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Baton Rouge, LA
527 North Blvd.

VOL. 9, NO. 12 BATON ROUGE, LA JUNE 20, 2008

PERMIT # 575


UMPACT decison to be made during called session

The decision on whether or not Louisiana Annual Conference June 1-4, we do not have these surveys from every
Louisiana will have conference-wide Irene Howard with UMPACT thanked the local church. We encourage those
insurance coverage through the United 280 local churches in the annual confer- churches who have not completed the
For daily minutes, Methodist Property and Casualty Trust ence who have already submitted the sur- task to do so as soon as possible,” said
has been postponed until a called session vey necessary to present a quote for pos- Rev. Don Cottrill, provost. The date for
photos and complete of the annual conference later this sum- sible coverage. the called session will be announced
information from the mer. During the 2008 session of the “The vote has been delayed because through the Bishop’s office.

2008 La. Annual

in Shreveport, visit the
I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord
La. Conference web site Episcopal Address of
at Bishop William W. Hutchinson
www.la-umc.org Monday, June 2, 2008
The Conference year 2007-2008 has
been quite a year! It was filled with
moments of victory and triumph on the
one hand, and moments of great sadness
and distress on the other. We have
experienced the revival of some of our
devastated churches and we have expe-
rienced the closure of others. We have
known honors for several of our clergy,
and have suffered sorrow for others.
We've experienced yet another General
Conference and we are anticipating
another Jurisdictional Conference. And
here we are in the beginning of our
Annual Conference! It is a year for
Annual Conference / 4-5 Conferencing!
And it has been a year for continued
recovery efforts from the hurricanes of
2005. As in the previous two
Conference years, the majority of our
efforts at the administrative level have
been focused on storm recovery. Every
time we consider a new ministry of any
description, the discussion always ends
up in the backwaters of Katrina and
Rita. It is simply a reality with which
we live and will live for some years to
So, let me begin there in this address
to you.
Grambling Wesley / 6
In this past year we have been work-
ing steadily under "The Manure Plan".
You recall that plan I am sure. But, just
for reminders let me call your attention
to Luke's gospel, chapter 13: 6-9.
"And he told this parable: 'A man
had a fig tree planted in his vineyard:
and he came seeking fruit on it and
found none. And he said to the vine-
dresser, 'Lo, these three years I have
come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and I
See Address, page 2

