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Submodalities are the particular perceptual qualities that may be registered by each of the five primary
sensory modalities (senses). Each representational system is designed to perceive certain basic features of
the experiences it senses.

Our visual modality (sight) can perceive qualities such as color, brightness, shape, depth, etc.

Our auditory modality (hearing) can register volume, pitch, tempo, etc.

Our kinesthetic modality (feeling) can perceives such qualities as pressure, temperature, texture, etc.

These qualities are called "submodalities" in NLP since they are sub-components of each of the
representational systems.

Here are some common submodalities:


Brightness (dim - bright) Size (large - small) Color (black & white - color) Movement (fast - slow - still) Distance
(near - far) Focus (clear - fuzzy) Location


Volume (loud - soft) Tone (bass - treble) Pitch (high - low) Tempo (fast - slow) Distance (close - far) Rhythm


Intensity (strong - weak) Area (large - small) Texture (rough - smooth) Duration (constant - intermittent)
Temperature (hot - cold) Weight (heavy - light) Location

Each submodality registers qualities that may range between the two opposites e.g. dim - bright; color - black
& white; loud - quiet; high - low; hot - cold, etc.

For practice purposes, you may pick two images, one of something that brings you pleasure and another of
something you dislike and notice the "submodalities" - the difference in how you represent these images in
your mind. Notice which one is brighter, which one is darker, etc.

Experiment with changing submodalities on these images and pay attention how your feelings toward what
these images represent change, too.

When you get a grasp of submodalities, move on to Swish Pattern

The Swish Pattern is a popular NLP technique that is used to change automatic internal response associated
with a particular mental image. Automatic internal responses are often associated with a particular image
toward which the response is directed. This image acts as an "attractor" for particular feelings and behaviors.

The first step in the Swish Process is to identify the idea you desire to change and the image associated with
that idea. As an idea to be changed get an image of your physical body as it is now.

The next step is to create an image of yourself you'd rather express i.e. your taller body. Of course, even
though the second image is desirable, it may not yet act as strong "attractor" as the image of your body the
way it is now. The repetition of the Swish Pattern process will change this.

The third step in the Swish Pattern is to explore which submodality qualities of the images influence the
quality of intensity. This is done by alternating such qualities as the color, brightness, focus, movement,
depth, shape, etc. of the images and noticing how it influences your feelings in relation to them.

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Grow Taller Bonus Report 16 http://www.deeptrancenow.com/height/gtb16.htm

The key is to find submodality qualities that diminish the intensity of response to the first image (your body
as it is now) and to intensify the response of the image of your taller body.

The core of the Swish Pattern lies in the way the image of your taller body is substituted for the image of your
body as it is now. The image of your body as it is now needs to be destabilized and replaced with the image of
your taller body so that you have a sense of "going away" from your body as it is now, and "going toward"
the new "attractor" i.e. your taller body - to the point that your taller body feels more real than your body as it
is now.

In a typical Swish process, the initial image of your body as it is now would be big, bright and close so that its
effect is felt as strong and immediate. Superimposed over the image of your body as it is now e.g. in the bull's
eye of this image you would place a tiny bright dot, containing within it the image of your taller body.

The Swish process proceeds by exchanging the two images - you can begin slowly, however the trick lies in
repeating the process as quickly as you can. In this exchange, you can imagine the bright dot exploding the
image of your body as it is now so that nothing is left of it, while the image of your taller body takes over - the
image becoming big, bright, in full color, while the image of your body as it is now completely dissolves into

With every repetition you'd begin with the image of your body as it is now, and the image of your taller body
placed in the bull's eye of that image as tiny as a bright dot, and then rapidly exchange the two images. You
can add (imagine) sound effects such as "swish", or an "explosion" or whatever else you find appropriate.

I would recommend that, if you enjoy music, you pick a song that has a distinct beat and then mentally repeat
the "swish pattern" on every beat. The more you engage in this process, the more miraculous results you will
experience. If you can find enough time - you can engage in this process for about half-an-hour a day.

You may begin to practice Swish pattern slowly until you get a hang of the process, however for best results
you should keep on repeating the process faster and faster until the process of exchange of images if faster
than you can consciously keep track of.

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