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Pradip Mandlik

Email Id : pradipmandlik4141@gmail.com
Contact No.: +91 8275358493

“To obtain a challenging career where my talent will be put to the best of use and facilitate Accelerate growth
of the organization I work with.”

Academic Qualification

Branch: Electronics Engineering

Qualification University/Board Year of Passing Percentage
B.E. Shivaji 2016-2017 58.63
HSC Maharashtra 2012-2013 51
SSC Maharashtra 2010-2011 79.20

Technical Knowledge

 Design Software: Orcad ,Proteus ,Kill uvision, Flash Magic

 Operating System : Windows 7/8/XP
 Packages : MS Office , Adobe Photoshop


1. Prolific Certified course in Programable Logic Controller & Supervisory Control & Data
Acquisition (PLC & SCADA)
2. 1st ranker in ‘ECAD-II’ subject.


 Wait-Less Bus Tracking System

 Description: The aim of project is to display exact location of buses in specified area.
The location of bus can be finding out by GPS .It will reduce the time. When people using
public transport it will reduces number of vehicles hence pollution will reduce.
 Team Size: 3
 Duration: 8 Months
 Responsibilities: Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
 Technologies: Microcontroller, GPS,GSM
 Object Counter Using Microcontroller

 Description: Main aim of project is to count presence of an object in the company area
by using IR sensor and photodiodes.
 Team Size: 3
 Duration: 4 Months
 Responsibilities: Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
 Technologies: Microcontroller, LDR

Co-curricular Activities

 Participated in C and Quiz competition.

 Participated in Final Year project competition.
 Actively participated in Events and workshops held in College.

Personal Details

Full Name: Pradip Vishnu Mandlik.

Birth Date: 7 Oct. 1994.
Nationality: Indian
Address: At. Swayambhuwadi, Post. Amashi, Tal.Karveer,
Dist. Kolhapur 416204, Maharashtra.
Languages Known: Marathi, Hindi, English.
Strengths: Determined, Quick Learner, Hardworking.
Hobbies: Playing Cricket, Swimming.

I hereby declare that the information mentioned above is valid and up to date.

Place: Pune

Pradip V. Mandlik.