First Street PW UMC / 6

2 Louisiana Conference Now! JUNE 20, 2008

Address, from page 1 on the agenda to thank the connection for factors. But one of the main factors is how the Outdoor Wilderness Learning Center in
find none. Cut it down; why should it use all their support and prayers over these many new churches can we start in the Ruston, at North Rampart Community
up the ground?' And he answered him, 'Let three years and to encourage them to con- immediate future. I encourage all of us to Center in New Orleans and at Dulac
it alone, sir, this year also, till I dig about it tinue that support into the future. One of pray for the success of these new ventures Community Center in Dulac. Ground has
and put on manure. And if it bears fruit the things we specifically asked that they for Christ. With the able guidance of Rev. been broken for a new dormitory in Slidell
next year, well and good; but if not, you would do was to take one more Katrina Steve Stephens, Director of Church that will house disaster relief workers and
can cut it down.'" (RSV) Relief offering on the Sunday nearest the Extension and Transformation, we will be teams.
The Master's manure plan was actually anniversary date of Katrina. To date, these approaching more new church starts in the Yes, United Methodism is alive and
for one year. And that actual year for us special offerings have netted almost $4 near future. well in Louisiana!
will begin just as soon as I rap the gavel million and Louisiana has received the
ending this Annual Conference session. lion’s share of those offerings. We have INSTITUTIONAL EXPANSION DIFFICULT DAYS
We have already spent the three years in been the recipients of $2.5 million to be In addition to the new church starts, we Difficulties entered our state in the form
which we have come seeking the fruit. We used for salary support and building have experienced great growth in our insti- of allegations of racial injustice in Jena,
have applied the manure generously. And restoration! tutions as well. In February we celebrated Louisiana. We became the focus of nation-
this next year will be the crucial year for When the 2008 books are closed for the the move of The Methodist Home for al attention when it was alleged that six
the production of fruit; enough fruit to Louisiana Conference, I fully expect to see Children in New Orleans to their new young men in Jena were the victims of
make all the work to sustain the tree justifi- that EVERY church in Louisiana con- home in Mandeville. The old property in racist politics. Accompanied by other judi-
able. tributed to this special offering, including New Orleans will eventually be sold in catory leaders across our state, by the
All churches in the Mission Zone are those churches who are the recipients of order to provide funds to pay off all indebt- chairperson of our own Black Methodists
working diligently, applying the manure the generosity! edness and provide operating capital for the for Church Renewal, and the Alexandria
and praying that their efforts will bring This past year we have spent some $ Mandeville location. With this move The District Superintendent, I met on two sepa-
forth the necessary fruit. As one fellow- 2,022,357 in salary support for our church- Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home, rate occasions with Rev. Lyndle Bullard,
ship put it when we had the last mid-year es in the Mission Zone – which includes which up until now has operated only the pastor of Nolley Memorial United
review of their work, "We are a fig tree in those in the New Orleans District and the home in Ruston, has become the official Methodist Church in Jena and some of the
blossom." We are grateful for the blossom- Lake Charles District that were so heavily parent organization to all of our children’s civic and church leaders of the community.
ing trees and pray they will mature to fruit- damaged and decimated. This is the work in Louisiana. This is a great accom- Our conversations were helpful and
fulness. We are now entering into the har- amount AFTER the churches sent what plishment! instructional. A major lesson we learned
vest season for all our efforts and we will they could. Churches were able to send While the home in Mandeville is getting and supported was that the churches in
remain true to the harvest. some $237,574 back to the Conference to established, the plans for a third location of Jena were aligned with each other and
Some, in working toward their own help with their salaries. For the coming The Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home were the sensitized heralds of racial justice
fruitfulness have been grafted onto other year we will need $1,383,377 for salary in Sulphur are progressing on schedule. A for the city.
trees so that the new hybrid tree will be support alone! And that is with every beautiful piece of property has been When the major march in Jena occurred
able to produce. In this Conference year church but two helping to pay some of secured and plans are now being finalized in the fall of 2007, the people of The
we have experienced Brooks United their salaries. Fortunately, we have the for the construction of a new facility in the United Methodist Church and other
Methodist and Shaw Temple United bulk of this money in hand, or we know southwest corner of our state. This is going Christian churches met thousands of
Methodist merging their strengths to where we can get it. The remainder we are to allow United Methodism to have strong marchers with radical hospitality. Church
become Brooks/Shaw United Methodist trusting will come from the Katrina Relief ministry to the children and families all buildings were opened for parking, refresh-
Church. We also have experienced First offering. across Louisiana. ments, bathroom facilities and a place to
United Methodist and Grace United This will undoubtedly be the final year While the Children’s Home ministry is rest. The peaceful demonstration was
Methodist coming together to become we can expect to have that kind of money expanding, we also are experiencing helped to remain such because of the hos-
First/Grace United Methodist Church. to spend on such support, and the churches expansion of the facilities at the Wesley pitality of the Christian community in Jena.
Sadly, others have made the decision in the Mission Zone know they must pro- Center in Woodworth. A new pavilion is Efforts on the part of the churches and
that they can no longer function as a duce the monies for their own salaries nearing completion and ground has been the citizenry continue to bring reconciling
church and have voluntarily closed their beginning in the 2009-2010 Conference broken for a new meeting facility that will conversation and understanding in this
doors for ministry. Those are Jefferson year. That is why the fruit must be plenti- be built between the two lodges on the small community in central Louisiana.
United Methodist and Ninde Chapel ful in this conference year and will clearly main campus. Major trails are being laid
mark how successful the Manure Plan has out and surfaced for those who want to HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE
United Methodist. There are others in the
been! It could lead us to great rejoicing, or hike in the beautiful surroundings. All this One of the most memorable events of
Conference who have had to make the
to some very difficult decisions about the has been made possible through private the 2007-2008 conference year was the pil-
same decision, though for reasons other
continued existence of some of our church- donations. At this time we need about grimage to the Holy Land experienced by
than hurricane devastation. They are St.
es. $150,000 more to completely cover the almost 200 persons, including nineteen of
Paul United Methodist in New Roads and
costs of these new additions. our Ordinands. As we traveled this beauti-
Melville United Methodist; College
NEW CHURCH STARTS And we have dedicated new facilities at ful area of our planet and as we walked
Avenue United Methodist in Natchitoches;
Washington Chapel United Methodist and This past Conference year we have
Bethel United Methodist, both in the experienced three new church starts! Rev.
Monroe District; Trey Harris, Dr. Jack O’Dell and Rev.
Now, for the positive news about our Leslie Stephens are serving as the founding
pastors of these new fellowships, all locat-
Louisiana Conference Now!
hurricane recovery efforts. We have come
far enough that we feel we can eliminate ed in the Baton Rouge District. I had the
the office of Mission Zone Director. Dr. joy of worshipping with New Song United William W. Hutchinson Resident Bishop
Martha Orphe has done an exceptional Methodist Church on their official “Launch Don Cottrill Provost
work in leading us for these past two years Sunday.” It was a great day of celebration
with a full house of those who will be Betty Backstrom Editor
through some very difficult terrain! She
has been strong in her vision and in her members and those who were there for
administration. We are grateful to Martha support.
for her wonderful service! She will be I also shared an evening of worship Louisiana Conference NOW! is the newspaper of the Louisiana Annual Conference of
with the Worship team of The Well United The United Methodist Church and is published twice a month.
going to the Conference Office as the
Methodist Church. First United Methodist Subscriptions are $20 for one year, $30 for two years.
Executive Director of Multicultural (Please make checks payable to Louisiana Annual Conference.)
Ministries and Mission Coordinator. We in Hammond hosted us all for a Holy Week
service. This church has located a beauti- Send subscriptions, news and information to:
are grateful we will continue to experience
her visionary leadership. ful piece of property clearly visible from Editor
The new District Superintendent of the Interstate 12 and just east of Hammond in 527 North Boulevard
New Orleans District, Dr. Ramonalynn Tangipahoa parish. They have yet to Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Bethley will assume the responsibilities of launch officially. E-mail: lanow@bellsouth.net
the Mission Zone Director. This is a huge I have been unable to participate in any
of the preview services of Faith Crossing (888) 239-5286 ext. 227
step that says we have come a long (225) 346-1646, (225) 383-2652 fax
way!Our recovery efforts were a focal United Methodist Church, now forming in
point at the General Conference earlier this Livingston parish. They also have not yet
launched officially. You can find the Louisiana Annual Conference on the Internet at
spring. We were accorded some key time http://www.la-umc.org
The future of our Church lies in many
JUNE 20, 2008 Louisiana Conference Now! 3

