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This is for the New Investors area:

Why are we different?

At Chambers Financial advisers we pride ourselves on offering you something different.

Typically our competitors’ clients are offered solutions that focus on managed funds and
superannuation and rely heavily on the equity in your home.
This type of approach can put strain on your ability to service investments and can put
your house equity at risk.

At Chambers, we use a tax effective strategy that focuses on getting rid of your home
loan as early as possible while keeping a reserve for emergencies and future investments.

The total program is designed to accelerate your wealth creation while minimising the
risk to you.

We then combine this with effective cash flow management allowing you to eliminate
unwanted debt more rapidly.

Benefits to you
When you become a Chambers client, you benefit in many ways.
Our proven strategies have resulted in giving our clients a better quality of life, financial
security and a larger investment portfolio than they ever thought possible.

At Chambers we have two aims: to reduce unwanted debt and to grow your wealth.
You will feel better and more financially secure from the minute you start reducing your
unwanted debt.

You can do this without compromising your lifestyle. And you can have the security of
knowing there is always a fund in reserve for emergencies.

Staff Profiles
George Takla – Founder and Managing Director

George brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Group.

He has over 30 years experience in the financial markets both in Australia and overseas.
His experience has been built with roles as a central banker, accountant, auditor, business
owner and financial planner.

George is a pioneer in the field of low risk investments, with major banks in this country
seeking his opinion when developing new products.

Contact Us
(As per the “Contact Us” details and layout in the existing chambers website. With email
box etc and address details.). Any question on this – just contact me.
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ABN 19 009 294 606
AFSL 243359

Chambers Internal people

1. Kirk Dando
Phone: (08) 9321 3200

2. John Denton
Business Relationship Manager, NSW &Qld
Phone: (02) 9223 2350
Mobile: 0411 850 904

3. Greg Devine
General Manager and Business Relationship Manager, WA
Phone; (08) 9321 3200

4. Stuart Hillier
Business Relationship Manager, Victoria, Tasmania and SA
Phone: (03) 9817 4758
Mobile: 0439 725 263

5. Lorraine Markwell
Senior Paraplanner
Phone: (08) 9321 3200

6. Alan Rich
Business Mentor
Phone: (02) 9223 3500
Mobile: 0413 440 259

7. George Takla
Managing Director
Phone: (08) 9231 3200