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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE


15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

(/author/_bk_sarkhedi) BHAVIK SARKHEDI 10 OCTOBER 2016
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Anyone saying I dont like United Arab Emirates as a traveler is most likely to be a
pessimist, because as far as tourism goes, UAE is one of the best countries to visit in the
Middle east.

A must visit city on every travelers bucket list, UAE is vibrant, luxurious, rich, flashy and
yet it still has its simplicity intact specially in most of its non- metro cities. If youre
planning to visit UAE anytime soon here are the 15 essential things to know that will
help you enjoy your time in UAE profoundly.

1. It is a land of best manmade wonders

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

There are some places that are truly blessed by natural beauty, then there are places like
UAE where natural wonders are not in abundance, so what did they do? They created
the best manmade wonders of the world thereby becoming a benchmark country in
terms of development and effective channelization of resources. Burj Khalifa, largest
handloom carpet in the world, biggest malls in the world, largest manmade fountain,
worlds largest manmade islands, chandeliers with Swarovski crystals and 24 karat gold,
most luxurious hotel in the world; theres nothing in UAE that wont surprise you.

2. It is a conservative Arabian country

Remember you are not visiting USA or UK, where kissing in public and wearing revealing
clothes are normal. UAE is a traditional Arabian country with conservative Islamic laws
and regulations. Dressing decently, no unnecessary skin shows off, no public show of
affection, and no drinking alcohol in public places are some of the must remember rules
when youre traveling to UAE.

3. You just cant come back before trying the desert safari

It is said that no trip to Dubai is complete without trying the famous Dubai desert safari.
The desert safari can be enjoyed along with sunset photography, sand dune bashing in a
44, an international cuisine barbecue dinner at the Bedouin-style desert camp and
even an overnight camp safari. The choice of excursion inclusion is customizable and
you can select from various respectable tour operators like Rayna tours to tailor and
book your desert safari tour. Remember, sand dune bashing is not for the faint-hearted,
pregnant women and infants. You can skip the dune bashing in your tour if you want.

4. The climate is hot, hot, hot

You know UAE is hot, but only when youll get there, youll realize how hot can UAE be
especially if you are going in the summer months. No matter what, do not forget to
apply an SPF30 sunscreen while going out and cover yourself with full hand clothing,
hat, and goggles. If you have time to plan your trip, its better to visit UAE in the cooler
months of November through March.

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

5. This land of dessert has some of the most spectacular beaches too

It wont be exaggerating to call UAE a land of the best of sun, sand, and sea. The country
has some of the most serene beaches including the Jumeirah beach in Dubai, Ghantoot
beach Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali beach, Ajman beach, JBR beach and more. While some of
them are open free public beaches, the ones that are private will offer you the most
luxurious beach time with an impeccable hospitality.

6. It is more cosmopolitan than you think

UAE is traditionally an Islamic country and thats a fact but theres no denying that only
when you visit it (especially its main tourist destinations) you realize, that the country is
quite cosmopolitan. People from all parts of the world can be easily spotted here living
in peace and harmony. Alone in Dubai, there is an 85% population of expats without
even a single communal violence case ever in its history.

7. It might be the most hospitable country youve ever visited

The immaculate hospitality of UAE is known all over the world. Basically, people know
that most of their income comes now from the tourism industry and they try their best
to ensure that the treatment to their guests is world class. The amenities, luxuries, and
the indulgences will leave you craving for more. From getting a gold plated iPad as a
hotel guest to having champagne on a hot air balloon; UAE never ceases to surprise its

8. It is the land of fascinating culture and traditions

It is a great place to learn about the Arabic cultures and traditions. From henna tattoos
to their tanura dances, UAE is the right place to know the intense details about the
traditions and culture of the Arabs. The importance of Ramadan and iftar and the history
of the desert country alongwith its meteoric rise to merge with the developed world is
more than just fascinating, it is inspiring.