Address continued passed. And, just like that, our personal have become so scarce. They are even transformation, but most are not willing to
with reverence and wonder in the areas future was changed. scarce enough to have engendered a new do what they need to do in order to get
where our Savior lived, taught, preached Three bishops in the United States and society in the church – the Spotted Owl there. We want to focus on those who are
and died, each of us had our own personal one in the Philippines were immediately Society, whose purpose is to help raise up willing!
pilgrimage. To be able to share this with affected. Bishop Jane Middleton of Central younger clergy leadership. Actually, we in And this is not all focused in the cities
those who have been ordained to “preach Pennsylvania, Bishop Lawrence Louisiana are doing fairly well in this cate- of our state. There is a new Rural Church
the Word, administer the Holy Sacraments, McCleskey of Western North Carolina, gory, but we surely can improve. Initiative being designed and waiting for
and to serve all God’s people” was indeed Bishop Solito Toquero of the Manila Area, We also will need to continue to identi- funding right now. It will be the intent of
sacred and very special. and myself. All four of us were now fy, recruit and enlist Local Pastors and this initiative to give the rural churches of
It is my fervent hope and full intent that younger than the required age for retire- those who want to serve as Part Time Local Louisiana strong leadership, consistent
such opportunity will continue to be given ment! Now this is a way to become Pastors. We have experienced a shortage leadership, and longer tenured leadership in
to the Ordinands of our conference on a younger instantly! We could now voluntari- of these pastoral leaders the past two years order to help our rural communities and
regular basis. I know any one of those who ly retire, or we could continue to serve for and we need to increase our supply line. churches become again the bellwether
made this pilgrimage this year will testify another four years. Without the Local Pastors our Conference churches they have been historically before
to the life-changing impact this visit had on Needless to say, our plans for retirement would be very short of clergy. the great move to the cities began some
them. All pilgrims, lay and clergy alike, are at an advanced stage. Our home is And we will work even harder to bring years ago.
have been permanently changed. The built and ready for occupancy. I have been to a higher level our leadership training
ordained will become better preachers, in conversation with two different efforts for both clergy and laity. The ENGAGING IN MINISTRIES WITH THE
more informed teachers, and better pastors Foundations about part time work I would retreats we have experienced will continue POOR:
as a result. And as these ordained servants do with them. We’ve done everything we and I hope to see them increase in effec- This is an area in which we seem to
of God are strengthened, along with the know to do to prepare ourselves emotional- tiveness and attendance. have the least understanding and equipping
laity of our conference, the churches will ly, spiritually and financially. And we have This is where I believe we can revive knowledge of how to do it. We traditional-
flourish in the words and deeds of the pointed toward August 2008 for a long our Continuing Education Task Force and ly have been effective in being in ministry
Master. time! have them help us know where we need to to the poor, but not with the poor.
The encouragement began immediately be focusing and then coordinate all entities This will be another challenge for our
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) by fellow bishops, delegates to General that provide Continuing Education in our Conference Ministry Team. I envision that
APPORTIONMENT PAYOUT!!!. Conference, and from friends around the conference to focus together on the need. we will have to develop some trusting part-
And now the drum roll if you please for connection that we should stay in active I’m excited about the development of ners with the poor among us and have them
the final great accomplishment of 2007! service. We met and talked with our dele- leaders. It is crucial to our growth as an help us know how we can be in ministry
The churches of Louisiana, for the first gates from Louisiana, and in particular with Annual Conference and to the growth of with them. Obviously, we have those con-
time in recent history, paid your apportion- Dr. Bob Burgess, chair of the Episcopacy our beloved church. gregations among us who embrace the poor
ments in full! Not only did you pay the Committee and with Buzzy Anding, of our society and who are made up of the
general church apportionments, but all the Conference Lay Leader. CREATING NEW PLACES FOR NEW poor. We will do our very best to bring
jurisdictional and annual conference appor- To shorten this long, involved and PEOPLE BY STARTING NEW CONGRE- them into consultation and planning so that
tionments as well at 100%. That is an roller-coaster story, we feel led to continue GATIONS AND RENEWING EXISTING we can make a difference in this area.
incredible accomplishment! to serve for an additional four years and we ONES: I don’t have a “grand scheme” in my
Congratulations to you! Why not stand will do that only if it can be in Louisiana. The focus of new church development head on this one. All I can offer is a place
and congratulate yourselves! Much work here is still not accomplished and transformation is something we have at the table for those of the least economic
Does this mean EVERY church was and we feel we can continue to be of help begun to concentrate on in Louisiana and social means, and welcome them to be
able or chose to send in 100% of their ask- with recovery efforts and the return to a through the establishment of the office by a planner alongside me to address the most
