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HR Manager,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Mr. Sanjay C. Modi, completed my M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical

Technology from L. M. College of Pharmacy, Gujarat. I am interested to work with your
esteemed organization in formulation development dept or Regulatory affairs dept. Herewith,
I am enclosing my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with
your organization.

It would be an immense honor to work with a reputed organization in the field of

pharmaceuticals. This will help me in getting good exposure. If given an opportunity, I assure
you that I shall work with full sincerity, enthusiasm and abide by the rules and regulation of
your organization. I would be obliged if you could kindly acknowledge the receipt of same.

Thanking You.

Kind Regards,

Contact No: (M) 09924171769 & (R) 09016427640
Email ID: hind18sanjay@gmail.com
Sanjay Chandrakantbhai Modi
J-304, Ganesh Homes, Opp. Essar steel, New Ranip, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 382470.
Contact No: (M) 09924171769 & (R) 09016427640
Email ID: hind18sanjay@gmail.com
Career Objective:

To join a research driven organization which gives me the opportunity to use my skills and
expertise for the development of pharmaceutical products which ultimately improve the
quality of life. Keeping this objective in mind I have decided to work determinedly in such a
way that I not only give 100% but also give more than what is expected from an employer.

Personal Details:

Gender: Male
Birth Date: 18-02-1988
Languages known: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Major Research Project of M. Pharm:

Formulation, Development and Optimization of Controlled Porosity Osmotic Pump Tablets

of Milnacipran Hydrochloride
Guided By: Dr Mukesh C. Gohel and Dr. Rajesh K. Parikh

Area of Interest:

Formulation and Development

Regulatory Affairs

Seminars delivered:

Comparison of Dissolution profiles as per IP, BP, USP and EP
Osmotic Drug Delivery System
Intelligent Drug Delivery Systems and Tailor Made Medicines

Posters Presented:

Presented Poster on Novel Drug Delivery Approaches to bypass P-gp Efflux Pump at
UDCT, Mumbai.
Presented poster on Supercritical Fluid Technology in PHARMAFEST10, National Level
Pharmacy Symposium, Baroda.
Presented poster on Approaches of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Chemotherapy in
Strength and Skills:

Very well versed with Instruments like Dissolution apparatus, Zeta sizer, FTIR, UV
Spectrophotometer, Karl-Fischer Titration, Auto-Titrator, Polarimeter, etc.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office-Word, Excel, Power point and Internet Usage.
Proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking languages viz. English, Hindi,

Educational Details:



M. Pharm June 2011 L. M. College of Pharmacy Gujarat 1st RANK

SEM-IV Ahmedabad Technological Distinction-
University 10 SPI

M. Pharm Jan 2011 L. M. College of Pharmacy Gujarat Distinction-

SEM-III Ahmedabad Technological 8.3 SPI

M. Pharm July 2010 L. M. College of Pharmacy Gujarat First Class-

SEM-II Ahmedabad Technological 7.25 SPI

M. Pharm Jan 2010 L. M. College of Pharmacy Gujarat First Class-

SEM-I Ahmedabad Technological 7.6 SPI

B. Pharm. K. B. Institute of Pharma.

(2005-2009) April 2009 Education and Research, Gujarat First Class-
Gandhinagar University 64.35%

H.S.C. March 2005 Swastik High school, G.H.S.E.B. Distinction-

New Wadaj, Ahmedabad 76.23%

S.S.C March 2003 Swastik High school, G.S.E.B. Distinction-

New Wadaj, Ahmedabad 85.33%

Merits and Achievements:

Achieved All India GATE Rank- 201st with 99.16 percentiles in GATE 2009.
Achieved All India GATE Rank- 1397th with 94.88 percentiles in GATE 2008.
Completed DL-101 General course on Intellectual Property Rights handled by WIPO.
(1st February to 15th March 2010)
Published review article on Novel Drug Delivery Approaches to bypass P-glycoprotein
Efflux Pump in www.pharmainfo.net

Extra Curricular Achievements:

Participated as Volunteer in 61st IPC-2009 held at Nirma University.

Attended two days workshop at Nirma university on Modern equipments for
Formulation Development
Actively participated in organizing M.Pharm Awareness Programme at L. M. College of
pharmacy held during the Academic year 2010-11.
Actively participated in all sports event at my B.Pharm and M.Pharm level.


DR. Rajesh K. Parikh

Associate Professor,
Ph.D. Guide and PG Teacher
Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Email ID: raj55dr@gmail.com
Contact no.: +919898050446

DR. Mukesh C. Gohel

Principal and Head of the Department,
Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Email ID: mukeshgohel@hotmail.com
Contact no.: +919825011795

Mr. Sanjay P. Patel

Patent agent, M.Pharm
Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Baroda, India
Email ID: patentagent2007@gmail.com
Contact no.: +919825867635