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Lesson 4

i as in pig

Activity 1

1) Present the words pig, pin,sit, kid, wig,sip,dim,big, fin

(Teacher may use word cards or chart)

Activity 2 Word Recognition Exercises

Exercise 1 Box the following words.

p i g

Wig dim fin kid sip pit

Establilsh the focalization of each word by identifying the height of the letter
composing the word.

e.g. big – letter with a tail, short letter, letter with a tail

big – tall letter, short letter with a tail

Exercise 2 Fit a word in each box. Select from the words inside the bracket.

a. ( sip, kid, sit )

( pig, big, dim )


( kid, pin, wig)

d. (sip, dim, sit)

e. ( big, kid, sir)


( pit, fin, kid)

Exercise 3 Frame the word called out in each phrase.

( pit ) 1. pig in the pit

( big ) 2. a big pig

( kid ) 3. big kid

( wig ) 4. kid with a wig

( sit ) 5. sit beside

( fin ) 6. fish with a wig

( pin ) 7. pin a ribbon

( sip ) 8. sip a coke

( dim ) 9. dim a light

( pig ) 10. hit the pig

Activity 3

Exercise 1 unlock the words dim and big using antonyms through pictures


bright dim small big

Unlock pin, sip, and sit through gestures.

Unlock pig, pit, kid, wig, fin, through pictures

Exercise 2 Write the word that best complete each of the following

1) A pig hid in the _________.

2) A b_____ pig is in the pit.

3) The k____ has a wig.

4) S____ beside me.

5) The kid hit the p________.

Exercise 3 Read the sentences. (same sentence will be used)

Answer the questions that follow. Write the answer at your paper.

a. what hid in the pig?__________________

b. where is the big pig?_________________

c. what does the kid have?______________

d. what will you do beside me?____________

e. who hit the pig? ________________

Exercise 4 Complete each sentence. Write the word in the box. Choose
from the word on the right.

a. The hid in the pit. ( kid, pig )

b. Don’t read in the light. ( dim, big )

c. The fish has a ( fin, sit )

d. beside me. ( sit, dim )

e. I a coke. ( sit, sip )

f. The kid has a ( fin, wig )

( pupils read the sentences after filling in the word.)

Activity 4 Read the phrases and sentences. Answer the question that follows.

Exercise 1

a pig a pit

a big pig dig a pit

a big pig is in the pit tit can dig in the pit

What is in the pit Who can dig a pit?

A wig a fin

A big wig fish has a pin

The kid fits the wig this fish has fins

Who fits a wig? What has this fish?

Exercise 2 Read the short story. Answer the questions after it.

Pin’s Pig

Pin has a pet pig.

It’s name is piggy.

Piggy is a big pig.

Piggy can dig a pit.

a. who has a pet?

b. what is Pin’s pet?

c. what is the name of the pig?

d. what word tells about Piggy?

e. What can Piggy do?

Activity 5 Writing

Write these words that I am going to dictate.

(Teacher dictates at least 5 words or phrases.)