ings? No. Some were unable or chose not “normal” Conference life. the same name. While we have been strug- crucial issues they face.
to. But other sister churches dug deeper in That being said, the question becomes, gling to recover from the hurricanes, Rev.
their pockets to say, “We can send more “What do I see for the next four years in Steve Stephens has been leading this area IMPROVING GLOBAL HEALTH, ESPE-
than we were asked to send. Please apply Louisiana?” of focus with strength and vision. CIALLY ATTACKING THE KILLER DIS-
our extra giving to those churches that are The General Conference heard and However, now is the time for us to intensi- EASES OF POVERTY:
unable to pay. We don’t necessarily want adopted four foci as the main areas of col- fy this focus. The killer diseases of poverty are prima-
credit for extra payment. We simply want laboration in which the local church, the With the New Orleans area coming out rily malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis.
the Conference to be able to celebrate the annual conference, the general boards and of the devastation they have faced, and Those with the economic means usually
100%!” Now that is sacrificial giving! agencies, the Connectional Table and the having applied our all-out efforts to the avoid these diseases, or they at least know
And God and the church are honored. Council of Bishops would collaborate. The reestablishment of what churches we can, it how to avoid them. Those in poverty do
Bless you, bless you, bless you! simple listing of these four is: is time to consider with greater intensity not always have the knowledge or the
Developing Principled Christian where we need to focus on new church resources to avoid them.
“I love thy church, O God! Leaders development. Our four anchor churches, I see our role here as educational and
Her walls before thee stand Creating new places for new people by First Street PW, First Grace, St. Luke’s and economical. These diseases are almost
Dear as the apple of thine eye, starting new congregations and renewing Bethany are doing fairly well. Some are fully under control in the United States.
And graven on thy hand. existing ones recovering more quickly than others. We This is where our outreach to the people of
Engaging in ministries with the poor will continue to focus our energies, the world will be made fully tangible. We
For her my tears shall fall, Improving global health, especially resources and evaluations on these specific can assist in world organizations that edu-
For her my prayers ascend, attacking the killer diseases of poverty churches. However, it may be that the cate people in these areas and we can pro-
To her my cares and toils be given, In the coming four years I see us giving redevelopment of the city calls for loca- vide funding to make the most essential
till toils and cares shall end.” major attention to these four areas of col- tions in other spots. We must be at those materials available to those who are most
laboration. places when the development is ready to affected by these diseases.
We’ve had a look at the immediate past. happen! We began that journey last year when
Now let’s consider the immediate future. DEVELOPING PRINCIPLED CHRISTIAN You have already heard me announce we as a Conference raised some $129,000
The past few weeks since General LEADERS: the closure of a number of churches this for the Global AIDS Fund. This year we
Conference have been very emotional ones What the development of leaders might past year. This is the continuation of a are seeking to do the same for “Nothing
for Kay and me. We’ve been trying to look like will be the responsibility of our downward trend in the number of churches but Nets”, an international effort to provide
make one of the most important decisions Conference Ministry Team that will be for us as a conference. However, there are chemically treated mosquito nets to the
in our entire lives. The decision was pre- given new emphasis beginning with this growth areas in Louisiana and we must people who live in mosquito infested areas
cipitated by the action of the General conference year. I envision we will be con- take advantage of those and plant churches so that their lives will be protected. It’s
Conference on Monday evening, April 28. cerned about clergy leadership and laity and fellowships there in order to provide almost too simple – but we are told that
In the waning hours of the plenary session leadership; about youth leaders and older places of worship and community in strate- $10.00 provides a net and that net will save
that night, legislation was introduced that adult leaders; and about spiritual leaders as gic spots. a life. Now how simple and how do-able
would increase the age restriction at which well as administrative leaders. At the same time, there are those con- is that!
retirement would become mandatory for I envision we will continue to strength- gregations who want to be transformed and Beyond these four foci, or areas of col-
bishops. In the midst of the consideration en our Discerner’s Academy as we identify, are willing to pay the price to be so. Did laboration, there are a few other needs we
of this legislation, an amendment was recruit and enlist persons who are the you hear me say, “Pay the price?” I said must address as a Conference in the com-
made that would make it effective immedi- brightest and best Louisiana has to offer for that intentionally. A church is not trans- ing quadrennium. I only want to mention
ately. Without discussion and with an the Ordained ministry. It is a distressing formed and will not be transformed without them now and will be laying out specific
overwhelming majority, the legislation fact to know that clergy under the age of 35 paying the price. Many say they want See Address, page 8
4 Louisiana Conference Now! JUNE 20, 2008

