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1st year English Book:1,2: Pair of words 1-85

07-01-2016 40 1 hour
Q.1 Choose the correct option in meaning to the underlined words: 12
i. It was too steep for my feet to hold unless I braced myself.
(A)mended (B)supported (C)talked (D)laid
ii. My curiosity was aroused.
(A)happiness (B)sadness (C)interest (D)pain
iii. Stray cattle if they ever get out of the pasture, he answered me curtly.
(A)carefully (B)intensely (C)smoothly (D)briefly
iv. “If the doctors have been right, “he said, winking at me.
(A)staring (B)looking (C)watching (D)blinking
v. The shoving crowd, Arthur pushed from the platform in front of the train.
(A)disturbed (B)large (C)small (D)pushing
vi. She was conscious of shaking her head but couldn’t stop.
(A)aware (B)conceive (C)receive (D)moving
vii. A chill of horror swept across her.
(A)cold (B)wave (C)wind (D)air
viii. She made a contemptuous noise.
(A)loud (B)arrogant (C)repressed (D)full
ix. The old man hunt for squirrels to _____________.
(A)sell (B)cook for meal (C)kill (D)export
x. How many times the old man has been told by the doctor to go home?
(A)20 times (B)30 times (C)40 times (D)many a time
xi. A chance to take that trip to ________ we’ve always talked about.
(A)New York (B) Pennsylvania (C) Congo (D) Europe
xii. The clearing on top was more than ________.
(A)one-fourth of an acre (B)three-fourth of an acre
(C)two-fourth of an acre (D) fourth of an acre
Q.2 Answer the following short questions. (3-5 lines/sentences) 10
i. Describe the physical appearance of the old man.
ii. Why did the old man take the steep path?
iii. Why was Jess reluctant for a walk with his father?
iv. What kind of box did Mrs. Arthur find by the door?
v. What were the reasons Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer?
Q.3 Use any three of the following pairs of words in your own sentences. 3
i. Dual, duel
ii. Draft, draught
iii. Course, coarse
Q.4 Translate the following Paragraph into Urdu. 15
The pines of top of the mountain above us looked as if the fingers of their long boughs were
fondling the substance of a white cloud. Whatever my father wanted me to see was on top of the highest
point of my farm. And with the exception of the last three years, I had been over this point many times.
I had never seen anything extraordinary upon this high point of rugged land. I had seen the beauty of
many wild flowers, a few rock cliffs, and many species of hard and soft-wood trees.