9. It has GOLDin abundance

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

There are ATMs in UAE that dispenses gold bars. What more can you ask for? The gold
souk of Dubai on any given day has over 10 tons of gold available for trading. The
jewelers of Dubai have so much of gold of their own that unlike anywhere else they are
free to decide the gold pricing for trade. The worlds most luxurious hotel- Burj Al Arab
has a stunning 1,790 sq-mt. of 24-carat gold leaf covers its interiors. In 2013, 40% of the
physical gold traded in the world was traded in Dubai that together weighed more than
the weight of 354 elephants.

10. In UAE, Friday and Saturday is a weekend

While youre planning to visit UAE, you must know that Friday is a weekend and Sunday
is working. Plan your visits to the malls and other rush places accordingly. Also, metro
cities like Dubai are open till late nights before and on weekend nights, so you can enjoy
a lot of late night clubs, markets, and food lanes.

11. It is one of the safest countries to visit if you stay conscious

UAEs Dubai is the safest city in the world with almost 0% crime rate the capital city of
Abu Dhabi is the 25th best city to live in the world. These titles are not easy to get, it
requires a super vigilante police force and enforcing laws that are sufficient enough to
curtail crime rate. But it goes without say that you need to be alert and conscious about
your own safety too, no matter wherever you go. Respecting the traditions and laws of
UAE will always keep you away from trouble.

12. The laws are slightly different for women

When in UAE, you must remember that it is a Muslim country and the laws are
predominantly more stringent for women. So even if you are from a very open country
where women are free to live their life their way, remember in UAE women live by
certain rules and have to abide by certain regulations that are meant specially for them.
Dont forget, UAE is the country that deported a Saudi man from the country because
he was considered too sexy and it invoked attraction amongst women.

13. UAE is a foodies paradise

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

Being a cosmopolitan country, the variety of food in UAE is enormous, Moreover, if

youre a non-vegetarian the Emirati cuisine in itself is suffice to keep your tummy
singing for months. Theres so many of the tasty dishes unheard by many like the exotic
camel meat, falafel, an exorbitant variety of seafood along with a world of cuisines
including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Indian, Pakistani and more. UAE is the
place where chefs are flown from different countries just to bring authenticity to the

14. The worlds only and best Ferrari theme park- You cant miss it

This is the one thing you cant miss while you are in UAE because theres nothing even
remotely close to the likes of Ferrari World anywhere across the globe. The roller-
coasters at the Ferrari world theme park hit the speed of up to 240kmph, almost giving
you the feel of the high-speed Ferrari car. It has the largest Ferrari logo ever created
with- 65m x 48.5m. It is presently the worlds largest indoor park and the park is
equipped to give visitors the same state-of-the-art racing simulators as those used by
the Ferrari racing team.

15. It is the land of both extreme adventures and adorable romance

If the adrenaline rush is what drives you to a destination, then UAE will surely make it to
your list of must visit places. From the extreme sea adventures such as shark cage
diving, jet skiing, fly boarding, banana boat riding and a lot more of water sports, UAE
brings to you the best of sky adventures too. Enjoy paragliding, skydiving and hot air
balloon rides in UAE with skilled professionals. Even the worlds best water parks are
equipped to give you a rush of a lifetime. You wont regret visiting Dubai Holidays as the
scenic beauty there is awe-inspiring and enchanting.

For the ones looking for a cozy getaway, UAE again is a great place to be. From Dhow
boat cruises to special romantic candle lit dinners at the beach, theres no limit to the
creativity and lengths the hospitable UAE will go to make your special one feel truly

https://yourstory.com/2016/10/19f29d60fd-15-important-things-to-know-before-you-go-to-uae/ 5/9
12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

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UAE - https://yourstory.com/2016/10/19f29d60fd-15-important-things-to-know-before-you-go-to-

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE




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12/17/2017 15 Important Things To Know Before You Go To UAE

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