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Benefits of Academic Projects:

• Get explore to wide scope.
• To learn new things.
• Knowing of programming-aid.
• Projects are reflection of Performance (Interview Purpose).
• Very Important to Build Resume.
• Team Working Spirit.
• Very Important Knowledge Enhancing Task.
[So don’t take it So Casually]
Steps to follow for Project :
• Selection of Subject.
• Selection of Topic.
• Extracting Project from Topic.
• Literature Survey.
• Selection of processes, experiments and programming-aid.
• Learning and knowing required skills.
• Listing and Sorting of various tasks in the Project.
• Performing, experimenting, analyzing all tasks.
• Site Visits if required.
• Extracting results and conclusions.
• Preparing and Finalizing database and its printing.
If you have unique/good concept project, you can approach for Research Paper.
Academic Project Basics:
• Mostly Project is divided into two parts.
1. Literature Survey.
2. Analysis and Report Preparation.

 Literature Survey includes base theory of Project.

For eg. Any Research Paper, Any Book, Concept from Technical Magazine, Any
formula, or any reference holding some theory or extended theory and a overall
concept that of what a project can be.

 Analysis is Core Part which is proof of Literature Survey.

It includes various experiments, methodologies, and various practical task. It can
be either on field or on Programming-aid. Results and conclusions are extracted
after Analysis.
Choosing Topic is Diffcult Task:
• To have perfect topic, then you must Study Hard or already you are
studying hard then its not difficult to get a topic.
• But Not Every one is lucky to get perfect topic at first attempt.
• There are lot of Stuff experimented before and availability resources
are so much that you may confuse.
• Topic Searching is Frustrating Sometimes !!!!!
• So what to do??
Suggestions for Searching Topic:
• Lots of Stuff available but what to choose is difficult.
• It also depends on Your Interest Field. Civil Engineering is tremendous wide
• So You have to go hand in hand with Subject and Topic.
• Some Subject you can think about:
o Structural Engineering o Highway Engineering o Geotechnical Engineering
o Environmental Engineering o Surveying o Project Management.
o Concrete Technology o Town Planning o Estimation Costing.
o Earthquake Engineering. o Hydrology o Foundation Engineering.
Etc there’s lot more…
Suggestions for Searching Topic:
• If you have any topic in mind or any idea then go through Research Paper.
• Select a Subject and Search for Research Paper.

Research Paper:
• Research Paper itself can be a Project.
• Combination of Similar Paper can be a Project.
• You can make extended part of Paper.
• A lot of Stuff you can explore from Research Paper.
Suggestions for Searching Topic:
• You can also find topics from Programming Aid.

Some Civil Engineering Programming-aid :

• Staad Pro • Safe • CSI Bridges

• Etabs • MS Project • Bentley Bridges
• Revit • Primavera • MX Roads
• Ansys • Tekla BIM Structures • Arc GIS
• Sap2000 • Bently Road Network • Autocad
Suggestions for Searching Topic:
• Some link which can be useful to search.
• http://1000projects.org/projects/civil-projects-topics/
• http://unsolvedengineering.co.in/project-topics/
• http://civil.final-year-projects.in/
• http://projectabstracts.com/category/civil-projects
Voila Too Much Data :
Lil help:
If you are not to much into expert study level.
Basics are not too much cleared.
Then you can choose some basics concepts clearing Projects.

 Lets go through it
• Designing of G+5/6/7/8/ and its earthquake analysis.
• Earthquake analysis of different irregular structural models.
• Earthquake analysis of different models with different EQ Analysis Methods.
• EQ analysis of irregular structures with regular structures.
• Designing of Water Treatment Plant.
• Designing of Sewage Water Treatment Plant.
• Designing of roads on irregular ground by Surveying.
• Traffic and noise analysis and solutions over it. (Eg you can take any live area)
• Total Station Project.
• Retaining wall designing.
• Overhead / Underground Water tank designing.
• Calculation of Runoff using programming-aid.
• Foundation Designing in different soil condition.
• Designing of Bridge and its components.(Suspension Bridge Design)
• Composite Structures.
• Structure analysis of pre-stress technology.
• Concrete testing using different elements/admixtures/soils etc.
• Town Planning Project.
• Project Management and Scheduling (extraction from live project)
• Supply Chain Management
• Estimation of Structures
• Making of Map for various purposes …………………………etc
Civil Engineering is Huge and beyond our Imaginations….
So you must work hard or else you will die in frustration of why I m Engineer.
What we are studying are basics and we know lesser than that.
Ok Left those things Apart:
For Project Topics:
We can also think of some social aspects like Eco friendly.
Sustainable / Green Structure if find good stuff go for it.
There are also Dam related topics for water resource management.
You can go for Sky Walk designing in required areas.
There are some waste water treatment plant in Pimpri Chinchwad where the
outcome solid waste is used for manure and out come water for nearby gardens.
So overall use. It’s a Big Deal but u can case study and design prototype.
Staad, Etabs, Sap200, Safe are quick learning can be helpful for Beginners.
Finally we want to tell you:
Take Project Seriously it will help you for
• Knowledge Enhancement
• Resume Building
• And much more
Trust Us It’s Best Experience and Lots of Fun Learning In Academic Project
All the Best Folks.

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