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23-01-2016 12 10 MINUTES
Q#1 Encircle the best option. 1x12=12
(i) Ice freeze in Lakes and ponds
(a) From surface to downward direction (b) From bottom to surface
(c) Only on surface (d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’
(ii) In an open system, vapour pressure of the pure water at sea level at 100ºC will be
(a) 600 mm of Hg (b) 760 mm of Hg (c) 670 mm of Hg (d) 700 mm of Hg
(iii) Molar heat of vaporization of water is
(a) 140kj/mol (b) 14kj/mol (c) 24kj/mole (d) 40.6kj/mol
(iv) Covalent solids are composed of…
(a) Ions (b) Molecule (c) Neutral atoms (d) Compounds
(v) Crystal lattices of substances can be categorized into……
(a) Three types (b) Two types (c) Five types (d) Seven types
(vi) Which of the following is face centered cubic arrangement…….
(a) ABC-ABC (b) AB-AB (c) ACB-ACB (d) CBA-ABC
(vii) London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the
(a) Molecules of water in liquid state (b) Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature
(c) Molecules of solid iodine (d) Molecules of hydrogen chloride gas.
(viii) When water freezes at 0ºC its density decreases due to
(a) Cubic structure of ice (b) Empty spaces present in the structure of ice
(c) Change of bond lengths (d) Change of bond angles
(ix) In order to mention the boiling point of water at 110ºC the external pressure should be
(a) b/w 760 torr and 1200 torr (b) b/w 200 torr and 760 torr
(c) 765 torr (d) Any value of pressure
(x) Amorphous solids
(a) Have sharp melting points (b) Undergo clean cleavage when cut with knife
(c) Have perfect arrangement of atoms (d) Can possesses small regions of orderly arrangement of atoms
(xi) The molecules of CO2 in dry ice from the
(a) Ionic crystals (b) Covalent crystals (c) Molecular crystals (d) Any type of crystal
(xii) Which of the following is a pseudo solid?
(a) CaF2 (b) Glass (c) NaCl (d) All


Q#2 Write short answer of the following questions. 10x2=20

i. Explain that Earthenware vessels keep water cool.
ii. Explain it. In the hydrogen bonded structure of HF, which is the stronger bond: the shorter covalent bond or
the longer hydrogen bond between different molecules.
iii. Water and ethanol can mix easily and in all proportions justify.
iv. Explain cleansing action of Soaps and detergents.
v. Why HF is a weaker acid as compared to HCl.
vi. Define Lattice Energy mention factors which affect it.
vii. Explain briefly VBT of metals.
viii. Define anisotropy with example.
ix. Sodium chloride and caesium chloride have different structures. Explain
x. One of the unit cell angles of hexagonal crystal is 120º.
Q#3 a) What are ionic solids? Mention important properties of ionic solids. 04
b) Define liquid crystals. Give their uses in daily life. 04

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