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A Monthly Bulletin for Entrepreneurs

Issue 22
November - December 2017
Complimentary Copy

Transformasi Nasional 2050: TN50: Building Tomorrow’s Economy
Page 2-3

Laying the Foundation for PRODUK:

Syarikat Bumiputera Perlu Meningkatkan
Penyertaan di Bursa Malaysia Page 4

the Next Generation by Datuk Dr Ghaz POINT-OF-SALE:

4 Tips in Overcoming Sales Objections
Page 5
he Malaysian economy has rising era of digitalisation and breakthrough
made significant strides since technologies; rapid urbanization; climate BUSINESS ALERT Page 6-7
independence as reflected by changes; and ageing population; all these
its remarkable growth, driven and a complete change in the socio URUS BESTARI:
by a series of structural reforms demography but more importantly, a 5 Tip Untuk Mengembangkan
that began in the 1970s. The launching of complete change in the manner we engage, Perniagaan Anda Page 8
the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1971 communicate and interact in all spheres
was a turning point in the history of the of life, be it economic, trade, politics, arts, PENGURUSAN SUMBER MANUSIA
Malaysian economy. The primary goal culture, socio lifestyle and others. 8 Tip Pengurusan Pasukan Kerja
Yang Berkesan Page 9
of the NEP was national unity achieved The government is aware of all
through poverty eradication and societal these, and they have responded with a SEMBANG USAHAWAN:
restructuring. Further in 1991, the country long-term strategic plan and committed Dato’ Zalina Md Zik
embarked on Vision 2020 to continue its to a bottom-up approach to formulate Page 10-11
journey to reach the status of an advanced TN50 in ensuring the country’s future
and high-income nation by 2020. In 2017, direction and vision reflect the people’s KNOWLEDGE SPA:
Malaysians celebrated the country’s 60th desire, expectations and aspiration, and 2052 : A Global Forecast for the
year as an independent nation. From our provide a sense of ownership among the Next Forty Years Page 12
humble and uncertain beginnings, we people. After its official kick-off in January
have grown and evolved significantly into 2017, the government started the TN50 ENTREPRENEURS’ EVENT CALENDAR
a modern economy and society. Now, engagement with youths because they Page 12
we have to be ready to face the next 30 are the ultimate stakeholders come 2050.
years. It is only obvious that the world in The engagement was then broadened to
2050 will be much different from the world cover all segments of society, including
today – and hence, we need to question the civil society, academicians, civil
ourselves, what does it take for us to brace servants and the professionals. The TN50
the new challenges and what would guide is formulated through rigorous exercises
us to face this imminent transforming employing new formats that embrace
future landscape? various engagements ranging from
town hall dialogues to online surveys. To
Transformasi Nasional 2050 date, more than one million youths have
(TN50) Agenda responded with more than 60,000 recorded
Just what is TN50 all about? TN50 will aspirations. Using these feedbacks as
prepare the nation for the next 30 years to the basis and reference, the government
withstand the challenges ahead so as to attempts to formulate the appropriate
remain relevant and competitive in the fast- policies that would spur initiatives
evolving world. While we cannot claim to be towards achieving the desired goals of this
able to accurately predict the world in 2050, new Agenda.
there are already clear megatrends shaping
the world moving forward, presenting both Why the Need for TN50?
challenges and opportunities for Malaysia TN50, which was introduced by the Prime
and in turn, having implications for the Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, serves
economy, industries and the future society both as a continuation of Vision 2020 as
at large. These include geopolitical shift; well as a new road map to propel Malaysia continue on page 2

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Dato' Razman Mohd Noor
Chief Operating Officer
(Operations & Group
Corporate Management)

Datuk Sheikh Ghazali Abod, Ph.D
Entrepreneur Development Division

Norhisham Hamzah

TN50: Building
Khairil Anuar Mohammad Anuar
Wan Zainuddin Wan Muda
Mohd Razali bin Malek
Rusydan Hamedy Rusli
Hayati Abu Seman

Design & Layout

Tomorrow’s Economy
by Corporate Planning
Haja Sharoni Shah

Rafiq Asyraf

he whole country is fascinated by is both sustainable yet durable enough to

the dialogue on the 2050 National accommodate the many differences in our
Published By Transformation (TN50) initiative. society. TN50 will help prepare the people
Small Medium Enterprise
Development Bank There is an intense feeling of for the fourth Industrial Revolution and
Malaysia Berhad (49572-H) enthusiasm over the discussions Malaysia must plan and prepare its people for
Menara SME Bank on where we see our country in the year 2050. the future.
Jalan Sultan Ismail TN50 was announced by the Prime Minister During the third Industrial Revolution,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
in his 2017 Budget address in Parliament. technological disruption has replaced many
Tel: +603 2615 2020 It was billed as the next step in the nation’s jobs that were previously labour intensive,
Fax: +603 2698 1748 social, political and economic development. especially manufacturing, leading to a decline
Customer Service Centre: However, unlike Vision 2020 which was a top- of manufacturing jobs in many advanced
1-800-88-3131 down initiative; TN50 is a bottoms-up effort countries like the United States and Europe
spearheaded by the Youth and Sports Ministry. and economics has also forced companies to
Project Management The ministry has organised many town- move whatever labour intensive production
Centre For Entrepreneur hall like sessions throughout the country to lines that are left to Asia and South America
Development And Research gather the views of Malaysians, especially the where it is cheaper.
Sdn Bhd (CEDAR) (1042601-M)
Level 6, Menara SME Bank youth, on what TN50 means to them and how Failure to prepare for this and ensure
Jalan Sultan Ismail they see Malaysia in 2050. The ideas have been there are enough “new jobs” to replace “old
50250 Kuala Lumpur overconfident, as all ideas should be, but there jobs” that have been made obsolete by
Tel: +603 2615 2063 have also been many practical suggestions on technological disruption and automation has
Fax: +603 2692 5916
how to produce more wealth and prosperity, resulted in economic disorder and social and
prompt a truly world class education system political unease in developed economies.
and nurture a united Malaysian nation that People find themselves left behind in this
The views and opinions expressed
throughout this newsletter are those of the
authors and do not necessarily reflect the
official position and views of the SME Bank. continue from page 1
Copyright © Small Medium Enterprise
Development Bank Malaysia Berhad.
All rights reserved. This publication is not to
into the top 20 nations in the world, from its in a state that will propel farmers to perform
be reproduced in part or whole without the current 27th position. The launch of TN50 could their high-tech farming jobs that would
express permission of the copyright holders.
Materials on this publication are protected by
not have been timelier considering that Vision witness incredible increase in the world’s food
copyrights law. Unauthorised reproduction 2020 is three years away to an end, albeit having production that would resolve food shortages.
or distribution of copyright materials, or any a few targets that seem unlikely to be met by The alternative renewable energy which is
portion of it, may result in severe civil and
criminial penalties and will be prosecuted to then. As such, there need to be a continuity with currently being actively explored, shall be the
the maximum extent possible under the law. a visionary national long-term plan and hence, norm of the energy consumption then. Eco-
the TN50, crafted to prepare Malaysia for the friendly and sustainable building to preserve
advancement of technology and challenges in the environment, shall be the order of the day
the global economic scenarios of the future. come 2050.
By 2050, Malaysia aims to achieve
significant advancement in the economy, … but What are the Challenges?
international trade, sports, science and This noble mission and vision cannot be
technology, finance, property and other sectors. accomplished without the acceptance,
SME Bank Group of Companies At the centre of all these focal points is the commitment and involvement of every civil
progress, development and advancement of the citizen of the nation. The Government may be
SMEs, the backbone of the nation’s economy. able to draw up the roadmaps but if the plan
For the next 30 years, SMEs will still continue is not embraced with passion and meaningful
to be the key drivers of the Malaysian economy actions, the plan will remain on the shelf. The
but with much impactful operational efficiency, TN50 roadmap is preparing the nation to brace
with a transformed digitized economy, that the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.
will offer no geographical barriers in trade and The challenge remains in getting the people to
transactions. In 30 years, biotechnology will be believe, prepare and be ready to embrace and

