substances are worth considerably
3 Aluminum Oxide Low more than others. As such, a set amount of area
4 to 5 Amethyst High of mine may be worth far more when filled with
6 Antimony Low veins of one type of substance than when filled
7 Aventurine Low with another. When determining the overall
8 Azurite Low value of a mine, take the dense value into con-
9 Bauxite Low sideration and consult the below guidelines. The
10 Beryllium Low area value guidelines are for every 125,000 cu-
11 Bismuth Low bic feet (50x50x50) of mine area. This area
12 Bloodstone Medium includes the open (or exploration ready) portion
13 Boron Low of the mine and the surrounding, untapped earth-
14 Chalcedony Low works.
15 Chrysocolla Low
16 to 20 Coal Low Low Value (per 125,000 cubic ft.):
21 to 24 Copper Low 1d20*2,000 gold coins
25 Diamond Very High
26 Emerald Very High
Medium Value (per 125,000 cubic ft.):
27 to 29 Flint Low
1d20*10,000 gold coins
30 Garnet High
31 to 32 Gold Very High
High Value (per 125,000 cubic ft.):
33 to 34 Granite Low
1d20*25,000 gold coins
35 Graphite Low
36 Gypsum Low
Very High Value (per 125,000 cubic ft.):
37 to 38 Hematite Low
1d20*50,000 gold coins
39 Iolite Low
40 to 45 Iron Medium
46 Jade Medium
47 Jasper Medium Buying, Claiming, Or Rewarding Mines:
48 to 49 Lead Low Should the characters buy, claim, or be rewarded
50 to 51 Limestone Low with the mine then the mines purchase, treasure,
52 Magnesium Low or reward value should be considered as being
53 Malachite Low 20% the mines total value in minerals. This is
54 Moonstone Medium due to the fact that the minerals in the mine still
55-56 Nickel Low must be mined out.
57-58 Oil Shale Low Example: if one was to acquire a coal mine of
59 Opal Very High 125,000 cubic foot worth a total 20,000 gold
60 Peridot High coins the purchase/treasure value of the mine
61 Phosphorus Low would be actually worth 4,000 gold coins.
62 Platinum Very High
63 to 71 Quartz Low Estimated Mining Labor:
72 Ruby Very High On a typical average it should take around 80
73 to 80 Salt Low total man hours to properly dig out and sift
81 Sapphire Very High through the material of 100 cubic foot of normal
82 to 86 Silver High mining area. A mine deemed to have a soft com-
85 to 90 Sulfur Low position requires only 60 man hours per 100
91 to 92 Talc Low cubic feet while a rough, or thick composition
93 to 94 Tin Low requires 100 total man hours per 100 cubic feet.
95 Titanium High To randomly composition the density of the
96 Topaz High mine roll 1d20 and consult the following:
97 Tourmaline Medium 1-5 Soft Mine
98 to 99 Turquoise Low 6-15 Medium Mine
100 Zinc Low 16-20 Hard Mine


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