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with some positive reports from our recent trip there. Prior to the China trip however, Bret and I traveled to Burma and Laos.While in Burma we visited Shwee and were pleased to see what God is doing in her life.

She is walking now without crutches and is very happy. Her left foot still has a tendency to turn outward and may require some minor surgery to correct this problem. Please pray that God would totally heal her feet and that she would be able to walk normal.

It was a real treat to hear her laugh while we were visiting. I had never heard her laugh before and it brought such joy to my heart. She laughed twice while we were there, and when we left she was playing with the other kids and laughing with them. They were enjoying her and she was having fun. Our contact, who has worked with us from the beginning with Shwee, said she never played with other kids before, so he was pleased as well.

On this trip we discovered there is a pastor in that village. VBB will begin assisting him and his church with whatever is needed in an outreach to their village. The medical clinic is almost finished and the plans are to begin providing health

care the beginning of June. The clinic will provide medical care for more than 12,000 people living in the village. Please pray that God will use the clinic to demonstrate His love to the many people in this village.

After visiting Burma and dropping off 250 Burmese Bibles, seeds and clothes, we made a quick trip into Laos where we delivered more Bibles and hymnals. As always, our contact was very grateful for the help. From there we flew to Northern China and met up with the other 17 team members. By the grace of God we all made it safely through customs and delivered over 1,000 Pastor Study Bibles to the contacts. Then 13 of us travelled to the southern part of China to carry in more Bibles.

It is reported that over 30,000 people a day are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, and there are now estimated to be more than 130 million Christians making up the Church in China. Having carried Bibles to China for over twenty years, I was surprised at how tight the borders are now. There are so many police everywhere; it seems that they are very concerned about the upcoming Olympics.

The resistance to the Word of God on this trip was the most I have ever seen. The first few days we met much resistance, and our success rate at the border was very low. While in prayer I sensed the Lord saying that there needed to be more prayer going up. We decided to have at least one team member stay back while the others were crossing the borders. It was amazing to see the Lord open the borders in answer to the many prayers that were being lifted from ourselves, people at home and in China.

Our success rate quickly climbed back up and we all could testify how God would create distractions and diversions as we went through customs. We felt that if we were stopped we should look at it as an opportunity to share the Gospel with the customs officials.


charge was very angry, and they videotaped the team and harassed them. Later that night we moved all the materials to a safer place in another city as we were concerned that the Bibles that had been successfully carried across the border would all be lost. Thankfully God’s hand of protection was upon us, and we were able to deliver everything safely to the contact.

The group returned a couple days later to pick up their Bibles from that border crossing. The man working in the confiscation area couldn’t speak English and called another man on the phone to translate for him. One of our team members told the translator his frustration with the way that they had been harassed when the materials had been confiscated, and were now being hassled when trying to collect the Bibles. The translator responded, “You don’t understand, China is a Communist country. Things are not good here.” The team member then asked him if he wanted him to go back to America and tell people that China is not an open place, that Christians are not welcome, that the Word of God is not wanted in China, and people should not come to the Olympics. He then said in a dejected tone, “Please do.” Abruptly the call was ended and the customs officials immediately returned the Bibles and told the team to leave.

Please do not be fooled by the propaganda that is coming out of China. They are presenting an image to the Western media that China is prosperous and free. While they are prospering, many of our brothers and sisters are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. One pastor, who was arrested for printing Christian literature legally and then released after 37 days, has been rearrested and is facing espionage charges of supposedly selling military secrets to the West. He has taken foreigners to the villages to see what God is doing and this may cost him his life. Please pray that God will intervene, the charges against him will be proven false, and he will be released.

There are many reports being circulated that many Bibles are being printed in China, giving the impression that there is no need for more Bibles. This is completely false. There is tremendous need for the Word of God in China. The house Church leaders are crying out for Bibles. While some Bibles make it to the cities, very few make it to the villages where the revival is the greatest. We asked our contact if Bibles are available in Beijing. He reported that only 2-3 bookstores have them in Beijing, and each bookstore may have a couple copies. Beijing is a city of more than 12 million people.

We found a few Bibles for sale in a southern city of more than 9 million people, but this is a drop in the bucket compared to the need. Some people report that Bibles are available through the Government Church. If a Chinese Christian goes to buy one copy there wouldn’t be a problem (if they are available). But if they try to purchase a larger quantity, they could be endangering themselves and other believers. As a result, the Underground Church is hesitant to buy them.

At the current rate of growth in the Chinese Church, there is a need for one million additional Bibles each month just to keep up. Many of the 130 million Christians do not even have one Bible while many of us at home have 5-10 Bibles in our houses, most of which we haven’t read for years. Please pray about joining a Bible delivery trip or helping us to purchase more Bibles for China and other countries desperate for the Word of God.


DAY AND SAID, “If you don’t love the Word of God, you won’t care if others get it or not.” I’m thankful for God’s Word and that is why VBB is committed to get as many Bibles as possible around the world. Pastor Allen Yuan said “We are desperate for Bibles. Please bring us Bibles! That day I promised the Lord that I would do everything I could to get more Bibles to our brothers and sisters in China. Please

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join us in this worthy endeavor that is impacting people for eternity.

Please keep our Chinese brothers and sisters in prayer during this time of persecution:

On February 28th eleven young people, between the ages of 16 and 17, along with two leaders were detained while attending a house church Bible study. On April 13th 46 house church Christians were arrested in XinJiang’s Kashi City for holding a Bible class and worship in a private home without government permission. A Uyghur man named Alimjan has been accused of endangering national security by preaching God’s Word to other people. He has been branded a separatist and terrorist by the Chinese government and is possibly facing punishment by death.

God Bless You!

Patrick and Staff

Please keep our Chinese brothers and sisters in prayer during this time of persecution