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017 3

education as not everyone is going to be will revolutionise the workspace as they

a professional. are already being seriously considered in
Second, in building the economy of other countries.
tomorrow we must develop local industry. Fourth, we must develop our services
Commodities, especially palm oil is our industry that is a backbone of our
greatest asset, and the largest positive economy by embracing technology and
trade balance meaning our exports far digitalisation. As broadband penetration
outstrip our imports. We must move increases, the Internet of Things will
down the value chain and strengthen enable industry to do more with less, and
our position as a pre-eminent producer also allow more value-added services
of palm oil and its derivatives similar to to be performed by manufacturing
how Saudi Arabia is with petro-chemicals companies. Pervasive connectivity and
or Germany is with machineries. We must autonomous technologies will enable
build on what we are good at and not seek new urban mobility solutions. This will in
to emulate what others are good at. turn create smart communities.
Third, we must promote a culture Fifth, it is time for mechanization in
of innovation and curiosity. MaGIC is an manufacturing. Advance manufacturing
example of a government agency that is the way to go and this will be the least
has pushed Malaysia to the forefront painful process for Malaysians as most
big gush of technology and realise they on innovation by inviting innovators jobs in the manufacturing industry are
are unlikely to enjoy the comfortable from around the world to incubate their undertaken by foreign workers. Small
lives their parents had. A recent survey products in Malaysia. However, we and medium-sized Malaysian enterprises
by the World Economic Forum identified still lag behind Singapore, Japan and must move up the value chain and
that Millennials (those born in 1980s South Korea on the number of patents produce quality products underpinned by
and 1990s) in advanced countries are registered. For example, we should be world class research and development.
no longer enjoying the prosperity of their looking at self-driving cars or how robots
parents’ generation.
Malaysia must avoid a similar
dilemma and the need to ensure we
do so is even more pressing given the
complexities in our society.
TN50 must include a plan for the
economy of tomorrow.
First, we must build on our inherent
strengths. Our diversity, location as the
crossroads of Asia, good infrastructure,
political and social stability and highly
educated population must be leveraged
upon. However, we must embrace
English as it remains the language of
business and commerce. There must
also be greater emphasis on vocational

immerse themselves into the IR 4.0. At the for the next generation to inherit a country that may aid the SMEs needs. Government
core of the challenge lie the mindset and that will be on-par with the world’s best. agencies such as MATRADE are also
attitude which money cannot buy. They engaging in dialogues with stakeholders
have to move and change, lest the nation Prepping the SMEs from various sectors in an effort to
will be left far behind even among the very For the ever progressive and innovative enhance exports with automation, data
fast developing emerging economies. SMEs, the TN50 goals are achievable, but mining, digital and creative platforms.
Malaysia has already been hard with the pre-requisite of the right mindset These are some initiatives to prepare SME
at work to transit the industry players and positivism in outlook especially in entrepreneurs and exporters to prepare
towards the adoption of automation technology and innovation. Technology themselves for TN50. Time is of essence
and smart manufacturing concepts and is a driving force for businesses, and and hence, there is a need especially for
technologies. With both the manufacturing procuring technologies from overseas those discerning SMEs to act swiftly
and services sector contributing almost as well as sourcing and developing on the track of embracing the imminent
80% to GDP, the Ministry of International these locally, can be instrumental in future of the I.R 4.0 before it is too late.
Trade and Industry is now taking the increasing the competitive advantage They are welcome to visit the SME Bank
strategic move to lead the way in of local products in the global exports to seek advices from our professional
spearheading the adoption of smart market. Locally sourced technology will Business Counselors.
manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in also reduce reliance on foreign expertise
Malaysia. The government is setting the and workforce.
stage to prepare the country for the new However, it is only obvious there
era of growth and innovation in line with will be inherent risk and costs to bear. To Datuk Dr Sheikh Ghazali Abod is the Director of
the new 30-year transformation plan. this, the SME Bank has been proactive in Entrepreneur Development Division, SME Bank. He
TN50 is strategized to lay the foundation designing and creating several products can be reached at sheikh.ghazali@smebank.com.my

