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Vera Cruz Rubato 7 ' 2 Milton Nascimento A Gm? Bou I SSeS (st) Ho fe leper aoe (OC) Que = roem on = te man = sh lm = = ome le vo pa rpm rar egos ven - tos megs - que - cen Few? >) Ve =m ome bar = coq? zx mue = ie dei = to ones sa dor meu cor = po sem ne + ie B] Medium Samba J- 120 vou par = tir as wis de Ve = ow ar Cow, iti Alte S pedal) A Dautlotia) G G Sy de ents Po Tan! Qui = se = ora es = que Dahl Nos Ho- os me he - BAM Qi = se = en = con Gm? moog me fi dew a te ge) ee tae wove ln Cmi* Bm? o— Cru, ss ey prin = t que fh cou — da Cru, a 108 cam = pos € no. mar mas Cru, eo prin - to que cou da Bes 3 Erma? Om? mor - te queso ohei_______ nas coi “A ° « se sol no. Jon se per mor = te que per = nas coi cu o- 1 10a Parwns Green, London SWV6, Used by Perini of Musi Sales Lu All Rights Reserve 52 har. Thar. Gantt (niger) pov; © (bs.G pedal Gusto Of Cut Aaa, A ‘onjstr. | ps | i —— J Se 7 — = f r den, DC al Coda Rubate} ro (take 3rd ending) dD Gm? Gms Gwen SS SS Se Gm? Am? Abt DPS D573) be — ot) . | Gms Gai Gat Bb SS ee ee Cm? Bui? Bes Bbw? Se 4S et 2 Dm! Gm Gui"? Gm f — = ee | | | dL. (ist time ony) (sample bass) After solos, DS. (repeat 3rd verse) [Bland Ist ending Vamp & fade on fst ending iE f 2 late) oe Cea (G pedal) (English lyric by Lani Hall) C: Oh, just say to me, “Again.” Look only for the sun, world is empty fives that I ee, Tan believe you're gone. No, never would we ty ccare to ever know love Our hands would dance the way, without the time to ery You gave to me so much when morning made our song, and sow it seems s0 fat. A:Now I see the night-time shadows breaking over dreams that have no mote to say COh, what can’t] mean for stars? The song it means too much. If ime will pass I'll wat for you until ings to know when twilight seer night just for dreams, you say to me, “Again and then I'll wait for you again, The (No 3rd Verse in English lyric)