Annual Conference 2008: We have bee

Ordained as elders in full connection were top row, Joseph Guo, Simon Chigumira,
Ann Trousdale, Dawn Young and Sarah Shoup were ordained as deacons in full connec- Eunice Chigumira, Jimmy Owens Jr., Juan Huertas, Elenora Cushenberry, and bottom
tion during this year’s Ordination and Commissioning Service held June 3. row, Shannon DeLaureal, Anice Moses, Elaine Burleigh and Jerry Johnson. The orders of
Bruce Brown, bottom left, were recognized from another denomination.

Joseph Robideaux, Lane Cotton Winn, Valerie Robideaux and Laralee DeHart
Gloria Youngblood and Eddie Carpenter were commissioned as deacons during
were commissioned as elders. the service, held at First UMC, Shreveport. The graphic pictured above was used throughout the 2008 Annual Conference as a
reminder of this year’s theme,‘Sanctify You Through and Through.’

Those receiving their first appointment are: Caroline Wilkinson, Warren Clifton II, Reid Those completing the License to Preach School are: Stephen Hebert, Katina Lane, Sam
Day, Issac Hammond Jr., Klay Harrison, Marshall Sevier and Johnny Wilkins. Neal, Patrick Wiggins, Marshall Sevier and Johnny Wilkins.

Those completing the License to Preach School are: Phillip Bates, Gladier Dalton, Reid Those completing the Course of Study are: Billy Turner, Doris Sheppard, Bill McLain,
Day, Carolyn Fletcher, Felton Franklin and Klay Harrison. Dickie Davis and Larry Benson.
JUNE 20, 2008 Louisiana Conference Now! 5

en ‘Sanctified Through and Through’

Rev. Grace Imathiu, pastor of Brown Deer UMC near Milwaukee, served as this year’s Ken Medema, music director for the 2008 La. Annual Conference, is shown performing
Bible study leader. Imathiu delivered lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. during a concert held Monday night, June 2 in the Gold Dome.

Clockwise from bottom, Kay Hutchinson

addresses the members of the confer-
ence, expressing her love and gratitude to
the group and to everyone they have
served and met throughout the confer-
ence. Kathy Moore, administrative assis-
tant to Bishop William W. Hutchinson,
presents Ruth Handy a corsage. Ruth is
the widow of Bishop W. T. Handy. Rev. Don
Cottrill, provost, officiates during the roll
call of the 2008 La. Annual Conference,
held in the Gold Dome located on the
campus of Centenary College in
Shreveport. Bishop Hutchinson receives a
tattered American flag that flew over one
of the hundreds of New Orleans homes
restored by the La. United Methodist
Disaster Recovery Ministry. Former
Mission Zone Director Rev. Martha Orphe,
who is now assuming the appointment of
Director of Multicultural Ministries for the
conference, presents the flag to
Hutchinson. Carolyn Fletcher, left, speaks
to a fellow member of the conference dur-
ing one of the breaks held between ses-
sions of the three-day long event.
6 Louisiana Conference Now! JUNE 20, 2008

Clanton Chapel UMC

Grambling State University Wesley Foundation Eluida Hoffpauir Flanakin, 97, was other Methodists to come to Dulac.
recently presented a plaque from the Flanakin came in 1932 and stayed until
A “Day of Silence, Prayer and Three prayer stations were set up dur- Clanton Chapel UMC board on behalf of 1936.
Celebration” hosted by Grambling State ing the event. One was situated in the the community of Dulac for her contribu- Flanakin was presented the plaque
University Wesley Foundation and United Office of Student Affairs for staff and fac- tion to Indian education as a Methodist. during morning worship at Clanton
Campus Ministries was held recently on ulty, another at the campus ministry, and Flanakin made a difference for the Chapel UMC. During worship, Antoine
campus. finally, an Eagle Crest Labyrinth outside Houma Indian community during a time “T” Francis, 84, was presented a
Holy Bibles were given away by the Robinson Hall-Campus Ministry Spiritual in history “when no one else saw the Certificate of Good Conduct by Flanakin.
International Gideons. “Biker for Christ” Center. Many students came to walk and need.” Pictured are members of Clanton Chapel
Mike Thompson came and witnessed to the pray before their final examinations for the The Mission for Indian Education UMC and friends. The church hosted a
students. Thompson asked the audience, semester. Rev. Connie Breaux, Wesley started through Clanton Chapel in 1932 luncheon after the May 18 worship serv-
“How far are you from the cross?” Center director, is shown on a motorcycle. with Wilhemina Hooper, who recruited ice.

