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1. MCMXCIV is equivalent to what number?

2. Express 45 degrees in mils?
3. What is the value in degrees of 1 radian?
4. An angular unit equivalent to 1/400 of the circumference of a circle is called?
5. If 16 is 4 more than 4x, find 5x – 1.
6. Find the value of x in the equations:
10(A/y + A/x) = A
2(3A/x – 4A/y) = A
7. Solve for the value of x.
2x – y + z = 6

x - 3y - 2z = 13

2x + y – 3z = 16

8. Simplify:
5𝑥 𝑥+3 2𝑥+1
- -
2𝑥 2 +7𝑥+3 2𝑥 2 −3𝑥−2 𝑥 2 +𝑥−6

9. Simplify: 7a+2 – 8(7)a+1 + 5(7)a + 49(7)a-2

10. Give the factors of a2 – x2.
11. Find the value of k so that 4x2 + 6x + k is a perfect square.
12. If p – q = 5 and pq = k/2, then p2 + q2 is
13. Find the remainder if we divide 4y3 + 18y2 +8y -4 by (2y + 3).
14. The equation of whose roots are the reciprocal of the roots of 2x2 – 3x – 5 = 0.
15. Determine k so that the equation 4x2 + kx + 1 = 0 will have just one solution.
16. Find the term involving y5 in the expansion of (2x2 + y) 10.
17. What is the sum of the coefficients of the expansion (2x – 1)20.
18. Find the value of log8 48.
19. Robert is 15 years older than his brother Stan. However, y years ago, Robert was twice
as old as Stan. If Stan is now b years old and b>y, find the value of (b – y).
20. A girl is one-third as old as her brother and 8 years younger than her sister. The sum of
their ages is 38 years old. How old is the girl?
21. A tank can be filled in 9 hours by one pipe, 12 hours by a second pipe and can be
drained when full by a third pipe in 15 hours. How long will it take to fill an empty tank
with all pipes in operation?
22. Pedro can paint a fence 50% faster than Juan and 20% faster than Pilar, and together
they can paint a given fence in 4 hours. How long will it take Pedro to paint the said
fence if he had to work alone?
23. Ten liters of 25% salt solution and 15 liters of 35 % salt solution are poured into drum
originally containing 30 liters of 10% solution. What is the percent concentration of salt in
the mixture?
24. Ten less than four times a certain number is 14. Determine the number.
25. An airplane flying with the wind, took 2 hours to travel 1000 km and 2.5 hours in flying
back. What was the wind velocity in kph?
26. On a certain trip, Edgar drive 231 km in exactly the same time as Erwin drive 308 km. If
Erwin’s rate exceeded that of Edgar by 13 kph, determine the rate of Erwin.
27. At what time after 3 o’clock with the hands of the clock be together for the first time?
28. A man left his home at past 3 o’clock PM as indicated in his wall clock, between 2-3
hours after, he returns home and noticed the hands of the clock interchanged. At what
time did the man leave his home?
29. The time required for an elevator to lift a weight varies directly with the weight and the
distance through which it is to be lifted and inversely as the power of the motor. If it takes
30 seconds for a 10 HP motor to lift 100 lbs. through 50 ft., what size of motor is required
to lift 800 lbs. in 40 seconds though 40 ft.?
30. The arithmetic mean of a and b is?
31. In a pile of logs, each layer contains one more log than the layer above and the top
contains just one log. If there are 105 logs in the pile, how many layers were there?
32. If the sum is 220 and the first term is 10, find the common difference if the last term is
33. A survey of 100 persons revealed that 72 of them had eaten at restaurant P and that 52
of them had eaten at restaurant Q. What is the number of persons in the surveyed group
who had eaten at both P and Q?
34. A PSME unit has 10 ME’s, 8 PME’s, and 6 CPM’s. if a committee of three members, one
from each group is to be formed, how many such committee can be formed?
35. In how many ways can you invite one or more of your five friends in a party?
36. From a box containing 6 red balls, 8 white balls and 10 blue balls, one ball is drawn at
random. Determine the probability that it is red or white.
37. An urn contains 4 black balls and 6 white balls. What is the probability of getting 1 black
and 1 white ball in two consecutive draws from the urn?
38. Roll two dice once. What is the probability that the sum is 7?
39. In a throw of two dice, the probability of obtaining a total of 10 or 12 is?
40. Find the total number of combinations of three letters, J , R , T taken 1, 2, 3 at a time.