Issue 22 : November - December 2017 | BizPulse

4 BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017


Syarikat Bumiputera
Perlu Meningkatkan
Penyertaan di
Bursa Malaysia
oleh Mohd Razali bin Malek

enyertaan syarikat-syarikat
Bumiputera di Bursa Malaysia
perlu ditingkatkan untuk
memastikan kelebihan mereka di
peringkat antarabangsa. Harapan
kerajaan supaya syarikat Bumiputera
mengambil bahagian secara aktif dalam
pasaran saham bukan sahaja untuk
meningkatkan modal mereka tetapi juga
peluang untuk berkembang di luar negara.
Sekiranya syarikat mereka tersenarai,
mereka akan dilihat sebagai syarikat yang membantu Syarikat Bumiputera (Pembeli)
berwibawa, telus dan berupaya, iaitu faktor yang berwibawa untuk mengambil alih
yang perlu bagi sebuah syarikat tersenarai. syarikat yang berpotensi (Syarikat sasaran)
Daripada 914 syarikat yang untuk disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia
disenaraikan di bursa saham, majoriti Securities Berhad (Bursa Malaysia) atau
daripada mereka bukan syarikat pembiayaan kepada Syarikat Bumiputera
Bumiputera. Terdapat ramai Bumiputera untuk pengambilalihan saham dalam
yang tidak mempunyai pengetahuan syarikat yang sudah tersenarai (Syarikat
yang mencukupi mengenai aktiviti Bursa Sasaran) di Bursa Malaysia. Amaun
Malaysia. Penyertaan ekuiti Bumiputera yang diperuntukkan untuk Kemudahan
masih di sekitar 20-25 peratus dan belum Pembiayaan EquiBumi ialah RM300 juta.
mencapai sasaran kerajaan sebanyak
30 peratus. Oleh itu, usaha penglibatan Manfaat
Bumiputera perlu ditingkatkan dua kali Untuk meningkatkan pemilikan ekuiti
ganda untuk mencapai sasaran yang Bumiputera dengan menyediakan
ditetapkan secepat mungkin. pembiayaan kepada Syarikat Bumiputera
yang layak untuk mengambilalih Syarikat
Sasaran dan seterusnya berpotensi untuk
disenaraikan dalam Bursa Malaysia.
Kemudahan Pembiayaan
Ekuiti Bumiputera (EquiBumi) Kelayakan
• Syarikat yang berdaftar dengan
Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia,
Fasiliti dikategorikan sebagai PKS*.
Memperkenalkan dana yang membantu • Syarikat itu mestilah berdaya maju dari
meningkatkan pemilikan ekuiti Bumiputera segi kewangan dan memenuhi kriteria
di Bursa Malaysia. Kemudahan yang ditetapkan oleh SME Bank.
Pembiayaan EquiBumi adalah kemudahan
yang diperuntukkan oleh Kerajaan untuk * PKS mengikut definisi SME Bank

Mohd Razali bin Malek merupakan Ketua, Perbankan Korporat & Kewangan Berstruktur, SME Bank. Beliau boleh
dihubungi di mohd.razali@smebank.com.my

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017 5

4 Tips in

by CEDAR Research Team

he toughest aspect of any sales wants to hear, focus on being honest and Show What Makes Your
position is overcoming a buyer’s providing all of the information the client Company Unique
objections. Whether you offer a needs to make a sound decision. Being After you’ve recognized the client’s
service or are a small business honest and direct can make the sales concerns and tried to understand his
retailer, today’s buyers are more process easier because it removes the viewpoint, take some time to demonstrate
discerning than ever. Your goal is to have a “hard sell” and transitions the meeting to what sets your business apart from the
convincing response to these roadblocks a more conversational tone. This also sets competition. Remember the unique selling
standing between you and that coveted the stage for a great client relationship if proposition you created when you first
sale. As many experienced sales people it progresses. started your business? Start there.
know, most sales calls are met with at least
one objection. There are several common Empathize With the Client’s Concerns Offer a Compromise
sales objections that repeatedly appear During a sales meeting, the client will Sales isn’t always an all or nothing
in sales situations. To bolster your selling almost always drop some clues about situation. If the client is willing to put
efforts even more, use the techniques what is preventing him or her from a toe into the water, start slow. Break
below to deliver the best rebuttal to the making a decision on the spot. Instead the project down into smaller parts to
client’s objection so you can get one step of ignoring the client’s concerns, or make the risk more tolerable and to give
closer to closing the sale. becoming defensive, acknowledge them. both parties a chance to build trust and
Take some time to put yourself in the mutual respect. Focus on keeping the
Stay Honest client’s shoes and truly look at it from the lines of communication open, listening
When you’re uncomfortable with selling, other perspective. Ask yourself questions to the feedback that the client provides,
you may be tempted to tell a potential to identify possible objections, such as: and following her lead and comfort level.
client what you think they want to hear What would I be feeling in this situation? It may be easier for the client to commit
in order to make the process less painful. What would my concerns revolve around? on a smaller level, and getting your foot
This can be dangerous for many reasons, What would make me feel more confident? in the door gives you a chance to show
the biggest being that it almost always By focusing on understanding the client’s your excellence, making future sales a
sounds insincere. And once you reach perspective, you will be in a better lot easier.
that point, you have already lost the sale. position to recognize her concerns and
Instead of telling the client what she address them. While sales objections are rarely great
news, they can indicate that the client has
an interest in your products and services;
objections present an opportunity. By
being proactive and attempting to work
with the client to overcome his objections,
you can create a great foundation for a
long-term relationship based on meeting
the client’s needs.

Issue 22 : November - December 2017 | BizPulse

6 BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017


BUSINESS ALERT by Corporate Planning , SME Bank Malaysia


• Oil prices (December 2017) – Investors »» Among the sectors that will be heavily the 2017-2019 period, was available only for
liked what they heard from OPEC and lifted impacted are the rubber glove industry, the local OGSE companies.
crude prices to the highest in a week. Brent which is set to see costs increase by an »» Petronas has painted a somber picture on
for January settlement climbed USD1.10 average of USD0.50 to USD0.75 per 1,000 the oil and gas industry, stating that the
to USD63.73. pieces of gloves, depending on the type of requirement for assets such as rigs would
• Gas Malaysia announced an upward revision gloves and efficiency of the factories. be half from three years ago. Among the
of the natural gas tariff for the non-power highlights of the report is that the need for
sector in Peninsular Malaysia up by 18% OUTLOOK: NEUTRAL jack-up rigs, used in exploration activities,
from January 1 to June 30, 2018. The • Kuwaiti Oil Minister opined that the has been reduced by half to about 10 rigs
average natural gas base tariff was set at international crude market is expected for the period of 2018-2020, compared to
RM30.90 per million British thermal units to rebalance in the 4th quarter of 2018 after 2013-2014.
(mmBtu) from RM28.05 per mmBtu currently, producers extended a deal to curb output and
after taking into account costlier liquefied oil prices would maintain at USD60 a barrel.
natural gas. • Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has
»» Also, under the gas cost pass through forecast crude oil price to hover around
(GCPT) mechanism, a surcharge of USD50 and USD60 per barrel in its second
RM1.62 per mmBtu will be applied to all Petronas Activity Outlook (PAO) report, which
tariff categories. This means the average compiles project activities and demand
effective tariff is RM32.52/mmBtu. outlook for the local oil and gas services and
Residential consumers will pay RM23.92/ equipment (OGSE) sector between 2018 and
mmBtu from January 1, 2018 up 18% from 2020. The first PAO, which was published for
RM20.23 currently.