Wesley Center

A ground-breaking ceremony was held May 24 for a new meeting building at The
First Street PW UMC
Wesley Center in Woodworth, La. The construction of the building is a joint venture First Street PW United Methodist Mt. Zion Mass choir and First Street PW’s
with The Wesley Center and Louisiana Cursillo, sharing equally in the cost of the Church in New Orleans celebrated 175 choir, was held as well as a music work-
building. At the ceremony, from left, are George Gross, co-chair for La. Cursillo; Rev. years of ministry as a Methodist church in shop featuring Cynthia Wilson.
Dr. Ramonalynn Bethley, District Superintendent for the Alexandria District (now the Central City area of the city on May Rev. Rudy Rasmus of St. John UMC in
serving the New Orleans District); James Goins, chair of The Wesley Center board; 18. Houston led a two-night revival, and an
Judy Gross, co-chair for La. Cursillo; Lewis Smith, immediate past chair of La. Cursillo; Bishop J. Douglas Wiley of Life Center anniversary banquet was held at the Astor
and Bubba Pennick. Also present were representatives of the contracting firm, Cathedral led the special worship service. Crown Royal Hotel in downtown New
Migues Deloach Company, and the architectural firm, Barron Heinberg & Brocato. A traditional New Orleans jazz parade Orleans.
The expected date of completion for the project is December of 2008. from the church, down St. Charles Avenue First Street had its origins during the
to the Dryades YMCA, was held. The days of slavery, when slaves were permit-
parade featured the Treme Brass Band and ted to congregate on an empty lot on the
Confidential counseling grants available horse drawn carriages carrying members
and senior citizens.
Faubourge Livaudais Plantation. In 1833,
these slaves acquired the land and con-
Clergy of the Louisiana conference licensed mental health professional for
and/or their immediate family members are whom you are requesting payment. Throughout the year, many special structed a small building that was used as
eligible for confidential counseling grants. Payment is made directly to the provider. events have been held to commemorate the their church.
Grants are for up to $300 per request. The name of the client does not go special anniversary. After Hurricane Katrina, First Street
To apply, write a letter to CBOM Care beyond the letter requesting the grant, and Fourth and fifth generations of members was able to provide a spiritual “harbor” for
and Nurture Chair: is kept absolutely confidential as the within the church were honored during many people. In April of 2007, Peck and
Rev. Dr. Theresa McConnell process is implemented. Records of corre- special worship service. Wesley United Methodist Churches merged
228 Dogwood Road spondence from the applicant are seen and A youth pageant, with the crowning of a with First Street. “We have made it our
Shreveport, LA 71105-3110 kept only by the chair of Care and Nurture, king and queen, raised $12,000 that will be motto to say that we believe in the uncon-
Include the name, address, and creden- and are destroyed at the end of each calen- used for church debt retirement and current ditional acceptance of all people,” said
tials (the letters behind the name) of the dar year. church operations. Rev. B. Lance Eden, pastor.
A gospel concert, featuring the Hartzell
JUNE 20, 2008 Louisiana Conference Now! 7

Luke’s House executive director sought

The Executive Director of Luke’s ing and coordination, public relations,
House provides leadership for the fulfill- and hands-on clinic operations. No
ment of our mission to respond to the medical training is required.
medical, mental, and spiritual health Fax resume to Rayne Memorial
concerns of the post-Katrina New United Methodist Church, Att: Rev.
Orleans community. Carol Winn Crawford at (504) 899-4212,
Responsibilities include organizing, or email to Callie@rayneumc.org
networking, fundraising, volunteer train-

Mallalieu Immanuel UMC

Friendship UMC
A new sign was recently erected at the Jimmy Hall; her late sister-in-law, Ella D
Friendship United Methodist Church in Covington; and her late grandson, Reece
Walker. The sign was donated by long-time Rutland. Hall is 77 years old and recently
member Mary Sibley Hall in memory of celebrated her 60th year as a member of
her late husband, J.W. Hall; her late son, the church.

