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F.Sc I Physics Total marks 40

Q#1 Encircle the best option.
i) A hoop and disc have same mass and radius. Their rotational K.E are related by an equation.
(a) K.Ehoop = K.E disc (b) K.Ehoop = 2K.E disc (c) K.Ehoop = 1/2K.E disc (d) K.Ehoop = 4K.E disc
ii) A body moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular
path is R, the ratio of displacement to the covered path will be:
(a)  R (b) 2 R (c) zero (d) 4 R.
iii) In angular motion, Newton’s second law of motion is.
(a) F = ma
(b) F = ∆P/∆t
(c)  = I
(d) all of above
iv) If a body of mass 10 kg is allowed to fall freely, its weight becomes
(a) zero (b) 89N
(c) 9.8 N (d) 10N
v) 1 rev min is equal to:
(a) /6 rad s1 (b) /15 rad s1
(c) /20 rad s 1
(d) /30 rad s1
vi) The centripetal acceleration is also called:
(a) Tangential acceleration (b) Radial acceleration
(c) Angular acceleration (d) Rotational acceleration
vii) One radian is equal to:
(a) 2 rev (b) /4 rev
(c) /2 rev (d) 1/2 rev
viii) The largest satellite system is managed by the countries:
(a) 126 (b) 136
(c) 120 (d) 3
ix) The moment of inertia of a thin rod of length “L” and mass “m” is:
1 2
(a) mL (b) mL2
2 2 1
(c) mL (d) mL2
5 12
x) The fundamental dimensions of angular momentum are:
(a) mass·length·time−1
(b) mass·length−2·time−2
(c) mass2·time−1
(d) mass·length2·time−2
xi) If angular velocity of a particle rotating in a circle is double then its moment of inertia:
(a) Remains same (b) becomes half
(c) Becomes doubled (d) Becomes 4 times
xii) The weight of a man in an elevator moving down with acceleration of 9.8 ms 2 will become:
(a) half (b) zero
(c) unchanged (d) doubled

Question No:2 Answer the questions. 2x10=20

i) A disc and a hoop start moving down from the top of an inclined plane at the same time. Which one will be
moving faster on reaching the bottom?
ii) Show that: 1rad = 57.3o
iii) Define rotational K.E. and also calculates the rotational K.E. for a sphere.
iv) Explain what is meant by centripetal force and why it must be furnished to an object if the object to follow a
circular path?
v) Differentiate between real and apparent weight.
vi) You have a disc and a hoop of same mass and size. Which of two has greater moment of inertia
and why?
vii) What is meant by moment of inertia? Explain its significance.
viii) Show that orbital angular momentum Lo = mvr.
ix) What are geostationary orbits and geostationary satellites?
x) When mud flies off the tyre of moving bicycle, in what direction does it fly? Explain.

Question No:3
(a) Define rotational kinetic energy, derive its relation and also find the rotational kinetic energies
of disc and hoop. 05
(b) What should be the orbiting speed to launch a satellite in a circular orbit 900 km above the
surface of the Earth?(Take mass of the Earth as 6.0  1024 kg and its radius as 6400 km).