• MIER: The 3Q2017 Retail Trade Index OUTLOOK: NEUTRAL
(RTI) rose 11.9 points to settle at 116.9 • The Malaysia Retailers Association
points mainly due to heightened consumer (MRA) estimated an average growth
spending during the mega sales, fasting rate of 3.8% during the 4th quarter of 2017.
month of Ramadhan, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Meanwhile, RGM has revised its annual
Hari Raya Haji, bonus payments and steady growth forecast downwards again from
tourist arrivals that may have shored up retail 3.7% to 2.2% for Malaysia retail industry
spending in the third quarter. in 2017. Based on latest revision, the total
»» Both the sub indices, Current Performance sale turnover for Malaysia retail industry is
Index (CI) and the Expectation estimated at RM100.0 million for 2017.
Performance Index (EI) improved by 48.7 • RGM: Malaysia’s overall retail sales are
points to reach 51.9 points and 56.3 expected to perform better than projected in
points to reach 65 points, respectively in 2018 with a growth of 6% compared to this
the 3rd quarter 2017. Two components of year’s meager growth of 2.2%. The improved
the CI and EI, namely business conditions percentage is a revised figure from the earlier
and new orders components also projection of 5%, an increase that is expected
gained higher points compared with the to be influenced by several factors including
previous quarter. the upcoming general election, external
economic demand and ringgit performance.

• Pharmaniaga Bhd is investing RM100 million in key growth areas. KPJ Puteri Specialist is »» Pharmaceuticals: RM8.6 billion in 2016 to
for the next five years to make halal and undergoing an expansionary plan of 66 beds RM8.99 billion in 2017; +4.5% increase in
affordable vaccines for local use and export from the existing 158-bed hospitals which is pharmaceuticals expenditure.
following the signing of a collaboration scheduled to complete by 1Q2019. »» Healthcare: RM54.65 billion in 2016 to
agreement with Technology Depository RM60.12 billion in 2017; +10.0% increase
Agency (TDA) and India-based Hilleman OUTLOOK: NEUTRAL in healthcare expenditure.
Laboratories. Under the partnership, • BMI: Medical tourism will be a key
Pharmaniaga will establish halal vaccines force driving the Malaysian healthcare
manufacturing facility in Malaysia, conduct sector although the evolution of this sector
clinical trials, manage regulatory matters and will centre on key geographic hubs. The
facilitate products’ commercialization. government efforts to develop Johor, Melaka
• KPJ Healthcare Bhd via its wholly owned and Penang into key centres will perpetuate
subsidiary, Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital this trend supported by private healthcare
Sdn Bhd, had entered into a sale and purchase providers. Multinational drugmakers will
agreement (SPA) with Johor Corporation benefit from these developments with
Bhd for the proposed acquisition of land increasing demand for high quality services
measuring 1.7 acres in Johor Bahru for coupled with the increasing burden of
RM12.1 million. The acquisition is in line with chronic diseases that follows the country's
the group’s objective of network expansion demographics. The expenditure projections are:

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017 7
Business Alert

• MIER: Activities in the local tourism have deteriorate in the next coming month while The report showed Asian cities dominate
bounced back in the 3Q2017, backed by an hotel reservation anticipates demand to the global destination rankings thanks to
upward trend in the Travel Agencies Index increase for the next three months. the unstoppable rise of Chinese outbound
(TAI). Against the previous reading, the tourism demand.
Tourism Market Index (TAI) climbed by 25.8 OUTLOOK: POSITIVE »» The top 10 most visited cities are: Hong
points to settled at 125.5 points. • Aviation Commission (MAVCom): Kong: 26.6 million visitors, Bangkok: 21.2
»» The Hotel Operator Index (HOI) and Travelers from KLIA2 heading for million, London: 19.2 million, Singapore:
Travel Agencies Index (TAI) jumped to destinations beyond ASEAN will have to pay 16.6 million, Macau: 15.4 million, Dubai:
134.4 (2Q2017: 96.2 points) points and RM73 as passenger service charge (PSC) 14.9 million, Paris: 14.4 million, New York:
108.3 points (2Q2017: 106.7 points), with effect from January 1, 2018; which is the 12.7 million, Shenzhen: 12.6 million and
respectively in the 3Q2017. Both, the standard rate by other airports in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur with 12.3 million visitors.
current index (CI) and expected index (EI) This is an increase from the current RM50
under HOI performed better in the third charged from KLIA2. Following this revision,
quarter. However, the EI, which tracks only the PSC rate applicable at KLIA2 for
the performance of the travel agencies international destinations beyond ASEAN
in the month ahead, plunged to 54.2 was pegged lower than those at other airports
points compared with 76.7 points in the in Malaysia.
previous quarter. • Euromonitor International unveiled the Top
»» As for reservations, travel agencies expect 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017 Edition
bookings for travel packages likely to 1 at World Travel Market (WTM) London.


• Lazada Malaysia expects ten times increase »» On average, Malaysians spent 187 minutes OUTLOOK: POSITIVE
in orders as well as five-fold increase in daily on their mobile phones; as such • BNM: Malaysia is on the brink
traffic to Lazada Malaysia’s website during businesses should take the opportunity to of the next wave of e-payment
the biggest shopping event of the year – implement the right e-commerce strategy transformation driven by the high penetration
the Online Revolution 2017. The month- to promote products and services. With of mobile phones to complement debit cards
long online shopping extravaganza would Southeast Asia being pegged as the new to displace cash.
take off on 11.11 (November 11, 2017) until frontier for e-commerce, it is critical for »» The introduction of Interoperable Credit
December 14, 2017 featuring 90 million consumer goods businesses to implement Transfer Framework (ICTF) will spur the
products with savings up to 90%. Nowadays, the right strategy for their brand. next wave of e-payment migration. The
more people were placing greater trust in service, which will allow a payer to instruct
online purchasing and this showed that the his institution to transfer funds to a
adoption of e-commerce was accelerating beneficiary, takes advantages of the 42.8
and the online environment was flourishing in million phone subscriptions in the country
the Malaysian market. (70% of which are smartphones).
• Facebook Malaysia: Malaysia's e-commerce »» This is to achieve a leveling of the playing
sector has grown by 47% from 2015 and is field, where the banks and non-banks will
now worth USD2.41 billion. The sector is have open access to clearing system
predicted to grow 10-fold by 2020 creating which will facilitate the connectivity
both opportunities and challenges for the between banks and non- banks.
consumer goods industry.

