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The old portal of scholarship is closed for 2017-18 onwards and

the old data will not be transferred to the new website.

2.All newly admitted First year and Direct Second Year students as
well as all SE/TE/BE students of 2017-18 admitted in RESERVE
CATEGORY through DTE Cap round and are eligible for social
welfare department scholarship/freeship schemes of
SC/ST/SBC/OBC/VJNT has to apply on www.mahadbt.gov.in on or
before 31st August 2017.



www.mahadbt.gov.in .website.



SERIAL NO 1. ON www.mahadbt.gov.in WEBSITE

Department : Social Justice & Special Assistance

For SC/ST : Income below 2,00 ,000 Rs.

For SBC/OBC/VJ NT :Income below 1,00,000 Rs.

Income Certificate from Tahsildar is must for all categories and

Form- 16 is not valid as per the Social welfare dept instruction.



SERIAL NO 2. ON www.mahadbt.gov.in WEBSITE

Department : Social Justice & Special Assistance

For SC/ST : Income above 2,00,00 Rs & No upper Income limit as

on Today.

For SBC/OBC/VJ NT :Income above 1,00,000 Rs.& Upto Rs 6,00,000


Income Certificate from Tahsildar is must for all categories and

Form 16 is not valid as per the Social welfare dept instruction.

6. Students having Income above Rs 6,00,000 of OBC/SBC/VJNT

category are not eligible for these scheme and has to the pay full fees.

7.The student who will not apply for the Scholarship/Freeship on

www.mahadbt.gov.in on or before 31 August 2017 has to pay the full

8. All Income criterion and other eligibility criterions are same as

before as on today/ till further Govt. Rule or notification issued to
the college.

9. Aadhar Card is must for students to get the financial benefit .The
financial benefit will be transferred to the students Bank account
which is linked with the Aadhar Card only.
10.Any Bank account in any of the branch , linked with the Aadhar
card of the student only, is applicable but it should be operational.
Joint account with the parent will not receive any financial benefits
from Social Welfare Dept.

11.If Aadhar Card is not available with the student ,still student can
apply on line with Biometric identification or without Aadhar card
and Biometric identification options also on www.mahadbt.gov.in.

Please refer Mahadbt Booklet for detailed information.

12. In case student don’t have Aadhar card link mobile number, they
can link the new mobile number from Adharcard centre or Online
Aadhar website.

Such students can register on the www.mahadbt.gov.in without

Aadhar card and submit the mobile number available with them for
registration. Further once the registration is confirmed they can
mention their Aadhar card details on the website and update their
Aadhar card with new mobile number at the earliest.

The website will communicate only on Aadhar card link mobile

number only to intimate the status of the Freeship / Scholarship

13.The www.mahadbt.gov.in will generate the OTP on the mobile

number linked with the Aadhar Card or given by the student ,and
will be valid for 30 minutes only.

14. If student selects wrong college name and or course name, year,
cast or income, his/her on line application form will not be able to
process or rejected by our college and the responsibility lies with
student only.

In such case the student has to pay the full fees immediately to the
college& may be deprived from the benefits of Social Welfare
Uncompleted forms by the students, will be the students responsibility
and such students has to pay the full fees immediately to the college.

15. Students has to upload the self attested / attested/original scanned

copies of the documents on the www.mahadbt.gov.in website and will
be solely responsible for the authenticity of the documents.

The size of the scanned documents should be less than 250 KB

per documents only in.jpg or .pdf format or as per the website
Students are advised to store all the scanned documents in Pen drive
/Google Drive /Desktop while applying on line.

16. Students will produce the self attested copies of Income certificate
2016-17 from Tahsildar office only and the Cast Validity certificate
immediately to the Dept. Scholarship Co–ordintor after 100 %
completion of the forms only.

17. Those students who don’t have Cast Validity also has to apply
without Cast Validity Certificate on the website .

They can upload receipt of cast validity application issued by

divisional scrutiny committee temporarily and shall upload the Cast
Validity Certificate after they receive it on or before 30th Nov 2017.

18.The student who is unable to submit the Cast Validity on or

before 30th November 2017 his/her admission will get cancelled as
per the Performa –H given by the student.

19.Only 100 % completed Scholarship /Freeship form of the student

will be processed by our college having

Correct Name Of Our College , Correct Name Of The Course ,Year

,Cast & Income Of The Student As Per The Cap Allotment
Letter,Cast Certificate And Income Certificate.
If any discrepancy is found the freeship /scholarship application will
get rejected by the college or by social welfare dept. and students has
to pay the full fee and for that the sole responsibility lies with the
student only.

20.The Social Welfare Department will transfer the Financial

benefit in students Aadhar card link bank account twice in a year
when the attendance criterion mentioned by University of
Mumbai/DTE/Govt.Of Maharashtra is satisfied for that semester
only by the student.

The attendance will be Biometric from this year linked with the
Aadhar Card as per the Government Rule.

Average attendance of the year will not be considered by the Social

Welfare Dept and such cases financial benefit will not be transferred
to the students account by Social Welfare Dept.

If the student is having less attendance than the mentioned criterion

he/she has to pay the full fees and shall be the sole responsibility of
the student only.

21.As per the Govt Rule. once the student receives the financial
benefit from the Social Welfare dept has to pay the “Balance fees” to
College within 7 working days.

Failure of balance fee payment to college, after receiving the

financial benefit from social welfare dept,student will not be allowed
to attend the academic till the payment of the fees is done.