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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Rules Reference

WEAPON TYPES unit that Charged has fought. Select one of your models unless the unit has Fly. May move
own eligible unit and immediately Fight with it. vertically up terrain.
Assault: If a model Advanced this turn, it may Insane Bravery (2 CP): Automatically pass a 2. Advance.
fire this weapon with a -1 to the hit roll. single Morale test. Must be used before taking Roll a dice and add it to the unit’s Move value.
Heavy: If model Moved, subtract 1 from Hit the test. Units who Advance cannot shoot or charge this
rolls with this weapon. Return to the Shadows (1 CP): Use this turn.
Rapid Fire: Double the number of attacks stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. 3. Fall Back.
against targets within ½ this weapon’s maximum Select a GENESTEALER CULTS A unit within 1” of an enemy unit can remain
range. INFANTRY unit from your army that is more stationary or fall back. To fall back, unit must
Grenade: When a unit Shoots, one model may than 6" away from any enemy model (you end its Move at least 1” away from all enemy
throw 1 equipped grenade instead of firing its cannot select a unit that has arrived as models.
Ranged weapons. reinforcements this turn). Remove that unit from Units who fall back cannot Advance or Charge
Pistol: Model can fire all its pistol weapons, the battlefield. At the end of your next this turn.
even if an enemy unit is within 1” of its own movement phase that unit returns to the Units also cannot Shoot unless they have Fly.
unit. In this case, it may also fire if other battlefield using the Cult Ambush ability. *Minimum Move. Flying models may have a
friendly units are within 1” of its target. Model Meticulous Uprising (1 CP): Use this Stratagem minimum/maximum move value. A flying
must choose between shooting all pistol or non- before rolling on the Cult Ambush table. Roll model must move its minimum move value or
pistol ranged weapons before rolling any dice. two dice instead of one and choose either of the be destroyed. A flying model that moves off the
results. If the unit you are rolling for is a Primus, table is also destroyed.
WOUND ROLL or is arriving along with a Primus, roll three dice
instead of one, and select any of the results. 2. PSYCHIC
Attack Strength vs Target D6 Roll to Hit
Toughness 1. Choose a Psyker
Strength doubles (or more) 2+ GENERAL RULES Each Psyker may attempt 1 unique power per
Toughness Unit Coherency. Each model in a unit must end phase. If playing Matched Play, each non-Smite
Strength greater than 3+ all movement within 2” (or 6” vertically) of at power may only be attempted once per turn,
Toughness least 1 model in its unit. If it cannot, the unit rather than once per Psyker.
Strength equal to 4+ can’t move until it can end its movement in Unless otherwise noted, Psykers know Smite* in
Toughness Coherency. addition to its other powers.
Strength lower than 5+ Rerolls. A dice may only be rerolled once. 2. Make Psychic test**
Toughness Rerolls happen before any modifiers are applied, Roll 2d6. If the number matches or exceeds the
Strength half (or less) than 6+ i.e. only “natural misses” are rerolled. power’s warp charge value, the power is
Toughness successfully manifested.
1. MOVEMENT A Psyker can only attempt each power once per
COMMAND POINTS AND STRATAGEMS turn, whether or not it is successful.
Models must end all movement more than 1”
Start with 3 CP. 3. Enemy may Deny the Witch
away from enemy models.
One enemy Psyker within 24” may attempt to
Note: In Matched Play, a player may not use the A unit may perform one of the following deny a successful manifestation.
same Stratagem twice in the same phase. actions: Enemy rolls 2d6. If it exceeds your roll, the
power is negated.
Command Reroll (1 CP): Re-roll a single dice. 1. Move. Each spell may only have one Deny the Witch
Counter-Offensive (2 CP): Use after an enemy Cannot move through wall-like terrain or other attempt, regardless of the number of enemy
Psykers within range. can fire Overwatch. Models that Charged this turn can only target
3. Overwatch. units they Charged this turn.
Can only fire Overwatch if no enemy is within Models and Units can split their attacks between
*Smite. Charge value 5. The closest visible 1”. different enemy models. You must declare how
enemy unit with 18” suffers d3 mortal wounds. Resolve Overwatch just like shooting, but a 6 is the Unit’s attacks will be split before rolling any
If the result of the Psychic test was 10+, the always required for a hit, regardless of BS or dice, and resolve all attacks against a target
target suffers d6 mortal wounds instead. modifiers. before moving on to the next one.
4. Make Charge Move. The model’s Attack stat determines its number
**Perils of the Warp. If you roll a double 1 or Roll 2d6 to determine unit’s Charge distance. of melee attacks.
double 6 when taking the Psychic test, Psyker First model moved must end within 1” of a 4. Choose Melee Weapon.
immediately suffers d3 mortal wounds. If slain targeted enemy unit or charge fails. A model may use any equipped melee weapon
by Perils of the Warp, the power fails and each No model may move within 1” of an enemy unit for each attack.
unit within 6” suffers d3 mortal wounds. that wasn’t targeted, or charge fails. If a model has no weapon listed, it has a Close
Combat Weapon with Strength: User and
3. SHOOTING Heroic Intervention: After opponent completes Damage: 1.
all charge moves, you may move any of your 5. Resolve Combat Attacks. This is like
1. Choose a unit that did not advance or fall
Characters within 3” of an enemy unit up to 3” resolving Shooting, except you use the model’s
back, or is not within 1” of an enemy unit.
closer to the nearest enemy model. Weapon Skill for hits.
6. Consolidate. You may move each model in
2. Choose Targets.
Focus of Adoration: Friendly GENESTEALER the unit up to 3” closer to the nearest enemy
Each model may target different units.
CULT INFANTRY units can perform a Heroic model.
A unit must be within range and line of sight of
Intervention whilst they are within 6" of this
the attacking model, and cannot be within 1” of
Warlord, even if they are not CHARACTERS. 6. MORALE
friendly models. Models can see through other
models in their unit.
5. FIGHT Active player takes Morale Tests first. Tests are
Models with Pistols may shoot even while
taken for each unit that had a model slain this
within 1” of enemy models. See Pistol in
1. Choose Unit to Fight With. turn.
Weapon Types.
All units that Charged this turn fight before any Roll a dice and add 1 for each model in the unit
A character model cannot be chosen unless it is
other unit. slain this turn.
the closest visible unit to the model shooting it.
Beginning with the active player, players take Compare this to the highest Leadership within
This does not apply to models with a Wounds
turns activating their units that are within 1” of the unit. If it exceeds that number, the test is
characteristic of 10+.
enemy models until all eligible models have failed.
3. Resolve Attacks.
fought. For each point above the Leadership, a model
Remember that a roll of 1 always fails on the hit,
2. Pile In. Move each model up to 3” towards flees and is removed from play.
wound, and saving roll.
the closest enemy model, even if it’s not part of
a unit that was Charged.
3. Choose Targets.
1. Choose Unit to Charge With. An enemy model can be targeted if:
Must be within 12” of an enemy unit. The attacking model is within 1” of the target, or
Cannot charge if advanced or fell back this turn. The attacking model is within 1” of a model
2. Choose Targets. Select one or more enemy from its own unit that meets the previous
units within 12” as the target. Each target unit requirement.