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Shrimp Hatchery water colour problem.

we are operating two plants simultaneously in a Shrimp hatchery, with the same
source of raw water. Water in one filter is green and other filter is blue. All the
chemical, physical and microbial parameters are same or similar. We are unable to
ascertain the reason for the same. The green water is more clear as compared to
blue. Kindly share your views or suggestions in any thing we are missing.

Check outlet of water in glass beaker before it falls in tank. Is it same? Try sampling
at various treatment point outlet...

1. Is this water after treatment?

2. What type of chemical treatment are you doing before filter?
3. Are the residence times in all the tanks are same before filter?
4. Which type of filter is that and is the material of filter is same for both?
Can you please let us know...

What kind of filter... slow sand filter?

Is there any copper in either system? Maybe show the analytical characteristics of
each tank: pH, Alkalinity, TS, EC, TDS, VS, TSS, Turbidity, COD, DO, Temp?

Can we help with aeration and mixing?

Purely from the photo's - but the "green" line appears to have a lot more movement
in the water. PLease let us know what the source of this might be? Is this a new
developing concern or has it always been like this?

Colour defrent because on pond growth plantonk with defrent genus, please check
vibrio, pH and alkalinity, if alkalinity > 150 ppmCaCO3, water colur is green, if < 80
ppmCaCO3 water Colur blue. Then pH range 7 - 7.5.

Any copper in system?

Check the retention time of water and blow down frequency in both ponds . Check
any copper or brass valves or pipe lines in distribution .

Going back to your original question you state that you are operating two plants -
are both plants the same or different. If different then please elaborate.
You state that you have the same raw water source for the shrimp hatchery. Are the
‘shrimps’ of the same species or do they vary eg prawns, lobsters, crabs etc. Please

Empty the tanks, and refill them.

Check copper content. pH at 6.4 and lower attacks copper.

I have found copper to corrode at a pH of 6.8. Carbon Dioxide when in water will
form Carbonic Acid which typically is heaver than water.

The water coloration does look a lot like Copper Concentration!

There are two reasons for that:

1- Water rich of phytoplankton and algae will look green.
2- water riches in copper will have blue or green colour.
- take some samples from the two waters and test them for copper concentration
and for algae.
- what kind of chemicals are you using for the tanks?
- what are the resident time for these waters before filtration?

Yea light refraction.

firstly is one tank a return and the other is feed tank .
One tank seems to be enriched more than the other.
All the above answers seem viable.
Small difference in ph as it is logarithm calculation.
looks you could be using bluestone as one chemical (blue vitriol).
try transferring one tank over to the other with submersible pump.

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