• DOSM: Value of construction work done in »» Baggage fees will make up the biggest
the 3rd quarter 2017 recorded a growth of portion of the income at 27% followed by a
8.1% amounting to RM34.5 billion compared la carte services (25%), onboard services
with 2Q2017 at RM33.8 billion. such as food, seating and duty free (21%),
»» The expansion in value of construction insurance, hotel and car hire (21%) and
work done was driven by positive growth sale of frequent flier miles to banks (12%).
in all sub-sectors: Civil engineering These projections were made in a study by
(18.0%), Special trades activities (10.5%), the consulting firm IdeaWorksCompany
Non-residential buildings (2.8%) and and online car rental distribution company,
Residential buildings (1.6%) sub-sector. CarTrawler, involving 184 airlines.
»» In terms of contributions, Civil engineering OUTLOOK: NEUTRAL »» However, the International Air Transport
sub-sector continued to dominate the • Global airlines are projected to earn Association (IATA) predicts nearly 4.1
performance of value of construction USD82.2 billion (RM337.3 billion) billion passengers will spend USD776
work done with 38.1% share followed in ancillary revenue this year; a jump from billion worldwide on air transport this year
by Non-residential buildings (29.2%), USD67.4 billion last year. The amount has and ancillary revenue accounts for 10.6%
Residential buildings (28.2%) and Special tripled from what airlines had made in 2010 at of the expenditure.
trades activities (4.5%). USD22.6 billion.

Issue 22 : November - December 2017 | BizPulse

8 BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017


alam usaha untuk meningkatkan
perniagaan kecil semestinya
akan melibatkan kerja keras,
memerlukan komitmen yang
tinggi dan tentu saja, produk atau
perkhidmatan yang tepat untuk pasaran.
Walaupun sesuatu kejayaan itu tidak
dapat dijamin, namun dengan tahap
dedikasi yang jitu, kebanyakan perniagaan
dalam pelbagai sektor mampu mencapai
tahap pertumbuhan yang mampan. Di
sini, kita akan melihat lima strategi yang
dapat membantu dalam mengembangkan
perniagaan kecil atau sederhana anda.

Invest In The Right People

Sekiranya anda serius untuk melihat
perniagaan anda berkembang, adalah
amat penting bagi anda untuk mempunyai
sekumpulan orang di sekeliling anda
(pekerja) dengan kemahiran, dedikasi dan
pengalaman untuk sama-sama membantu
5 Tip Untuk
menggerakkan perniagaan ke hadapan.
Dengan mengambil pekerja yang
berkemahiran di peringkat awal, ianya
akan mempengaruhi kadar di mana
perniagaan anda akan dapat berkembang
kemudian. Kakitangan yang anda gunakan
Perniagaan Anda
pada peringkat permulaan mungkin tidak
sesuai jika anda menginginkan perniagaan oleh CEDAR Research Team
anda berkembang dengan jayanya pada
masa akan datang, jadi bersiap sedialah perniagaan kecil sudah semestinya perniagaan anda secara semulajadi. Untuk
untuk membuat perubahan di mana memerlukan sumber kewangan menggalakkan word of mouth referrals,
dan apabila perlu. Setiap ahli pasukan tambahan, dan anda pasti akan merasai anda mungkin ingin mempertimbangkan
haruslah mempunyai nilai tambah kepada tekanan dalam membiayai pertumbuhan untuk menawarkan diskaun kesetiaan dan
perniagaan, dan berada pada tahap perniagaan tambahan jika anda tidak tawaran untuk pelanggan berulang.
gelombang yang sama dalam mencapai menguruskan kewangan anda dengan
aspirasi untuk pertumbuhan. baik. Dengan menghasilkan ramalan Cari Rakan Dagang Dengan
aliran tunai yang tepat, dan sentiasa Sumber Yang Betul
Kukuhkan Penjenamaan Anda mengawasi dengan teliti dan kerap, anda Sumber kewangan tambahan
Sekiranya anda menginginkan boleh menjejaki peluang pelaburan dan seringkali menjadi kekangan kepada
perniagaan anda berkembang mengekalkan pegangan yang mantap para pemilik perniagaan ketika mereka
dengan jayanya, adalah sangat perlu terhadap pengeluaran anda. cuba untuk mengembangkan perniagaan
untuk anda mempunyai imej jenama yang kecil mereka. Satu taktik yang digunakan
komprehensif untuk syarikat anda. Tidak Tunjukkan kesetiaan kepada kebanyakan perniagaan kecil untuk
kira sama ada perniagaan anda merupakan pelanggan sedia ada memulakan pertumbuhan adalah
B2C atau B2B, proses pembinaan Adalah mudah untuk menganggap untuk menjalin kerjasama dengan
jenama merupakan faktor penting dalam bahawa pertumbuhan perniagaan firma yang lebih besar, yang mungkin
memberi pengalaman positif kepada bergantung kepada proses perkembangan dapat menyediakan pembiayaan dan
pelanggan ketika berurusan dengan ke pasaran baru untuk mencari pelanggan sumber di dalam pertukaran produk
perniagaan anda. baru. Tetapi untuk mencapai pertumbuhan dan perkhidmatan.
Dengan melampirkan perniagaan yang mantap dan organik, anda juga harus Kerjasama dengan syarikat lain
anda kepada imej jenama tertentu, anda memberi tumpuan kepada pelanggan tidak selalu bermakna wang tambahan
akan mewujudkan hubungan emosi sedia ada dan terus komited dalam akan berada di dalam poket anda,
antara diri anda dan pelanggan anda. menyediakan produk dan perkhidmatan tetapi ia menjanjikan peluang yang
Bukan sahaja ini akan menjadikan mereka yang membawa mereka kepada anda boleh mendorong kepada pertumbuhan
lebih cenderung untuk mengingati anda, pada awalnya. perniagaan. Sebelum anda mendekati
malahan, mereka akan menjadi setia Dengan menghargai dan melayan rakan kongsi yang berpotensi, pastikan
kepada jenama anda dan lebih cenderung pelanggan sedia ada dan pelanggan anda memahami dengan tepat apa
untuk membeli produk anda pada masa setia anda, anda boleh mendapatkan yang perniagaan anda tawarkan, dan
akan datang. Mewujudkan jenama penyokong jenama yang boleh terus bagaimana pihak lain akan mendapat
yang dipercayai adalah kunci kepada membeli produk dan perkhidmatan anda manfaat berkerjasama dengan anda.
pertumbuhan perniagaan yang mampan. atau memperbaharui kontrak dengan Ada kemungkinan perniagaan kecil anda
anda. Mereka juga lebih cenderung untuk hanya mempunyai penyelesaian yang
Buat Ramalan Aliran Tunai mengesyorkan perniagaan anda kepada inovatif untuk membantu perniagaan
Yang Tepat rakan dan keluarga mereka. Ianya akan yang lebih besar, justeru menjadikan anda
Dalam mengoperasikan dapat membantu mengembangkan suatu cadangan pelaburan yang menarik.

