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Chemistry Test # Ch 4 (R4) 05-11-13

Q.No.1Choose the best option: 10x1=10

(i) Acetone and chloroform are soluble due to:
(A) hydrogen bonding (B) dipole-dipole forces
(C) instantaneous forces (D) all of these
(ii) Which of the following force is stronger?
(A) London forces (B) Debye forces (C) Hydrogen bonding (D) dipole-dipole forces
(iii) In __________ Austrian Botanist discovered universal property.
(A) 1788 (B) 1888 (C) 1787 (D) 1887
(iv) During the formation of ice from water there is _________ % increase in volume.
(A) 7 (B) 9 (C) 12 (D) 8
(v) Hv of C6H14 should be ______ than that of C2H6.
(A) less (B) Greater (C) equal (D) nothing
(vi) If external pressure is 1489 torr, boiling point of water is:
(A) 1200C (B) 1000C (C) 980C (D) 250C
(vii) In a group on going downward, polarizability generally.
(A) decrease (B) increase (C) constant (D) negligible
(viii) Distillation under very reduced pressure is called:
(A) fractional distillation (B) distillation
(C) vacuum distillation (D) destructive distillation
(ix) Which of the following liquids will have the higher boiling point?
(A) He (B) H2Se (C) CH3OH (D) HCl
(x) Oscilographic and TV displays use.
(A) solid crystal screen (B) liquid crystal
(C) amorphous crystal (D) none of these
Q.No.2 Answer the following short questions: 10x 2=20
(i) What is polarizability?
(ii) HF is weaker acid than HCl, HBr. Justify.
(iii) Why ice floats on the surface of ice?
(iv) Evaporation causes cooling. Give reason?
(v) Why temperature remains constant during boiling of a liquid?
(vi) HS is greater than HV. Justify.
(vii) Why food is cooked quickly in pressure cooker.
(viii) Why M.P and B.P of halogens increase down the group?
(ix) What is the medical use of liquid crystal?
(x) Why boiling needs a constant supply of heat?
Q.No.3 (a) Define London dispassion forces and give some factors affecting the London forces? 05

(b) How vapour pressure is determined from manometric method? 05