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Pierce Whelan

Ms. Mann

Period 4

7 November, 2017

Oregon State University

Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon. It was founded on October, 27,

1868 by Freemasons occupying the area. This day has become a little holiday at the university,

its known as OSU charter day. Due to the large amount of early founders, the university has

named large buildings within the campus after them to appreciate and preserve their part in its

history. OSU is Oregons only Land Grant University, and also its one of the only two

universities in the U.S. to have Sea Grant, Space Grant, and Sun Grant.

The university is an international, co-ed, and public research college. All religious

affiliations are accepted. Its well known for its research efforts, earning over $441 million in

external research funding in 2017. The campus is 422 acres, and its located in a suburban area.

To attend the university, it will be expensive. The average in-state fees is $26,620, and the

average out-of-state fees is $45,100. The tuition for in-state is $10,366, and out-of-state is

$28,846. Room and board is $12,153, books and supplies is $1,551, and other Expenses is

$2,550 (meal plans, this value may vary). Facilities on campus include and arent limited to the

Reser Stadium, various research labs (PMEC), Gill Coliseum, fields, weight training rooms,

dorms, and classrooms.

To submit an application, it will cost a $60 fee. For the student to have a chance of

acceptance, they must have an average GPA of 3.0, an average ACT score of 25, and an average

SAT score of 1180. The deadline for application submissions is February 1. The early decision
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application submission deadline is November 1, if its submitted after this date it will be put into

the normal round.

OSU offers a wide range of academic opportunities and paths. Majors include:

Agricultural Sciences, Business, Earth/Ocean/And Atmospheric Sciences, Education,

Engineering, Forestry, Liberal Arts, Pharmacy, Public Health and Human Sciences, Science, and

Veterinary Medicine. All of these majors have their own college within the campus, and different

degrees. For example, a Business major has degrees in Accounting, Finance, and General

Business. Internships are offered based on the major and company the student wants to intern at.

The university offers double majors, honor programs, and study abroad (over 200 international


The city of Corvallis is a lively and entertaining place. It has a wide selection of things to

do. Students can go to the movies, eat out at restaurants, enjoy nature at state parks, spend a day

shopping at malls, and take their friends to game & recreation centers. Students can buy food or

supplies at the many grocery stores in the area.

Financial aid is offered to students eligible for federal and state aid. An Ecampus grant is

offered to students who have completed the FAFSA application. Scholarships are offered to

scholarly students (opportunities listed on their website). The Office of Financial Aid and

Scholarships helps/answers any questions or needs.

OSU offers a career services department and website. If I was interested in a business

major, which has a recent college graduate unemployment of 7%, and experienced grad of 4.5%,

they would help me decide if it was a good fit, and if there were any careers. They would give

me options like career event dates, the option to search for a job or internship, what can I do with

my major helper, and employer relations helper (on their website).

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Social activities on campus range from, but are not limited to: Student government,

intramural/recreational sports, intercollegiate athletics, and clubs/organizations. To stay in touch

with the college community, they suggest to join a club or organizations. There are hundreds to

choose from like Active Minds, and Acacia Fraternity.

On campus life is a great way to utilize key campus resources and build community.

Studies have shown that it has a positive effect on student success. Students have easier access to

help, clubs, and as a bonus, there are no unexpected funds. They can also attend sporting events

to show school pride. Dorms are available to all grade levels, transfer students, international

students, and communities. There is no lottery system, rooms are distributed based on the

availability of dorms (first-come, first-serve basis). Students apply for housing online, and they

are allowed to pick their roommates. If they want to change their roommates, they must complete

a room change process based on availability of dorms(first-come, first-serve basis). The

university recommends that students bring school, study, kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning

supplies (essentials). Personal items vary, nothing dangerous can be brought. All items must be

in good condition. There are strict alcohol consumption rules. Its prohibited for minors to drink,

but its allowed for ages 21 and above, only if the drinking occurs on campus (party/casual

instances). They prohibit students from drinking and driving. Drugs are not allowed anywhere on

the campus. They strictly enforce all of these rules, and its recommended not to break any.

The university offers four dining plan options, all differ in price, quantity, and quality of

food provided. Plan 1: $22.75, Plan 2: $19.50, Plan 3: $16.50, Plan 4: $13.50. Special offers like

dining dollars, resident discounts, and orange cash (rewards plan) is additional. Dining halls, and

authentic restaurants are scattered around the campus. Students should base their eating habits
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and late night snacking around the schedules of these eateries. Any student looking for an

innovative and nice university should try to attend. Its a rewarding and educational area.

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