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effectiveness of ads based on perceptual aspects like colour, background, message, attention, attitude,

involvement, appropriateness for the audience etc.

Low Involvement Products

Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil

Times of India, Mumbai. Dated: 30/08/2017

Targeted to the Thinkers Segment as the ad is focusing on the value delivered by the product
especially the diabetic consumers.

The advertisement tries to create a point of differentiation by stating that no other oil can claim
the purity Wagga Wagga can. The body content of the advertisement emphasizes on the purity
aspect, its origins and the fact that the product is manufactured with natural ingredients
produced with no chemicals, GM seeds and pollutants.

The advertisement appeals to both Visualisers and Verbalisers. The colors used in the
advertisement are pleasant and appealing, it looks fresh and pure thus balancing the visual
imagery with verbal content.

Our Take:

Although, the product’s unique proposition is Diabetic Care, the advertisement does not focus
on communicating this aspect. With the brands increasingly communicating about health and
wellness solution, the advertisement deviates its communication to Purity and focusses on the
Brand Description Positioning, Packaging Price/ltr Advertising
Unique Major
Benefit Concept
Wagga Made from purest Purity, Sleek, Rs. 199
Wagga Canola seeds, Health elegant, tall
natural, helps Benefit bottle, clear
manage blood