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017 9

Menjadi Ahli
Pasukan yang Baik
Oleh Wan Zainuddin Wan Muda

ekerja secara berpasukan merupakan keperluan yang penting- sama ada di
rumah dengan ahli keluarga, di sekolah atau kolej atau dengan rakan sekerja.
Sesebuah pasukan tidak berfungsi sekiranya satu anggota dalam pasukan itu
gagal melaksanakan tugas. Bekerja dalam pasukan memerlukan tahap disiplin
dan komitmen tertentu. Hanya apabila semua anggota pasukan bekerja dalam harmoni
antara satu sama lain, maka pasukan dapat berfungsi dengan baik dan memenuhi
objektifnya. Antara ciri-ciri menjadi ahli pasukan yang cekap dan bertanggungjawab
adalah seperti berikut:

Tahu Tanggungjawab Anda anda. Jangan biarkan mana-mana peluang

Sebagai ahli pasukan, anda mesti ini terlepas.
memahami tanggungjawab
anda terhadap pasukan anda dan Belajar Mendengar Dan
bertanggungjawab penuh terhadap tugas Bekerjasama Dengan Orang Lain
itu. Ingat, sebagai ahli pasukan, anda Perkataan “Pasukan” itu
bertanggungjawab kepada ahli pasukan merujuk kepada sekumpulan orang yang
lain. Kejayaan pasukan bergantung kepada mempunyai kemahiran tertentu, bekerja
kejayaan anda menjalankan tugas dengan bersama untuk mencapai matlamat
sempurna. yang sama. Sebagai ahli pasukan yang
boleh dipercayai, anda mesti mempunyai
Belajarlah Untuk Menyesuaikan keupayaan untuk mendengar pandangan
Perubahan adalah satu-satunya orang lain walaupun ia berbeza dari
perkara yang berterusan dalam pandangan anda sendiri dan mencapai
kehidupan. Oleh itu, anda mesti mempunyai keputusan terbaik yang mungkin.
kemahiran untuk menyesuaikan diri
dengan keadaan sekeliling yang cepat Kepentingan Terbaik Pasukan
berubah dan berfungsi dengan baik dalam Diutamakan
semua senario. Setialah kepada pasukan anda
sedaya yang mungkin. Matlamat anda
Mengambil Bahagian secara Aktif sepadan dengan matlamat dan objektif
Dalam Semua Aktiviti Pasukan pasukan. Hanya dengan ini pasukan anda
Buatlah inisiatif untuk terlibat boleh berjaya.
secara aktif dalam semua aktiviti
pasukan, sama ada brainstorming dan Mesra Dan Menyenangkan
menghasilkan idea baru, perbincangan Untuk bekerja dengan baik
mengenai rancangan masa depan dan dalam satu pasukan, anda mesti
pelaksanaan rancangan - rancangan membangunkan minda yang positif
tersebut. Ini akan membantu anda untuk dan mempunyai pandangan yang
mewujudkan tempat yang penting untuk menyenangkan dan mesra terhadap
diri anda dalam pasukan. semua rakan dan ahli pasukan anda.

Buktikan Komitmen Anda

Sebagai ahli pasukan, anda akan
mendapat banyak peluang untuk Ketika anda menaiki tangga korporat, anda
membuktikan komitmen 100% anda akan menyedari betapa pentingnya belajar
terhadap pasukan dan menyumbang untuk berfungsi dengan baik sebagai satu
secara positif kepada kejayaan pasukan pasukan yang efektif.

Wan Zainuddin Wan Muda adalah Pengarah Kumpulan Modal Insan, SME Bank Malaysia. Beliau boleh dihubungi
di wanzainuddin@smebank.com.my.

Issue 22 : November - December 2017 | BizPulse

10 BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017


Temubual oleh Norhisham Hamzah

tidak akan pernah luput selagi adanya

SEMBANG USAHAWAN bersama kenderaan di atas jalanraya. Jadi saya rasa

ini merupakan satu peluang yang tidak
boleh dilepaskan, maka saya mula berfikir
apa yang saya perlu buat untuk menjadi
Dato’ Zalina Md Zik seorang dealer.

Pemilik dan Pengendali S: Apakah yang mendorong anda untuk

memulakan perniagaan ini?
Stesen Minyak Petron
Saya mula berjumpa dengan pihak Caltex,
Shell, Petron, Petronas dan BHP untuk
berbincang apa langkah seterusnya
Nama Syarikat yang perlu saya lakukan. Selepas itu,
ZMZ Omega saya melihat perbezaan di antara CODO
(Company Owned Dealer Operated) dan
Bidang Perniagaan DODO. CODO merupakan konsep di mana
Pusat sehenti dan pengedaran stesen minyak dimiliki oleh syarikat minyak
dan pembekalan bahan api petrol dan usahawan menandatangani kontrak
dan diesel jenama Petron untuk jadi operator. Bagi DODO pula,
usahawan perlu mempunyai tanah sendiri
Alamat Perniagaan yang sesuai untuk membuat construction
Lot 2445, Jalan Pekan-Kuantan, bagi membangunkan stesen minyak
Peramu, Pekan, Pahang dan usahawan juga menjadi operator.
Kebetulan pada masa itu, berkat dari
hasil kerja sebagai kontraktor, saya ada
menyimpan sedikit wang yang mencukupi
+609-4222 205
untuk membeli sekeping tanah yang
terletak di Peramu, Pekan. Sebenarnya
Email saya telah membeli tanah itu pada tahun
datozalina95@gmail.com 2009, namun begitu, saya tidak merancang
pun untuk membangunkan stesen minyak

di atas tanah tersebut. Pada mulanya,
ato’ Zalina Md Zik telah memecah kontraktor. Saya mula mengendalikan saya merancang untuk membangunkan
tradisi dan berjaya dalam stesen minyak pada tahun 2014 setelah rumah kedai tetapi pada masa itu, Peramu
perniagaan bagi industri yang selesai projek terakhir. Saya merupakan bukanlah tempat yang sesuai kerana ia
majoritinya didominasi oleh kontraktor kelas A. Pada masa itu, keadaan terletak di kawasan perindustrian.
lelaki. Beliau kini mengendalikan sebuah perniagaan adalah agak sukar. Bayangkan Hasil dari rundingan dengan pihak
stesen minyak di bawah jenama Petron, contohnya saya mendapat projek selama konsultan, kami memutuskan adalah lebih
di Peramu, Pekan, Pahang sejak 2012. 2 tahun, tetapi tidak mendapat apa-apa sesuai untuk membangunkan sebuah
Memilih konsep DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer projek untuk 3 tahun seterusnya. Adalah stesen minyak. Berdasarkan nasihat
Operated) sebagai pilihan operasi, beliau agak sukar untuk survive pada masa konsultan dan pengalaman saya sebagai
menjalankan perniagaan stesen minyak itu, di mana saya perlu menanggung seorang kontraktor, saya mula merangka
dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan perbelanjaan pada setiap bulan dan feasibility study bersama rakan-rakan.
sehenti, menjangkaui stesen minyak yang terpaksa kekal dalam perniagaan. Kalau hendak berniaga, kita perlu mengkaji
biasa, dan berusaha untuk menyediakan Memang sukar untuk saya ceritakan. secara menyeluruh dan jangan syok sendiri
perkhidmatan dan produk yang memenuhi Jadi, sebagai titik permulaan saya telah dan jangan hanya memikirkan tentang
dan melebihi jangkaan pelanggan. mengambil langkah ke arah perubahan untung besar sahaja. Setiap perniagaan
dengan berjumpa seorang konsultan untuk mempunyai risiko masing-masing, tidak
Dato’ Zalina telah sudi untuk berkongsi bertanya tentang bidang lain yang dapat kira apa jua bidang yang kita ceburi. Jadi,
pengalaman, pengetahuan dan pendapat saya ceburi, selain kontraktor. Bidang apa satu langkah yang terbaik adalah dengan
beliau dalam dunia keusahawanan dengan yang saya dapat jadikan sebagai long membuat feasibility study.
BizPulse. term business. Sejak dari dulu lagi, saya
memang suka berniaga dan tidak suka S: Apakah strategi atau konsep perniagaan
S: Bolehkah ceritakan secara ringkas kerja dengan orang. Keluarga saya sendiri anda yang berbeza daripada pesaing lain?
bagaimana anda terlibat di dalam iaitu mak dan saudara mara saya terlibat
perniagaan ini? dalam perniagaan kecil-kecilan. Saya telah Setiap lokasi mempunyai keunikan dari
didedahkan dalam bidang keusahawanan segi cabarannya. Saya menggunakan kaji
Saya berasal dari Chukai, Terengganu sejak awal lagi dan dari situ saya belajar selidik yang saya jalankan itu untuk melihat
namun stesen saya beroperasi di Peramu, berdikari. Pihak perunding kewangan telah apa keperluan yang perlu saya siapkan.
Pekan, Pahang. Satu jarak yang jauh mencadangkan beberapa perniagaan dan Dengan keluasan tanah lebih kurang 1
maka saya perlu menguatkan diri untuk salah satu bidang yang paling sesuai dan ekar, saya berjumpa dengan pihak Petron
menghadapi segala dugaan dan cabaran berpotensi ialah stesen minyak. Ini kerana yang masih dikenali sebagai Esso pada
berniaga di tempat orang. Pada dasarnya, kenderaan sentiasa memerlukan minyak, ketika itu. Saya mencadangkan bahawa
sebelum saya menjadi seorang dealer tiada benda lain yang boleh dijadikan stesen minyak saya ini dijadikan hentian
stesen minyak, saya adalah seorang pengganti. Keperluan untuk minyak itu rehat. Kebiasaannya Pusat Hentian Rehat

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017 11
Sembang Usahawan

& Rawat (RnR) terletak di lebuhraya. Tetapi

disebabkan masih baru, jadi peluang untuk
berada di Lebuhraya itu amat tipis kerana
volume untuk beroperasi di kawasan
hotspot seperti itu sangat tinggi. Untuk
mengawal operasi dan pelanggan dalam
skala besar, jika tiada pengalaman yang
cukup, ianya amat mustahil. Oleh sebab
itu, walaupun stesen saya terletak di
Peramu, Pekan, saya berhasrat untuk
menambah nilai perniagaan saya dengan
menjadikan stesen saya sebagai one-stop
centre. Selain dari keperluan untuk mengisi
minyak, para pelanggan juga akan berhenti
untuk pergi ke tandas, membeli barang
keperluan sepanjang perjalanan dan juga
berehat seketika.
Sememangnya stesen minyak
lain turut menyediakan surau, namun untuk menjadi pelanggan tetap kedai S: Bolehkah anda berkongsi aspirasi anda
keluasannya yang tidak seberapa tidak kita. Untuk mencapai pertumbuhan yang dalam perniagaan?
mampu menampung pelanggan yang mantap dan organik, kita juga harus
ramai dalam satu masa. Maka tercetuslah memberi tumpuan kepada pelanggan Dalam menjalankan perniagaan, tidak kira
idea untuk saya membina surau yang sedia ada dan terus komited dalam sama ada stesen minyak, kedai runcit
lebih selesa dan besar berbanding stesen menyediakan produk dan perkhidmatan mahupun warung kecil-kecilan, para
minyak yang lain. Telah menjadi hasrat yang membawa mereka kepada kita pada pemilik perlulah menerapkan elemen
saya sejak dulu lagi untuk melaksanakan awalnya. Dengan menghargai dan melayan kreativiti dalam menjalankan sesuatu
tanggungjawab sosial saya dalam pelanggan sedia ada dan pelanggan setia perkara. Dalam erti kata lain, anda perlu
bentuk ini. Saya menekankan aspek kita, kita boleh mendapatkan penyokong berfikir dan berusaha dengan lebih
keselesaan dalam memastikan surau jenama yang boleh terus membeli produk keras bagi menjadikan perniagaan anda
dan kemudahan lain yang saya bina dan perkhidmatan kita. Mereka juga lebih sesuatu yang lain daripada pesaing demi
dapat memenuhi kehendak pelanggan. cenderung untuk mengesyorkan stesen kita menarik minat lebih ramai pelanggan.
Kebanyakan surau di stesen minyak kepada rakan dan keluarga mereka. Ianya Perniagaan yang mempunyai kreativiti
terletak begitu hampir dengan tandas. akan dapat membantu mengembangkan tersendiri kebiasaannya akan lebih cepat
Seperti sedia maklum, aspek kebersihan perniagaan secara semulajadi. dikenali oleh para pengguna tambahan
amat penting bagi seorang Muslim. Oleh Dari segi barang-barang yang pula sekiranya produk atau servis
sebab itu, saya mengasingkan tandas dijual juga perlu dititikberatkan. Pada yang disediakan menepati kehendak
dan surau agar pelanggan merasa lebih awal penglibatan saya dalam operasi pengguna. Akan tetapi, faktor kreativiti
selesa dalam menunaikan tanggungjawab stesen minyak, saya hanya mengikut tersebut mestilah seiring dengan strategi
mereka. Stesen Petron Peramu juga sahaja produk-produk yang disyorkan di perniagaan anda agar faktor itu benar-
menyediakan kawasan rehat santai bagi kebanyakan stesen minyak. Selama 6 bulan benar dapat memberikan impak kepada
pelanggan berehat sebelum meneruskan saya terpaksa menghabiskan stok yang perniagaan yang diusahakan. Dunia
perjalanan mereka. ada kerana agak sukar untuk memastikan perniagaan berkait rapat dengan kreativiti
barang tersebut laku dijual. Sebagai dan inovasi. Tanpa kreativiti dan inovasi,
S: Bagaimanakah anda menguruskan contoh, biskut Oreo, tetapi tidak mendapat dunia perniagaan akan kekal statik tanpa
perjalanan perniagaan anda? sambutan di kalangan orang Peramu, sebarang pembaharuan dan perubahan.
Pekan. Rata-rata penduduk Peramu lebih Justeru, usahawan yang
Selain dari jualan minyak, kedai serbaneka menggemari biskut-biskut kering yang membudayakan kreativiti dan inovasi
juga memainkan peranan penting dalam memang telah menjadi menu petang di dalam model perniagaan mereka,
menyumbang kepada pendapatan yang mereka. Jadi, saya terpaksa melakukan akan lebih bergerak maju dan berjaya
lumayan jika kita bijak menguruskannya promosi “beli 2, percuma 1” semata- berbanding usahawan yang kekal dengan
dengan baik. Sejujurnya, hasil dari jualan mata untuk menghabiskan stok yang model perniagaan tradisional, yang hanya
minyak tidak seberapa jika dibandingkan banyak di dalam stor daripada mengalami mementingkan jualan semata-mata.
dengan hasil margin jualan kedai serbaneka. kerugian. Penduduk Peramu rata-rata amat Dengan menerapkan elemen kreativiti,
Satu benda yang sering dilupakan ialah menyokong produk tempatan, sebagai sebarang produk atau perkhidmatan yang
perlunya untuk menjaga keadaan dan contoh, stesen minyak saya turut menjual ditawarkan, akan membentuk keunikan dan
susun atur kedai. Ini dapat mempengaruhi produk kesihatan seperti Kacip Fatimah, berbeza dengan produk atau perkhidmatan
pembelian pelanggan secara tidak sedar. Pamoga dan Qu Puteh. Ternyata, produk yang sama yang telah sedia ada di pasaran.
Yang paling senang sekali ialah dengan tersebut mempunyai pelanggan setianya Di Malaysia, kita mungkin mempunyai
menghias kedai mengikut perayaan sendiri di mana saya dapat menjana lebih 3500 stesen minyak. Tetapi apa
contohnya waktu merdeka, kita hiaskan pendapatan dari situ. Dari situasi inilah yang dapat membezakan semua stesen
kedai dengan bendera, pada hari raya kita saya belajar betapa pentingnya untuk kita yang ada? Jawapannya adalah sejauh
hiaskan dengan lampu raya, kad ucapan membuat kaji selidik pelanggan yang tepat mana kreativiti dan inovasi digunakan bagi
dan selitkan dengan promosi pada waktu bagi memastikan produk yang kita pesan menonjolkan kelainan dan keunikan produk
yang sama. dari pembekal betul-betul dapat memenuhi masing-masing.
Perkara simple begini secara tidak permintaan sebenar pelanggan bagi
langsung akan mempengaruhi pelanggan mengelakkan sebarang pembaziran.

Issue 22 : November - December 2017 | BizPulse

12 BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017

Knowledge Spa

2052 : A Global Forecast for

the Next Forty Years Reviewed by Norhisham Hamzah

orty years ago, The Limits to a global forecast of life as we will most
Growth study addressed the grand likely know it in the years ahead.
question of how humans would
adapt to the physical limitations of The good news: we will see impressive
planet Earth. It predicted that during the advances in resource efficiency and an
first half of the 21st century the ongoing increasing focus on human well-being
growth in the human ecological footprint rather than on per capita income growth.
would stop - either through catastrophic But this change might not come as we
“overshoot and collapse” - or through well- expect. Future growth in population and
managed “peak and decline.” GDP, for instance, will be constrained in
surprising ways - by rapid fertility decline
So, where are we now? And what as a result of increased urbanization,
does our future look like? In the book 2052, productivity decline as a result of social
Jorgen Randers, one of the coauthors of unrest, and continuing poverty among the
Limits to Growth, issues a progress report poorest 2 billion world citizens. Runaway
and makes a forecast for the next forty global warming, too, is likely.
years from 2012. To do this, he asked
dozens of experts to weigh in with their So, how do we prepare for the years
best predictions on how our economies, ahead? With heart, fact, and wisdom,
Author : Jorgen Randers energy supplies, natural resources, Randers guides us along a realistic
Pages : 377 climate, food, fisheries, militaries, political path into the future and discusses what
Publisher : Chelsea Green Publishing divisions, cities, psyches, and more will readers can do to ensure a better life for
take shape in the coming decades. He themselves and their children during the
then synthesized those scenarios into increasing turmoil of the next forty years.

Norhisham Hamzah is a Senior Manager at the Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR,
a wholly owned subsidiary of the SME Bank Malaysia. He can be reached at norhisyam@smebank.com.my.


How to Start an Sync Products From

21-22 Malaysia Startup 23 Affiliate Marketing 30 Website to Facebook
Dec Festival 2017 Dec Dec Shop & Start Earning

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ups, investors and corporates. you through sending your entire catalog
from website to Facebook shop. It’s ideal for
merchants, retail and e-Commerce advertisers
who want to reach customers on Facebook.

BizPulse | Issue 22 : November - December 2017