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Pumps Valves Systems

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Amacan P – Submersible motor pump

with axial propeller

Industry Water Waste Water Energy Building Services Mining

■ Irrigation and drainage
pumping stations
■ Storm water pumping stations
■ Raw and clean water pumps in
waterworks and waste water
treatment plants
■ Cooling water pumps in
power stations & industry
■ Industrial water supply
■ Waterways protection, flood
control & aquaculturer
Further information:
Amacan P – Submersible motor pump
with axial propeller

 1 Easy to install
The pump‘s own weight ensures self-centering seating
in the discharge column, and an O-ring seals it in.
No anchoring or anti-rotation elements; quick to   .3
install or remove.

 2 Trouble-free operation
Mechanical seal in tandem arrangement protects
against fibrous material. Years of trouble-free  . 4
operation thanks to liquid supply chamber and
high quality wear-resistant contact face materials.

1579.0211/2-10 / 02.10 / Subject to technical modification without prior notice / © KSB Aktiengesellschaft 2010
 3 Economically efficient
The slim motor minimizes discharge column flow
 4 Reliable
bearing temperature monitoring, thermal motor
protection, leakage sensors in the motor/connection
space and leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal

5 Hydraulically optimized
Low-vibration hydraulics, vortex-free inlet flow
due to inlet ribs and optimized bellmouth.   .2


Materials Technical data

Diffuser casing Cast iron Capacity up to 7,000 l/s
Motor housing Cast iron Head up to 12 m
Shaft 1.4021.05/1.0457.05 Power rating up to 600 kW
Impeller Duplex stainless steel Fluid temperature up to 40 ˚C
Casing wear ring Stainless steel Automation available
Screws, bolts and nuts A 4

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