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Project Assignment # 2

Prepare a “trial run” of bibliographical citations for your project.

Find ten citations which look promising including as many as possible of the following:
• a monograph (book)
• a dissertation
• a substantive article from a periodical
• an essay from an edited volume or festschrift
• a review of a performance or score
• a website

Present them in Chicago style (or another accepted style) for BIBLIOGRAPHIES. Then, on a second page,
take the same ten and pretend you are quoting from an interior page, and cast them in the proper
citation style for NOTES. When constructing the notes, remember to add sample (hypothetical) page
number(s), pretending to be the exact location of the citation in question.

To clarify: The final product here will be a bibliography of at least 10 citations (as if it were this was the
bibliography at the end of your paper) and then on a second page, a second set of those same citations
cited as if they were endnotes (as if they were appearing at the end of a chapter in which you had
quoted these resources).