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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: 1 / Math Unit: Vegetable Unit (Graphing Vegetables) Lesson Duration: 45 min


General Learning Outcomes: Use patterns to describe the world and to solve problems

Specific Learning Outcomes: Sort objects, using one attribute, and explain the sorting rule

Students will:
1. Learn to sort by length.
2. Graph vegetables names by length.
Observations: Students knowledge of length. Key Questions: Sorting by length.

Written/Performance Assessments:
Worksheet for graphing vegetable names
Resource #1: Smart Notebook Activities
Resource #2: Mathworks Book A
* Smart Notebook Activities
* Graphing Vegetable Names Worksheet
Introduction (5 min.):
Review: Ask what we learned last class. Do you remember? List vegetables on the board.
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Students will engage and learn how to sort objects by length
Transition to Body: Today we are going to learn to sort objects by length.
- Ask students what length is? Write their answers on the board.
- Explain to students what length is. Give real world examples (measure how long objects are in the
- Now lets see who has the longest arms in the class.
Body (35min.):
Learning Activity #1: Sorting Students by Arm Length (write shortest and longest on board)
- Call up 2 students and measure them with a ruler. Have students say who has longer and shorter arms.
- Call up 3 students, measure them and have students raise their hand to answer who has longest and
shorter arms.
- Call up 5 students, measure them and have students answer who is shortest to longest. Organize them as a
Learning Activity #2: Sort Vegetables by length on the smart board
- Go over short and long vegetables.
- Have students see short to long vegetables.
- Have students drag and drop vegetables into shortest to longest
- Now lets try counting letters in words.

Learning Activity #3: Sort Vegetable words by length

- Write words on the board. Ask students to raise their hand and guess which will be longest and shortest.
- Have students count letters in vegetable words.
- Then have students put the words into the graph from shortest to longest.
- Go now you guys are going to do it on your own. Hand out worksheet

Closure (5 min.):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: Have students do a worksheet about sorting vegetable names length.
Review of Lesson: You guys did great sorting by length.
- Ask students which vegetables had the longest and shortest names on the worksheet.

Transition To Next Lesson: Tomorrow we are going to look at another way to measure vegetables.