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D D A A N NN G GGG E R R O O U U S Mid-September,
D D A A N N G G E R R O O U U S S 1994

A forum for the free & unmolested IIIII DDDD EEEEE AAA SSS
exchange of ideas submitted to me I D D E A A S S
by members of Mythus-L and all our I D D EEEE AAAAA SS
friends who love the Mythus Game I D D E A A S
and the Dangerous Journeys system. I D D E A A S S
Read it in good health... IIIII DDDD EEEEE A A SSS

Dangerous Ideas is an electronic-only (unless you print out a copy for your-
self) forum for any and all players and Journey Masters who use or merely
enjoy the Dangerous Journey Multi-Genre Game System and the Mythus Fantasy
Role-Playing Game, written by Gary Gygax and Dave Newton, now unfortunately
owned by T$R. Note that almost everything discussed in this more-or-less
periodical is in one way or another related to Dangerous Journeys and the
Mythus game. The game and all its related copyrights are owned by T$R, and
are totally used without any kind of permission whatsoever. That's okay,
since no one here is planning on stealing any of their business, making any
money, or actually publishing this thing for any kind of sale. If anyone
out there has a problem with this, first of all: tough. Second, e-mail me
and let me set you straight... :)
Dangerous Ideas is put together by Jesse Griffis, better known on the Net as
Hawkeye, but is really written by the members of Mythus-L, who submit their
ideas to me for inclusion herein. By doing that, they do NOT relinquish any
of their rights to their created material, so if you plan on using some of it
somewhere, do us all a favor and ask...
You can join Mythus-L by writing to LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU and saying
"Subscribe <Your Real Name>" as the body of the message. If you need help,
ask whoever you know who knows about mailing lists, or whoever gave this to
you in the first place. Or, if all else fails, write to me and I'll tell you.
Send your submissions, flames, questions, etc., to me at the following:
V105NK9R@UBVMS.CC.BUFFALO.EDU | Send ALL mail to that address. Submissions
-------------------------------< _ought_ to have "SUBMISSION" or something to
Each submission will be tagged | that effect as the subject. I will need to
with the name and e-address of | see things from most of you for this little
the author--for copyrights and | thing to continue. Without your support, DI
other potential legal garbage. | will be nothing more than a memory...thanks!
Ask the author for permission >--------------------------------------------
to use any of his/her ideas... | Sorry about the length--it had to be said! :)
1: Vocations: Realm Knight
2: Magickal Items: Enchanted Holy Symbol
3: Enemies: Two vile things by Tom!

VOCATIONS: I have a feeling that Vocations will become a large part of this
mailing, if only because I've created plenty and I can always toss one in! In
fact, this first one is one of my own, a Cavalier--modified for use in my own
world, but I think they're transferrable to most anywhere...The second set of
STEEP numbers represent my campaign's lower initial STEEP's, which I did to
cut down on _real_ powerful beginning HP's. They are 75% of the originals.
Feel free to use this guy as you see fit:

Realm Knight: Hawkeye (v105nk9r@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)

Like cavaliers, Realm Knights are protectors, but on a larger scale. Whereas
cavaliers are normally under the rule of a lord, Realm Knights are their own
organization. Knightly in action and thought, things to keep in mind are
honor, valor, protection, weapon expertise, riding, lawfulness and goodness.

Realm Knight (Physical TRAIT)

K/S Area Base Steep ATTRIBUTE

Combat, Hand Weapons 24/18 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Combat, HTH, Non-lethal 20/15 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Combat, Missile Weapons 16/12 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Leadership 16/12 SMCap
Arms & Armour 12/9 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Cultured Palate 12/9 PNCap
Gambling 12/9 (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Games, Physical 12/9 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Influence 12/9 MRCap
Sports 12/9 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Survival 12/9 PMCap
Travel 12/9 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Weapons, Military, All Other 12/9 (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Weapons, Special Skills 12/9 PNCap
Foreign Language 8/6 MMCap
History 8/6 MMCap
Military Science 8/6 (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Political Science 8/6 (MMCap + MRCap) x 0.5
Religion 8/6 SMCap
Swimming/Diving 8/6 (PMCap + PNCap) x 0.5
Handicrafts/Handiwork 4/4 PNCap

Base STEEP Total 248/186

MAGICKAL ITEMS: This is almost guarenteed to be a popular category. Everyone
I know enjoys making up stuff, including myself...Use 'em to your advantage!

Holy Symbol of the High Priest (of Apollo, originally)

John Teske (teskej@dgabby.mfldclin.edu)

This magical item allows partial practitioner priestcraefters to cast a spell

as a full practitioner. To do this, the priest first says a *Minor Blessing
Spell* over the holy symbol or (if no General Tutelary castings are possessed)
a *Meditation Spell* over it. Once this is done, the priest then channels an
additional 100 heka into the item, taking one full CT to do this. The next
casting then cast by the priest is cast as if the priest was a full
practitioner, but ONLY if it is a General Tutelary, Basic Tutelary, or Ethos
specific casting. Any additional cost incurred by the subsequent spell cast as
a full practioner must still be paid as normal. If the next spell cast is not
one of the three types specified above, the Holy Symbol has no effect, and the
preparation and heka channeled into it are both lost. The Holy Symbol's power
must be used immediately, and cannot be "readied" or prepared ahead of time.
ENEMIES: These can be anything from human EP's to Demonkind, or any sort of
opposition to your HP's. Who knows what this'll bring up...

