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London Social Housing Project

Project Goal:
To update and re-design community spaces in one of the several social housing developments in the London area in a cost-effective and
sustainable way.

Why the Design Works:

Aesthetics - It has a modern, geometric based design, featuring large panes of glass and a simple waterfall that is not visible in these
images, but falls down from the second level into the basins on the first level.
Cost - The large expanses of grass, and native plants used in the planter boxes are quite inexpensive.
Client - The garden is located on the rooftop of the social housing building, and is accessible to everyone within it including pets and
Environment - All of the plants are native to the United Kingdom and are watered by rainwater only.
Safety - The glass railings prevent falling, and there are security cameras in place to monitor visitors, as well as controlled access through
the social housing building.
Size - It is the largest in can be within what the development already owns.
Functions - It provides the tenants with an outdoor area that can be used in many ways.
Materials - The area is made out of a combination of recycled wood and glass, as well as steel planter boxes for both the water and plants.
The plants consist of field maple trees, burnet rose bushes, and meadow grass, all of which are native to the United Kingdom.