Foundation sponsors Centenary benefit

In its ongoing mission to strengthen Methodist Church. “We double-tithe our
current ministries in the Louisiana Annual income to support various seminary schol- The United Methodist Men of cheerleader and a member of the soccer
Conference, the United Methodist arships and leadership development pro- Mallalieu Immanuel United Methodist team. As an active member of several
Foundation of Louisiana was a principal grams every year.” Church in Lafayette recently paid tribute to clubs, she participates in student govern-
sponsor of a community education lunch- In addition to leadership development, three young scholars. In an effort to ment and other organizations.
eon April 28 in Shreveport to benefit the Foundation supports a variety of min- encourage and promote high academic Amber Funzie is a recent recipient of
Centenary College of Louisiana’s Christian istries through its Grants Program, includ- achievement, the unit recognized outstand- honors for her academic achievement at
Leadership Center. ing church expansion, the two children’s ing students at the high school, community SLCC. While maintaining high academic
The Christian Leadership Center, for- homes, and grants to hire youth ministers college, and university levels. Each recipi- standards, she is a wife and new mother to
merly known as Church Careers, is a pro- and grantwriters within the Conference. ent was presented with a dozen roses and a Monae Allyse. She continues to strive for
gram dedicated to theological study, inno- Located in Baton Rouge, the United gift certificate. The mother of each young excellence even while her husband,
vative leadership training, interreligious Methodist Foundation of Louisiana was lady was also given roses. Monterio, serves in the military.
and interdenominational dialogue, issues of founded in 1975 and serves United The high school recipient was Ellyse At ULL, Ranell Skipper is an honor stu-
peace and justice, spiritual formation and Methodist churches, institutions and indi- Toussaint. She is a student in the engineer- dent. After being displaced from Dillard
Christian discipleship. viduals within the Louisiana Annual ing academy at Northside High School. As University following hurricane Katrina, she
“The Foundation has always been com- Conference, providing financial manage- a junior in that program, she is a member has found her place at the university and
mitted to leadership development,” said ment, consultation and education, loans and current president of the National become very active with her sorority,
Rob Fairly, Foundation president, who and grants. Honor Society. She has been named AKA. She was recognized recently at the
attended the event at Broadmoor United Outstanding Engineering student in her honors program at ULL.
sophomore and junior years. She is also a

Disaster Recovery Center dedicates home Zwolle UMC

Zwolle United Methodist Church held the
latest in a series of ice cream socials on
June 8. The third such event, the church
plans to hold three more in the fall.
Using the theme “Unity in the
Community,” visitors and members enjoy
music and refreshments during these
events.“It’s simply an effort to offer
Christian fellowship among our local
churches and maybe even touch the lives
of some of our unchurched neighbors,”
said pastor, Rev. Dick Hooten.

UMCOR emergency kit collection results made known

Prior to the 2008 Louisiana Annual Many churches not only collected kits,
Conference, all Districts participated in a but took this opportunity to deliver them to
collection drive for emergency supply kit Sager-Brown themselves and work at the
items for distribution through UMCOR facility. Others brought their kits to annual
Joe Burke, Operations Manager for the Louisiana United Methodist Southeast Disaster
Sager Brown in Baldwin, La. A total of conference in Shreveport.
Recovery Center, leads a Litany of Dedication for the rebuilt home of “Ms.” Martha in $2,368 and more than 900 layette, bedding Thank you! Because of your generosi-
Slidell. Martha’s previous home, which stood on the same lot as the rebuild, was and sewing kits were collected. ty, when the cyclones and earthquakes and
destroyed when a tree fell on the house and six feet of flood water entered the home By District, the following number of tornadoes and flooding came, United
during Hurricane Katrina. Although the homeowner received Road Home funding, it kits were collected: Acadiana, 136; Methodists were there with the supplies
was not sufficient to build a new home.“I started to pray and pray, and one day Mr. Alexandria, 79; Baton Rouge, 132; and resources that were needed. Your gen-
Glenn knocked on my door. He said ‘Martha, I’ve come to build you a house.’ She calls Monroe, 125; Shreveport, 150; Lake erosity made it possible to share the love
him her little angel,” said Ashley Junot, Volunteer Coordinator for the center. Charles, 132; and New Orleans, 136 kits. and light of Christ in very tangible ways.
8 Louisiana Conference Now! JUNE 20, 2008

