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Scratchboard Shoe Project

Criteria Excellent Good Average Emerging Lacks Evidence
10 or 9.5 9 or 8.5 8 or 7.5 7 or 6.5 6 & below

Value & Form Student used a full

range of values from
Student used a medium
range of values from
Student used a small
range of values from
Student used few values
from black to white.
Assignment was
incomplete and lacks
very black to white (5 black to white (4 to 6 black to white (3 to 4 Value transitions are not evidence.
to 7 steps are visible). steps are visible). Value steps are visible). Value smooth or accurate to
Value transitions are transitions are mostly transitions are somewhat show form. Highlights,
smooth and accurate smooth and fairly smooth and partially shadows, or reflected
to show form. accurate to show form. accurate to show form. light are not seen.
Highlights, shadows, Highlights, shadows, or Highlights, shadows, or
and reflected light reflected light show a reflected light are visible
show a specific light light source. but light source is
source. unclear.

Drawing The drawing is well

observed, does not
The drawings is generally
observed, does not
The drawings is
somewhat observed,
The line drawing is not
well observed, some
Project unfinished and
lacks evidence. Does not
generalize, includes generalize, includes does not generalize, generalized areas, resemble the photo.
details. Dude, it looks details. The drawing including some details. including little detail. The
better than a photo! looks close to a photo. The drawing has some drawing has few
similarities to the photo. similarities to the photo. .

Mark-making Used a variety of

Used some of the
mark-making techniques
Used one or two of the
mark-making techniques,
Haphazardly used one of
the mark-making
Areas of the shoe are
unfinished and lacks
techniques techniques including
including hatching,
cross-hatching, stippling,
including hatching,
cross-hatching, stippling,
techniques, including
hatching, cross-hatching,

cross-hatching, scribble, and scumbling. scribble, and scumbling. stippling, scribble, and
stippling, scribble, and The image shows The image shows some scumbling. The image
scumbling. WOWZA, texture. texture. shows little texture.
look at that TEXTURE!

Presentation The work is mounted

neatly, no pencil/eraser
Most of the instructions
have been completed
More than one of the
instructions is incorrect.
Work is messy,
incomplete and not much
Project unfinished and
lacks evidence.
marks, mounted correctly, minor problems care is taken to follow
straight on the board instructions.
and signed in pencil
under the right side of
the print.

Effort & Always tries their best,

participates in lectures,
Usually tries their best,
participates, and seeks
Sometimes tries their
best, participates, and
Rarely tries their best,
participates, and seeks
Shows little effort and
does not seek help when
Conduct and seeks help when
needed. Uses class
help when needed. Uses
class time wisely.
seeks help when needed.
Uses most of the class
help when needed. Has
trouble using class time
needed. Does not use
class time wisely.
time wisely and comes time wisely. wisely.
in extra when needed.

COMMENTS: Total Points:


Weebly 1. Completed
reflection based on the
2. Title for the project
located within their
3. Edited and cropped
photo of finished project.
4. Photos of process
and/or planning
5. All criteria completed
within a week of the
Website 40 questions
portfolio page. sketches. project's due date

COMMENTS: Total Points: