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List of Requirements(Only other than already Existing) prior to Saudi

Aramco Inspection for Piping & Structural FS Approval (Excluding

requirements for Valve testing shop approval)
1. Contractor informs SA when a Subcontractor (or his own) fabrication
Note1- shop (facilities, equipment & associated storage areas) are ready for SA
5 approval. Notification is prior to start of any production work per Sch. Q
Notification (2 weeks minimum)
Implementation of previous Documents, Work procedures as per the
SAIC-L-2031,Saudi Aramco, ASME, API and FPI standards
Previous, Procedures, Documentation & Records-For Company as well
I as Ind'vl projects.(PQP, QCP, Dossiers, Audit Reports). Consistency in
records for at least 3 years
Availability of Latest ASME Standard like ASME B 31.3/31.1 and ASME
SEC IX, V and VIII Div-1 & API codes & Standard etc. Saudi Aramco
Specifications like SAES, SAEP and SAMSS etc.
Manpower Requirements(Quantity & Qualifications)-QC, Safety,
Welders Fabricators, Fitters, Helpers
QA/QC Manager: Graduate Engineer Min 10 years working experience as
QA/QC Manager in Oil and Gas Field Sector-Knowledge of ISO-9000 Int'l
Welding Inspector-CWI,CSWIP Certified
Coating Inspector-NACE Level-II(BGAS not accepted)
Design and Engineering if required for Shop detailing Work.
Out Sourcing: NDT, PWHT, & COATING etc.
CRANE CERTIFICATION for smaller cranes in newly constructed shops
must be documented as follows prior to shop approval:A) Concrete
structural foundation inspections are performed B) Calculations for
foundation & anchoring are available to SA
E27 Shop has adequate ventilation and air movers.
Internal machining tools (beveling, preparation) provide a quality surface
finsih & allow fit-up of GTAW process butt welds
X5 Bending, Rolling equipment is available & in good condition.
Pipe orality repair tools (jacks, crescents*) for repairs to 3% out.* SMYS
values are not exceeded. A 30-ton jack for CS (maximum)
Hydro test Pump, Demineralized/Treated water supply (tank) exists for
SS shop.
Company should demonstrate that ISO 9001-Latest is fully in place
and working accordingly
Procurement of more Inspection tools
Remaining Items in SAIC-L-2031 other than the above will need
Administrative actions to implement procedures as per, Saudi
Aramco, ASME, API and FPI standards.