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Heroes 5 Manual - 1.4 to 1.5 changelog

- FIX: bug correction or important missing detail in previous manual
- UPD: update due to a balance change or new feature in the latest patch
- NEW: new content (new section, new comment...)

- NEW: Veyer (Inferno) added to the Heroes list
- NEW: Warmachines added to the Duel Heroes
- UPD: Duel Heroes/Orson now has the Cursed Ring artifact (instead of the Ring of
the Unrepentant)
- UPD: Lizard Breeder's (Sorgal) Lizard Bite's damage multiplier is now
1.10+0.005*Level (instead of 0.6+0.005*Level - the standard multiplier is 0.5)
- UPD: Gating bonus is now additive (in Gate Keeper special comment)
- UPD: Souldrinker special (Raven) no longer applies the Defense decrease on
Weakness cast by creatures (Archliches, Spectral Dragons)
- FIX: used by Deirdre (Banshee specialist), Banshee decreases Initiative by 10%
as usual, not 20%
- UPD: Suzerain (and other Training modifiers) is now additive

- UPD: Necro Skill Tree/wheel updated
- NEW: Arcane Brillance (Sorcery) gives a level 1-3 spell that the hero can learn
- UPD: Flaming Arrows (Attack) now restores a destroyed Ballista after combat
- UPD: with Scholar, a hero only teaches spells to others, he does not learn
others' spells
- NEW: Guardian Angel can resurrect Gargoyles and Golems

- NEW: Power is now displayed in the creatures tables
- NEW: Call Lightning comment updated
- NEW: Cursing Attack casts Weakness with Advanced mastery

- UPD: Firewall now also damages creatures attacking from inside it, right before
they actually perform the attack

- NEW: All-Seeing Crown adds +4 to range of view

- UPD: Dungeon/Hall of Shadows (Shadow Witches):
* 1.5 cost: 4000 Gold, 5 Wood, 5 Ore, 4 Mercury, 4 Sulfur, 4 Gems.
* 1.4 cost: 4000 Gold, 5 Wood, 5 Ore, 4 Mercury, 4 Sulfur, 4 Crystal.
- UPD: Dungeon/Palace of Shadows (Shadow Matriarches):
* 1.5 cost: 6000 Gold, 5 Wood, 5 Ore, 5 Mercury, 5 Sulfur, 5 Gems.
* 1.4 cost: 6000 Gold, 5 Wood, 5 Ore, 5 Mercury, 5 Sulfur, 5 Crystal.

[Map Locations]
- NEW: Refugee Camp and Elemental Conflux added in Dwellings

[Racial Skills]
- UPD: Training working principles updated
- UPD: Necromancy working principles updated
- NEW: Avenger and Luck are additive (a lucky critical hit deals +200% damage,
+225% with Elven Luck)
[Game Mechanics]
- FIX: There is no [0.1;3] capping for creature damage. Sentence removed

[Advanced Game Mechanics]

- NEW: Enraged subsection added
- NEW: "Defense against the Magical Arts" subsection added

[Sphinx Riddles]
- FIX: Answers are now listed in random order, and the solutions are given at the

[STYLE] style changes (layout, spelling, phrasing...)

- UPD: all in-game texts updated to 1.5 (and fixed where necessary)
- UPD: Difficulty Levels section moved after Adv. Game Mechanics
- UPD: page headers optimized for quicker browsing ("chapter - section" in outside
- UPD: Spirit Link icon updated
- UPD: new icon for Ultimate Counterstrike
- NEW: Skill Wheels are now in A4 format, like the other pages

===[Notes: Differences between version 1.5 and 2.1]============================

- Arcane Intuition (Enlightenment): spells cast by own creatures ARE learned in

1.5, not in 2.1
- Expert Attack gives +15% damage bonus in 1.5, and +20% in 2.1
- Swift Striker (Wyngaal): bonus is +0.005 per level to starting ATB in 1.5, +0.02
per level in 2.1
- Frenzy CAN be dispelled by Cleansing in 1.5. It can NOT in 2.1
- Firewall: like 1.4 + firewall damage suffered right before attacking when
sitting in the firewall (while the damage occurs after the attack in 2.1)

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