Address, from page 3 the insurability of all our churches, we are Dr. Martha Orphe has been appointed to expertise we need to address this major
ways to address them in the coming not going to call for a decision at this ses- serve in the capacity of Mission issue and will make every effort to turn this
months. sion. However, we will call for a special Coordinator in addition to her work as tide.
1. Property and Casualty Insurance session of the Annual Conference, to be Director of Multicultural Ministries. I 4. Study of the Funding for the Annual
announced later, at which we will consider believe this will be the link that will Conference
As all of us know, we have been work-
the matter of property and casualty insur- strengthen our chains of love around the As we face the future, we cannot contin-
ing diligently to find a way to make our
ance and insurance as it relates to Safe world. She has not begun her work as yet, ue to do business as usual. We are a very
churches insurable at a lower premium
Sanctuaries, which is as critical a matter, but will be producing a plan, which I will generous people. But even the most gener-
cost. Many churches are finding their
maybe even more so, than the property review and to which I will give my ous well can run dry. We need to assess
property insurance doubling and tripling as
insurance. approval that will begin to move us for- our resources seriously and spend accord-
a result of the hurricanes of 2005. Many
2. Coordination of our Mission ward even more. As that plan is finalized ingly. Thank God we live in the mindset of
churches are simply uninsured because
Outreach we will be unrolling it for the Annual abundance – not a mindset of scarcity –
they can’t afford the premiums. That is
I have said this many times and want to Conference to use. and I fully expect we will continue to do
totally unacceptable. One of the things that
emphasize it once more. The Louisiana 3. Strengthening the Black Church so. But financial prudence is incumbent
got us into such deep trouble in the New
Annual Conference is one of the most gen- Let me quote to you my words in a upon us.
Orleans area was inadequate or non-exis-
erous and mission-minded conferences I report to the Jurisdictional Episcopacy I hope to enter into a serious dialogue
tent insurance on church property.
know. We do an exceptional amount of Committee when I thought I would be with our newly constituted Council on
We thought we would be ready at this
mission outreach ministry. And I believe retiring. “My deepest level of concern is Finance and Administration and determine
session of Annual Conference to present a
we can strengthen that ministry through with the visible decline of the African the best way to review all our resources
proposal that would help answer this
some basic coordination of our efforts and American churches in Louisiana. Of and all our expenditures and how we can
dilemma. It has been presented and dis-
our focus. course, Katrina and Rita had something to best use the generous gifts of God’s people
cussed in District Meetings, it has been dis-
Do you realize we support mission work do with that, but the African American for the greatest good. It may be that we
cussed in Pre-Conference meetings, and
in a major way in Russia, Cambodia, church throughout our Conference is will appoint a “Blue Ribbon Committee” to
there will be some discussion here at this
Bulgaria, Senegal, Cuba, South Africa, declining in strength and numbers at an undertake this task. It may be that the
session of Annual Conference. However,
Honduras and Mexico? We have a partner alarming rate. Major attention needs to be CF&A will want to do that themselves with
because of the slowness of response, or the
agreement with West Angola, and here we given to this area in the immediate future.” some invited help. However it is to be
refusal of response on the part of several of
will vote on a proposal to build a dormitory I propose to “ramp up” the done, it will be done! Not to reduce spend-
our churches to the survey to gather the
at Africa University in Zimbabwe! There Strengthening the Black Church Task Force ing! But to channel our generosity to it’s
needed information to put a premium price
are probably more – but that makes my for the express purpose of evaluating what greatest good.
on property and casualty insurance we do
case! We need the coordination to see just is happening in this area and working dili- All of this is a huge agenda that lies in
not have the necessary figures to put before
where all we are and how we can strength- gently to stop the hemorrhaging. We will front of us. But, with God’s help, we will
you so you can make an informed decision.
en our work. expand the Task Force to include the be able to address it all and even add more.
Because this whole matter is critical to

First UMC - Lake Charles seeks

Director of Community Life

First United Methodist Church, a large,
active downtown church, is seeking a
Director of Community Life.
This person is responsible for ensuring
that the congregation provides a dynamic
menu of transformational programming,
outside of the Sunday morning worship
experience, which draws the congregation E\ KLJKHU SULFHV
and community into a deeper walk with
Christ. The position is directly responsible
for adult and family programs through the DQG ORZHU LQFRPH"
recruitment, training, and deployment and
leadership of laity. This person workswith
other staff members to ensure an integrated
plan for ministry and disciple formation. Single Life*
Additional duties include planning and Charitable Gift Annuity GASOLINE HAS HIT AN ALL-TIME HIGH, AND QHZ JLIW
coordinating congregation-wide communi- Rates DQQXLW\ SD\RXW UDWHV VHW E\ WKH $PHULFDQ &RXQFLO
ty-building events. Age Rate
Applicant must have a strong faith, RQ *LIW $QQXLWLHV ZLOO VRRQ EH ORZHU
adequate Bible knowledge, ministry expe- 55 5.3%
rience, and a desire to work in a team set-
ting. Salary is commensurate with experi- 60 5.5 %XW \RX FDQ VWLOO VHFXUH SD\PHQWV IRU OLIH ZLWK
ence. High school diploma required, col- 65 5.7 D FKDULWDEOH JLIW DQQXLW\ WKURXJK \RXU 8QLWHG
lege degree preferred.
For a more complete job description or 70 6.1 0HWKRGLVW )RXQGDWLRQ $WWUDFWLYH UDWHV SDUWLDOO\
more information, contact Rev. Richard 75 6.7 WD[IUHH DQG D OHJDF\ IRU \RXU FKXUFK
Humphries @ richard.humphries@fum-
clc.org 80 7.6
85 8.9
The New Orleans District Office 90+ 10.5 ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF A
has moved!
The new location is * Rates effective 7/1/08.
3117 22nd Street, Suite #5 Two-life rates are lower.
Metairie, LA 70002
504-835-6330 (office)
504-835-6364 (fax) 225.346.1535 or 800.256.9317
Please continue to use our post
office box for mailing any www.umfgiving.org
correspondence to our office