These two are written in Tom's 'modified' Mythus Prime rules, which will be
included in the next 'issue' of Dangerous Ideas. It should be easy to convert
these nasties to Advanced Rules (there's a chapter in Mythus book 1).

Scather (Wood Ghouls) Tom (BluSponge@AOL.com)

Identifier: Monster
Habitat: AEdonn: Forests, Marshlands
Size: Human-sized
Number Appearing: 1-12
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Walk: 54 yds/BT
Run: 108 yds/BT
Inititative Modifier: Human Standard (-3)
Outstanding K/S Areas:
Criminal Activities, Physical 68
Combat, Hand Weapons 46
Combat, HTH, Lethal 57
Joss Factors: 0
Attractiveness: Horrid (0) - Dazing (normal), fleeing (normal)
Average Armor Protection: 7
Ironwood Cudgel (Steep 46 / 2 attacks/CT / 3d6 PD)
Chameleon Ability

M: 36
P: 54 (wl: 40)
S: 27

Description: Scather are bizarre looking humanoids that are partially corpse
and partially plant. They look like walking cadavers, but their skin is
gnarled and wood like. Their features are twisted, as though in great agony.
Scather dwell in the darkest, most tangled woodlands and bogs, searching for
flesh to eat. They are adept at moving through the forest unnoticed,
blending in with the shadows and trees. Many times a party may only notice a
moving shadow off in the forest before being taken by suprise.


Llovitaar, major demoness Tom (BluSponge@AOL.com)

Identifier: Demon, Major Habitat: Abyssal planes

Size: 3x Human-sized Initiative: Human standard
Modes and Rates of Movement: Outstanding K/S Areas & STEEP:
Human Standard: 150 yds/BT Combat, Hand Weapons 47
Joss (Anti-Joss) Factors: 3 Multiversal Planes & Spheres 65
Attractiveness: -6 (nightmarish)
Invulnerabilities Susceptibilities
Non-enchanted Weapons Insinuation Cold-wrought iron (x2)
Chemicals Gold (x2)
Disease Argent (x1)
Fire/Heat Exposure Extreme Cold (x1)

Average Armor Protection: 15

Attacks BAC Base Dmg Bonus

Leg Stab (x2) 54 3d6+2 + 11
Sword Arm 47 4d6 + 12
Iron Spear* 62 3d6+8 + 14
* This highly enchanted weapon is spiritually linked to Llovitaar and, if
stolen from her, she may press the possessor for its return. The
enchantments are: +15 BAC, +5 PD, Unsurpassed quality, automatic return, can
store a reservior of 50 Heka.

Gaze, terrifying: Subjects who fail Avoidance of this gaz must check against
Spiritual Trait at DR "Extreme" or else be drained of 6d6 points of S Trait,
suffering SD thus.
Confusion: When Llovitaar speaks, personas within earshot must check against
their MR category at "Very Hard" or be confused. Confused personas suffer as
though they were dazed, and their EL is temorarily halved; an effect which
lasts for that meeting.
Telepathy: Llovitaar can communicate telepathically with all those within
eyesight. The ability can be used without limit, but unwilling subjects are
able to resist through Mental Heka shields if errected.

Statistical Details
Mental - 50
Physical - 120 WL - 90*
Spiritual - 60
* When this limit is reached, Llovitaar is banished to her rightful plane of

Commentary & Description: Llovitaar is a major demoness from the Abyssal

Planes of the Pandemonium. She is a cunning, benign spirit who feeds on the
souls (S Trait) of mortal beings. She appears as three beings: a wise woman,
a lunatic, and a disfigured, jawless man with sword blades for arms. These
three persons converge into a bulbous torso, supported by four, mantis-like
legs, which she can strike with like weapons. The meer sight of her
nightmarish vistage requires personas to check vs. their SM Category at:
dazing, "Moderate"; "Fleeing, "Hard"; Insanity, "Hard".
Llovitaar feeds on the Spiritual Trait of others. For every 5 SD points she
delivers in Spiritual combat, she adds one to her score. As she is apt at
this combat, she always does double SD points. Novitaar will also use mental
combat, attempting to subdue her opponents and bend them to her will.
FINIS: Well, that's about it for this premier "issue" (can you tell I don't
really want to call it that?). I think it's a pretty decent start. Sorry if
your ideas in here have made it less than completely new, but hey, there will
(hopefully) be times when your stuff won't be here. Soon we'll be premiering
(is that a word?) the WordPerfect Edition, but for this first one, I just
wanted to get the stupid thing out! :) Anyway, I hope some of you find this
stuff interesting, and if so, I hope you'll tell all your friends, and you'll
be submitting stuff to me for the next "issues"!
One other note: for your submissions, the less space your stuff takes
up the easier it is on me. I don't want to stifle you (wait till the next one
of these--see below!), but look at Llovitaar and how the top is taking up two
columns to see what I mean...
See you next time, when we'll have part one of Tom's interesting set
of rules, "Mythus Prime 2nd Edition"!! :-) Also, we'll have some sort of
more-or-less complete K/S listing, so send in any new K/S Areas you've created
if you want them included!!
Your Favorite Verbose Editor: Hawkeye